Turning Around My Tournament Season | Neely Henry BASSMASTER Open

Brian Latimer

53 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    This is the tournament vlog from the Neely Henry BASS Open. You can watch more of my tournament vlogs below.
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    1. Travis Bruno

      Lol ..hes got 51 rods..great vid love your footage B Lat

    2. Victor Colon

      You are my favorite angeler I learn a lot from you man.

    3. K h

      I see kevin is a fellow AAMU bulldog.

    4. Eric Mullins

      Sounds to me like that's a terrible fishery

    5. ty mcclarty

      what are th etracks on here? sounds like some mr carmcak

    6. The Pepper Man Henry Davis

      Best fisherman on youtube! man winter time is so hard.Just cant let it get you down

    7. William Thigpen

      Much respect

    8. Steven Parsley

      Hey Brian. My dad and I just got a older procraft ass boat. The live well is pretty deep. What are those things that you hooked on to the fish when putting them in. That looks pretty nice and something we are looking for to help get them out!

      1. Garth Bice

        They are cull tags

    9. Sterl Silva

      Much respect from one brother to another, life is what you make it.

      1. mrBDeye

        LOL. One brother to another born from a different mother.

    10. Annie Latimer

      My last name I Latimer

    11. jeff fung

      The way you film and edit the videos are good storytelling. And you treat your Coangler and everyone around you with so much respect.

    12. SkunkMeOnce2

      The way you film and edit the videos are good storytelling. And you treat your Coangler and everyone around you with so much respect.

    13. Red Fish

      I fish recreationally ,, inshore saltwater ,, I use all artificial baits ,, I cast a lot ,, nothing like you as a professional bass angler though ,, not even close ,, I fish at a comfortable ,, relaxed pace ,, my question ,, do you ever have shoulder or elbow problems ,, I could see where you could have problems now or in the future ,, it just has to take a toll on your body ,,

    14. John Kent

      Nice video Brian, thank you for sharing your tournament with us!

    15. JNEEL21 Fishing

      I see the new force on!!!

    16. miracle man

      come on Brian show them guys how us in South Carolina catch them bass...i might tell you my secret weapon to bring trophy home nobody fishing it..Dont show everyone i tell you..an i tell you how get around telling anyone the secret weapon

      1. miracle man

        i have to tell you how to fish it are you want get a bite either...My friends cant get them bite it i just be winding in the 3 to 5lbers...they custom made by me nobody got any i can tell you that i never seen one person using one my whole life....Its fast fishing will wear you down


      You hold your reels exactly like I do

    18. Cheyenne Randall

      Which camera are ya usin for this trip?

    19. Kevin Will

      when is ur b lat favorite rod gonna be available ..thanks

    20. Bentley Pauli

      The 3 people who disliked can go suck a fat toe, how does B latt even get a dislike?

    21. Duane PlumIII

      Brian. You should try to fish around Iowa.

    22. Kyle Baker

      The sound of that engine at the beginning, woooo that gets your adrenaline going in the morning

    23. Big Banana Fishing

      I missed your videos blat!

    24. aris yang

      You’re an inspiration! Keep grinding and you’ll get to where you want to be🐐

    25. Captain Tenille

      Brian question???? Have you or other pro you know who took advice from your co angler cause of his home lake ????

    26. Captain Tenille

      Good luck in Texas

    27. Rod Wynn Fishing

      Dude! Your eye and knack for b-roll footage is so nice!

      1. Brian Latimer

        Thanks my dude👊🏾

    28. Jon B

      The G man making a guest appearance 👍

    29. Rod Wynn Fishing

      Wow @ the $2 launch fee! We stay getting screwed in Cali

    30. BassGeek

      Man keep grinding the fall can be so stinking tough.

      1. Brian Latimer

        Wait until you see the results from the next event!!! Wayyyyy tougher than this one

    31. jon jon’s BBQ and Catering

      Rough Sunday. Pulling for ya!!

    32. deshon johnson

      COME ON CUZZ !

    33. Jared Tuck

      27:47 I want to fish there!

    34. Jack Stein

      I am a new subscriber and thoroughly enjoyed your tournament video. Very thorough, nice flip casting under the docks! You definitely got some gsme. Looking forward to viewing all your vids! Mikey Balz recommended that I check you out and I am happy that I did. All the best!

      1. Jack Stein

        @Brian Latimer He is a good buddy of mine!

      2. Brian Latimer

        Wow that’s awesome my man! Mikey is legit

    35. Keith Purvis

      Brain you represent alot of black avid fisherman my man, you're living our dream bro. When you are on that water keep those positive vibes going All The Time. No matter what season it is or what traditionally or usually happens. Don't talk yourself out of victory before you start your tournament. You got what it takes Bro. A wealth of knowledge and understanding of your craft, there'er many more victories under your belt. Remember this, wisdom says "you have what you say" good or bad. Trust me bro the best is yet to come for you. As Noah Piscitelli says "Keep that Big Bass Energy" going All The Time and go make history Bro. ✌🏿

      1. Ralph Eastham

        When I found Brian's channel on here, I really got hyped about it. I don't really follow the pro circuit that closely, but it is definitely overwhelmingly a bunch of white guys from the deep south. If you're good, you're good, but I look forward to the sport getting more and more diverse in coming years.

    36. NathanMN

      Bro, I LOVE your vids! Love your attitude and the self talk you’re doing at the start! Good model!

    37. Ross Hall

      Yes !! If I were a couple angler I'd love to be on your boat !!!!! Cool !!😎

    38. nyewang

      Long ass video.........i watched every second.

    39. Don Granier

      yea the boat is back! dont hit nothing this time lol how often do you have someone follow you to a spot to fish right next to you?

    40. ifishicook

      Hey, I know that guy! Come on cuhhh!

    41. Musky Hunter

      Now we are talking. A lil B Lat on a Friday night.

    42. Keith Myrick

      Liked this video a lot! Keep them coming!

    43. yourneck2

      Man U knw older person than u is Uncle....! Not cuz Cousin..... Tell MAMMA Latte wasss up!



    45. D Finan

      You produce great content. Do you do your own production?

    46. Randy Rodgers

      Man you Awesome!

    47. Roger Rose

      You may have ended 33rd but this 1st place video

    48. rob jones

      Brother, I need some advice! A friend of mine gave me a bunch of crankbaits!!! Is there any way to take a "educated guesstimation" on how to tell how deep they will dive?

    49. Talbert Roberts

      Good luck brother and God bless 🙏

    50. Mike High

      My guy is back in action👊🏾the ole guy at the beginning of the video is just like my uncle with the rods😂 I ask this guy if he want to go fishing he grabs every single rod he owns and he only fished with two of the five hundred he brings 😂😂😂😂😂that’s fun to see somebody else doing the same thing lol man I guess it’s a ole man thing😂 no bad intentions behind the post love you older guys😅 But come on cuzz lol!!!🤣

    51. Pete Midkiff

      Glad your videos are back. I am a big fan of yours.

    52. Hellosh Klosh

      God Bless B Lat!

    53. Logan loedoe fishn Crizer

      Lol good vid bro

    54. clewis382

      You definitely fished the wrong areas on Neely for that tournament. Dead River is the area.

    55. Sebastian Xaysanasy

      Come on cuzz 🤣

    56. Jordan Behlen

      Theres times youre watching another angler and you get this feeling man. B Lat mark my words theres a BIG finish coming for you soon i know it. Youre smooth and methodical and the attitude is 2nd to no one else on one else on the water. Excellent vid. Keep killin it man youre gonna hit big soon.

    57. Rogbass

      First time on your site. Awesome stuff Sir. Good luck at the next open. Be nice to see you at the Classic. You talked about it in beginning of this video. Can tell you want it BAAAAD. Looks like I’m sticking around till you win one.

    58. JazzeeAKA

      Hey, who is the guy at 21 minutes? He is kind of cute! Yeah, that Kelvin....Hamburger guy!😉😂😂

    59. JSHVARON

      Was he flippin 1/4 or 3/8??? I couldn’t tell

    60. Donald Shepherd

      Great tournament B Lat love the way you take the time and make the kids feel like part of the sport. They're our future and the sports future. Good luck in 21!

    61. Kenneth Dennis

      COME ON CUZ!!!! :-) Oh Neely was being stingy! Ya did good!!

    62. Bassfisher78 !!

      That culvert you were fishing is a great spot ,surprised there wasn't anyone else there. Also a great crappie hole . Great video 👍

    63. Dougas Bailey

      That other guy quit, that was in boat?

      1. Dougas Bailey

        Yep this vedio makes me want to go white perch fishing!

    64. Kouki

      You are a beast 💪

    65. GfromGI

      My man! I felt like your co-angler on day 2. Good luck on the next one bruh!

    66. Abe Yang

      How do you like the garmin trolling motor compared to the motorguide?

    67. Arjectrick Waters

      Hey far better results this tournament. Keep building on this trend and you'll make some huge noise very soon. C'mon Cuz!😂

    68. Fish Daddy

      I’m gonna fish with this dude somehow someway. Some day. 👊🏻

      1. Brian Eisenman Jr.

        I think he guides in his hometown during the off season.

      2. Jordan Behlen

        Man that would be a blast wouldnt it. Id love the chance to learn from a methodical fisherman like him. I can hammer flats and shalows but my deep game is crap. The things you can learn from B Lat would be amazing.

    69. SweetLou

      If you had to choose between fishing these things solo or with a coangler, would you choose the former or the ladder....... ha... haha.. ha..

      1. Brian Latimer

        No co

    70. James Williams

      I thought I was the only one who figured if I fished the hardest and cleanest in that turniment I can live with losing.

    71. Luke McIntosh

      Keep at it bro! Glad to see another video man, always inspirational....and funny too!

    72. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      Dude that tree house is awesome

    73. Brendon is Fishing

      Man in the back taking selfie’s

    74. peter boyd

      36 minutes left to watch and already I have to drop a thank you. Solid footage and I hope you catch a 11lb 4oz tank to destroy the fall expectations .

    75. Deantre Burch

      Can I buy one of your old jerseys?

    76. Brian Villalobos

      Never give up Blat!!! Remember you are living your dream!!!

    77. Scott McNair

      Love how you interact with the kids. Someone to really look up to in the sport. Keep the momentum going.

    78. Ron Alexander

      You seem like a very down to earth individual! If you come to gville let me know.

    79. Greg Thomas

      Good to be see you back out on the Falcon.

    80. Todd Gray

      Yeah buddy!! Back with them solid vids

    81. nhamodzangu

      Loving the word @31:12.....If you know, you know.

    82. Mid_west_catfishing KRAZY CATFISHING

      Great video brother keep up the good work 🙏🤙✌

    83. _tony450

      "How are the kids?"......."solid day I had 9.13" 😂😂😂

      1. fishFanatic _

        Yep. We need an update on the young men he's raising. All the praise to a nuclear family. I love it when parents pass down passions to their kids.


      What is your thoughts on your Garmin Force trolling motor? I've been thinking about getting one. But have seen some bad reviews on them on the delay on the foot pedal signal to the motor. 🤷🏿‍♂️

    85. poboy fishing

      You are a inspiration for me your videos make go fishing in the morning when I get off work always working to get better

    86. VitaminDee TV

      ***Grab ya a snack and sit down somewhere! B. Lat just dropped his first video in a couple weeks! She's a long one and you need to watch the whole thing!*** Come on cuh!!! LET'S GOOOO!!!

    87. mac king

      Dang man at min 3:52 i was hoping to hear that bass in the back ground from you IG the other day. That was fire!!!!

    88. Caro Ferg

      Don’t remember how I found your channel, but so glad I did. Mad respect sir! Truly think you’re a great gentleman fisherman.

    89. Mike Bledsoe

      *Awesome post Brian, the drone shots were real cool.*

    90. Robert Diehl

      Great video dude. Kept working. Name of the game. Thanks for taking the time to speak to fans. Shows you are a good human. Cheers mate.

    91. Jeremy Eskew

      Keep grinding brother 💪 you got this 👍👊👌🇺🇲💯🎣

    92. Preston Littlejohn

      Hey b lat everytime I watch your videos I feel like I'm fishing with you. I guess the reason is I want you to win. Keep up the good work its going to happen great attitude that's 70 percent of fishing. God bless you and family brother. Thanks for the videos I really enjoy them. Have awesome day brother .

    93. Ryon Wilson

      I want to know what's up with you S.M.

    94. Danladi Graham

      Very Nice! Love your videos bruh!

    95. Just joshin Fishin

      Are you and Scott still friends?

    96. Logan loedoe fishn Crizer

      U da man bro 💪

    97. Terrence Alston

      What a dream for that co angler. Well really for me 😂. Awesome stuff B.Latt

    98. Curtis G

      Great attitude keep fishing you’ll get there

    99. Warren Hopkins

      You make your co's feel like they are part of the team instead of just a guy on the back of your boat. So much respect for you sir. And the ever elusive ladder pattern. I've heard rumors about it, but never seen it. Lol How are the kids? I got 9-13!!! Hahahahahahaha!!

      1. Finnley Aiden

        @Noel Keaton i will try it out now. Looks promising.

      2. Noel Keaton

        Not sure if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

    100. brandon barker

      Cmon cuh ! 🤙🏻