We NEEDED to do this to Faze Rug's Basketball Court...

Mama Rug and Papa Rug

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    Mother of FaZe Rug and Brawadis // Love each and every one of our beautiful fans and supporters.

    Mama Rug and Papa Rug

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    1. Music Life

      Love this channel

    2. Music Life

      Best family ever!!!!

    3. Music Life

      Who else started to laugh when they said they where going to hide the court behind a tree.

    4. Music Life


    5. Music Life

      Who else loves mama and papa rug?!!!

    6. Parithosh Alla

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    7. Parithosh Alla

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    8. Collin Sprague


    9. Collin Sprague

      thats mean to do that to faZe rug he was really exited for that court i disliked the video

    10. Jose López

      Papa rug you should build a fence around the court

    11. The Rocket

      Brandon’s dog might actually be Booker T because of those hops

    12. David Chaplin


    13. Ibraheem Nazam

      Paint the lamps red and black

    14. Adolfo Cabrera

      Wow how he really didn't see it 😕

    15. Mohammad qureshi

      Vegans back Only ogs will know what I'm talking about

    16. R7 OBEY

      How could Brian not see that, so fake and staged

    17. CHIT !

      Thought they were gonna destroy it but they didnt

    18. melicia wood

      Thats rude

    19. Jonas Killion

      Need a fence

    20. Mr. James


    21. The Ananimater

      Rug should have made the full court he had space behind the court

    22. Donnacha Kenny

      Papa rug gone to work again 😂

    23. Rock girl

      The lights are sick bro and I swear Brian doesn’t ever miss a shot even with brawadis

    24. Trim The beast



      almost makes me ask wheres my dad?

    26. Jesus Pineda

      That was a fake reaction

    27. Jo's Life

      No outro?? Nice job papa rug the lights are amzing!!👍👍

      1. Jo's Life

        @Rock girl YESSIRSKIE👍👍

      2. Rock girl

        Papa rug can do anything

    28. GTA 5

      I love rugs videos and yours and I started following your son in 2012

    29. dcoog anml

      God bless you papa Rug. Best father who never think about him.

    30. M1K3

      Atleast show how it looks in the dark

    31. Ant gotchu._.

      Hearing Obama talk in the ad makes me have some hope for this country

    32. Spencer Berger

      Anyone else see FaZe Rugs movie commercial add before the video?

    33. ryana

      how did Bryan not see it 😭

      1. dcoog anml

        Brandon sucks he thinks he is all that in basketball

    34. qt. Sweat Ψ

      Why’d the vid end

    35. Cryptic _Yt


    36. nieooj gotoy

      The lights are sick bro and I swear Brian doesn’t ever miss a shot even with brawadis

    37. Lincoln Pearse

      They should add LED lights around the court and its multi colour

    38. Liam Masipau

      Vid idea for THIS channel: spending 24 hours in faze rug’s house

    39. Victoria’s Vlogs

      It looks like a park basket ball court now but better

    40. J- BANKROLL

      Papa rug: This is best court I've ever seen Me: huh???

      1. nieooj gotoy

        che ceowevcewcec

    41. Jose Valentin

      Papa rug can do anything

    42. Christian Ascherin

      Happy halloween everybody

    43. Yezen Ghanayem

      Why do you have to make the thumbnail and title so sad when you are making rug happy. LIKE WHY

    44. Hayden Hochstrasser

      Should have took a couple mins to film at night when it is useful

    45. butti fdft

      Mamma rug and papa rug Is such a great motivation for me on my youtube journey,I am glad I was motivated by this man


      Old people

    47. Ricky Yellowfish

      Brandon sucks he thinks he is all that in basketball

    48. FrankTheTank77

      Ron’s the best, but Rug didn’t see the big light pole in front of his face?

    49. Flowson120ig


      1. butti fdft

        dame cosita

    50. rejectZ L2

      I love brian and brawadis whole family who with me ?

    51. RetroONgfuel

      Who's behind the cam breathing like that

    52. Usman 15

      Bob the build back at it nice build save 15 thousand

    53. Kush Master 420

      Ron the builder

    54. Johnny Portugal

      che ceowevcewcec

    55. Johnny Portugal


    56. Derek Paddon

      DeAL for Brawadis please tell him: If he makes a video updating your house with state of the art security systems covering the entire yard, perimeter alarms on fences etc , spotlights motion activated and movable , maybe even firearm lessons for defence I will subscribe to both of your channels and like every video for a month maybe even two. If anyone isn’t subscribed and wants to join this deal like this comment !!

    57. Johnny Portugal


    58. Johnny Portugal


    59. Joshua Plexico

      Next you should install a fence around the court so you don’t have to keep running to go get the ball

    60. Johnny Portugal


    61. Johnny Portugal

      hmm dd gjdh sh e tho he rn fed rn he the tree on red rn da rn get u to u out at ut rn hd dc s ex san e rn he go ur just doc sac sh b he rn d rn he tho he h fed h rn fed g sad as rn her red tho he rn he rn f rn fed rn be rn it rn he rn fed rn fed rn sh it to u up out to her rn fed rn rn etc b be rn the h it to ur gag he sh fed rn he rn fed

    62. Johnny Portugal

      dame cousia

    63. Johnny Portugal

      dame cosita

    64. Johnny Portugal

      dame costia

    65. Silas Piccione

      8:20 confused

    66. Ray Channel

      They should add bleachers

    67. Nuh Smajlovic

      i wanna see it at night

    68. Adan Sandoval

      Papa rug u should ass a roof so they can play when it rains :)

    69. Devisitoo

      wow congrats

    70. Pølar Dianシ

      Grandpa and Grandma doing KGup Lol

    71. GW Fishin

      Mans is digging with a pickaxe

    72. Hezron Kuman

      Love your videos

    73. Zinta Foxana & The Painted Shadows

      Y'all mean to tell me Rug legit didn't recognize the pole? 🤣

    74. misuyy fong

      Rug: gets something Papa Rug: I can milk you

    75. Parkourer 72

      God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!

    76. Ramses Garcia

      I am not coming in as a hater or hating but I was watching this video and I thought that it’s kind of sad that rug and brawadis don’t know how to “work” so the day papa rug leaves this earth(I hope it’s not soon really) it’s gonna suck😔

    77. FN Clan

      Y’all need to get like electric tarp so the court doesn’t get wet

      1. FN Clan

        Because it’s Sports court

      2. FN Clan

        Wym i’m just saying

      3. misuyy fong


    78. June Bug

      How’s that roller coaster doing

    79. vliduu zeeb

      “Don’t lie who else is a FAN of Papa and Mama Rug🤯” “¡ᴍ ɢɪғ₮ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ🅞ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”😎

    80. squidboi09

      What about led on the backboard

    81. BINI Iseni

      Me still waiting for the dark 👁💧👄💧👁

    82. Cool guys Are cool

      I thought papa rug was gonna so I prank but then when I saw this I WAS LIKE OMG!!!!!!

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Why the axe though? Why not a sharp shooter & a shovel?😏🤔 But aye! Good stuff Papa Rug!!!🤩

    83. Super Siblings

      Brooo I thought it was something bad cuz the thumbnail OML

    84. sybot morales

      Rug probably won't see this on his channel so i wanna ask mama rug and papa rug , video idea, can you make a video explaining your family tree bc i see your a big family and Rug and Brandon have lots of cousins but i wanna know what side of the family are they from do they come ron's side of the family or sana's idk I've always been curious since In my case i don't f*ck with my dads side of the family but i do heavy with my moms side so yeah.

    85. trapboi ace

      Who else watch this high?

    86. Unknown 3X04


    87. Madhav Menon

      They should add a transparent clear plexiglass roof around the court and just put the same lights around it for night

    88. Hugo Mojica

      so at the end of the video kinda , your telling me that he didn't see the pole with gigantic lights:???????????????????????????????????????, and rug said whats going on ???? wdym ????????? don't you see ANYTHING different from your court ????? that's how you know its scripted, unbelievable, theirs no way you can't miss that and the cringe part of it is that you said "whats going on"unbelievable

      1. Hugo Mojica

        @sybot 07 true

      2. sybot 07

        Same thing i was thinking, it's expected from rug and Brandon bc they've been in the game for a while and know whats up but never from papa rug since he always seems so genuine but hey gotta do what you gotta for the views right

    89. Audrey Massaro


    90. cam on games


    91. Ali Chehab

      Who else saw papa rug digging holes in Brandon’s vlog



    93. Abass Gareth

      Having a dad is awesome Next life Hope I gut one too

    94. Andres Herrera

      You should build him a fence around the court

    95. Joe Toe

      Love you see you out there working hard as always Ron!

    96. Enrique Ramirez


    97. Juanito Lira

      Why the axe though? Why not a sharp shooter & a shovel?😏🤔 But aye! Good stuff Papa Rug!!!🤩

    98. Francis Remedio

      Who else always watch faze rug in quarantine?

    99. Fernando Fernandez

      U dident need to do u wanted to do it

    100. dolimi jotoo

      Let’s goo papa rig on the rescue😂