How Dangerous Boat Rides Could Lead to Death

Bradley Hallman

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    In this bass fishing video I discuss a life threatening situation that we run into quiet regularly. Fog!!! Seems to be around the bend at the most inconvenient times. If we don’t change the way we are handling these fog situations someone’s going to lose their life in a boating accident in the near future. Help me come up with solutions to this problem before we have a bad accident in the next bass tournament that we attend!

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    1. John Crisp

      Great subject. All tournament directors should have a flat policy, no wake in fog conditions. As a licensed captain, this is so heavily stressed in all boating conditions with low visibility.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    2. Chris L

      It's not worth it. Only a little green fish. I have to much investment in the equipment and in my and none boater safety to take a high risk. Also feel that rain can be as much dangerous as a fog bank. Good video this needs to be talked about. 🚤

    3. Tim Sewell

      Sir, I’d like to say thank you for sharing, and raising awareness. There may be no right answer that is 100 accurate at all times but, with videos like this it allows people to use the information to help themselves should the situation arises. I would also like to add the you are out there making a living, just as a rancher, truck driver or a logger. All have inherit risks that go along with them. Some times you have to trust you knowledge and make the best decision with the information you have at the time.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Well said Tim! Appreciate your honesty and feedback sir.

    4. Mike wallis

      Was in same condition on Mississippi River in 1999 during State Championship tournament with 248 boats, before GPS

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Scary Stuff

    5. jas 17

      Great video, I too have been in some extremely thick fog on a body of water that i thought I knew like the back of my hand, we didn't go to far, we felt it was too dangerous to keep going, so we headed to a bay near by. When the fog lifted, we weren't in the bay we thought we were. So not only can't you see but you become disoriented, it should be said, this was before GPS mapping was on any units. So all we had to go by was memory and feel. I think you are spot on in slowing way down at the minimum. Another great topic to discuss is running in big waves, not 4ftrs not saying that 4's are a cake walk, I'm talking 5,6-10 or bigger. Living in Wisconsin and fishing sturgeon Bay, I've been in some tournaments where they, in my opinion, never should of allowed us to go, bc, as you know in a tournament, guys are going to go to where they have what they think, maybe the winning fish. Where does common sense take over competition?

    6. Jeff Bivins

      it is a hard call. As you said it could be foggy at take off point but clear a half mile away or vice versa. A great example was this past weekend on the St. Johns. there are over 100 miles of fishable water and the fog (and weather in general) is completely different from one place to the next. When the delay finally ended and they blasted off on Thursday, I still couldn't see the end of my dock from the hill on Crescent. It is not just an issue for tournaments either. It is just as dangerous for recreational fishermen in slow boats as well. One of the scariest experiences I have ever had was in the middle of Crescent spider rigging for Crappie. I could hear a boat on pad in the distance. It kept getting louder and louder (closer and closer) and when if finally became visible the driver made a calm and calculated merge and passed by uncomfortably close but without incident. Thank you for sharing this and getting the discussion going. It is something all anglers and boaters need to be aware of and ensure they are thinking about others.

    7. Paul Odell

      In the early days of Bass Tournaments (mid 70's) i was fishing in a tournament on Lake Mitchell with is immediately below Lay Lake. My father was in his boat with his partner. A fog bank had formed about a mile up river from the Creek we launched in. As they blindly drove into the fog a much faster boat passed them. The 16 foot Baja with a 115 Merc got lost and made a slow 180° back towards the oncoming boats. My dad saw the oncoming boat and steering to his right. The driver of the Baja didn't see him but his partner did and yelled boat. The driver for whatever reason turned to his left and back into acollisi I. Course

      1. Paul Odell

        Sorry. Typing this on a cell isn't my specialty. When my father saw the boat turn left into his path, he reacted by turn back to his own left. The other drive saw him just before my dad changed course and simultaneously jersey the wheel to his right. The port side by the stern of his boat knocked a a 2 foot gash in my dad's boat nearly thrown dad's partner out of the boat. They managed to fish all day finishing midfield but about every 10 minutes they had to crank the outboard run the engine just short of planing to drain water out the drain plug.hole.. Yes that was as long as the go pro video but accidents DO happen

    8. Stephen Dubberly

      Another reason why I wear a helmet.

    9. Stephen Dubberly

      Way to be safe. Didn’t look that bad. But running fast is always a chance.

    10. E Gaff

      This reminds me of the Louisiana classic where guys had radar units mounted for running in the fog. It would be cool if electronics companies could find a way to incorporate that into smaller units for bass boats more often.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    11. Greg Hall

      I love to fish and I love my boat. I admire professional anglers for how great you are at catching fish. I also admire you guys for protecting wildlife the way you all do. This was a great video and just shows that it happens to everyone. Keep up the good work and best of luck with the upcoming season.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate your feedback.

    12. Byron Richart

      Very excellent video thank you for laying it out there for all to see.

    13. Mark Saulsberry

      Maybe go back down to 150hp?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Good Option!

    14. Keith Holt

      Great thought provoking video. Thank you

    15. Jeremy Mcdowell

      They should make it a rule if u hit a fog bank it automatically becomes a no wake zone and that should not go only to tournament fishing it should be a rule in the boating rules.

    16. Gregory Sloan

      Was riding as a marshall with Jeff Dobson when we encountered the fog situation you described and he handled the situation extremely well. Slowed down gradually and was eventually able to safely pull over into a cut until fog cleared. Guidelines really do need to be established and followed for these fog events.

    17. D Malone

      No tournament is worth your life. There’s idiots everywhere.

    18. Cheez miller

      Absolutely slow down make a speed limit in a fog bank . No life is worth a bass,period

    19. Kurtis Mays

      There should be no takeoff until at least two scout boats have called in the main high speed routes are clear of fog or other extreme weather conditions.

    20. Joe Taylor

      Come up with some kind of lighting system for boats that shine thru the fog . Certain color's or something. A big flag. Anything to show the other boats location

    21. Bryson Hallman

      As a fisherman and a duck hunter I experience it a lot more than others. I can say I have been in fog so thick on big rivers small rivers lakes. But the worst fog is when it’s dark out. Everything reflects off the fog running lights spot lights even led lights. Great topic, honestly the first video I have heard of anyone talking about it.

    22. Kent Schaede

      Thank you Bradley for this video. Anyone’s life is not worth a green fish. I fish many of the large 250-300 boat team tourneys here in OK for many years. I’ve been in this situation to many times. Once I broke down in the fog and had several pass me full tilt, and a couple just barely miss me. Scary, thought we going to die that day! Since then I simply head to the bank and start fishing until takeoff is well over. 30 mph in fog is pretty safe, too bad a max speed limit in the fog cannot be enforced.

    23. rc391995

      I like to fish I like going home at the end of the day in one piece a lot better. Fog is confusing what's scary is you know you can't see crap you shut down and you hear somebody go by you running full tilt and you know he can't see squat either . I'm going to idle to a bank and fish there . They don't pay out enough in one of those tournament if I get run over . That's what I'm going to do. I've about been run over by idiots in perfect condition .

    24. bill5074

      Too many people drive with no common sense. 30 years of fishing tournaments I have been scared to death more than once. Nobody is impressed with how fast your boat goes. The driver is responsible for that passenger and the civil or criminal liabilities are huge if a disaster occurs. I would not want that on my conscience.

    25. LT1BURNOUT

      I had a scary experience in a tournament one time on Lake Mohave. My motor died right in front of the rest of the field at blastoff. Partner and I stood up and started waving our arms trying to alert people to go around zipping right by us at 70+...

    26. Billy Richardson

      Everyone saw the fog wall. You willingly drove at speed into it. If catching a fish is worth the consequences of be it.

    27. 251 REELING

      i captain a high school boat and you wouldn't believe the things i see.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Oh I’m aware of what goes on there!

    28. Monkeybutt fishing

      I think you handled this situation perfect, kept to the left which had a little less fog and more visibility. Its something that's hard to enforce of course. But people need to learn to slow down. No reason to do 70+ in the fog when you can't see. At the end of the day everyone wants to go home. It's not just you that it would affect if you hit another boater at 70mph. I know It would mess me up if I killed someone like that. If I'm doing 30 and just cruising through a channel and an accident happens I atleast know I was taking precautions. And sometimes accidents happen but doing 70+ when I cannot see would be on me and not am accident at that point in my mind.

    29. D. Love

      Yeah, NO! Fuck that shit. I'm a daredevil thrill seeker kind of a guy but, no, just no!

      1. Bradley Hallman


    30. Warren Rowe

      For the one's who hasn't fished on lake Seminole it is a dangerous lake without the fog most of the lake is stump fields, markers on parts of the lake are spread way out. Great topic and video. If you ever get down around brunswick ga you need to give the altamaha river a try...

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciated Warren

    31. Rodney Hanbaum

      If you have an accident, killing yourself, or another, simple question, was it really worth it?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Agree 💯

    32. Tracy White

      Few things are more frightening than a blind run. My heart was in my throat watching your video. Such fast speeds and multiple boats hitting fog will definitely put the pucker factor needle in the extreme red. Great topic for discussion and appreciate your commitment to return home to family. God bless.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the support

    33. Fishing with Vin

      All I know is it's sure annoying being in a flat-bottomed body and a jack wagon comes screaming by doing like fifty throwing my little boat around with the big wakes they make for fun. I definitely keep off the water during tournaments!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Be safe out there is the main thing!

    34. bullet xdc 20

      The worst one I've ever seen was in the Wolfson's children hospital tourney in Palatka a few years ago and there's 400 boats in it and when we rounded the 2nd curve at 80mph it was nothing but a white sheet that you could hardly see the front of the boat much less anyone else, I was sickened by the amount of people who never even let up

    35. deborah cincotta


    36. Brian’s big bass adventures 🤙🎣

      Just joined brother

      1. Bradley Hallman


    37. Kevin Will

      yep,stopping is bad in this situation ..just like on the highway..glad everybody made it

    38. Zac Pearson

      Usually in that kind of fog I really try to avoid the big clouds, like in this case I would have gone to the left bank it seemed a little clearer

    39. Grind 5

      I pulled over in a fog bank and started fishing the bank because I had my 8 yr old with me and about 30 min later almost got run over by a guy running on plane ten feet off the bank. STUPID

    40. David Gibson

      Wow so dangerous i have ran in fog and got hit in fog not good . run with lights might help little visibly is not good but might help . guess theres really nothing to do but be safe as u can . i did get hit one time messed my boat up bad but we was ok . just be safe everybody.

    41. David Gibson

      Ur awsome good fishing 2 u this year buddy . i watch u alot have followed u a while now so funny . keep all the good videos love watching them

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the support David.

    42. micah phillips

      Fort Gibson is my home lake and it can get dangerous in the river even a normal conditions in the fog it is really bad. Great video

    43. IAM Crankinstein

      Pre-fishing KY lake, came out of Jonathan creek at night. Fog was thick as we get out to main channel. As we were on plane we both got a funny feeling and got off plane. All of a sudden we can see a spot light. As we ease forward we start to see running lights. We were heading straight into the side of a barge. He was so long and fog was so thick we couldn’t see his spot lights on front or on the back. If that would have been the tournament we would have not stopped and I wouldn’t be typing this. Won’t happen to me ever again. SLOW DOWN if you can’t see. Pull over if you know someone may drive up on you.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for sharing

    44. Murph Roberts

      Edna Mills (Bass-n-gals) killed hitting the dam in the fog on Lake Conroe, TX. Josh Ward broad sided and ran through an unlighted boat after weigh-in on Conroe. Another friend was hit head-on after weigh-in on the Sacramento Delta. 88 feet per second, with no brakes.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Scary stuff!

    45. Tim E

      Come on man! Great topic but straight up clickbait😁. I watched that hardcore Castlerock guy from Tejas run through worse wide open. He was blindfolded!!!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        😂 😆 He loves fog!!!! He has a great story on how it let him fish one of his secret holes in a derby without being seen!

    46. Johnny Massengale

      Was fishing a night tournament back in 2003 with my dad on Douglas Lake when we hit a fog bank. It was almost catastrophic. We got very lucky. On another occasion during a day tournament we got near the bank idling and a guy came within 10 feet of us wide open. Crazy things can happen in a heartbeat. Be safe guys.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Absolutely be safe!

    47. Tom Tallman

      Keep the vids coming Brad, great stuff.....Good Luck in your 2021 endeavors and family goals

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Tom

    48. Danny York

      Great video bradley. This is a dangerous thing about bass fishing. I don't know the answer slow down, and some guys are just crazy. Like you said slow down pull over. I mean I don't know.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Me either bud... thanks for the feedback

    49. HawgMolly Fishing Raley

      I love this good job brother.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks 😎

    50. Dan Weise

      Appreciate all your videos

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the feedback Dan.

    51. John Baird

      In thick fog, nobody needs to be running. I've seen too many accidents. We always go straight to the bank and run slowly with the bank contour as long as we know where we are going. Otherwise, running in the middle of the lake is irresponsible.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    52. Edward Gonzales

      Awesome topic! Great job!

      1. Bradley Hallman


    53. Grasshopper

      First off, here's a crazy story (to me anyway)... when I was a little kid we lived in East TX on Toledo Bend. My dad fished with Larry Nixon out of Pendleton Harbor. He was a young guy... in his mid 20s if I had to guess, which makes me twice as old now as he was back then lol. My question is this... I'm guessing y'all had your running lights on, which probably didn't do squat. What about equipping each boat with some sort of stove so yall can see them better? I've been caught in storms where I have the GPS running and hauling the mail back to the ramp. One time was really bad and looking back it was completely stupid on my part. I was trying to get off the and I had to have been running 70, and when I got to the ramp the storm had backed in there too and a guy was trying to load a pontoon boat onto a trailer. So I tied up and found a dry spot up on the bank, which is what I should have done to begin with. Anyway... I think some kind of strobe that's red or blue in color would help avoid collisions. Or maybe a penalty for guys who drive at an unsafe speed, but I don't know how you enforce that. Speaking of Toledo Bend... my dad and I were fishing on the LA side before sunrise, and it was extremely foggy. All of the sudden there was this noise that sounded like a bunch of bees coming from the TX side. My dad kept telling me it was boats, and then suddenly 10 - 15 boats came through the fog going flat out. Then another 15 - 20 or more behind them. That was back when you had to run across to the LA side to avoid all the trees going south. Anyway, sorry for the long story.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the stories and feedback Grasshopper. 🙏

    54. Mike Schlimgen

      I spend most of my fishing time on Lake St. Clair, Erie and the Detroit River. There are times when we get really bad fog, especially in the Spring. A while back I was jigging for walleyes with 2 of my buddies on the D-River and we were near the shipping channel, but not in it. All of a sudden the fog rolled in and we could barely see each other, let alone other boats. After a few minutes, we heard a low humming sound that kept getting louder and louder. I thought that it must be an oncoming freighter, but we couldn't see it. I knew we were on the correct side of the channel markers, however, it was a bit unnerving hearing it coming and not being able to see it. All of a sudden it appeared next to us, about 40-50 feet away, and maybe 3 stories high. That will get your heart pumping. They have radar and will blow their horn if you are in they way, so I wasn't too worried, but it was freaky being that close to it.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Scary up there for you boys fishing in the middle of St. Clair

    55. Joshua Dowdle

      I hit a fog bank during a high school tournament with my son and his buddy. We had came through the area before the sun came all the way up and the fog set in after. I had to slow down an idle. Luckily it was on our home lake so I was familiar with the lake. The tournament we were fishing had checkins between fishing periods so were trying to make it back on time. Looking back I should have went to the bank and stopped.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        We all have scary stories! Thanks for sharing yours.

    56. BJC Counter

      Its scary. I experienced this out on the great lakes (sturgeon bay) and i tell you what. My co angler and i were very fortunate to have a calm water that day. We did a 40 mile run up north doing 30mph all the way. We stayed out as far as possible away from the bank yet we still see boats trolling ways out. Any thing and everything could've gone bad at any second on the GL itself.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate your honesty and feedback

    57. txman201

      Your video would be better if the background music was drastically reduced. It is way too loud.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the feedback

    58. Scottland

      Excellent topic!~ I've been crossing the Columbia river where the mouth of the Cowlitz dumps in and have had serious heavy fog while trying to get over the shipping lane. This is nothing to fool around with, especially running full throttle.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Absolutely right!!!

    59. Rowdy Broomstick

      From a technology standpoint doesn't seem like it would be that hard for lowrance to add a beacon to everyone else's map screen except they're shown as a different color beacon on your map so you could make speed adjustment's or courses changes . Just like your Garmin handheld it shows your speed & direction as soon as you start walking, so if I see your course arrow turn right and you've been ahead of me the whole time and you decided at the last second to turn up into the same creek as me I'll see your course change coming across my path. I guess the only downfall would be people who aren't apart of the tournament, so theirs still that danger but at least the other 150+ boat's your fishing with would see you on their screen and you would see them, that's slot less chance for a problem. But of course people wouldn't want that info to be shared where they're headed, but it would have to be activated during fog advisories 🤷 It could work and it would save lives!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Great 👍 feedback Rowdy

    60. rich warren

      Mr Hallman: question? That early most are wearing sunglasses or shield to cover wind n cold. Can you see through fog better or worse? Is this the time you have to take them off to see better??

      1. Bradley Hallman

        No the yellow lens or just a clear pair of safety goggles from Walmart work pretty well.

    61. sam baldwin

      its sad but most people today just dont care anymore.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Just need to think a little more is all!

    62. Jake Rossi

      It’s a judgement call on the angler some people pull over and some people trim up and run on

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Agree..... everyone has different experiences

    63. Tim McMaster

      Great topic thx

      1. Bradley Hallman


    64. Texas BBQ Army

      Basic seamenship dictates that you moderate speed and keep a lookout as well as be prepared to sound audible warning signals in low visibility situations. Driving at 50 or 70 mph in limited visibility is foolhardy at best and downright negligent at worst. Okay so you're going to try to catch a fish... It's required to have a life jacket it should also be required to understand basic seamenship and water safety for guys that are going out in bass tournaments. It's no different than driving a car 120 mph in a foggy road with less than 20 yd of visibility in front of you. I'm glad that you brought up the subject because if it's scaring you enough then that tells you there's enough ignorant guys out there that don't see the obvious hazard that are endangering everyone.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Unfortunately this is happening every weekend across the country! We can handle this better as a group than what we are currently doing! Some are not realizing the impacts of these situations could be.

    65. Theo Duff

      Truth to the fact safety is #1 it really have to be talk about now when the fog is really bad slow down or get to the bank your life and family are #1 each 1 teach 1 😉 AMEN 🙌✌️💓

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Yes Sir!!

    66. Jay B

      I don't tournament fish but I would think that any life and death situation would stop the tournament. Every boat should stop and hit the bank until the fog lifts. I agree no one should stop in the middle of the lake or take a chance and keep going. Just pull off to the side and wait for it to lift. While 199 boats may pass safely it's not worth the one boat that hits a bouey or worse.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Totally agree Jay! Unfortunately this is not what is happening across the country I can promise you that.

    67. Tyson Gustafson

      Boat radar like they have in ocean fishing. Each boat is equipped with a tracker so do on the radar it shows your boat location in actual time on a map. would show speed and which way the boat is pointed son you know which way its going.. Then have a general rule if you run into fog no matter where you at it is a 15 mph speed limit. If you get caught speeding its an automatic dq.. Those are a couple things I can think of..

      1. Tyson Gustafson

        @Bradley Hallman i would think something like marine or some app of that nature would be something you could use. 15 MPH is the slowest I can go with my boat being on plane. but I only have a 186 champion. So it might have to be a tad faster for a 20 footer. Might have to play around with the speed.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Boat Radar and 15mph is the best answer. How do we get radar on bass boats and can you keep a boat on step at 15mph or how does that work? I’m going to try this next time out!

    68. Daniel Yourko

      For the people who read this,your either tournament angler or curious about being one. Look at it like this. I’ve seen great fishermen being very careful and respectful on the water. I’ve seen great fishermen acting like they own the river or lake system. I’m talking about all people that get up all hours of the night to go bass fishing. We (ALL) should act professionally on the road,at the ramp and on the water. That makes this sport look like a great group of well raised adults are bass fishing having a good time and protecting the sport. Now the (POINT) there are people out there that don’t know how dangerous boating can be. Let’s keep bass fishermen looking like well raised respectful adults we should be. Just my 2cents worth

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I agree ☝️ with all he says here!

    69. Mark Thompson

      Hammer down following Nixon!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        There’s worse options!

    70. ounavy4me

      Merry Christmas Brad from Jim Dillingham former NOKC Bass Club member now down in Arlington. I missed running into you at Lewisville Open. Would have said hello. I’ve had plenty of nervous rides early morning 1st flight crazies and trying to make weigh in both as a co’ along for the ride!

      1. ounavy4me

        I will add to the dangerous boat ride comment. I find myself looking for other boat traffic when I’m riding shotgun and my boater is driving while looking for his spots on his maps. If I see another boat that may cross our path I’ll nudge him and point it out just make sure he or she sees what I see. Extra set of eyes.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Absolutely Jim this video is for everyone because it affects us all every week and weekend tournaments across the country!

    71. Steve Steve

      Your getting really good at making a show. Absolutely legit.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Steve

    72. Rogbass

      You changed dinners at my home and a few others with HIGH LOW HIGH. God bless you Bradley Hallman. I thought I was just trying to learn all I could about bass fishing. But I was woke when HIGH LOW HIGH became part of my life. Your name is part of my Christmas this year. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift. 😌

      1. Rogbass

        @Bradley Hallman looking forward to seeing you win some tourneys next year. Thanks for all the tips. I got bass fever. Lol.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate you sharing as always bud! Merry Christmas

    73. Matt Schindler

      The hard answer is slow the hell down ,bass/ drag boat don't need 300 hp .

      1. Bradley Hallman


    74. Hunter Marshall

      When charger boats announced the 210 elite I believe they were suppose to be having an option of some type of night vision camera or something that hooked up to the rear graph. Did anything ever come of that or did it end up just being a gimmick?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        This is the first I’ve heard of this.

    75. Jeremy Brumley

      Yes very scary. My pro day one at Rayburn slowed down in the middle of the lake. An boats where flying pasts. You could hear. 🙏🙏

      1. Bradley Hallman

        It’s Scary

    76. Mtullos86

      Been in head on collision in a boat not fun.

    77. Barron Cox Fishing

      This has really made me think about those sketchy morning blast-offs. I've seen many close calls due to weather. I have a family I need be here for. I'm not one of those who believe that getting to your spot first wins tournaments.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Barron appreciate your feedback

    78. Ziggy Blue

      Yes sir, good topic for discussion.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    79. bobby newton

      Great video good topic to discuss be safe bro

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks 🙏

    80. Todd Cooper

      Merry Christmas From The Cooper's Cleburne,Texas

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Merry Christmas to you!

    81. Sheldon Shay

      its scary as shit

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Yes it is!

    82. Chris Edrington

      Been there and done that. Had a tournament on Lake Blackshear in Georgia and the fog did not lift for over an hour. Finally someone said "who is good to run by GPS?".....Hell I could barely see my nose in front of my face. But, I ran just fast enough to keep on plane and glued my nose into the GPS. But honestly I just would never do that again. If that's what the team wants, that's fine, I'll fish around the creek we are going out of until the fog lifts.......I love to fish but it is not worth risking my life over, or the life of the person I could hit.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Yeah think we all have figured out the hard way that the GPS is not the best answer! Appreciate your feedback

    83. Brandon Gray

      Well, maybe fog banks should have speed limits. The Marshall in the boat could help with this. If you are running 65 and hit fog and you slow to say 30 or 35 then you shouldn’t be passed. Maybe the boaters being conscious of the marshalls looking for this type thing would detour them from driving too fast. Maybe a fine presented by the organization?? IDK. But getting to your spot in one piece and back home to the family is most important.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Great 👍 points made here!!!

    84. Brandon Gray

      I wonder if the fog gets up from the wake the boats make. I have seen this type of thing. I was #2 once and got to a spot pretty quick and the fog was light. But once 20 boats went buy it was like a wall. The cold air with the warmer water being splashed?? Any ways you are right this is no joke.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Your right about the motors of many boats can make it worse I’ve seen this as well.

    85. Laramy Bohn

      The best thing i can think of as far as running in the fog, would be a bright flashing light or just having your navigation lights on.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Laramy

    86. Austin Torres

      Just subscribed. Good thing to learn here. I’m in kayak now but eventually I’ll be in a bass boat. Thanks for the info. Sub mine if you like

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks 🙏 Austin! Kayaks for sure need to be in everyone’s mind in these situations

    87. Charles Mayberry

      Had bad one on tenkiller and I hit a boat life was lost they were drunk and boat was drifting total my boat cost me in court 2 year to get it taken care of his mom try sue me for 1.5 million

      1. Charles Mayberry

        @Bradley Hallman my first year back on water 2017 haven’t had rod in my hand s I’d talk to Chris and jimmy Houston about how I felt about a life gone on my birthday it took time away from what I love to do now I’m hurt again at v. A lost lung in c.t machine but I’m still frightening got my first aoy this year in American bass anglers and it’s my 11 championship and it would been a Forrest wood cup but not going happen

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Wow! Terrible things happen everyday on the water!

    88. Ben Green Insurance Agency

      Thank you very much for making this video and addressing the topic. Hope to see everyone have a safe and happy 2021 out on the water!

      1. Bradley Hallman


    89. Chris Blank

      Awesome video and topic, Bradley! I was a Marshal in 2011 in New Orleans at the classic and witnessed what you're referring too. It was the scariest ride of my life, especially since old Iaconelli was behind us (i was with Skeet). The only thing that made me feel a little better was that Lots of Lowrance guys had the radars put on for that very reason. There's just no real way of handling it because each situation is different.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Yep everyone is different and we don’t usually have those radars!

    90. Jeff Fogel

      I think people that fish the weekend and around their local area and can catch decent fish have no idea what it would be like to be out on tour it’s refreshing to hear someone like yourself who has the experience and has the humility to admit that they don’t have the answers and it does need to be talked about I don’t have the answers but it’s a great topic and I have subscribed and I like the video and I look forward to watching your future post thanks a lot

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Jeff appreciate your honesty and opinions

    91. T Cheng

      I fish as a co angler last year for the bassmaster open at lacrosse and it crazy after the idle zone. You couldn’t see anything due to fog. I was lucky enough to draw two pro anglers who was experience.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate you sharing your feedback

    92. Tom Rigsbee

      As a relatively new boater...great subject and great info thanks

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Tom

    93. Tc

      I feel sorry for co anglers lot of pro's drive like maniacs. No thanks

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Co anglers for sure are a big reason we need to discuss this and come up with a better solution than what we are doing now.

    94. dacongj

      Definitely scary to be in. It’s like quick sand. By the time you realize your in to deep it’s to late!

      1. Bradley Hallman


    95. Tony Smith

      It's amazing you even got out of Beeswax, when it's foggy at Lay it usually settles in right there at the mouth. Good video, it's something that needs addressing for sure.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Tony

    96. matthewkitch1

      You nailed it Bradley. Mandatory 30 mph speed limit in a fog situation. It shouldn’t matter how thick the fog is. Fog on the water, 30 mph no question. If you get caught, immediate disqualification from the tournament.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Every situation will be different but yes it would be a start. There are cases where 30mph would honestly be to fast but not sure how you word that.

    97. Scott Edwards

      I live on the first lake in the tallapoosa chain, I'm so glad I've got good spots close to the house, to my before work trips out. I normally won't leave my immediate area with fog.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    98. Mid Alabama Bassin TV

      This isn’t near as bad as it normally gets man, I live on the lake. It always gets foggy in that area. And i ran in it this one day and I promise you I couldn’t see a couple feet ahead of me. It gets really bad there

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate your feedback!

    99. Coy Dixon

      Great subject...especially for younger anglers. Continue to use your channel to discuss safety issues like this and more. Thanks

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate ya!

    100. Steve schisler

      For me personally, I would probably peel off to the left and get in the more visible area until the fog lifts. On Table Rock a couple years ago at a club tournament, most of the guys took off and navigated through it slowly, my partner and I waited with a cup or two of coffee, but the winner that day eased out, pulled over to the bank almost immediately away from the marina, and proceeded to catch the winning fish as he poked around the bank in the fog.... all returned safely. That week I did add a strip of red and strip of green LED lights on the bow that can be seen unbelievably far in the dark and fog.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Those new led lights work well!