How I Animated This Video

Joel Haver

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    Enjoy this video about how I made this video!
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    1. Joel Haver

      Thank you so much for half a million subscribers. I hope this video strikes a balance between helpful and entertaining. I encourage everyone with the faintest interest in animation to try out this process, it's really fun and unique. It's okay to steal my style outright, imitation is flattery and the greatest jumping off point for finding your own style. Links in the description to everything you'll need! Much love

      1. Bastian Carrasco

        I love you man

      2. Annissic 0


      3. Alpha 222

        How the Fuck do you say your last name

      4. Rakeesh Pramut


      5. BAGUETTE eater of worlds do you know where I messed up ?

    2. Gumbly

      Petition to give this style a nickname like "Haver's Technique" or something to give credit where credit is due

    3. Grandma and Tyrone

      So I’m very confused, you make an animated version for every single frame? Or does emsynth automate it?

    4. VideoGamesHD2061

      Thumbnail looks like that one Diavolo scene...

    5. DJ_Waluigi_YT

      Normally things go from Cartoon to Live Action but you go from Live Action to Cartoon. Pretty cool and outside the box.

    6. Cognetus Melienius

      I think it's best if i just watch your normal videos

    7. AMajesticFreeman

      I love these videos and I can't wait to try out your style!

    8. Josep Duran

      Bah I'm not impressed, I thought you hand painted each frame by hand like they did in Tron, this is cheating lol. Seriously, great job.

    9. krittin kovitvanichakanont

      The reason i click your video is the VHS effect. then i saw the animation and i dont know what the video is about i just wanna see more of this animation style

    10. Prakhar Paliwal

      Dude started an art movement with a mouse.

    11. Dark Jade18

      I never new that they acted these

    12. Natan Peromingo de almeida

      Too bad I can only give it one like..

    13. Ben Wiser

      If people could up vote this to hopefully let Joel see this, I think it could be really helpful. It looks like you could really speed up your workflow by using a tool like ffmpeg. That can automatically create the png frames for you, and also auto convert the png frames back into the video frames.

    14. L

      Imagine breaking the game by yourself

    15. DomInator

      I love your take on art. The world needs more people who think like that, it'd be a better place.

    16. Darren 0613

      Takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to putting each file and each image

    17. Wizardxeze

      So more keyframes better it will do but it takes much more time

    18. Antonio Rodriguez

      Didnt expect him to turn into Peter kirpotkin in the end talkin bout how technology should be used to in a trade to make that trade easier like art and how the tools for art belong in the hands of all

    19. hiczok

      is that a playstation tv ?!

    20. bruh_moment _

      And thus every youtuber on the internet had the power known only before by one man

    21. Angry Crafters

      Personally, I would just draw every 200 frames or something, and draw the most accentuated animated frames as well. But I think that's what you did you just simplified the process

    22. Andrew Cundiff

      happier and with your mouth open

    23. Lorenzo Alfonsetti

      What I love the most about this movie director it is how he add a nice joo joo blu blu floo floo effect to his ideas

    24. HellFox

      Almost doubled the subscribers within a month! Awesome , well deserved

    25. Yolo Swagger 6000

      Alternate title: How to destroy your CPU and GPU in 2 seconds

    26. Anonymous One

      Keep on grooving groover

    27. Cecilia Cole

      youtube recommended this randomly. at first i read 2011 as the release date which made since to me, going off the video style, but this was just a few months ago lol. this animation looks really lifelike and interesting, thanks for showing!

    28. Jose Echevarria

      If one day I stop being lazy, I may try doing this

    29. Mr Krimson

      This video itself, with video in video narrating and shit is so confusing alone. Impressive!

    30. MistarKrabss

      at first when I saw a video like this I thought it was some old adult swim video

    31. Jon

      I'm glad you and your work exist .

    32. potato salad

      i am going to call this Havervision and i assume its how Joel sees the world

    33. Ded Dog

      That’s awesome!! Really interesting may try it out sometime thank you so much for your content!

    34. Air Conditioner


    35. Theo I guess

      Joel haver more like talent Haver. Sigh

    36. Saurabh Mehta

      Thanks mann Will try making some My drawing was horrible .. You give me hope Always wanted to animate but lacked some drawing skill . Feels like I can show my storytelling skills

    37. eljavidecuba

      I loved thia so much I'll need another tutorial on how to literally penetrate this video with my zeeenith!

    38. weeb lord

      1:28 im already impressed

    39. Warp Gate

      You know for someone forever cursed to live in an anime, he really seems to be making the best of the situation

    40. Owie Boi


    41. Vael S

      Love ebsynth! I use it all the time for my animations

    42. David Him

      That sunset was amazing

    43. Qiom1

      Thanks for the kind words, this was wildly wholesome and helped me feel a bit more motivated

    44. Diyan

      Is this how also Ethereal Snake animate?

    45. Ace

      I love his animation style. It reminds me of Hotline Miami for some reason

    46. Dustin Provost

      he does it with a mouse he does it with a mouse he's too powerful

    47. L1ri0 4zu1

      I thought it was a filter and that was why some look very realistic and sometimes they suddendly get black eyes and mouth

    48. Luis Lebrón Aponte

      I'm sorry, it gives it some _whAt_ ? XD

    49. abdullokh karimov

      The intro sure is pretty POG ....hehe

    50. ScioTv

      How do you know how many shots you need?

    51. Sasa Strejcek

      your content gives me filmcow vibes

    52. 12:24 a.m.

      I remember I saw your videos out of no where and gave you a watch and thought this was the apex of youtube animation. Your subs were relatively low and now look at you almost at 1 million keep up the good work man.

    53. Meep

      You have an accent.

    54. Webster

      Game changer

    55. Goofy

      Dani reference?!?!

    56. 3

      Only they can make a boring tutorial interesting

    57. Austin Zusi

      I would love to see the unedited versions of the animations like side by side it would be so great

    58. ComradeErik

      I thought the smearing effect was on purpose as part of the aesthetic and not a glitch. You know as an animator as well I know animation takes a lot of effort but this is just going above and beyond!

    59. Zak Li

      I am poor, can I do this on gimp and SVP (pirated version) lol

    60. Wyatt Detherow

      so its rotoscope pretty much?

    61. CloudShifter

      I originally thought that it was a simple rotoscoping animation but this hella more efficient though I guess can create some problems if you wanted characters moving here and there.

    62. Agreeance

      Wish I had that desk

    63. TheyNamedMePlayer

      Dang, 1 video must take up a bit of storage space eh?

    64. Kadatchi

      Vtuber Origins: The prequel Coming soon to a theatre near you whenever they open again at this point

    65. sixpar_

      bro, is this the playstation monitor?

    66. ToastySpuds

      This is an amazing process to watch

    67. HolyFlare484

      Blinking turns you into an OSRS character

    68. SiR Ty

      I love how at certain points he looks in a certain direction and his eyes only glitch halfway, making it look like he's cross-eyed or looking in two directions

    69. Suyog Jadhav

      2:47 Isn't that fun? *zooms in dramatically*, _calmly says_ : That's crazy. This guy is a comedy genius xD

    70. Jack Black

      Ju heu JU JU A BLU BLU FLU FLU

      1. Jack Black

        Best music in the world

    71. Sparks 9.8

      Hi Joel, I’m Joel too

    72. HoboJohn

      I'm scared help

    73. Jordy De Zee

      so thats why its a bit movement blurry (if you don't know what i mean: it has a bit of a trail if something moves)

    74. Atzec Nobody

      Jesus you are so patient to the point that you literally edit every frames. Bruh? I mean don't you do anything?

    75. PeterP3PeterP3


    76. Crystal Falcon

      i knew it was ebsynth

    77. Charles MacLellan

      Man, this would have been great for me 10 years ago. This is genius, and beautiful.

    78. Daniël Huisman

      You know, artists have loved absynthe for a long time. That blur effect happens when you drink about a bottle's worth.

    79. Mercury

      Why would you give away your secret tho

    80. Inktears11

      After watching this I keep getting “blah blah Joel Haver style animation” in my suggestions lol

    81. David DePerez

      amazing. thank you so much

    82. Normal YouTube

      NEVER EVER WILL I USE THIS, but man you just learnt me on some EbSynth

    83. Luper ionic

      Great stuff 🔥

    84. Qwe Uy

      A little blu blu flue flue

    85. Qwe Uy

      2:49 That's Crazy

    86. hackerism1


    87. Ricky Shicky

      I don't wanna lie but, That thumbnail kinda looks like a JoJo Refrence

    88. AKH - TNTTDG

      My brain hurt so many things happen at once 🤯🤯🤯

    89. Drake Eldridge

      Lol had a feeling you were using Ebsynth XD

    90. De la art

      Don’t know why this exact moment make me jump in glee, 1:35

    91. Jesus Just Jesus

      Best satire video ever

    92. Void Spectator

      I love the part you say "That's crazy". Shit is crazy.

    93. Итан c

      This man is a comedic genius

    94. Chameleon Gaming

      well i have no idea wht im gonna use this imformation for now. guess itll just be some stuff to go into my brain

    95. Jake Foxx

      So it's kinda like rotoscoping? Cool

    96. Bionic Freak

      Simply excellent, when do we get a TV show?

    97. Patchwork Productions

      I really appreciate this

    98. crack

      I love this guy.

    99. super magnus

      how do you animate these videos?

    100. Albert Young

      u sound like forrest gump