2020: The F**kening | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher

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    Bill recaps the top stories of the week and gives a new monkier to this period of our history in his final monologue of 2020.
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    1. Denton Fender

      Smoked too much weed Bill? Little trouble getting that joke out. You sounded a little like Joe Biden doing improvisation.

    2. Brad Engen

      Look like he got paint job eral shibes the 9995 spacial

    3. Perizat Hamdy

      When will Bill Maher resume his show, would love to hear his take on what's happening now....

    4. J Pierre

      Now that evangelicals funded, planned and executed an attempted coup, I can’t wait to see Bill on January 15, 2021 ! Nobody wants to expose where the proud boys, the kkk, and the other white supremists got their funding or their fundamental hatred of a country built on rules & laws written by humans for humans. They worship an imaginary angry boogie man who, according to the Old Testament, believes non-white people are at the bottom of a caste system. What garbage !

    5. Rose Macaskie

      They vote for him, not because he is pagent queen but because a real man does what it takes even being a drama queen, throwing a tantrum, sulking and such: All the people who love real men vote for him, unless they are convinced lefties on the left and so the thing is to question their malehood, because, much as they are silly people who are too vain to do what it takes, looking silly, lying to get what they consider necessary, they are still no good at looking after their families because they have chosen a, real man whose interests are those of the billionaire. They are a lot of duffers.

    6. Mark Techau

      Bill's always right !!😅 Laurie Gay Techau !!!🤗😇

    7. Russell Borden

      The democrats and medical people who snapped (I guess) suffered PCS19 (for nonmedical people that's Prolonged Covid-19 Stress). This could happen to anyone but most often to subjects with the H-19 gene associated with hypocrisy.

    8. Syd

      Man I fucking hate to say it 😂 he still fucking saying he ain’t leaving and pulling horse shit out of every cult Republicans ass to stay in that house. I need more pot that will last till January 20 2021 🙃

    9. Suddenly Possible

      We love you, Bill, but why such long vacations?

    10. Belial Frellon

      How to Foil Hackers or Stop Surveillance: The Celtic Sun Method. Basically, it's an easy system to foil hackers. You can take this method as far as you want. What you need are two computers and a phone. One computer does all your work and stays disconnected and the other is used along with your phone for just communication. If you send half a message on your phone and the other half in an e-mail, or two emails, or one telegraph one phone call, wine labels, paintings, etc. only you can see the results. The other computer is never even hooked up. It does all your figuring and tasks and holds all your files. If your connected computer gets a virus or is attempted by hackers there is nothing on there anyway. You just reboot it. What's really fun is getting a whole message on varying dates and times. Be sure to delete the evidence ! I don't see why you couldn't cut and paste simple software between two mails, no. You can hide the decoders wherever you go to decode the letters in paintings, etc. For example, you can send two emails each in a half with another half of dummy jargon then paste the two together and use a cross in a circle as a decoder reminder. ○,+,《, ☆

    11. zale hammren

      What we have next is the Dunpaning !!!!

    12. Diana Hill

      I will not use the word allegedly when speaking about the child abuse and rape I lived through as a child. Apparently, people are concerned about there reputations.

    13. The Kybalion

      His show is for women. I don't find any of it funny.

    14. Michael Calder

      Bill is the best!!!

    15. Kevin Taylor

      figured something out yesterday that I should have figured out earlier . My gf or friend who is a girl but not my gf , whichever she is , is in prison right now . Not because she's a criminal bu because of emotional difficulties . She was due a court appearance yesterday and never went there . Someone on her wing was sick . Not tested . Just sick . Probably flu . The wing got shut down and everyone due a court appearance had their court dates moved back . My gf has to spend another month in prison and i don't know if I can keep her going . So , what have we been told will happen ? What have we already seen happen ? How do they correlate ? I've been telling people we're in 1936 Germany right now and people act like it's a conspiracy theory , when it's all unfolding right in front of us . So , 1936 Germany , nazis took away the homes businesses and properties of one demographic , then started imprisoning them , while making their own police and their own laws national law and attempting to make it international law . Sound like anything happening now to the whole democratic worlds middle and working classes ? Do you see the next thing ? Allow me to enlighten you . Lockdowns continue but stimulus payments reduce then the next part happens . Big banks come in and foreclose on a huge number of homes and businesses . I'm going to give you some hope now . In 1936 Germany , everyone fell for the narratives . In our democratic world , they are not . When police officers and military personnel start seeing family members arrested for visiting their mother in hospital , they will realise we're in world war III now . So , the advice I would give to everyone is this . Follow the rules you have to until such time as there is enough pushback to succeed and also enough time to isolate the true offenders here politically as opposed to those falling for the narratives like many of you are . Also , for your businesses , develop strategies to use the rules for yourselves . Build websites , create delivery and click and collect protocols . We are at a point now where all of us have to keep our heads and communicate . The message is getting out there but use your brains . You can't fight for yourselves or anyone else from a cell . We change this together , not divided .

    16. Mollie Barber

      free movies


      bill maher is a legend!

    18. Bruno Marcantonio

      “ Dang it Mabel , the Presiddent Shure ain’t havin lotsa luk with his Noo TV Show THE ART OF THE STEAL - they say he producez More Bovine Droppins in one day than the feed lot make in a Munth - that’s a hellava lota Shit.”

    19. Glenn Quagmire

      The fuckining... love it

    20. Jeff McMullen

      God bless America & the American people! TRUMP USA 🇺🇸

    21. Domenico Lapalombella


    22. Rob Thompson

      Oh be serious Bill! You can’t be serious. Fortunately, I know you are

    23. Vinny Vin

      I think you misunderstand what they are saying, the company that made it had been made from two Venezuelans in Florida, Smartmatic. This company has definitely helped Venezuelans win their election recently. I have no clue what on earth is going on with Spain, that shit sounds crazy, but even the fact checkers had openly admitted this. Sources and parts that show what the "Conspiracists that the election was showing" was talking about, at least when it comes to Dominion, will be down below. Personally, though, I do think Bill Maher is logical and fair, unlike many people he shows on his show, which it's shameful now, that people Bill Maher, is being called to die by Antifa in their protests, such as the infamous call of killing Liberals and the MAGA Movement, or the Media's support for killing all Trump Supporters or arresting them. The reason why they want liberals to die, is because they enabled Trump (?). At this point, the Black Bloc (Antifa and BLM, nicknamed by outfits) is radicalizing our nation, and worst, they are increasing in numbers. They shout these violent calls that leads to Americans dying, like the "We got a Trumper Over Here" *Bang Bang* story. Real people have died, and unfortunately, a lot can be said to stream back from the age old "Punch a Nazi" conversation, in which Bill Maher is right, we shouldn't use political violence... Unfortunately, it has been clarified by radical leftists as a tool to use on Trump Supporters, or people who "Seem" like a Trump supporter, like Liberals and Libertarians, as Trump is hardly even a true Republican, just look up the Perrot Election video in which Alt Hist Hub explains Trump's true views, many in common with liberals. Trump has even supported gay marriage, where Biden did not. *America* needs to unite, and the moderates of both sides needs to either form a coalition to preserve our old ways, or America will fall into a hurling ball of political death and chaos. www.channel3000.com/fact-checking-giuliani-and-the-trump-legal-teams-wild-fact-free-press-conference/ `Smartmatic was founded in Florida by two Venezuelans, and did provide election technology to the Venezuelan government. While Dominion did agree to donate its technology to “emerging democracies” as part of a program run by the Clinton Foundation in 2014, according to the foundation’s website, Dominion said in its statement that it has “no company ownership relationships” with the foundation. And while the chairman of the board of Smartmatic’s parent company is also on the board of a foundation run by Soros, Open Society Foundations, Soros himself is not involved in either company.` This is what keeps right wingers edgy about this election, other than the fact that they went to bed for 30 minutes on election night, and it changed from a Trump Landside to Biden Victory.

    24. delritmo la clave

      Love you bill ....be safe...happy weed'thank's'giving !!!! Lololol ...

      1. delritmo la clave

        Long live the F......KING !!!!

    25. megahappy2beme

      I always wear my mask !

    26. Lily

      Democrats investigated trump and the russia bullshit for 3 years. I think we can take 30 days or so to make sure the elections were run properly. He is not holding onto anything, he is taking legal measures to be sure elections were not rigged. If he is wrong, then I'm still glad we took the right approach to be 100% sure.

    27. Mark Lapworth

      But, I do LOVE that picture of Rudi Ghouliani!

    28. S T

      If Bill Maher did a Masterclass, it would be “How to be sexy just by talking”.

    29. BFN VIC

      Your are not funny Maher.

      1. Jeff Baker

        He are to funnie.

    30. Stella Matutina

      Actually yes, Spain and Venezuela ARE involved, in Europe, we know it and have proof

    31. Trump Trump

      🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸4 More years Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 All election thief democrats and media mobs in JAIL 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

    32. q7winq7

      11-27-2020 - - - - Too bad there isn't some kind of special glasses you can put on to spot crazy-ass republicans on the street. Like in that 1988 movie: "They Live" with Roddy Piper. Then we could spray them with some kind of "de-programming" spray so when they talk, they have to tell the truth. Until that day we are left with our own wits as the only way we can protect our country from the devil worshiping money hungry selfish psychopathic republican reptiles.

    33. Sophy Wilson

      Love you bill, but you really shouldn’t shame anyone on there hair, just saying lol

    34. mastanate

      When did Chavez become Sha-vezz?

    35. Bobbi Schiavone

      Send all unpaid COVID-19 bills to #PetulantTrumptyDumpty 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500

    36. Larry Baley

      Hey Bill Be nice to see you discuss Article One. Section Three of the Constitution where it provides that the Vice President is in charege of the Senate and the lead Senator Mitch McConnel can only run the senate in the absence of the Vice Presidents . I can see Kamala walking into the Senate and Saying " Ok boys there is a new boss in town. Go set down Mitch I am taking over now.

    37. D

      Go climb back under your rock

    38. Richard Kuhn

      What do you expect from a liberal jew

    39. Jim Solinas

      Educate yourself Bill. 1. Read the complaint filed yesterday in Georgia by Sydney Powell. 2. Watch the hearing from yesterday in Gettysburg Pennsylvania with state senate and Rudy Guliani. Trump: 2020 ‘Long Way From Over’

      1. Jeff Baker

        Betcha he doesn't read these.

    40. Abner Rigaud

      Trump could say that he is not leaving, he is not conceding.However, according theTwentieth Amendement to the Constitution, the candidate with the most electoral votes becomes president at 12:00 p.m. on january 20.The current president's term is therefore over on that day, just before noon. And all of the allegiance of the government, of the military, of the civil service, switches to Joe Biden, the winner of the November 3 election, and Donald Trump will become a private citizen, regardless of anything Donald Trump does. kgup.info/get/Y2uFfI7KmWilp4s/video

    41. Johnny Walk

      Maher...a smelly leftist diaper load. Ha, like the Demos would be different. They spent FOUR years trying to unto the last election. Umm, Bill, can you be "funny" with Joe???

    42. Enlightor Rocker

      For republicans only way out of this is . ......."Dictatorship" they can't win this game "logically" becouse now democratic party own this game and they tried " bullshit " but it didn't work in 2020

    43. Will Kretz

      Yeah you can't go more than 10 seconds without a clap/laugh pause. I can't wait to see if you become a 100% sellout once we're "back to normal" and Biden finishes filling his cabinet with government subsidized corporate sellouts and war hawks. But yes orange man bad, I'm not a nazi.

    44. Ronnie Roberts

      Has he ever heard of permanent hair dye? It doesn't run.

    45. BigRobbo

      I like Bill. But without the laugh track, some of his jokes would fall flat as fuck.

    46. GB

      Love Bill being real on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

    47. Waldo Wallace

      Wow, psycho beauty queen refusing to let go of the tierra is disturbingly accurate.

    48. joedunsel

      I like you all jump in the lake instead of the F**kening.

    49. 频道APEN

      How come Bill talked exactly the same like Chinese CCTV host mocking the best president of USA ever had! Ppl from outside USA are all hoping trump being re-elected. Whoever has clear mind won’t believe what he said. I felt really sad for ppl who clapping for his nonsense. Bill should be locked up in jail one day. God bless America. Don’t. Let these Joseph Goebbels ruin the beautiful USA.

      1. 频道APEN

        @Error Eliminator 2.0 Go back to Sleep young man. I have already moved to other country, which has better freedom and culture. It’s ppl like you make us move. Enjoy your new communist world... and one day. You won’t even be able to see or reply my msg... btw take more drugs. You need that too

      2. Error Eliminator 2.0

        wake up pal , migrate to a new country. see what's happening in the west. not everything is about you.

    50. Henry Poulet

      So Bye... Bye miss american lies, drove the trumpers to the rally but the rally was dry, and maga boys were drinking conspiracies and lies singing, this'll be the day that we died

    51. jim Johnson

      Wow! Did all your joke writers already go home for the holidays?

    52. Rachael K Lahage

      Hella ya, havent listened2 my boy! Bill maher n a while, shout out 2 him I'm a big fan want to send some love straight out of Boston happy holidays boy

    53. The Ethicist Philosophy Show

      They are calling it the "Great Reset". That's just a euphemism for the imminent default of the United States.

    54. 》《

      trained seal audience is cheering for socialism and doesn't even know it

    55. Amanda Gibby

      .......who is dead.

    56. Mike Litt

      DAAAYUM that Playstation joke was on point!

    57. Drino Zhao

      Rudy’s got a case of diarrhea of the brain.

    58. Cicero's

      Great show. The absence of which for a while will have us wanting more in the future. 🙂👍🙏

    59. Ton Bich Hien

      "Mandate, is that a legal term?" Pence asked Guili.

    60. Barbara McCroy

      Bill Maher you are still very funny , incredibly smart and i detected a little “soup“. 🙃 and yes a crazy fucking year!😬✌️

    61. L W

      And “ Team Lunatic” got handed their a**es by Pennsylvania!!! I loved it they dismissed it and shamed them!!! Perfect ending!!!

    62. George Furman

      Finally Trump built his wall. But is not at the border. And Mexicans didn't pay for it. At least the sexual " complicated" man is contained. And is not Mexican neither.

    63. Sharon Conway

      I love you, Bill. You have helped me get through this administration. Don't ever go away.

    64. George Furman

      That is cerebral fluid coming out of Rudy??? Man he really lost it.

    65. George Furman

      Daddy , when was the year that Trump was a Hitler wannabe?? Oh that was during the f**kening year. 2020. There was an exorcism then , but the demon didn't want to leave.

    66. kamiri george

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    67. Hui Lin Chen

      Homeless people in UK have better healthcare system than Americans. Let that sink in, while you figure out why....

    68. Leslie

      I heard it wasn't dye, it was "fake hair/balding cover" spray. More likely, it is both.

    69. Shiva Ho

      Rudy is infected by that Alien Black-Oil Virus from the X-Files...

    70. WHO

      Trust with Love, There is only one truth. www.usvaw.org

    71. J C

      Awmi.net drive.google.com/file/d/1EbW7jeLlOjo790EPc0aa-EUf8NcHNoax/view?usp=drivesdk Gifts for you all.

    72. Canadian 81

      great, now I have to go out without Billl, too, ....great.

    73. Andrew Gunnis

      The laughter is so fake!

    74. Andrew Gunnis

      The trump people; the 74 million who voted for him? This man is so bad. No wonder America is split. From Australia just saying,

    75. Marcus G

      This song is for you Trump, Share this song with everyone and Enjoy: soundcloud.com/marcg-820378274

    76. Bryan Levasseur

      Bill,how many millions did you make from constantly using Trump in you show.Do you pay royalties to him?

    77. Arsee Aadam

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    78. Ethan Evans

      I don't know this for a fact, I just know it's true: The Fuckening will be the title of an actual movie someday.

    79. Maya Jewell

      I’m sitting there listening to people talk about Georgia. And as the conversation continues, my neck is getting hot and I’m thinking my hair is ready to burst into flame. Really? How can you possibly talk about Georgia in this election without so much as mentioning Stacey Abrams name? Granted she didn’t do it alone, but her leadership was key to the mobilization of Georgian voters. America being what it is, no one in the media is going to throw her a parade. But the fact that a member of Biden’s team and a reporter from The Circus, managed to talk about everything *but* the fact Abrams spearheaded and community organizers (many of whom were black and other women of color) who worked during a pandemic to turn Georgia blue; is frankly...gross. People want to seem erudite, to show off their grasp of complex situations, it’s only natural. They reeled off all these factors which contributed to Biden’s win in Georgia. But really? Not one person so much as mentioned her name?? Do better Bill. Catering to pale people who would rather show off than give credit where credit is due, is the real story of race in America. Do better. She is the first to say she didn’t do it alone. But her vision, first as a gubernatorial candidate, and then as an organizer and collaborator with other organizations, paved the way to Biden’s success in that state. And someone should have said so. www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/11/17/how-georgia-went-blue/

    80. semitar6

      It's amazing how quickly they come up with the Covid vaccine when the medical and pharm. establishment hasn't cured anything else in how many decades now? I guess there's no money in the cure.

    81. Roland Lytle

      Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and a merry Festivus!

    82. J Walters

      Bitching about Trump contesting the election for 2 weeks and silence over the 4 years of the democratic party contesting the 2016 election.

    83. Gods Demon

      I'm ready to watch him rip on Biden.

    84. Alex Brivic

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    85. Sue Bowers

      Beauticians are saying hair dye will not do what happened Rudy. They think he tried touching up the gray with black mascara!

    86. goodwitchy

      From your HBO home: Hacking Democracy: kgup.info/get/pW5pqau7Zaaoe50/video

    87. Commander Captain

      4:57 It's Zorg from _The Fifth Element!_

    88. Commander Captain

      4:17 Surprised they didn't say "Barthelona"

    89. Commander Captain

      0:50 Way to catch up to the rest of us, Bill. Been there, named that, cafe press'd the t-shirt.

    90. Chris Barrett

      Rudy Giuliani: so full of shit he sweats diarrhea.

    91. Tsarina24 Honolulu

      Is it possible to like both maher and trump? I do.

    92. Re Mo

      That wasn’t hair dye...he uses shoe polish!! 🤣😅😂😎

    93. Daniel Kosciuszko

      He’s shot

    94. Dnu one

      Trump gone Trump Quit Trump wasted everybody time he just lost Michigan and Pennsylvania now The GSA is ready to turn over the Keys meaning Turkey day came early stick a fork in him he DOOOOONE

    95. SRMoore1178

      Rudy looks like he literally just crawled out of the swamp. You know, the one Trump was supposed to drain.

    96. Lancelot Arc

      Bill Maher is just your standard Jewish mother, that's all.

    97. Paul Warwick

      Isn’t Guilliani a dork.Smoking too much gunja

    98. DaNewWurldOrder

      What happened to Rudy is what happens when you're so full of SHIT it starts to leak out of your face.

    99. Anthony L. Goraczko

      NAZI TRUMP has to be ARRESTED !!

    100. Ciao Jeff Italia

      When Bill comes back I hope we are in that "Recession" he called for 4 years ago.