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    "My job is to honor my contract with Rex Lapis by looking out for the interests of all living things in Liyue."
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    1. D3F4lT _01

      I am here waiting for them to announce ganyu rerun

    2. i g u r o

      Rerun when

    3. Blue

      *Dealing Cryo DMG*

    4. padoli


    5. Zenitsu Agatsuma

      I still can't forget how I was so happy seeing that gold wish and hoping that is was going to be Ganyu but instead I got Jean

      1. Alex Rivera

        Hope you get her in her re run 🥺

    6. Marcosイース

      Ganyu siempre tara rota❤😘

    7. Sofia Mendenhall

      ganyu and keqing a bit fruity

    8. Ian

      I frickin skipped her because I thought meh just another bow user, but she had goddamn aoe charged fuuuuu-

    9. Meowbry Music

      Ты слава мерлоу?

    10. cvnt

      hmm what dainsleif said at the intro finally makes sense

    11. kang kung

      hey qiqi in here too

    12. McdonaldsGanyu

      Oh God i hope she is coming 2021 to i want her so bad :((

    13. Ganyu Simp

      I am a Simp and everybody needs to know

    14. MeloMewo

      Best support character ever, before the main dps even comes into the field ganyu has already erased everything

    15. Will Mendez

      We need a Ganyu rerun soon

      1. Will Mendez

        @Floating Box I pulled about 50 times in her banner and didn’t get 1 character but I got venti on my birthday

      2. Floating Box

        I MISSED HER AND THEN AS SOON AS XIAO cAME OUT I GOT him ;( i mean im grateful but its ganyu

    16. tsumini juu

      Remember when everyone thought she was a support.

    17. Nej

      Why is nobody talking about the ending? It's actually beautiful and sad

    18. Michele Peraro

      Ok but please can someone tell me why the stamina bar is divided?

    19. Halo Vanditya

      although dainsleif dislikes the seven and thos who loyal to them, he still has his respect for ganyu 0:23

    20. Aerith Aviles

      Thank god... I didn't skip her banner

    21. Icx

      this ain't no collect miscellancy, this a full ganyu guide

    22. しovの吐泡泡

      Just her beauty got me

    23. Snudoo Of the WeafWings

      When he said he detests deities he really wasn’t lying o.o

    24. Etherion

      "while forging bow-type weapons, ganyu gives back a set amount of ores" - that would require GETTING PROTOTYPES for these weapons! Even at WL8, i'm on a 4-week streak without a single prototype... i also played since release and have yet to get a SINGLE bow prototype other than the one in the liyue shop... Seriously, bow's are the only weapon type, where we only got one prototype, while all others got two... Not to mention the fact that spear and clarmore prototypes are shoved down our throats through events, while all other weapon types are ignored...

    25. Alexandra Knutsen


    26. David el Peter

      Support of my party? Ganyu makes in basic atk the DOUBLE of my principal DPS in reaction atk with a bow of 3 stars. LOL Rocket launcher, Queen of Ice.

    27. DoggoMurph

      dEaLiNG cRyo DaMaGe

    28. Ponch Ponch

      Wait a minute, she can do basic attacks!??????

    29. thatWinterNight

      Got into this game too late and i really need her to comeback

    30. Ambuj Bansal

      cryo damage

    31. Dani Ramdhanie

      Can anyone offer an explanation as to why Dainsleif dislikes Zhongli?

      1. innerbloom

        he's a god, and he doesn't like gods

    32. Just a girl Constantly changing husbandos

      Pulled ganyu, whaled. No regrets, i come here monthly to fawn over her beauty

    33. Terry Lap

      I just realised that when Ganyu uses her burst, the sun really loses its light.

    34. ioli mrk


    35. Miku Maiku

      I am so proud for have saved my pity, primos and wishes for her, she's just the best dps 5* promotional character and archer for me. She's so f-ck!ng OP and she was my first promotional character I got from the gacha. She carries almost all of my levels on the Abyssal Moon Spire.

    36. yuko

      I'm so sad she didn't come home :( waiting for her rerun now

    37. Nana Nekodesu


    38. wynnttt

      he respects ganyu ok got it danyu, gansleif?

      1. Dyno maowrrr

        ew no tf

    39. UwU

      Plot twist: the voice actor is somewhere in the game, possibly as an overseer the whole world of Geshin

    40. Stan Missletainn

      Rerun Ganyu rerun Ganyu rerun Ganyu

    41. Simp likes Choco

      ganyu rerun banner when?

    42. gαny Fauzan

      Why copy my name:/ But ok

    43. Enzo Animations

      When will Ganyu return?

    44. stinky fucking fat miserable burger king bitch

      i want her so bad omgggg

    45. IRadiance


    46. Jakeydogger

      She's like Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

    47. K 41

      "Although I detest deities, and have no liking for the adepti who signed with the geo archon, a person like Ganyu is still deserving of my respect" Yeah Dainsleif, that's basically confirming you're Sora from another world or timeline

    48. Un'Named

      The narrator sounds like dainsielf or diluc

      1. Ezralenne

        It's Dainsielf

    49. Hat Bird

      2:06 *but not too distant because the game isn't geared for proper archer classes and enemies will stop taking damage, run back to their patrol path, regain full health, and forget you ever shot them in the first place*

      1. Ezralenne

        Yeah, even for some melee... I was fighting a lawachurl in Dragonspine peak, fell at the edge, came back to an enemy in full health even tho I went back near him w/in a few seconds.

    50. derp Nep

      Coconut milk, on the rocks

    51. toams

      garlic finger fart

    52. Flyn


    53. Strawberry Milkshake


    54. Dornatum

      Take a shot everytime Dainsleif says cryo damage

    55. xkazumii

      ganyu against oceanid is yes

    56. ** Sophia **

      Dainsleif is a ganyu simp

    57. Aswin Prasad

      Even though she is the most powerful character as of today in Genshin. All the idiotic KGuprs didn't say so much about this and all those idiots boasted about XIAO who is not up to Ganyu's level. Shame on you youtubers.

      1. Ezralenne

        I remember some dissing her by calling her "Cryo Amber" which says 1. They don't know how to maximize use of Amber. 2. A lot of them like to talk badly about a character who they haven't put effort to test/have not even been released yet. Their hype on Xiao feels like a disservice to lower AR players. I have Xiao and he's great but he woud've been such a struggle to care for when the user hasn't reached Liyue and unlocked the Primovishap boss for his drops. I even co-oped with a new user who was trying to use Xiao as DPS vs Wolf boss bc they think Xiao is unstoppable.

    58. • CocoCreamyGacha •

      I love how they put in Ninguang and Keqing in this video along with Qiqi. Just shows how many friends she has and how nice Ganyu is

    59. kayskeqing

      i read gambling in the title, and when everyone could pull her thats what we did...

    60. Sassan

      Didn't get this beautiful girl🥺

    61. Timote Loumil Marcelo

      Why do I feel like Keqing should be the one narrating Ganyu? Base on what the current narrator said "Althought I detest adeptis a person like her is still something "

    62. Matix

      Support btw

    63. Jan Noel Andes

      1:19 ahh yes waifu meeter just went up.

    64. Lilacify

      reasons why i should've pulled for ganyu

    65. Sdeef

      “AoE cRyO dAmAgE”

    66. YuXin Wu

      Why do people tell that she is a cocogot

    67. Kerm man

      1:00 Me who uses this exact combo all the time: 😃 WHAT

    68. Anthony Oliveira

      Ganyu is not here at the moment but she Will be back soon as rerun.

      1. Anthony Oliveira

        @Ben games is that your simple previous answer? But you got a good eye.

      2. Ben games


    69. Shadow Noctis

      Um dia você vai ser minha

    70. Razor of Wolvendom

      If Keqing is a Queen, Ganyu is a Goddess.

    71. Anime R.

      These guys knows how to make something out of nothing, and make the game a part of your daily life.

    72. ·coco ·

      i like her voice

    73. Anthony Oliveira

      I think ganyu can back rerun but it's a takes longer

    74. james howard

      so are we not gonna talk about the fact that the narrators voice actor is saskue from naruto?

    75. Ryu Gaming

      1:08 *Perfection*

    76. Sk.

      Tartaglia: i am the best looking guy and my arrows can 1 shot every enemy when i am a 20+ or less! Ganyu level 6: arrow go brr now your frozen

    77. yubin

      aoe cryo dmg

    78. Muki EX

      1:14 - The real reason they're making hundreds of millions of dollars in gacha money

    79. Dark Angel

      The Narrator is in the new update

    80. James Olinares

      This girl choke the life out of an enemy using her thicc Thighs..

    81. Bruh Moment

      Me: got Ganyu in 2 pulls Also me: Is this how Requiem feels like?

    82. Sudenaz Eldemir


    83. Giannis Dravis

      AoE cRyO dAmAgE!

    84. Ciroid Chavez

      Came back here again after watching Xiao's epilogue... maybe this what Dansleif (the narrator) was trying to say about "Will he meet someone Who understands his sacrifice And can shine a ray of light into his dark world" I hope they understand each other and find happiness to one another

    85. Hu Tao Simp


    86. Hitoka Yachi

      Ganyu mas have sever back pain. She carrying tevyat and me

    87. James Pomperada

      For future watchers of this video years later: *Welcome to the video of the most powerful and busted one shot multi-role character of early 2021*

      1. Dyno maowrrr

        nah, soon there will be another char in genshin that can outdps ganyu and hu tao..

    88. Jeresalyn Villanueva

      i got her like today i like her very much!

    89. TheRedComet

      As a fan of fps games too, her play style was a breeze for me. Always headshots!.

    90. Zenn

      yep just watching her trailer but in pain after spending 3 days using up 20-30 fates and getting Keqing instead.

    91. 6B21 WONG CHI YUEN黃智炫


    92. Justin Msika

      Anyone notice the narrator sounds like Sasuke

    93. Haruka.

      господи оденьте ее..............

    94. jayscott123e

      Dealing AoE Cryo DMG

    95. DHIKЯIS

      Problem with her taunt ES is it's ineffective against ranged enemies & enemies whose attack is CHOO-CHOO TRAIN like metacurl/ lawacurl

    96. A V

      The more I hear the narrator talk it almost sounds like he's taking notes on the characters or writing a diary/journal, why would he add his personal input into this if it was meant for someone else because these are some pretty private and possibly dangerous secerets

      1. A Fridge

        Spoilers for the rest of the year. Its dainsleaf from khaenriah an underground land of alchemists(home of albedos mom). Go and look at teyvat story chapter in mihoyos yt channel. From my understanding he is a super powerful alchemist that hates gods and loves mankind. He is probably among the final bosses and in the case of element i have no idea since there is no vision in his art the colors are weird and what archon would give a vision to this guy anyway

    97. Case Rosell

      Ganyu in a nutshell: "Aoe Cryo Damage"

    98. Farrell Adrian

      So basically better amber?

    99. Renmar Gatmaitan

      Her 2nd talent screams a support for dps Chongyun

    100. BlackSheep

      I got mona instead of ganyu☹️. I even waited so long so that the pity system would work.