I Went to the Hood with a Lamborghini & PS5 FOR 24 HOURS! *WORST DECISION EVER*


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    1. Mrbeast. Beat

      This really got viral yo

    2. leonie dozovado

      nigga kept ask him you want it fo 500 700 750 like bruh leave the guy alone

    3. Joel Castro


    4. Underwater Fish Videos


    5. Fortnite 1

      Why he said bad words in spanish

    6. Trigga One

      This was weird

    7. Steven Barrera

      Lucky bro they might not have shot but u might have got hit wow lucky u KGup famous baby yeah!!!

    8. Jania Tilyn

      Camera man fired he would’ve kept filming you getting robbed and shot! No more flexing in the hood Phil!

    9. madant22

      Why these dudes coming up to the car 🚗 like they own this joint. That’s dangerous for them. Smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ how he knew the guy with the lambo ain’t had a weapon on him? lol

    10. Hehh Kay

      That’s crazy. I knew exactly what the pink jacket was on before I got to the end. Learn more about the streets before you try to go flex in the hood clown

    11. Hehh Kay

      U too scary for this type of shit lmao

    12. Ravi Negi

      Man hood is beverly hills and it's lit

    13. O.L. Son

      Man's almost died

    14. kamaal pathan

      38 subscribers 😁and views 😂👌👌👌

    15. Bonita Richards

      p2 you should do another hood prank on hoover street or grape street

    16. Helio Batalha

      You really put your ass in danger and for that reason I'll subscribe. You have content and make new things, bring in ideas... I like it.

    17. Edgar Pineda

      He said puta pendejo 😭

    18. precious bourrage

      where i live you won't need the lambo or the ps5 you will still get robbed.

    19. Noah Martinez

      You need new friends. That is not your friend, he is nothing but a bum who feeds in toxicity and takes advantage of your kindness and chillness, even perhaps money (don't know him). He is a threat to your life for real. Who cares how long you've known him, he needs to get out of your life. Thank God that you're alive, you never take risks like that ever, take it from that KGupr who died from doing a bank robbery prank. You seem like an awesome guy with a lot of potential for greatness, but never pull stuff like this. I don't even need to get to know that "friend" of yours on a personal level, he has a neon sign over his head that plain reads "toxic". Stay safe my guy, if you know something is suicide, you're right. Like the moms over the world always say, "don't jump off a cliff if your friend does so".

    20. Gene Carter

      U lame doing anything for attention whts da point of this u DNT look Street u look RuPaul

    21. Glow boy Danny

      bro why u so dam scary u should of beat em up or upped a pole on him but they was fs plotting i garente they was gunna robb u

    22. Yung Millionaire Gangster

      What black youtubers will do for clout smh very Embarrassing

    23. Knots Billington

      It's funny how they switch up when they know theyre being filmed lol

      1. limit

        freal 💀

    24. Knots Billington

      Step 1: get in POSTIION

    25. Knots Billington

      I feel like people in the hood have enough common sense not to try and steal a 700000 dollar car that probably has a tracker in it

    26. Matt

      Your face look like Alphonso Davies

    27. Sir

      Same views,same subscribers!!

    28. ICYBOSS 23

      Alternate title: putting a bounty on my head

    29. William

      Not the hood.

    30. Kaden Condotta


    31. Monkey.D Luffy

      He got gun u got police

    32. Monkey.D Luffy

      Just close the cover when they grap the ps5 so they know dont steal

    33. Eiman Esham

      People with ps5 i ask can i play it?

    34. Diego Barajas

      Wonder if he had a concealed carry license

    35. Simple Bōy

      Hhhh why the hood guys dying for PS5 mostly 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Slim Cinnamon Beltran

      Show him some love he got harassed the whole video

    37. Slim Cinnamon Beltran

      Y’all are literally disliking this video but he’s risking his life just for likes and views

    38. AmersWilderness

      They are the victims not the hood lol

    39. Junior Somolekae

      Brohh u tripping going alone ,u really need some back up or body guard if u know what um saying:(

    40. Joel Graham

      Your camera man want u killed bro

    41. Hannah White

      Why did camera man sound like a gold digger

    42. Darren Tippett

      Sale mePS5

    43. CanonRulesSaysGod

      And people are afraid of the cops

    44. Tyler Adankpo

      8:58 Crackhead boy has to go to rehab for being on drugs over night.

    45. Чудо Йогурт

      I don't like the society in the US

    46. Scorpion Immortal

      Ay what’s the game he playin rn 0:47

    47. Daniel Johnson

      Here in Colombia they wouldn't care if it was a joke. The car and the Shoes you're wearing would have been stolen anyway, But not only in Colombia but also in all Latin-American countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, etc etc. In venezuela they steal your pants

    48. NoutPlays

      If that last guy didnt watch your videos this video would not be here.

    49. Muse Soyaan

      Bro is not worth it doo don't go too hood with expensive car and ps5 game . They will shoot you take your stuff you risking your life. You brave man ha ha 😂

    50. Adil Jamd

      Whan the 6,4 guy came bro my boy p2 was a about to get jumped

    51. Nesa Boo

      Nigga say he miss and say I dont know how to say that word lol

    52. Tommy B

      Tell him do it and u record next time loo

    53. Tommy B

      Ur man was trynna get u hurt hurt talking bout u good

    54. Aaron Allen

      Stupid idea u got lucky

    55. Charles Stewart

      You'll end up dead or paralysed for your foolishness?. A viral video for strangers and a SUPPOSED FRIEND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🕊🕊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿



    57. Alexander Hess

      The ending if he did not now he probably would be dead

    58. Mohammed Emad

      P2 kinda weak do

    59. OREO Jayz

      this dont make him scary, he just wants to keep being successful

    60. Andrei Bogdan

      This prank are real?

    61. LucasTheUltimate

      You know the PS5 is desired when people don't give a damn about the Lambo when they see the PS5. XD

    62. Jose Anavia Torres

      He aint no youtuber, KGuprs dont run gmfu🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️

    63. Eman

      Dont do that again man

    64. Mocha Lace

      DONT DO THAT SH*T AGAIN. Quit playing with your life like that. I didn't even realize how many youtubers have been killed till i saw the news. Find something else to do thats funny.

    65. oli ver

      wtf is wrong with america...

    66. Cortex Villads

      Next time you pull up with the lambo and someone tries to steal something, say: Since i got a lambo, don’t you think i got a gun?

    67. Crystal Houston

      🤔I thought the hood was suppose to look a certain way. That place looks well taken of. Is it actually the hood or a community with a large Black population?

    68. Polani jaden

      This looks so planned bruhh

    69. Meekgo C vlogs

      His camera men is dumb

    70. Jason Mantri

      He mad bro💀

    71. Navin prakash Singh

      imagine those 3 returning together😂😂😂😂

    72. TXDIsTheName

      P2 is a goat 🐐 OnG

    73. Stephon Riley

      mannn bett

    74. MUST WATCH

      Let's be honest his camera man doesn't care about him at all he is not a person to trust FIRE HIM🙏

    75. Jabari Scott

      Why you never fight nobody dude lowkey tryed and probably broke it

    76. Rethabile Tshwanela

      Yoh that stutter 🤣🤣, I can relate bro

    77. billy joseph

      Am just laughing 😂 that the other guy already call for someone

    78. MikeMike 90s Baby

      This camera guy trying to get you killed you got to watch him


      Your "friend" outta the pack, let him do it next time smh.

    80. Leshun Robbins

      This was funny

    81. Andre Carpenter

      Bruh.....dont bring that nigga in the hood. Hes not ya friend. Where im from shit wouldve ended worse G. Be sage and hand around the rite ppl. Bro is not to friend.

    82. Asta108

      Dude this guy you have with you is not nice he legit did not care about your safety at all dude like you need to stop listening to that guy who's doing the camera work because he literally didn't give a fuck at all about you even when you said he had a gun

    83. Asta108

      Dude please don't do this again please these things are scary no lie Bru 🙏

    84. Dro Premo

      U shoulda seen his eyes bro🤪🤣

    85. Strucid TW

      yah nothing

    86. daniel castillo

      How you not packin in the hood? Thats why they have the sayin never get caught lackin boy!!! Gotta stay safe my dude

    87. Yoboyx

      Wait who noticed that @Coryxkenshin reference

    88. Christian Garcia


    89. Not Of This World

      *Camera man wanted his man's to die smh*

    90. Isiah Gatson

      Why are people crazy over the ps5? It's no different from the ps4 pro

    91. fsmchem 691


    92. Yegeta Chernet

      ohhhhhh i was just watching one piece litterilly right now

    93. Oliver Guerrero Nunez

      That quack was funny at the end and said PUTA CABRON OPSIE ! sais it wrong and a badder word so sorry! ;)

    94. Jaelon Williams

      Okay my name came on if you ever do a prank of Dan I am never going to watch a videos I'm going to watch my favorite KGupr cobble cop

    95. Jack Lp

      Ps5 is empty bro

    96. Magnum Pi

      All these guys are actors this whole video was pull jive.

    97. Jay Fiya

      Stop playing in the hood... This was a dimmy mission. It could've went way worse.

    98. RKG Creation

      Was there actually a ps5 in there???

    99. Crispim Jorge

      In poland they would not just stole the lamb or the ps5 or both, in poland they would stole youre Lamborghini you're ps5 you're clothes and your physicaly bruh

    100. life and times of Jonathan Harrison

      Ida got dat PS5.