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    We are giving you a full time lapse of the Mad County Build! From the first dig in the dirt to where we are today. It marks our KGup upload ONE year anniversary! If you're considering a post frame/pole barn home or want to see the entire process you can find it all under the Mad County Build Playlist.
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    1. Stefan The Engineer

      how hard was it putting in those trusses with leaky hydros on that backhoe? man that looked frustrating.

    2. Montsho Jahi

      Love this video so much that I had to watch it again

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    3. Samsad Ansari

      Show nice hom

      1. Marshall Remodel


    4. Reformas Farkas ciprian


    5. Nevada Dan

      Dude, Im super impressed with your determination and dedication to your craft... excellent job. DJH- Reno, Nv

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you very much!

    6. dub bles

      We can do all things through Christ! Bless you and your family.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Yes! Thank you!

    7. brandon thorbahn

      Laying up a building is where paying attention in geometry class would benefit!!!

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Sure thing!

    8. mike beaumont

      I am knackered just watching this fantastic video, well done and I am looking forward to the rest of it. Great stuff.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    9. Janet Schories-Gargala

      I've been watching these type of utubes the last several months. Glad to find one being done so close to home. From dsm area. Prayers sent your way!

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Awesome! Thanks for watching!

    10. Sarah Southgate

      Watching you with your son framing the porch brought back memories when I “helped” my dad build our house when I was a tot back in the 50’s. I became a carpenter myself, now retired. Blessings on a beauitful job and a beautiful spirit.

    11. Ali Oumhamed

      Hello. I'm a carpenter Can i get a job there

    12. Melissa RMT

      Who is it at 11:29? I've replayed the section but can't quite catch it.

    13. M J

      Unbelievable 😱 you must have planed it for long time because in reality it’s impossible to built this quick, better and planned 🤷‍♂️, most of are jealous 😇🤷‍♂️🇺🇸 keep it up with that attitude everything is possible 💪

    14. Chase Stenson

      Really great video and super informative! Your a genius man. Beautiful house and beautiful family. Enjoy your hard work!

    15. Kaspars Freimanis

      Amazing work... 😊😊😊

    16. MakeSaveinc Com

      it's a big project for urself most of the time. I DON'T UNDERSTAND: I saw you dick up dirt and build the basement, what r u use that for? thanks

    17. TheWarPope

      Say what you want about the US, but besides all.. It's still the country where people can find freedom and peace in building their own home in the middle of nature :)

    18. Jaya Acharya

      I could not believe what you did. Excellent work. Great narration. More importantly you are an inspiration. Keeping up the momentum until the end is very important. Wonderful work.

    19. Erik Gordon

      Your awsome!! Learning from you has been great, I wish I could work with you on any project.

    20. eliandra santos

      I built my first house with my dad who helped a lot. Great memories. Built my second house basically alone since dad was aging and couldn't help safely. Then, my two sons needed a new home and we built a home for each of them. All of this while working a day job. Exhausting yes, but I wouldn't trade the experiences and sense of accomplishment for anything.

    21. Mark Crawford

      Thats absolutely gorgeous. You Sir, have topped every build video I've seen to date. Your vision, skill, and mostly, go like the wind work ethic is phenomenal. Thanks for the time it also took you to Doc this. Awesome!

    22. historyplaygamers Cris

      friends i'm poor and i can't afford to buy land or a house, so i live renting my wife and my 5 year old daughter! in brazil because of corruption many live like that. my condition at the moment and precarious I am unemployed due to covid 19; I ask you to donate some money so that I maintain my dignity God bless us love

    23. Bummul

      Was the pink thing he laid on the floor isolation, and the red wires heating, or was those wires electrical?

    24. Agung Hadi

      Bang kasih terjemahan, biar gua ngertii

    25. Ethan The King

      Not to alarm you or anything but there is a video in your adds

    26. Edward Mous

      You did a nice Job building this House good luck with it greetings from holland the Netherlands From Edward

    27. tolong alofa

      Well done to you Sir!!! Just incredible.. I wish you and the family all the best in your new home.. 🇦🇺👍

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    28. Kimberly Quintanilla

      One of the best father and son videos I've seen so far. I think people that can build their own homes are so lucky. Utterly amazing house!

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    29. Wowsah

      How much does it cost to build something like this?

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Here's our original cost video from almost a year ago. Working on the updated one! kgup.info/get/mHuAmJTRn4iPnX8/video

    30. S.B.G

      amazing work

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    31. R C

      Do you do construction for your full time job? Did you take time off work to get this house completed or did you just work nights and weekends? Great job!

      1. Marshall Remodel

        This is our full time business, my wife has another business as well.

    32. Adolfo Campos

      I lern lots things on utube to prety fun but some not willing to lern.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for watching!

    33. What How

      epic quotes

      1. Marshall Remodel


    34. Mike Uchman

      Is it just me or is that heated floors that's being installed?

      1. Marshall Remodel

        We have heated floors in the house and garage. kgup.info/get/q4yAf5bFpqSuqKk/video

    35. Ian Sommer

      I love how u can the emotion (good nd bad)) wen he is speaking. Nothing but love nd respect to this man for putting blood sweat nd tears in to building a home for his family💯💯💙

      1. Marshall Remodel


    36. Jennifer Winchester

      What a beautiful home you built for your family. 💙🏡🥰💗

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    37. Gary Ingram

      Fantastic build you made the build look so easy. It's true believe in your self and you can do anything you want to.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for watching!

    38. Mr. Kyle Miles

      Low quality. In how many years will termites ate it?

    39. Studio 7


      1. Marshall Remodel


    40. Redman147

      Love watching videos like these, but what I love most is the time spent building with the family. Love watching the little ones climbing up, learning how to work with their hands, and gaining a bit of that life experience that may carry them into the future and doing something that their parents did.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you for watching and leaving such a nice comment!

    41. SilverHouseHD

      this was really cool to see the whole process start to finish! great work! Check out our page for more design inspiration!

    42. Mike Musso

      Great job! Was that floor heating I see you installing. Please excplain this.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Yes, we have in floor heat under the slab. The Mad County Build Playlist has every step of the build so far.

    43. engin gunaydin

      Great job, i wish you a long time to live with your family in your new house

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    44. Tom Prior

      Good for u thats the only way to do thing's

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for watching!

    45. Synthinks

      Too dangerous, the foundation is just a lump of wood, the walls are just a plastic fiber, if there is a gale, or a strong wind I'm sure the house will shake.

    46. Don Rebel

      If build in Malaysia, the wood will eating by hungry termite 3 😂😂😂, there have termite or not??

    47. Justin Furtado

      Phil 4:13💪🏽 wow great job a lot of hard work. Best looking Pole barn I’ve seen.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for watching!

    48. Alex kopets

      Love how you work with your son

      1. Marshall Remodel


    49. Travishamochory

      Awesome ! Lots of work, but I could see myself doing something like this 👍👍👍👍

      1. Marshall Remodel

        You can do it!

    50. Homer Hernandez

      God is good

      1. Marshall Remodel

        All the time...

    51. Roach Zero

      Amazing ... Great job , Man & good for you !!!

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    52. Multikalwin

      When millionaries Millionaire. The struggle is real!

    53. Ignacio Castaneda

      Just Amazing !!! You are awesome !!!

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks a lot!

    54. Ron McCoy

      terrific loving Dad, standout man......best wishes

      1. Marshall Remodel


    55. chad Robertson

      I needed to watch this kinda having a rough time right now like so many others thank you for the words and the video really enjoyed it!!God is good!!

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Chad, I am glad this helped. Remember don't give up. There isn't anything that you can't handle if you have the right mindset.

    56. Schpankme Verimuch

      Building Lumber Matters

    57. psi23k

      Wow. Fantastic build and video. Great work 👌👌

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for watching!

    58. Harri Vaher

      thats true self build not like fromsome tv shows where you pay for contracters

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Yes, we share if there is a contractor doing work, but if you don't see anyone else in the video then it actually is a one man show! No secret crews working in the background!

    59. Richard Beck

      The little guy climbs like a rat up a drain pipe he is going to be a big help to dad in the future.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        He's already a big help and loves being a part of the build!

    60. MichelleB Monarch Designs

      Absolutely amazing !

      1. Marshall Remodel


    61. Steve Finnegan

      I watched the whole thing at 2x speed, but for the last minute turned it back to normal speed and my dude sounded tiiiiiiired lol

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Haha... tired is a way of life right now!

    62. Андрей Высоколов

      Жуть. И это дом? У нас так сарайчики строят. Дом должен быть надёжнее.

    63. trust

      you are crazy! without baseboards/osb you are putting roof and sidings; it will get easily damage. you need a solid plate-foam or barrier underneath it.

    64. Ian Briggs

      Amazing build ,well impressed and that's coming from England 👍

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you very much!

    65. Крекер

      А в чем прикол дома из картона делать? Специально,чтобы при первом же ветре все разъебалось?Л-Логика иностранцев

    66. Shawn Gallivant

      Thanks for this upload

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for watching!

    67. T Belho

      Good insight. The fact that you build the house all by yourself and adding bible quotes in between is just working so well. And I want to know how much does it cost to build the house. I am very surprised to see the amount of layers after layers of woodframe. In india we mostly build house of concrete. I feel its easier and less time consuming. But ofcourse the function and looks of western countries buildings specially residence looks much better than us. I have a concern tho, the amount of wood used in building this looks so expensive and concerning. I was head calculating how many trees must have cut to build this house. Wouldn't it be better to use minimum natural products and use factory products to keep the environment to its state? M not saying only your building but I see most of western house are built that way lots of materials in huge quantities. Its abit out of my league being an architect. I am pretty sure it's not vernacular architect but it looks like one. Tho your house turned out pretty good. 👍

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for the comment. We have a cost playlist with the videos we've done so far on cost.

    68. Michael Haas

      Best show I’ve seen of yours yet, with great wisdom that might have come from a very old man. Thank you, and I’ll be a fan of your channel, and your family, and your values, all my days. God bless you and your family.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for watching and for your comment!

    69. George Haracopos

      Awesome build

      1. Marshall Remodel


    70. Shi Luo

      when I see the kid working with you, I smiled.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        He loves being a part!

    71. crazydm7th

      Thank You for all the amazing information you provide in this video series! Well done, keep up the great work!

      1. Marshall Remodel

        You're welcome! Thanks for watching!

    72. black snoopy

      u have my respect

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    73. Douglas Englert

      Outstanding, Sir.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    74. Barb S

      Great video! it's fun and informative to watch your home come to life. A big pat on the back for your determination and beautiful work..Just tone the music down? Its gets annoying. Can't mute it because of the possibility of missing dialogue...great job otherwise!

    75. Triple A

      I like your attitude and inspiration. I find building things yourself gives you full control of what you want to do and show yourself how capable you can be if you have the right thinking and courage. I never hung full sheetrock in my life nor did any taping and joint compounding. We bought a property and I said to myself I am going to gut the whole basement and refinish everything myself my way. I hung 55 sheets walls and ceiling. 6 buckets of compound and 1.5 rolls of tape. I am not saying it was easy but the outcome was extremely satisfying and the saved us about $70k. If you like to do it and handy go for it.

    76. animation using flipaclip PRACTICE

      No body wear safe gear and a kid in the middle thank god look nobody were hurt on the making of this house

    77. clem gray


      1. Marshall Remodel


    78. Bart Jackson

      I will be praying for you and family while you work so hard...you inspire people. Or should I say Hod uses you to bless so many. Thank you

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you very much!

    79. JohnySkulls 87

      Wow a family project now that's terrific congrats man

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you!

    80. Shaun Beach

      Great video, my boys enjoyed watching you and your son on that ladder. Blessings on you brother.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for watching!

    81. TheObsessivePainter !

      Really really good video.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Glad you liked it!

    82. Maenga Ralte

      Love how you work alone. What a great verse you qouted out! I clicked the S buttn just because what you qouted out.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        I appreciate that!

    83. uniting peopleinterntional

      house or garage ?

      1. Marshall Remodel


    84. pierre gagne

      i love your idea of making the back hoe a crane,, i did that with mine 8 years ago best thing since a sky hook,, great job

      1. Marshall Remodel


    85. Rob Freyer

      don't add loud music next time? distracting...

    86. Aris Kurniawan

      is that difficult? not with all that equipment.

    87. Emad Eldin Hessain

      Super .

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thank you

    88. David Platt

      I very much enjoyed this! Which prompts the question, what's up with all the thumbs down?

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Haha thanks!

    89. thevomitcomit

      Wow. So much work. I wish I knew how to do all this. I can't hear you over the music.

    90. James Callender

      Great Job inspiring. I liked "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me!"

      1. JohnySkulls 87

        True here man

    91. Willie Howard III


    92. Walts

      Nice job on your house guys 👍👍🏡and I just want to say my son help's me too as i am a Mason

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks! That's awesome!

    93. Teddy Bass

      I take my hat off to you Sir

    94. John Gray

      Amazing Job!!!

    95. Asan Dixon

      *OSHA entered the chat*

    96. Elias Perez

      You do great man

      1. Marshall Remodel


    97. Wrenchettes

      This is a skill i would LUV to learn. luv building things. awesome house.

      1. Marshall Remodel

        Thanks for watching!

    98. John Smith

      happy for you .

      1. Marshall Remodel


    99. Reject Nation

      Hey brother, great work. I want to build my family a home just like this one day. How much of an investment financially was it to build your home?

      1. Marshall Remodel

        I have a cost video on my channel for the cost of everything to complete the structure. I will be adding an updated cost video soon to get the build cost up to date.

      2. Rebecca Jones

        Great question

    100. Maria das Santos

      So,you and many others have done the hard work,how do you and so many others feel about the huge Bolshevik taxes that will be inflicted on you and others so that your life work will be taken by others for their glory?