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      1. Beiiinx H

        I wanna see this w Khabib

      2. matt benson

        This was so good.

      3. Ray gang Yt

        L Nn

      4. Johnny G

        Great video great class shown by both athletes

      5. Tim Esparsen,jr

        And he was already a giant in preschool

    2. Kalana Abeysekara

      Imagine a proper kick from Shaw

    3. Andrew Proctor

      Do i see a "Titan" weight class built around Mr. Shaw lol

    4. Dinco422

      What a cool guy... I mean both of them are, but to see a huge man like that being so polite is great

    5. Jon Harrison

      1 wrong slip and Brian could end his career easy, that weight is deadly

    6. Metalmachine18

      Stop calling yourself the Worlds Strongest Man. You were 100%. Just like im not still the under 12's athletics champion

    7. Berkay Aksoy

      11:35 Did he just ask who is worse him or khabib? AND DID DUSTIN ANSWER: THEY ARE BOTH CLOSE????

    8. Rock girl

      dustin: when [the arm] is extended like that you have to tap out tony: hold on im talking brother

    9. Abilash Judas

      Why do you choke a ordinary guy who is just a body builder 😂😂😂🤦 hey Dustin u suuuuuuck

    10. Saad Shoaib

      khabib would put him to sleep

      1. Rock girl

        13:39 - someone should have told Tony Ferguson

    11. Saurav Roy

      Dustin 2 - 1 Conor

    12. Gui Moore

      156 Conor fans just hit dislikes

    13. T D

      “This is what I do, this is how I eat”. Dustin is a true champ in every sense of the word.

    14. Long Johnny

      Try this with Francis

    15. A King

      Cool video.

    16. Thomas Greek

      Brian didn’t want to hit the bag at all kept talking and making excuses 😂get involved mate like he did with you...

    17. Ben C

      their arm size difference when they were on the ground was crazy

    18. Luis Dawnfinder

      I wanna see how Khabib does with Shaw honestly.....


      Olha o peso do soco desse cara kkk

    20. Colin Leddy

      Definition of a gentle giant.

    21. Hunter Feustel

      Lol it’s like kicking a brick wall

    22. Shady Gaming

      imagine brian shaw going into ufc, All UFC fighters left the chat.

    23. Shady Gaming

      i love how brian is merely touching the bag yet it's swinging, damn imagine a full power technique punch from brian, i'm certain it'd send someone to mars

    24. MuhLogan

      11:31 Brian's friggin quads are absolutely MASSIVE

    25. Cole James

      13:39 - someone should have told Tony Ferguson

    26. sir Atamooni

      So funny to try see Dustin keep Brian down. These videos are so great in many ways. Maybe best to me is that these actually teach ppl about different sports and also shows what is the difference between athletes. These can also be super funny :)

    27. Andres Orozco

      Khabib wrestles bears, Poierer wrestles Brian Shaws lmao

    28. CrazyhorseDK

      brian would punt him to the moon haha

    29. Abdul Raheem Saeedy

      Please do more ufc fights its fun... Its totally balanced

    30. Blankity Blank

      Brian after having his arm broken - "Good job buddy, that was awesome"

    31. Bob Bobson

      He didn’t choke out Novikov?

    32. thorns

      Wait I actually think you should go to a training camp it would’ve really fun

    33. Nathan Cambrook

      I really want to see Brian with Francis !

      1. Cole James

        Seeing them grapple and do a video like this would be pretty cool. Brian’s obviously still a good deal stronger than Ngannou, but Francis could still move him a bit.

    34. Eddie Monster

      Omg great video, Dustin is great guy.

    35. MobilizedGold99

      Brian could have just fell back oh wait it would’ve broke that wrestlers back

    36. Paul O'Neal

      Brian Shaw vs Bob Sapp

    37. Living dream

      The diamond

    38. jan vanzura

      If this guy learned how to wrestle and do bjj ..

    39. thameem uv

      11:38 “him or khabib?” Dustin : they’re both close

    40. Matt Jarrett

      What I love about Brian is there's no ego there, loads of ordinary big gym bunnies would get really upset if a 200lb guy was making him look out of his depth, but big Bri is a class act. He is a great ambassador for strongman.

    41. Jules D

      Brian is literally allmost 200 pounds bigger than the ufc heavyweight limit. A man half of the size of Brian shaw would be a heavyweight still. Insanity

    42. OoLiiMiiT3D

      Lmao when he is laying on Dustin and doesnt even know what to do, but Dustin still cant do anything about it because of the massive size 😂😂😂

    43. Marc Stuart

      8:20 Shaw executing a perfect Derek Lewis get up

    44. rouhi qaddoumi

      He is not a uff fighter he is a champion

    45. serdy ximi

      Love how humble and respectful Brain is. Thats some good footage here, strongman crossover to mma

    46. Alec John Filipino

      this is how khabib visually looks like 🤣

    47. Beasty Playz

      All I wanna see is khabib wrestle with Brian

      1. serdy ximi

        Two of my favorite champions. Let's go!!

    48. M.H. Bravo

      Some would say: “He is a professional UFC fighter, he would knocked Brian up easily!” _The guy is 3x world strongest man, bodyweight of 195 kg and 2.06 m in height, he would choke you death._

      1. Paul O'Neal


    49. Paul Powell

      10:16 When the big kid in school fights back against the bully

    50. Michael Clay

      Shaw could have crushed him

    51. Nothing To See Here

      After years of taking abuse from Eddie and Oberst those pad kicks don't phase Brian at all 😂

    52. DyLemma

      Shaw just too damn big LMAO

    53. AHMAD JAN Sayghani

      If you learn to kick and punch and grapling man you will destroy EVERYBODY in ufc.

    54. Kyle Coetzee

      I’m 100% sure that if you gave all of Dustin poiriers fighting IQ and ability into Brian shaws body. the end result would be a human that could kill a fully grown guerilla or grizzly bear.

    55. Tim P

      Yeah great. You've helped a bohemian learn great ground game. Cause we stood a chance before that 😜

    56. what

      imagine brian just jumping on the ground with his back while dustin on his back

    57. jay rube

      Calf kicks suck being shit by

    58. grandhi sashank

      Henry cejudo , khabib can beat Brian shaw

    59. Moon Pal

      this is awesome

    60. Johnathan Simonson

      Yo when he was kicking Brian weren’t moving 😂

    61. Pablo Avila

      This is insane, it's like he's immune to the arm triangle

    62. Josh Foster

      Two of my favorite champions. Let's go!!

    63. Anthony Aviles

      13:32 Tony Ferguson vs Charles Oliviera "Hold my beer..."

    64. P.Bak

      Awesome Collab! 🤩

    65. redsox789

      wth his arms are bigger than dustin's legs

    66. Will Marcus

      We needa see brock lesnar vs Brian

    67. MineLoL

      Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to let Brian hyper extend his arm just to prove you don't have to tap

    68. E Lambey

      Wow this was awesome bro. Dustin you were trying to get up but heck the size is real bro wow! Size+strength wins! He had it all height, size, reach, weight & strength heck. Fights over.

    69. Dominic Silvia

      Brian Shaw looks like Dana Whites older brother.

    70. MrStrongBro

      “SiZe AnD StRenGTh dOeSn’T mAtTeR!” When the gap is this huge, of course it does. 😂 Brian is a different creature!

      1. Mucked Madness

        @burning the candle at both ends have to understand Brian is super explosive he could literally run at Dustin and take him down

      2. burning the candle at both ends

        @nijuo joing dustin would probably front kick his knee and thats it. even on the ground he is too fast. but if brain would train wrestling for a year it would be interesting

      3. nijuo joing

        looks like a child fighting a bear. very interesting to see how this would play out. massive strength and size advantage vs a pretty big technique and speed advantage.

    71. History Happens

      Neat to see two different worlds come together for a collaboration or training.

    72. M. M. E. Blair

      Great content Brian. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment. 😀

    73. Edward Abraham III

      Brian makes em look like a twig

    74. Jacob Paul

      Brian Shaw just tapped a BJJ black belt lol.

    75. Jodhi Sayogo

      Big man with a big hearts

    76. Horrible Slave

      What is it about big guys not commiting to a punch?

    77. Patrick Kohn

      Fun to watch!!

    78. M A

      TBF when i trained bjj they did teach us that it wont always work and there are exceptions to the rules like this instance, trying to grapple a guy this big would be dangerous even if you are trained as brian is a freak of nature being that big and his size gives him a big advantage. it wouldnt be impossible to beat him but extremly difficult especially if he was aggressive and going all out

    79. M A

      imagine how deadly brian would be if he trained in bjj

    80. Tomas Cabrera Mesina

      those kicks from dustin are fire!

    81. Isaac Soledad

      I laugh when he says: "eventually break your grip" hahahaha man

    82. Jerry Fathouse

      Shaw would just have to grab any part of you and squeeze.

    83. Captain ramius

      Lmao... Brian Shaw has never needed to be violent in his life.

    84. ingloriousdonk

      looks like a child fighting a bear. very interesting to see how this would play out. massive strength and size advantage vs a pretty big technique and speed advantage.

    85. Raja A

      Shaw was literally licking his ass all the way threw

    86. Jonathan Fox Powers

      Legend has it Brian's punching bag is still swinging to this day

    87. Bruni Gregorio

      Brian sounds like buff Dana ngl...

    88. Ayhan Koç

      Khabib Nurmagomedov : wrestling with bears as a kid Dustin Poirier : wrestling with bears as an adult

    89. Ayhan Koç

      Can you imagine Brian actually put somebody on arm triangle with full force?

      1. Shady Gaming

        he could, no he would very possibly rip their head off without even feeling it

    90. Dominik Duda

      Yeah. Martial arts cool and stuff but the fun thing is when they tried to do fancy techniques on me ( iam strongman ) i just withstand it with pure brute force strength. thats why , for self defense, i prefer krav maga over all

    91. annag cocl

      Love how humble and respectful Brain is. Thats some good footage here, strongman crossover to mma

    92. Mike C


    93. kids crafting

      Shaw sparing with poirier next time

      1. annag cocl

        Id hate to be that bag

    94. Dale wilson

      This was awesome 🤣🤣🤣

    95. Hannah Kennedy

      He laughed while in dustins triangle lmao

    96. kyle lemon

      Brian Shaw training for the winner of Eddie and Thor

    97. Anthony Marcella

      11:12 *Me to my wife*

    98. JR 110

      I know of Brian and I know of Dustin, I follow Dustin in MMA. I saw this thumbnail and title and was like "huh, lets give this a watch". Brain is so wholesome. He just radiates positivity and enthusiasm.

    99. Micro Penny

      Imagine wrestling with Brian...He could just lay down on you till you pass out

    100. Lex Stronda

      This was crazy.. I loved it