We Found This Floating in the Middle of the OCEAN!

Scott Martin

60 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

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    In this video I was showing you the ins and outs of finding fish offshore and we stumbled across something pretty crazy at the end of the day!
    Is it a massive square grouper?
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    1. D.J. Nassar

      SONNNN, Thanks Scott, Dad and You are the Best. Sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    2. Kevin Smith

      Is the vice versa the badass boat y’all took 110 miles off shore with Hilary?

    3. Geoffrey Lefevre

      Man catching sails is nothing to yall out here in the gulf Wed piss our pants cause of how excited we get

    4. Geoffrey Lefevre

      I like how he complains about razors when he has a crap load of money

    5. 1 bro Gaming

      Are those 2 stroke engines

    6. slayer 88


    7. April Upperman

      Cranking Rod...

    8. LeAnn

      Wasted time. Click bait.

    9. Chris Dubensky

      What type of sunglasses are you wearing? Does Hill wear the same ones? Looking for a decent pair of fishing glasses without breaking the bank.

    10. phartattack


      1. phartattack

        @Scott Martin You know better, My tip was for other people to keep in the backs of their heads and we don't want to hear a story about you along the lines of Steve Irwin... He should have stuck with the crocodiles and we'd still be enjoying him to this day. Been watching your Pop forever, Now you and will continue with Hilary. Love your family!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you! I don’t know what I am doing...😂

    11. Teddy Smallwood

      Bonine works better for our family that gets seasick and has since I was a kid. Try it!

    12. Punisher75

      No dramamine needed, have Hill dip hamburger dill chips in yellow mustard and that will take care of it...sounds nuts but its true

    13. Henry

      Love your videos man! Keep up the awesome work!!!

    14. BassGeek

      Love that fresh Mahi

    15. Growing jordon

      they sell harrys razors at walmart

    16. Central Coast Bass

      I miss Brandon he edited your videos so much better. Sorry just my observation.

    17. Greg Jewell

      You should try bay fishing in Rockport you can catch you some MONSTERS out there

    18. J & A

      You should do a Colab with dearmeatfordinner Robert !! You both would do a great video together !!!

    19. John Medvid

      How is the lure, weights, and baits stock at the fish camp? There seems to be a shortage at all the sporting goods stores. Do you have any insight on what is going on and when stocks might be replenished?

    20. Sonny Morrison

      Yamaha motors

    21. Josh Jarnigan

      I'd love to go offshore fishin and deep sea fishin but I'll never have the chance to do so.

      1. FloridaBoi 561

        Josh Jarnigan I like bank fishing,I just try to find spots that aren't over pressured or filled with rich idiots in boats scaring all the fish away.

      2. Josh Jarnigan

        I fish all the time from the bank but rite now some fish here where i live are just now coming off bed plus the hot weather dont help any either. But fishing from the bank u have to deal with all those damn pleasure boaters that dont know what they are doin

      3. Josh Jarnigan

        Im not about to rent a jet ski for just a few hours. Because here where I live e they cost $75 an hour. Im not made of money like that lmao

      4. FloridaBoi 561

        Josh Jarnigan Jet skis are cheap to rent and they are easy to fish from,find a way man,don't be so down. Negative thinking will get you nowhere,fast.

      5. Josh Jarnigan

        I can't go out on a charter boat to fish. They cost to much

    22. Piya Chetty

      Great video scott some nice fish landed there 💯💯💯💯💯🎣🍻

    23. SIDE MILZ

      Why Scott remind me of Leonardo DiCaprio Lmao

      1. Punisher75

        Haha cept for I believe Scott bathes lol

    24. Adam Smith

      Scott billing that sail without a glove.. what ??? The bill is actually covered in tiny sharp teeth. Ouch !

    25. Robert Steele

      I think Hillary is missing James lol

    26. John Black

      What kind of cameras do you use?

    27. Dave Wylie

      The number of fish Alex and Kalex have caught over the years is staggering!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        No kidding!

    28. AnthoRC

      Video starts @2:21

    29. Tristan Cline

      when i was play fishing sim world i saw Hilary martin in my tornumanet

      1. Tristan Cline

        and you were fist in the elite

      2. Tristan Cline

        @Scott Martin she was in 24 in the pro leage and I won

      3. Scott Martin

        Did you beat her?? Lol

    30. Chris H

      Thank you Scott!👊 Harry's razors are the best. Please keep the vids coming. SMC all the way baby!

    31. Chris H

      Thank you Scott!👊 Harry's razors are the best. Please keep the vids coming. SMC all the way baby!

    32. Ebenezer Griffith

      To the 1% of people who is reading this: You are amazing and blessed, please stay safe. Have an amazing rest of your day! P.S. I’ve been struggling to reach 1K, and help is appreciated ✨❤️

    33. Samuel Rayment

      What part of the key are you fishing in

    34. Dbars19

      what ever happened to your ranger bay boat? not the flats boat.

    35. Randy Willheit

      Awesome Life, "Wishing I Was Fishing" 🎣 🇺🇸

    36. Cody Robinson

      You said Hillary was a little out of it because she took some Dramamine. Next time you go offshore, take a medicine called Bonine. It works just as good as Dramamine and it won’t make you drowsy!!!!😎😎😎

    37. JaySoos O

      Your boys are killing it editing your videos! 👏

    38. APOFishing

      hay the ocean has lots of cool things

    39. Bradley Knowles

      Scott you scared me when you grabbed the bill of that 1st sailfish, not sure if you noticed but when you grabbed the bill you had it facing directly towards your chest/stomach area. I'm sure you know but to anyone else that tries doing that & have never done it before always keep the point of the bill pointed away from you. With a rock of the boat & a tail kick from the sailfish if the bill is pointed at you that bill will be stuck in your chest or stomach. Lots of fun but lots of dangers with bigger fish. Sailfish are so colorful when you are in blue water. Love the video lots of fun...

    40. Jerred Wayne

      Not sure if I'm watching fishing or MTV cribs with all these rap beats 🤣🤣

    41. James Payne

      When you were doing the HARRYS stuff, I kept looking and waiting for the "SKIP ADS" to pop up-----

    42. JT Halbig

      does Scott read comments🤔

      1. Scott Martin

        Try to get as many as I can

    43. Joseph Holman

      Getting way too commercialized!

      1. Jerred Wayne

        You do realize this man needs some sort of income to bring us this content right? And I dont think theres been much tournaments going on

    44. TheBlindkiller85407

      About the calmest I’ve ever seen Hillary on any video. Must’ve been rough and she was definitely out of it. Sorry to see that. Good JuJu vibes her way, and rest up and get Em next time!

    45. Todd Thorne

      Real good stuff right there

    46. mike underbrink

      Scott, I feel for ya bud. I, too, have a beautiful teenaged daughter. Good luck and stay locked and loaded.

    47. joe ruiz

      I've fished on the the Kalex. Best fishing ever! Tight lines my friend.

    48. William Albrecht

      Fun fun fun all i can say

    49. ed beckley

      that hook up at 10:30 was awesome !!!!!!

    50. Chris Peterson

      Scott sure wish we could see you put the hurt on the elite guys at Champlain this week.

      1. Scott Martin

        Me too lol

    51. Mike over cash

      That is a nice boat I seen the video

    52. Mark Ploharski

      You should make SMC and Vise versa long sleeve performance Shirts.

      1. Scott Martin

        🤔 maybe!?!?

    53. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      Hey Scott I would like to go on a fishing trip with you on Toledo bend lake on the Louisiana side

    54. Jacob Roberts

      Ive been using harrys for a year u can get them same price as walmart and i have tough facial hair and those things cut like butter its insane i can dry shave with them without getting any irritaition and for the price u cant beat ive shaved 6 times with one blade befoe changing them there that good and im not sponsored by them but they are definitely the best razor for the price on the market

    55. jrowland fishing

      Awesome video!

    56. Kenny Sampson

      Good day of fishing right there.

    57. john

      Hey Scott, when you fish off the Florida coast like that aren't you basically in the Bermuda Triangle? Had any weird things go on or see any strange lights or stuff like that?

    58. Jon DeMars

      Was there an open that was scheduled for early august?

      1. Jon DeMars

        Scott Martin those blue ballin bastards! (I know it’s not BASS’s fault) but I’ve been waiting for a tournament day “HOW BOUT THAT!” for over a month now!

      2. Scott Martin

        Yes it was postponed

    59. Howard Stout

      So cool

    60. Ricky Ferguson

      Great video as always Scott! Thanks for taking us along!!

    61. Michael Pollard

      5 for 6 sailfish good job !!!

    62. Mark Wysocki

      I wanna fish with you been watching you for 20 years and my bucket list number 3 is fish with the martins in Florida. One day man one day.

    63. Rodney Hanbaum

      HOW COULD THIS NOT BE FUN!!! Loved it! You guys should fly those catch flags in BASS! LOL it would kinda be like that score tracker thing! Drive your competition bonkers 😜 Thanks for a Great fun video!

    64. Easton

      I was wondering how many bass fishing tournaments you do a year.

      1. Easton


      2. Scott Martin

        This has been completely thrown off by Corona but typically it like 8 or more.

    65. Booster C

      Scott, a 3 min commercial in an 14.5 min video is ridiculous.

    66. Dustin Brookshire


      1. Scott Martin


    67. Michael leady

      Shouldn’t the guy in the red beard of done the razor infomercial haaaaaaa jk Scott lol #classic

    68. ZZ430T56

      10:30 That was Sooooo Your dad!! Not a bad thing tho :)

      1. Allstaralex07

        You mean 9:30?

    69. A Mas.0

      Legend tells us it's just a FAD

    70. Dr. Hambone

      Nothing's free It's not 3.00 it's 13.00$ at checkout

      1. Scott Martin

        If you click the link and then click the button that says “redeem trial” you will only have to pay $3.00 for shipping

    71. j w

      Scott we need more videos!!!


      The photo was a do what now?

    73. R W

      Scott, check out this video: kgup.info/get/l4CWhaGmY5CHr3s/video You and the family got busted at 24:00. Just happened to stumble across it. The wrap came out really good!

    74. Chris J

      FAD. Fish aggregating device, not fish attracting device.

    75. Nick Romano

      I wana challenge Scot Martin to fishing one of the most pressured lakes in the us, its lake dixon. It's got giants but is so damn hard to fish

    76. Dan B

      I'll see ya later 😂😂😂😂😂. Hey put up a video of cleaning and cooking those dolphin

      1. Scott Martin

        Not a bad idea!

    77. JJ's favorite cousin Heinrichs

      You ready for mini season

      1. Scott Martin

        Oh yeah!

    78. Andrew Dobbins

      Hi scott

    79. Murky Water Central

      Id love to go on a trip like that but i get sea sick like a mofo and cant do the dramamine 🤷🏽‍♂️ greAt content

      1. amanda rowe

        That sucks dude its fun

    80. Slippery Ace

      Great vids!!! Fishing is a great sport. I’m from Alabama and sometimes I go to smith lake. Keep up the great work!!

    81. douglas harlos

      I enjoyed the video but I was a little heartbroken

      1. douglas harlos

        @TheReelLeviT well I'm sorry that is between them and I

    82. Brock Johnson

      I’ll see ya later if you know what I mean! Bahhahah

    83. PhatBoiLoco

      Free trial set was $13 when I went to checkout

      1. Scott Martin

        It shouldn’t be. If you click the button it should only have you pay for shipping which is $3

    84. Dwyne Guitreau

      Thanks for all the videos me an my daughter watch all the time she loves when Hil fishes with u thanks again an hope you an your family stay safe throw these crazy times

    85. Brock Kelley Outdoors

      Love the videos keep em up

    86. Lucas Jensen

      Hey love your vids

    87. Logan Conrad


    88. Nico posluszny

      Love you’re videos keep up the good work

    89. Riv On 240 FPS

      Can you please like this??🥺🥺🥺

    90. landen ring

      Hi love you and Hillary

    91. James Blanton

      Is bluegill fishing on occachobee good right now and are there any guides for them

    92. Brock Johnson

      Yes another episode with the living legend!

    93. James Blanton

      Been using Harry's for a couple of years they work great

      1. Alex Diaz

        27 mins

      2. Lindee Salley

        me to

    94. TeKorey Moore

      Loved it wonderful video your doing great work team Scott 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks very much!

    95. Colby00

      Hundred ninety fourth

    96. pattyshoe yt

      12:15. Thank me later.

      1. James Ireland

        Most of us watch for the whole video lol

    97. Rick Pridgen

      Hey Scott Love you man but let’s support Made in USA not Germany. I will support you regardless. You Da Man!!

      1. James Ireland

        Lol ok he needs to advertise his sponsors it's called business and making a living

      2. J Wilkins

        I’m sure the factory and work is way cheaper in Germany, the two who started it are from the us tho

    98. Lead Terry

      This is lit

    99. Asher Crocker

      Was up man

    100. WesAmmons

      Scott Martin plz like my comment