2020 MLF Toyota Heavy Hitters - Big Bass Tournament for $275,000

Wheeler Fishing

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    The Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour is back on the water competing after months of quarantine. This time we are down in Kissimmee, Florida for the first ever Toyota Heavy Hitters Event. Big Bass pays out HUGE each round of competition, $25k, $50k, and $100k for the Championship Round.... AOY Points are also up for grabs as well as a spot in next years' Heavy Hitters. Tie on some heavy line, grab your mega lures, and let's go catch some Florida giants!
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    1. Quentin Cook

      At first I though the title was 2020 milf lol

    2. Michael Bradford

      "GIANT GAR" -----seriously PUH-lease

    3. Michael Bradford

      wearin' those fingerless like a boss (of nothing on land) but still a boss.Gotta "feel" those elevator buttons and such.

    4. Rob Howe

      why do you Yanks use such a soft tipped rod ???

    5. Bank Smashers

      Kissimmee in the summer and you gonna jump out in that????? U got some marbles bro

    6. FrankieTheDude


    7. Rowdy Sells

      The officials mask is upside down I’m bouta die 😂

    8. Boppysbigwater716 Reid

      Dont support this covid stupidity.

    9. Lake Padgett

      you are so awsome

    10. Two Passions Fishing


    11. Andrew Boers

      What happened when he threw that fish back then had to sit?

    12. Cka Loco

      You have to have some balls to grab a gar that is barley hooked and untangle the line while holding the lure

    13. Boden Fortney

      You keep me fishing everyday buddy

    14. Joe Culler

      what lake did u fish? don't often see crankbaits on kissimmee

    15. Cody McClellan

      It will take a few more years, but you seem to be well on your way to taking the crown from KVD for the GOAT.

    16. AnglingNVirginia

      J wheels is our generation KVD...

    17. AnglingNVirginia

      Men you wanna be successful in life. Find a wife like mrs. Wheels.

    18. Danny B Fishing

      You are a brave soul for jumping into those florida waters haha

    19. Brock Johnson

      Dude I love the way FLW keeps score

    20. Brock Johnson

      Dude I waited and waited at the beginning for a fish! You da man J dubs!

    21. Brock Johnson

      Godbless you bro! Your the GOAT, I’m starting to think you might beat Scott Martin? Hahah

    22. joseph lassiter

      Can you list all of your reels?

    23. 285proxl

      I see you don't have the 360 running. If you could only choose one between the livescope or mega 360 for year round Bass fishing which would you choose?

    24. miracle man

      Boat market off the chain during depression guy said he sold 73 boats last month most ever during pandemic amazing...these people going to have to pay that business money buying boats back what they said in washington

    25. John Reese Fishing

      every time he says DOINK, take a drink.

    26. Jonathan Scroggins

      Is it bad that big show scroggins is my dad and I consider you my hero? Lol id give up just about anything to fish with you someday. If you ever get around the st John's again I'd definitely love to link up I know you're a guru but I may know a few little deals I could show ya for future reference.

    27. Brandon Burker

      Best fisherman in the years. Hes a hammer he catches them where ever they go

    28. Whitetail Addict

      Hey man hell of a year been watching the super tourney on the chic was wondering if you could do a video on your waypoint strategy when graphing for a tourney

    29. Dbars19

      did u get fined for failing a poly test?

    30. Rob Lacitinola

      Love your stuff Jacob, the way you light up when you face time Liv during an event, priceless...Your priorities are right, your passion for fishing and life in general are epic...

    31. Dakota Garrison

      Hey man I’m new to lake chick. What’s the best bait that you can pretty much always count on?

    32. Paul Frost

      I found out Jacob is not the nice guy I thought. Jacob you do not own Chickamauga lake and to tell someone you would break their neck or ram their boat if you see them on a place you fished is not cool. You fish places I was fishing be for you were born. You are a a..hole your sponsor need to know this

    33. Money Mex

      lil blind in one eye. he doinked it. I see you

    34. old mcdonald

      too many red bulls

    35. T Vang

      I read the title as milf

    36. VMDC05

      Scott martins son did the same thing curbed a tire and blew it out lol

    37. Guitar Hiker444

      Good job man! If you fish for largemouths at Champlain go south of the crown point bridge and fish the NY side! I have caught slobs fishing the weed pockets and edges through there. Won a few tourneys too!! Their is a few good spots on the vermont side south of the bridge but few and far between!. One of my honey hole spots was right out in front of the ticonderoga boat launch. Alot of traffic sometimes but they let alot of big fish go there and they stage just a short distance out. I mainly fish between monitor bay launch and the tye launch. The shad come in and run banks pretty shallow, early morning and move out as the day progresses. You know the drill!! I know below the bridge gets alot of hate, because of all the slob smallies north of the bridge but their are some giants down south of the bridge. I have seen 7lb caught.! If not then go way north missisquoi bay!! Flip a jig in the thickness!! Waterchestnuts and such. Good luck bro! Fish on!!

    38. uncle booboo

      Alot of talking not alot of fishing

    39. Elijah Southern

      His favorite word: doink!

    40. Jerome Torrez

      That was awsome bro ding ding.

    41. Bennie Maxwell

      Your daughter is so cute JW. I have 3 girls. My favorite word in the world is “Daddy”. Good job on making the cut. Looking forward to seeing you catch a biggun. Good luck

    42. Adam Freeman

      awesome vid..keep em coming

    43. Andrew_Jeffers 301

      A pro fisherman with an igloo cooler instead of yeti love it

      1. Rob Howe

        it says Igloo on his Sleeve Guernsey lol

      2. MLH TIGER

        Andrew_Jeffers 301 Yeah man I think it’s his sponsor though

      3. Andrew_Jeffers 301

        jer bo im just saying with all the money pros have you would think theyd have an expensive as hell one and hes just chill and has a walmart one .

      4. jer bo

        you care about what type of cooler a man carries?

      5. MLH TIGER

        Yessir, im not a pro but love Igloo items. Especially the IMX line they got.

    44. klacow

      tell that idiot in your boat to take his stupid mask off, unless bass have "covid" , he needs to get pushed in the lake for being so dumb.

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        all the marshalls and camera guys have to wear them due to CDC guidelines

    45. Del Crowell

      Good luck, for the rest of this tourny, and season.......never miss a vid.....senior fan....

    46. Lee Lively

      You crush it Jacob. Feels like your in the boat. Hope you win.

    47. Brandon Smith

      Will there be a pickwick video?

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Didn’t film it :/

    48. Brendon is Fishing

      Your the bests

    49. Allstaralex07

      Were you in the bass master classic this year?

      1. Heath Fitzgerald

        He doesn't fish bassmaster anymore

    50. 1iving2di3

      Wheeler sounds and laugh like a stoner lol

    51. PANK

      Too cool... even the pros get alot of legs and feet in their footage. Your my sons favorite pro! Tight lines man🎣

    52. mike breaux

      What did that lock master say?

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Giving me a hard time for not having my numbers printed out on a card to show them easier than the side of the boat

    53. Underdogz Fishing

      No fans means it’s like fishing a geist tournament. Launch, get down to business, weigh in

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        No weigh in’s in major league fishing anyways

    54. Musky Hunter


    55. Ian Campagna

      Bro I don’t want to hate but I think Jacob wheeler might be just a little bit on the spectrum-high thoughts 2020

    56. Orlando P. Grilo


    57. bennysupreme1

      Sponsored by academy and still have to pay just like everyone else.

      1. KICKERMAN124

        Still a good tax write off

    58. Jon Hucks

      What glasses are you wearing this video

    59. Jjonathan Hamby

      Good luck this year

    60. dreads_fishing_outdoors

      What is the point of a lock? Besides having to wait a minute when inside

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Water elevator basically

      2. Juan Lobo

        Locks are basically a way to get a boat through a dam. Usually connect two bodies of water with different water levels. They'll pump water in or out before letting you out so you're at the appropriate level for the next body of water.

    61. Smithvegas BassAssassin

      Awesome video J-Wheels! Love seeing you put that work in bro! Good luck and looking forward to seeing you fish the next tourney! 💯

    62. Dale B

      Hey Jacob, is this tournament a new format for 2020, or this different than General Tires Major League Fishing? Good luck on tour this year

      1. Dale B

        ok thanks for the reply

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        This is a special event called Heavy Hitters where they are focused more on individual big bass awards. The field was supposed to be only 30 but with a shortened season they allowed everyone

    63. Jim Odermann

      Hit that Thumbs Up Guys

    64. Tristan Van Oort

      I know there's a crazy question why do you set up you Ward's before tournament and the gas bar

    65. johnny saechao

      Lol Scott’s son curb his trailer too! and bent the axle, he wasn’t as lucky..

    66. Jack Northcott

      What trebles do you throw on your Data?

      1. West Virginia’s Worst Angler

        I’m pretty sure he either keeps em stock or goes to vmc

      2. Jack Northcott


    67. First Name Last Name

      Ding ding

    68. Noah C.

      What power rod do you for cranking?

    69. Kyle LaPorte

      Champlain has been pretty good so far this year. I’m still learning but have caught more fish this year than I have in most of my life living here. Them fish are huge compared to what we get here. We get a few 5-6 lb but not many up here unfortunately. Rip some lips man. Would do anything to be able to learn some stuff from you

    70. Zac Pearson

      Idk if you will see this but I live in Florida and love to flip, I don’t have much money to drop on tungsten, I have a 76 med heavy with revox that has 20lb pline floruro. The heaviest tungsten I have is 1/4 oz, I was wondering would 1/4 oz work for loose flipping ( edges of grass and loose reeds), does 1/2 oz or 3/4 oz really affect the flipping if I don’t have to punch. Basically I was wondering if I should bite the bullet and drop the money on heavier tungsten or just stick with 1/4 oz. love the content good luck on the tourney

    71. Bass Kingdom

      What brand of reel is he using?

      1. MrCalamiteh

        The white ones are definitely Abu garcias. Pretty sure they're the Revo S/STX. I think the black/red one he got the 3lb 12oz fish on was a Revo SX or a Revo Black Max.

    72. Watersedge Fishing

      Great video. Have you used ShopWatersedgeFishing.com yet? They are really new but good

    73. Steven Harrison

      Glad to see you back in action. Hope you win it all this year.

    74. AjaredstoneA

      Try throwing a nice 2-4 ft jerkbait up shallow in areas you wouldn’t expect like the edge of Lily’s my buddy has been crushing them post spawn up north idaho


      When you gonna do the give away bro....

    76. Z997C4 lllmsx

      how do you skirt around on the mats like that?

    77. Bradley Scott

      You and Scott Martin blew out your tires

    78. Brody's Bassin

      Will there be a pickwick video Thank you

    79. Danny Lamanno

      Hey Jacob what’s reels do you use

      1. MrCalamiteh

        The white ones are definitely Abu garcias. Pretty sure they're the Revo S/STX. I think the black/red one he got the 3lb 12oz fish on was a Revo SX or a Revo Black Max.

    80. Lance Lockwood

      Only 14 but one day I wanna be in these tournaments with you

    81. Billy Noles

      Did you have to take a poly graph test this year for cranking in chocolate milk looking water ????????

    82. Benjamin Trahan

      You’re my favorite pro angler, you’re the reason I started fishing

      1. Alan Lucas

        @Valentin Kenzo Awesome! It took about 20 mins but it actually worked!!

      2. Valentin Kenzo

        not sure if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my girl friends Facebook password using SicZine. Just google for it xD

      3. Melissa Minahan


      4. Leftygriff


    83. Taylor Fenoglio

      When the wind gets really tough of your on lake Kissimmee I like to go down jackson cannal. You might have to trim your motor for the first 20 ft but it's an awesome place to fish and get out of the wind. With that said it's a gator pit so be careful lol

    84. CRACKED tEEth-fishing

      I will be on this level of fishing one day. I'm starting at the BMopens Next year in NY, and work my way up, but it is my goal to face off against my idols like you one day... Hopefully my practice pays off, but we will see.

    85. TurnerFishing

      Uh ding?

    86. Brendon is Fishing

      Scott did that too

    87. Brendon is Fishing

      No it’s 2020

    88. clkiddii

      So, how many rods can a Pro have on deck and stowed away- :? then you switch often between a BC and S reel- which do you prefer- well besides "whichever lands the fish- " thanks

    89. Brendon is Fishing

      Got a Picture with you at the Toyota series

    90. Brendon is Fishing

      I was looking at Score tracker we you Got that 🎣 , and I said 🤔 Ding

    91. Dillan Robeson

      Hey Jacob personally what’s your favorite thing about Googan Baits and least thing you like about them ?

    92. BassMaster Fan

      Hello Wheeler I still remember getting your autograph from the 2017 classic and I’m still very thankful for your autograph thank you 🙂🙂🙂

    93. Mike Dean

      Am surprised with all your tackle in your garage and what you carry with you that you stop at a store to get more.....

    94. Jason Toole

      Awesome videos

    95. Trevor Comer

      Is that his 2019 boat he’s in or am I crazy?

      1. Juan Lobo

        Nah he's got all 5 screens on board lol its the 2020

      2. Anthony Burkholder

        Trevor Comer what does it matter?

    96. La’Marcus Jackson


    97. Edward Aki

      Good luck bro!!!!

    98. Kevhw

      Gald to see another vid 🥳

    99. Carrie Ward

      I am going to be at Sam ruburn

    100. Jacob Smith

      Great job love the vids ahhh DING