TIME TO WIN on the Best Lake in the Country - Road to the Classic Ep.12 Bassmaster Sam Rayburn

Scott Martin

86 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    Need to find big ones on this fabled bass fishery in East Texas. This is a huge opportunity to bump up in the standings of the Bassmaster Opens on the Road to the Bassmaster Elites.
    The Awesome house we stayed in: lakehouselovesamrayburn/
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    1. Vance Cash

      I don’t even see how you find a spot to fish.

    2. feellnfroggy

      Scott, little confused?? Thought the Marshalls couldn't fish while marshalling?

    3. Warren louisiana

      Billy is the Man,,,,,,

    4. Breonna Oliphant

      Hey guys! Love the music! Where do you get your music from?

    5. Daniel Rieth

      32:33 this dude's laugh is legendary

    6. Wendell Keresztyen

      Hah that's awesome on the hat. Halász is the Hungarian word for fishing. It's pronounced huh-lass

      1. Wendell Keresztyen

        @Scott Martin Yessir. First generation American, my parents came from Hungary in 85, I was born in Oregon in 89, started speaking Hungarian before English.

      2. Scott Martin


    7. Chase Mauldin

      Your damn right that’s the best lake in the country! So many tournaments held there it’s ridiculous!

    8. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video 👍 👍

    9. chad morgan

      That’s called “oh shit bread”. My Mom’s famous words the moment she realizes she forgot about the toast in the oven.

    10. juiceistilted

      why are you not running a hotfoot?

      1. Scott Martin

        Just did t order it this year

    11. Scott Willis

      Love the vid man grate job

    12. Tc

      Best lake in the Nation is clearlake ca Rayburn #2

    13. WaltFreemanCOD

      Just discovered you and your energy is one of a kind. You can feel your success

    14. Bassassin

      Putting a Metanium on a Favorite rod is like putting lipstick on a pig.

    15. Bassassin

      Panoptics should be illegal. Takes so much skill out of fishing.

    16. Real_CaseyB

      I think it would be cool if you showed how the co angler does.

    17. David Swaim

      Not a single lipless crank thrown. I wonder why not

    18. Gauthier_Fishing

      What scale and clip do you use?

    19. BassGeek

      Man it fished tough. Keep grinding man.

    20. Penns Creek Sniper

      Cool video Scott enjoyed it I love fishing the googan baits Bandito bug kills it

    21. dunkind

      why are you and upshaw so dam close to each otber??? your giving your coangler basically one place to cast. thats fucked up dude, cant win tourneys on ur own anymore? need buddies to be right by yourside?? you changed dude, not for the better either

    22. Marcus Kennedy

      I fish Rayburn several times a year and man it can be tough. Keep up the good work.

    23. Jordan Cook

      Best fishing video ever made, period. Great work Scott!

    24. Bobby Swain

      Nice job day 1 on Hartwell ScottMartin........keep it going

    25. AnglingNVirginia

      10:20 whys bully being an ass to dude. Then his better says ok,well let’s just not.

      1. Real_CaseyB

        Was him saying "he's a great guy" making up for it? lol couldn't tell

    26. Scott Brown

      Thats fishing, tough life.

    27. Dustin Hallmark

      25:32 that’s a good looking boat!!!

    28. Southern Life Forever™️

      Next tournament! Good job on there video! Blessings & tightlines!✝️🇺🇸

    29. YankeeUseMasksOrDie

      Quit thanking sky daddy and fish.

    30. Brock Johnson

      Dude this is by far the best fishing show on tube!

    31. Brock Johnson

      Dude not sure how I messed this video but I did? Scott man, you really stepping up production bro!

    32. Brian Grider

      Sry I havent been watching Scott. Hurricane Sally slowed us down on the Gulf coast a bit. My resiviour has got cooled down finally! So the giants are moving around. Check me out on t@g outdoors. Good luck on the tournament.

    33. Steve Helmberger

      Great to see you back tournament fishing! Reel them in for the Elites!

    34. victory1969

      Great video. I love how you included footage from your buddies. Good luck on you goals!!


      “Oh thats her.... no thats not her..”


      What reels does scott use now does anyone know? Watch out for that buoy scott!

    37. Bradley Knowles

      Good bag on day 1 but a tough day 2, keep ur head up S.M. you gonna get to the elite in 2021

    38. Rogbass

      Can’t get enough of your videos. Going to Be fun when you win another tourney. Then the Classic. No pressure lol. Enjoy life and be safe God Bless Mr Martin and your Family.

    39. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

      This place is amazing, your fishing was beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS you are a great fisherman. Hug!!!👍🎣🐟🐠

    40. Dee Fishing

      🎣NEW FISHING KGupR🎣 Show some love please! It’s tough coming up with no connections! Just a simple subscribe and checking out my videos means a lot! God bless!💕

    41. silly guy

      Scott the big dawg of day one

    42. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      You can do it my friend !!

    43. Marius Schepp

      Did Brandon shoot/edit this video? Insane quality, looks like it’s his handwriting.. if not, props to the editor anyways!

    44. Paul Seibert

      What's wrong with u lately scott smh is the old Scott martin ever gonna come back?

      1. Hunter Curry

        dunkind anyone can beat anyone on any given day. Some minor leaguers as you call them are actually good and could compete at the professional platform but they have jobs or family stuff and can only fish certain tournaments. Scott is a jam up guy and a very good angler! He has won a lot of money at it and I’m sure he will continue to do so. Everyone goes through spells I don’t care who you are. As for Embarrassed he isn’t getting embarrassed the man is fishing against other pros and local pros that live on those lakes. And those guys fish those lakes almost everyday out of the year. embarrassed would be if he zeroes but last time I checked he don’t do that often. And honestly it’s really not embarrassing more humbling than anything.

      2. dunkind

        nope, hes a googan now, he literally should retire from tournament fishing and just do his youtube shit. if he stayed in the flw/mlf hed be getting embarrassed in touraments now, like he is in the opens against minor leaguers

    45. J.T. Cooper

      Better luck next time. 🎣👍🏻

      1. Scott Martin

        I’m gonna need it lol

    46. Check Mate

      Hopefully??? 😳😵 That's not one of the options... and that knife is RIGHT ON TIME. First real one, Yay.😉 🔨🔨🔨💣

    47. Trey Crosby

      Man, i was looking for ya on the pre fish. I met several pro anglers at the ramps a few weeks before. Next time youre around, hit me up. Dad would love to catch up with your dad.

    48. Karlena Cornett

      Love the tournament videos! 👍

    49. John Lloyd

      Scott good luck on Hartwell i hope you win that one

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you! Me to lol

    50. BassMoore

      whats the avg size tackle bag / boxes the co anglers are bringing to these events... 3600s or 3700s?? Both guys in your video seem to have pretty small bags with them. But never wanting to over do it, do some guys go bigger then the bags shown in this video?

    51. Jerome Torrez

      Beedeepbeedeep that’s all folks. Lmao it’s a giant it’s a giant and you pull up a 1lbr. 😂

    52. Jon B

      Enjoy your videos tournament time and your down time with buddies 👍

    53. KamoKreature 12

      Where is brandon

    54. David Emery

      All about having fun doing what you do best see you what ever what happin being on the water every day it's like I dreem come true doing what you live for living is what make it with it but the end of the day win are lose your still having fun . Big fav one day I get a boat do what I love doing .

    55. Drake Deger

      Martin always be out smartin everybody on the water

      1. Scott Martin

        😂I wish

    56. Gator Flea

      SHO NUFF !

    57. Steven Johnson

      You’ll get them next time.

    58. Slipshank D

      You can win a tournament on Harvys Creek and steps in black forest. Lots of deep drops on east side of Harveys that produce some large bass. I live in Broaddus.

    59. silly guy

      I wish the bfls would draw that many boats.

    60. common sense

      By the way you are freakn nuts

    61. common sense

      Dude I'm pulln hard for you to make the E-lite cause that's where you belong. Nothing against FLW.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man!

    62. roger harvey

      It’s going to happen.

    63. Kevin Morgan

      Your one of the best scott YOU WILL GET WHERE U WANT TO BE keep up the awesome content ive have learned so much and look forward to every video GOOD LUCK BROTHER

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks for the support Kevin!

    64. Travis Craver

      Are you taping on lake hartwell. I fish tourenment like you and be on lake hartwell on green pond land for a tourenment in three weeks.

    65. Chris H

      Thanks for all the coverage brother! Another great video from SMC, FAVORITE RODS, GOOGAN BAITS, AFTCO, RANGER BOATS AND YAMAHA MOTORS....👊👊👊

    66. jacob falknor

      That's Humphreys palvation in jasper

    67. Jim Johnson

      What’s up dude ??? You forget about my SMC hat ???


      I live in Livingston not to far from there wish I could fish with you some day

    69. Dirty Grey Fishing Team

      That thump at 11:08 i felt thru my phone i almost set the hoom myself

      1. Scott Martin


    70. Carter Ross

      We all know who the goat fisherman is!!

    71. Eric Stowe

      Amazing job Scott! We are pulling for ya down here in Texas. Gotta say man u are a joy to watch. Learn something every time. Gonna try the crankbait/ worm combo this evening. Keep them numbers up. All we can say man.....love the content. Hey man let's not forget your co-angler! Talk about a beauty he pulled in on day one!

      1. Eric Stowe

        What!!! My hero responded! Lmao thanks for your time Scott! Ill be bragging to my daughter about this#!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks Eric! And ya man it was a nice one.

    72. Kbwolf83

      How is Brandon doing? Sure miss that guy on the show. But anyways on to the next one.

    73. Tom Baldwin

      Scott, I was probably 10-11 years old when I caught my first keeper bass. I was probably 45 years old when I caught my first 5 pounder. I'll keep on fishing till I break my PB. You're living a life that some of us can only dream about. Don't get disheartened when you don't win. The wins will come, just keep living the dream till they do.

    74. RedNeck Fishing

      That clip of your mind talking while looking at your screen! Sick edits

    75. zachary caulder

      Yesterday is gone and that’s a fact 😂😂😂y’all crack me up 😂 lov it

      1. Scott Martin


    76. RedNeck Fishing

      Hey Scott Martin sir! Love how you give thanks to Jesus after every fish! That's awesome! Good man here people! Let's get this video to 50k likes!!! Smash it!

      1. Scott Martin

        He is the one that makes all this happen.

    77. BassRod&Reel

      Is it easier to catch fish on a boat than land bc never fished the n one

    78. BassRod&Reel

      When I'm not fishing I watch you thanks for the good vids

    79. Herby Brooks

      Just do what you do Bud and get it done have fun it's going to come

    80. Johnny Arial

      Didn't see anyone throwing poppers on day 2. Did it die off? Man I love fishing poppers but I fish the booya prank. Some people fish it like popper/crankbait but I fish mine like popper/jerkbait. More on the jerkbait than popper. That bait is deadly

    81. Phillip Jenkins

      You are mortal! Sorry Scott, had to. Love the videos man! Thought you were gona wreck em in the grass. I'm getting tired of these 20/20 videos man....frickin win one! :). Good luck at Hartwell, watch out for them buoys! LOL

    82. Jason Prothero

      Inspector Gadget !

    83. Backpacker365

      What a dream come true it would be to fish with anyone of these guys..

    84. Conner English

      Not only do I think you have the most entertaining fishing channel I think you’re the best competitive fisherman on the planet. Great role model.

      1. Conner English

        Hey thanks for the reply! I’ll see you next time you hit Lake Lanier for another spotzilla fest. If only you knew how much you helped me figure out my own home lake while on tour 😩

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you Connor!

    85. Howard Stout

      Great video. Best of luck on the next one im pulling for ya

    86. Kevin Piche

      Only one winner !! No participation trophies 🏆 Imagine that !!!!!

    87. Parrot Bill

      That's why they call it Fishing, and not catching. You gave it your all, and that's all that matters. Other than that, good friends, good food and good fun. Cant wait until the next video.

      1. Scott Martin

        Very true🤙🏼

    88. Pamela Klemp

      Scott, rough day at the office man. Always remember it is💯 in God's time😇. Not the fish's timing 🤗. 🎶 Morning has broken, like the first morning 🎶. Make it your BEST, you've GOT THIS! 👏👍

    89. Zach Guy

      You're like 10 min away and I cant come see you in person😪

    90. Hank Xiong

      Scotty I believe in you brother! You will carry that trophy!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks hank!

    91. Craig Canterbury

      I only fished salt water till started watching your videos. Then started hitting the lakes up and bass fishing. Happens to all of us on the water. Some days seems like every spot we roll on just catch a ton of fish and big ones. Then there’s them other days where seems like every that can go wrong goes wrong. I know some days I blame my panoptix livescope for poor fishing because when it’s slow starting I tend to look more at the screen. Instead of just pounding away at it. Lol 😂. You get it done. Some days it’s tough being the G.O.A.T.

    92. Sp Paintball

      Hey Scott how do we get fish with you the other on the boat love videos and keep your head up

    93. Ian Bellomo

      We all have tough tourneys. My partner and I had no keepers at state. Happens to all of us but all we need to do is keep our heads down. You’re the best Scott!

    94. AKon FishingTV

      They were killing it on a bone popper on a tournament I fished there a couple months ago. I got me a 5 lber with it

    95. TheBad Bassfisherman

      Did he make the cut

      1. Scott Martin

        Nope, didn’t make it to the third day.

    96. Smitty Boi

      Go Get-Emmm Scottie baby!! Come Back Kid!!

    97. Jeremy&Angela Stewart

      I see you use googan squad bait scott that is awesome!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Heck ya man!!

      2. William M

        He helped develop some of the baits

    98. Logan Hill

      Does anyone know how to get those stopper things he's using I can't ever find any like they always use

      1. NAW

        You choose by how big your line is

      2. NAW

        6th sense makes really good ones

      3. NAW

        They are called bobber stops

    99. Jeffry Pierce

      Scott catchin’ little bassturds!!😂

    100. Patrick McCarl

      You are a absolute beast with a fishing rod in your hand. You will get the next one. Good luck team Martin!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Patrick!!!