Explosive axe is seriously cool

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    I needed to find out if my explosive bat would make a good golf club, wood splitter, and how much it would hurt if it went off in my hand...
    This video is a different style from my previous one and is a bit of an experiment. Hopefully you enjoy it and give my wife a big thanks for putting up with me!
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    1. Stuff Made Here

      We had a bit of fun with a different format paying tribute to mythbusters. It was a lot of fun :) give my wife kudos for putting up with me. Hopefully you enjoy it! Also don't worry the narrator is just for this video to go all in on the mythbusters gag.

      1. riley bailey

        Hey quick question about the legality of this kinda thing. You're using blank bullets, and have effectively created a suppressor. Does that make this an NFA item?

      2. Сергей

        Dude, this golf thing definitely needs some sort of tracer ball to shoot. Like a tracer bullet, but a ball. To make it visible in the dark during it's flight.

      3. Squaul DuNéant

        @Suchipi and what's the problem pfff .

      4. Jay Ri

        They are so dry it's amazing content😂😂😂

      5. Emanuel Varela

        Are you planing to use that to murder some one with that for the detectives dont know the weapon?

    2. Phyzxengr Moore

      10 years ago I thought of putting CO2 cartridges in the golf club handle. This would give an edge without the noise. A slight advantage is all thats needed sometime.

    3. Thomas Kallinen

      You should make it into a hammer

    4. Jacob Hamel

      Hit a tree

    5. The Life of Guyon


    6. Seth Moeckel

      How cool would it be to create a fruit ninja robot... you could use the arm from the chainsaw carver and sword of some sort.

    7. Tobiah Araujo

      hit a tree.

    8. Tenfootgiant

      If you don't like reading about a little gore, don't read on: As horrible as it is, I accidentally saw a video where a firecracker went off in someone's hands and what was left was way less than you think. Think pasta. This thing would probably sheer your fingers right off, rip your hand back, and destroy your wrist(s). I honestly think that mold and gel held better than a hand would because there's a lot of consistency probably in that material and it had a lot of absorption. Our hands are pretty damn stiff and they ain't made to bend that way. I shutter, there would be no hand left.

    9. Taylor McDonald

      Do you want ants?? Because thats how you get ants

    10. peterzum

      I love you guys’ back and forth. It’s so dry and so funny!

    11. The Strange

      this is what i thought adam savage is

    12. James Tedjo

      I watched the bat one months ago and just came across this today. Wonder what could happen if you collaborate with Brandon Herrera.

    13. Tanner Forbes

      Falls Village is amazing. The range is a little short, but it works!

    14. saucy nonchalance

      the husband-deprecating wife is entertaining

    15. lw88

      This is great. Loved seeing you do a vid with your wife.

    16. Gameing Man

      That guy: I think this is my greatest creation W i f e : You know we have a daughter That guy:I KNOW THIS IS MY GREATEST CREATION

    17. Voltaic Fire

      A one hit tree killer would not only be awesome but useful for feeble lumberjacks.

    18. Voltaic Fire

      More power? *(Tim Allen noises!)*

    19. BleedingRaindrops

      Pensively writes arithmetic

    20. Failure Forest

      Try a coconut with the bat

    21. DasIst Gut

      dude be making fallout weapons

    22. B. Grier

      What’s different enough to Mythbusters to avoid legal action, but close enough that people understand the idea? Mystery Crushers? Better than Rumor Flushers or Legend Mushers.

    23. Emperor Norton Winks

      I would love to see this guy and gal work with the slingshot channel aka Jorge Sparve

    24. TyPro Playz

      I have an idea the bullet bat but instead of a bat it’s a sword

    25. hofimastah

      You should just get a dead cured head 🐄🐮

    26. Tony B.

      If he did things the CORRECT WAY from the beginning he wouldn't be as knowledgeable as he is now! That is how you learn!!

    27. Isaiah Narraway

      Hit a live moose

    28. Lineas Meyer-Grimberg

      Y'all are big nerds and it's awesome!

    29. suckmylol

      Now you just need to adapt a magazine to this so you can fill the chambers faster... for home defense xD

    30. MyNamesGrizzy

      You should hit a balloon full of oobleck with it and see what happens

    31. Stig

      Welllllll it’s not a gun so the communist scum have no reason to ban it.

    32. Connor M.

      home defense weapon better than a gun

    33. Fabrice R

      Great interactions with your wife in this video. That's nice and funny ! However despite the fun of creating this batt I keep finding it truly dangerous in many different ways and personally I would not perform more experiments. I prefer to watch your safer projects (basket ball, pool...). By the way you really have an awesome engineering talent.

    34. psgbibi27

      giving the kudos to the golf park... This guy knows what karma is

    35. Jeremiah Roper

      Forget the small tree. Make it split a log with just a light swing.

    36. C P

      First in video sponsor add I've ever actually watched! Usually as soon as I hear: This video is sponsored by, I'm gone or skipping ahead. Well done!

    37. Golcy

      I love the content but really weird seeing these long hair growth sponsors from someone who has a perfectly fine head of hair 😂 hope they’re paying you a lot

    38. aLex Naturalis

      They absolutely deserve each other! It's so quirky and dry it's adorable!

    39. Hanssen Jones

      you have one of the most interesting youtube channels ive ever seen!

    40. interesting spoon

      Couldn't you have just made it trigger based?

    41. Evan Simpson

      The best part is how uninterested your wife is compared to you. Casual talking vs Agressive math and so forth.

    42. MsMotron

      how dare you not split a log with your power axe!

    43. kumar sourav


    44. Arlando

      Hey! It seems that your main problem is too lighweight ball. The whole idea of such thing is perfectly explained in Fallout 2 with Super Sledge melee weapon. Why don't you try crafting a proper hammer and testing it on proper heavier-weighted targets?

    45. Dudeman Broguy

      Oi, axebat

    46. Jacob Fritz

      You can get cheaper golf radar's such as a GC2 which will tell you distance, ball speed, etc. Just wont be as advanced as trackman, but should get the job done

    47. Adventuring.Bike

      I love your 'Bikepacking/Fire/Tent' shirt!

    48. Ivan Zen_Carver

      Baseballs have internal air pressure

    49. Nathan Illerbrun

      The golf club already exists: EZeeGolf. It's even got some distance adjustment.

    50. LuNax

      i want to see a scripted vid where you rage and take it out and hit a monitor lol.

    51. solid drip

      They should make a parody of with this guy called honey I hit the kids 🤣😅🥶

    52. blue coilz

      r u parker yt secretly

    53. TruGamer Zeto

      Has anybody ever told you you look like a young version of that guy from Jurassic Park

    54. Great Lakes Logger

      15:00 that was a great line!

    55. Slappy White

      You should make it so it uses compressed air instead. Like the PSP air guns. Saves you the hazard of loading and way less moving parts.

    56. Slappy White

      Couod have just set a thick metsl pkate in front of the apple. You hit the plate the plate hits the banapplemelons, bob's your uncle.

    57. Corey McLeod

      Hit a car with it

    58. Days Games

      He should of used a test dummy.

    59. Ashton Davis

      Axe bat to a tree pleaseee

    60. Sero

      This is Fallout4 weaponmodding in reallife

    61. Snowball

      How did you not hit a watermelon

    62. Diego Arita

      I think a basically a shotgun bat it's better than a daughter

    63. Diego M

      Hit a tree💯‼️‼️‼️

    64. Dane Morin

      Spring load a firing pin to release upon impact instead of using the force of the compression itself to fire the shells. Should make hitting anything pretty consistent and get rid of any weight issues

    65. Eduardo Diaz

      The cartel is typing...

    66. Ian Owens

      You are basically white Michael Reeves that smoked less crack

    67. keiata_VR

      Bro this has turned into a fallout 4 mod show

    68. Jonathan Figueroa

      This is what Deku’s shoes doooooo

    69. Todd P

      "its like trying to stop applesauce" lol wtf r u talking about?

    70. Bhavin Patel

      Can you make football sneakers with same vision?😮

    71. Justin

      In Dr. Seuss The Lorax terms, you made a Wackler.

    72. EasyToGo Feel it

      Man you need sensor before you shoot need to be activate for more force + jally needto have blanket to imitate skin

    73. Ludah Wolf

      Amazing 👏 wow. That thing is fucking terrifying. The only bat you can bring to a gun fight here.

    74. James Manning

      How about turning it into a hockey stick?

    75. tyler gray

      put the charge in the golfball for an under engineered 500 meter driver

    76. Unperson

      You could buy a pig from a slaughter house and hit that with your rocket toys. Then you could eat what's left and it you wouldn't experience all these engineering difficulties.

    77. Majeed Abdullah

      * You're at Rick's garage

    78. Patrick Brandt

      Do the tree please

    79. Ciberj1

      TF2 Scout wants to know your location

    80. halit yilmaz

      Where is your wife originally from? She looks a bit russian (with all due respect), a bit german, just curious if you dont mind sharing this bit of info.

      1. halit yilmaz

        or genetically...

    81. Gaétan Bouthors

      ah yes 1+1=2

    82. Nazwaz11

      The wood behind the baseball actually seems pretty fair for the axe test cause I feel as if it would simulate the ball be thrown and the bat being swung

    83. Brendon Buffaloe

      You and Mark Rover should collab

    84. Josef Dawson

      I think this is my favourite ad ever at the end

    85. IzzzyCat

      This really was value mythbusters

    86. GallonOf PCP

      He made a suppressed bat!!

    87. MrPain _T

      What about blacksmithing ?

    88. Stiftos

      you and your wife, you guys need an own tv show

    89. S. Smith

      "More power" *Tool time grunt* Yeah she's a keeper

    90. Hunter wolfe

      Split logs with the axe

    91. John Rea

      Why couldn't you just add a trigger?

    92. xlunkness0monsterx

      POV: You're a burglar breaking into some nerds house, you spot him at the top of the stairs loading 4 shells into his bat.

    93. проер авыафыв

      НА ХУ Я?

    94. 3LITE_ Force

      I love how he wrote 1+ 1 = 2 in the first 47 seconds of the vod

    95. Fighting Ducks

      I'd rather listen to your wife make fun of you lol

    96. LOMan

      Excalibat + tree = YES!

    97. hangugeohaksaeng

      Isn't it obvious that it would be bad to be hit in the head, since being hit in the head by a full power swing of a normal bat is fatal?

    98. Sharpest Tool

      He has the ability to make his own axe head but instead he chooses to cut it off an axe

    99. CarsonPlaysMinecraft 101

      Put a spike on it and rum around the neighborhood hitting kids then u have a kid-kabob

    100. GamerOfLegends163

      This bat looks like something the Punisher would make and then hit _himself_ with for training