Big Sean - Wolves ft. Post Malone


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    1. illsahill

      i am cryinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    2. Paranhodz

      I'm only here because my man posty other than that, they all sound the same just like snoop dogg said.

    3. CPA


    4. Jacob Weidenborner

      We need that Guard your heart video now fr.

    5. Berckelz

      Maloneeeeee. 😍

    6. i eat cheetos

      yo they got the set from The Pretender


      This is my new FAVORITE song!!!!!!!

    8. mzfabiian

      Or on 4th

    9. mzfabiian

      I’m going to Florida on the 3rd

    10. farrasas

      damn why malone is so cool!!

    11. grdgr rgdg

      u guys know that kanye came out with a song called wolves right

    12. Jesse Balderas

      Tf is lil Sean wearing!!?

    13. mei nugget

      This sounds to familiar but idk what it is 🤯

    14. Bryn Blanchard


    15. Autonomous Ultra

      This whole project flopped, barely even listened to the album.

    16. bad attidude

      good duo

    17. Infamous The Kidd

      Wow this is my favorite song in 2020. These numbers have to keep going up ^^^

    18. VAMPIRØ !

      This was really good

    19. Wayne Scott II

      Too much movin around. We tryin to see the big homie Sean

    20. Masimo IPOLY

      Big Sean, My best rapper, Like if its yours too

    21. Frederic Reid


    22. Nadalia N

      Wow...check him out (Post) nice

    23. Erick G

      Por fin carajo, estaba esperandola

    24. lastupido

      "put my back against the wall just to see how much i've grown" thats a bar

    25. Leo Is Here

      Never thought I'd see the day where post is dressed up as count Dracula..

    26. Ehuk R

      This Bangz fo freal

    27. James Bond

    28. nha thanh

      Raised by the wolves


      Real work👍

    30. Greatwhitegoat

      Yeah that's felt hard❤❤❤

    31. darion dailey

      Honestly for me personally song of 2020

    32. Robert

      I can see UNR and NC St. approving of this 👌

    33. Biniyam Berhanu

      why this song is so underrated ?

    34. Zyro

      2:51 thought I saw JJ (KSI) lmao

    35. Brandonforever21608

      This need more views! Song is too good

    36. Force Unleashed

      Is this related to the tv show?

    37. Tyrece Mitchell

      Dat boy post look like the boss of thd cartel and shit lol

    38. Abdul Fraser

      yo are those real wolvs that pop us next to u

    39. SkiLxrd

      Schoolboy hq vibes

    40. Romario Dulaj

      like before 100mill views 👇

    41. Abhishek A

      malone is one of a kind

    42. APimpNamed KIARI

      Post fine asf bald 😊😊

    43. Shourya Basnet


    44. lilnani

      2:40 character selection be like


      Русские вы где?

    46. Isha G.


    47. Isha G.


    48. 510 D̶A̶N̶N̶Y̶


    49. CASSANDRA Thomas

      Ich finde es Wahnsinn wird beschrieben wie mein Leben war danke Post Malone🐺🐻🐺🤘🌀💍💃🕺

    50. aewriter

      Thx 1138 if u kno u kno

    51. denzel onaye

      I am your biggest fan POST

    52. GalaXy_World

      my surname is a wolf :)

    53. whata //


    54. ben3847

      austins part is lit but that other guy is trash

    55. Skull X

      This song makes me wanna tell my alarm to wake up

    56. 083_Kishan Bhatt

      2:26 *KILLED IT!* 🔥🐺🔥

    57. Pain

      @DripReport do the next remix on this song broooooooooooo

    58. Manchez

      Most underrated song of 2020 imo

    59. Jorge R.

      I knew this song was gonna have a video for it. It's one of the best off the album.

    60. Vladyss Lav


    61. De brie

      Post Malone has became 1 of the Gypsy king now...

    62. Just Die

      dats a hit y it aint blowing hard

    63. 10A Arunagiri 7

      I've heard that flow...

    64. Keanah Kelly Rudolph

      post malone made this song hit different tho....

    65. zero Z

      this is a joke malone u can do better

    66. Alonso Campos

      New anthem for the wolves 🎶😉(wolverhampton)

    67. MysticFails

      big sean is underrated

    68. Merey Batyrbek


    69. Keagon MacDonald

      This is gass

    70. Woods Sylvain


    71. SiMk 5’s World

    72. Fam Factor

      That second half of the hook with post adding that harmony is life on e!

    73. Leong Dannis


    74. Сок од малине

      Much, much better than new one Post did with Ty Dolla $ign, actually, i don'l like new one at all, video is just... 😛😛 With all my love for Post! Great job Big Sean 👌

    75. Sameer Sheikh

      Postyyyssss part bruhhhhhhhhhhh

    76. Travisofficialmusic

      This song is such a hit

    77. kimloy edwards

      Post bald 😱😱😱

    78. you're smart


    79. Above the Clouds


    80. black kingz

      Cinematography is litt🔥🔥🔥

    81. as M


    82. Sos Made


    83. Aziz :O

      i forgot he shaved his hair

    84. Cass

      Does Sean not remind you of Coryxkenshin ?? I see it lol

    85. Samurayek

      BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Why did i discover it sooo late?

    86. Sightx

      My boy rocking that ksi bandana

    87. ShaBoyOu


    88. 1000sub-1Films

    89. biz taylor

      Pop Smoke would be perfect on a remix with the opening line "I was raised by the Woo's", bless up 🙏🏼 Big Sean and Post killed it, visuals not of this planet.

    90. SuperFizzyjuice

      🎌 The Japanese flag is all I can think about when I see this video LOL

    91. ZLYAH


    92. Benedict Musenge

      Make this the theme song for the next John Wick movie

    93. farhan sohel

      Is it me or this music video reminds you of ROCKSTAR BY 21 SAV?

    94. Tao Là Linh

      Hay phết

    95. Chocolate Lover3

      DETROIT 2!!! Shout out to Hit-Boy 🗣

    96. Lycan Thorpe

      Great show on HBO MAX !!!

    97. Forever Forgiven

      You summoned me?

    98. Devonte Wells


    99. Merita Gashi

      WTFUW like ....I have the right too remain silent. Still REALLY disgusted. Keep the fuck away from me. Got that. ugh.

    100. Jacky Tran

      Here's comes young stoney