I have an iq of 200, I became one of the richest people on earth

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    1. SaVeGe tUbE

      wait how are you not dead

    2. I qulax I

      Next video: I got pregnant from an State Farm commercial

    3. Roblox Gamz

      Not that many people watch America’s got talant

    4. Greg Saunders

      You know I think we would know about this lady

    5. Ishpreet Dhillon

      I came for a stupid video, I got one, but I also got a lesson on manipulation and for some reason I feel like azula from avatar the last airbender.

    6. Joud Sulimany


    7. Joud Sulimany


    8. Joud Sulimany


    9. Joud Sulimany


    10. Pravit Bhatla

      If you want more.... Create the Mark 85 from man suit

    11. Nadir Pillay

      She is so spoiled and so rude which type of person manipulate people like that

    12. Mohamed Ayaan Abdul Muhaimin

      i like how she said she said she is one of the "richest" but barely even came near the richest man lol

    13. Gadzillapan Playz

      Next story: I am the stupidest person on earth but the richest on earth by selling my fetuses

    14. Sakurajima Yukki

      Never eard or saw something about them

    15. Sakurajima Yukki

      Bruh...i dont know

      1. Joud Sulimany


    16. Sasha Hurst

      11:20 LOL

      1. Joud Sulimany


    17. Sasha Hurst

      11:09 This video is so ironic as loads of things are spelt wrong lmao

    18. Sasha Hurst

      Just the start of the video makes me think: 200IQ girl eh?

    19. ollie crowhurst

      The reason they said the names where changed because we could find out who won the show

    20. Judith Salas


    21. Lord Usopp

      She looks like mia-

    22. Edwin Bolaines

      Your most up who does not like popcorn

    23. Apollo

      Next Sory: Stop Milking this no one likes this u just want money stop this

    24. Marudut Napitupulu

      Is this possible? THIS CHANNEL IS JUST DUMB, SCAMMER, ETC, THE CHANNEL IS CREATED BY A 9 YEAR OLD, Fun fact: Thee childs IQ is a normal persons IQ.

    25. emerald chiki official

      She has he name of my mother :0

    26. Gacha Alux

      I thought it results in brain damage, not high iq

    27. Gavrilla VP

      y'all know who she is? cause I don't 😬

    28. Ailani Liranzo

      Next story: I died then came back to life my mom gave birth to my dad and I gave birth to my mom

    29. Luis Lopez

      What some people when They don't belive people: BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET BET

    30. Full moon taco :3

      so your iq level is higher than einstein’s-

    31. Inquisitor Master #1fen


    32. Kelly Hewlett

      Ik this ain’t real but if it was it might be Ryan might be Elon Musk,

    33. GracesWorld

      Maybe she is from another universe where americas got talent still existed, but she won it. Thats why when we search here up she doesn't come up

    34. GracesWorld

      Maybe when we search her up and she doesn't come up it because she from another universe well act still existed and she won it.

    35. GracesWorld

      Main character) I have an iq of 200 Me) I barley have a iq at all

    36. yassin walid

      When they say they changed everything did they even change the iq from 0.02 to 200

    37. Karol Ina

      I cn read your mind

    38. pEnGuin GaMming

      Well that's a damn lie

    39. tom mart

      Am like you my iq is 157... ...i took a test.

    40. Gewoon Rednax

      Ok im gonna jump of the stairs

    41. Hype B

      you could act dumb forever no one would never think ur sus in any problem i do it

    42. T_ts__ sh_m_ • 102 years ago _______

      I'm gonna electroshock my brain and i'll become a genius. YAAASSSS👐🏻

    43. Anthony Pacheco

      I’m was so sad when she faked her “dog’s death” because my dog was 14 years old and recently was put down in real life

    44. Wasif Zakwan

      High IQ but Low EQ This person: *Perfectly Balanced,as all things should be*

    45. Wasif Zakwan

      Now... Don't go bumping your heae into things. It ain't gonna make you smart,if anything you'll be much dumb.

    46. Tia Wade

      This gurl describes herself as a narcissist like it's a good thing😂

    47. Sákurà Bløssöm

      "Video Finish" Me : Well Time to hit my Dumb Head😌

    48. Um cara Aleatório

      Polish this story and this could be an villain origin story

    49. Pragyan Basnet

      Plot twist : this girl will be the one to find vaccine of covid 19

    50. Maribel Tello

      In every story

    51. Maribel Tello

      Children and teens rich Parents poor

    52. Pickle Joe

      click bait the movie

    53. Ella Zalucki

      Wait so you were on American Got talent

    54. Krisnanto Lie

      "Chnaged" 0:00

    55. Carl Verallo

      Does these people make google?????

      1. dhariya khetan

        I don't think so

    56. CHLOE S

      I don’t understand why there are so many dislikes.

    57. IM AVISHAE

      I smell cap

    58. IM AVISHAE

      Picks a bass Davie504: Thats illegal im calling the FBI

      1. Lejla Porić

        I read the comments and this one is the best lol🤣🤣

    59. Taiyaki Chan

      Bro, why would she make people buy her things and be sad because of doggies, instead of making people stop littering 🤓


      I dont think this is a life story. If that girl has an IQ of 200, she is smarter than Albert Einstein himself

    61. Patricia Valmeo


    62. Nieng

      Her: I need to be careful no one know that I have 200 iq Her again: shares her story to millions of people

    63. Riley Nathan Diaz

      She is the second neo in the matrix

    64. Erin Wells

      Ummm hello I’ve never seen her on Americans Got Talent hmm is she Lying hmmmmmm 🤔

    65. Pinapple Squad


    66. James Johnson

      I wish that I have power like that could manipulate and be good at everything

    67. anime fans

      The amount of 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

    68. Bobby FruitLegs

      12:01 from blond to brown?! 🤣

    69. Sarah M.

      This story is almost unreal... And not just this story.

    70. Ruthie Alexis

      Me let just say aw

    71. Genicide

      Me wanting to break my head on my mouse but it won’t break

    72. Derryck Anderson

      Find cure for corona and cancer

    73. Kendall McCune III

      Then how come I have never heard of you until now

    74. Jaimee Bingley

      the car was a dodge challenger ahhhhhh

    75. KovKac

      Me: ohhh Also me: well she aint lookin like bill gates...

    76. José plays cod Moreno

      If she tells people she will get hooked up to machines so she comes to my story animated and tells millions of people

    77. M Cos

      Animal lover do you know that animal animal lover

    78. Tangi Muke

      girl you lying the richest person on earth is Jeff Bezos and Albert Einstein is better that you

    79. fida shefrin

      I wish my head could hit somewhere and become a genuis....please god😂😂

    80. Amani Soliman


    81. Jack Trika

      So why haven’t we heard of her? Lol

    82. Anakin Skywalker

      Real title: I became a amazing emotional manipulator.

    83. The Reaper

      ignore your child!!!!?????

    84. Sy Family

      IQ in Among US be like:

    85. Pete John

      Liar i google searched who has 200iq its not u its Nadiacumokova

    86. Shanaia Shane Sicat

      Add a public comment

    87. Firestorm Gamez


    88. Lil Sxvage

      Am I the only person who noticed they spelt millionaires and billionaires wrong?

    89. Yashypie 668

      I feel like this is the story of melinda gates and bill gates

    90. Yashypie 668


    91. Moumen Hussam Aldin

      nice but i would like to know if this story is true or not cuz maybe i can hit my head

    92. Sharvi Singh

      If she is so smart so she should take out the vaccine of Covid-19.

    93. Glacer Ikling

      Lesson learn: smash your head into concrete

    94. L Cameron

      Yeah but you still was like a billionaire

    95. Yogurt. Dennise

      Next story: I jyat realized after 20 years that im a French fries

    96. Naomi Tapia

      I wish I was you

    97. miko_chansama

      Like fr just use there real voice 😂🤣🤣 you think there are that ugly in sound

    98. Scarlett Latimer

      Did anyone else or is it just me that realised that her daughters hair changed from blond to black? 🧐🤔

    99. taekook is life

      HmMmMmM....if yOuR sMaRtEr ThAn AnYbOdY dO yOu HaVe A cUrE fOr CoRoNa-

    100. Lit Loudzey

      chnaged lol