Kevin O’Leary Reacts To My $10 Million Dollar Investment | Shark Tank

Graham Stephan

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    Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank reviews my $10 Million Dollar Investment Portfolio - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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    1. Sunny Singh

      Well the video thumbnail was a total click-bait. There were no fireworks.

    2. Matt Laws

      I love this!

    3. Tory m

      I'm sitting at 0.83 in the bank lol

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        If you wanna be rich, just invest.

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      5. Kirkland Beach

        Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially.

    5. ruolov1

      Mr. O'Realy is still a smart, wise man. You really have to learn from people with long-term, finance history & wisdom.

    6. Ben 22

      4:56 what he says is literally what i just did an assessment about risks in my business course about, Kevin says its a issue because hes invested in just one source of income and will will probably tell him to diversify his investing for less risk.

    7. ofeibea

      Toronto? and I've never seen you??? LoL 🤣

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      5. Scarlett Madison

        @James wood cool👍

    9. Karolis Petrauskas

      Duck sake haven’t seen more adds on 1 video in my life

    10. Joseph Ferguson

      Very inspirational, they really made me know how broke I was. Gotta step it up........

    11. MAYKEN 691

      Kevin is cool cucumber👍

    12. Horatien Blanc

      Honestly to even get a moment of his time means you made it

    13. Mark Cooper

      My friend, You have "Made it!" At your ?? age you have made it!!! This interview was awesome. While you may have earned only a "7" or "8" from this [shark] you have done your homework. "Discipline" is your BUSINESS even though real estate is where most of your money is. And this is why I watch your channel. Blessing Brother.

    14. Joshua Bucholz

      I just want to say thank you, Graham Stephan for having Kevin O'Leary on learned a lot thank again.

    15. Isse Mexfincano

      This hits me right in my poverty.

    16. Exauce Mayunga

      Damn I wanna be Graham's tenant🤣

    17. sebapi

      So proportions are like 30% cash, 20% stocks 50% real estate, so much more underweight equity than a 60/40 equity/fixed income portfolio. Real estate is similar to fixed income, but with real estate protection. Might want to keep only 300k cash and replace the remaining 2.7 m cash with a gold/silver/platinum/bitcoin 30/30/30/10 mix. Should be able to obtain 20% life insurance with a 4% guaranteed return and borrow against it at a very low rate over 3 to 5 years with no margin call risk. You should increase equity allocation and diversify globally. You need to increase rent every year, 10% or 20% below market is enough to keep tenants. Your tenant will be unable to move or reluctant to ask for repairs if it is too cheap.

    18. Phil PBOY

      It’s great seeing wisdom passed on. I’m learning a lot too, thanks👍

    19. Agreek

      This is a great video

    20. Harambe’s Step Brother

      This is the nicest side of Kevin I ever seen 👀

    21. Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов

      You look like skinny elon musk

      1. Graham Stephan

        thank you!

    22. TruthSeeker717

      i wish i had this young guys mental clarity...

      1. Graham Stephan


    23. mharri333 Harrison

      Great video! Probably my favorite of yours.

    24. Third Century Gaming

      I'm now starting my portfolio

    25. Sam Githinji

      the amount of ads in these videos is hectic

    26. Road Less Traveled

      I really needed this...

    27. Christopher Alaimo

      Love the video! Thanks for the Graham!

    28. Norel farjun

      clair de lune Great taste in music

    29. Raza Daza

      I don’t know.. Kevin may be too defensive... agreed about the realestate... Graham... meh.. can’t trust him fully

    30. Where's Waldo??? ?

      Why is your head photoshopped onto someone else's body??

    31. 1N23456

      how did I miss that video :o Love both of you! Good info :)

    32. Dany Boza

      This guy looks like Greg doucette but the business man version

    33. Ykc 4

      Either my ears ringing or Clair de lune is being played in the background

    34. XxReidxX

      Just before watching this, I was excited I made $650 in stocks... Now, well, I'm sad.

      1. JJ Parks

        Everyone has to start somewhere! I have only a little more than you and I'm confident it'll grow significantly over time. The key is to start young and keep at it.

    35. R Oneal

      I wonder what are the best opportunities to invest now are, there are opinions but a little later I find out these opinions don't matter as a totally different turn of events play out with the stocks they discussed therein.

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      3. Canal Voando Alto

        @Rachael B He’s a scammer don’t fall for it

      4. Argentum Bullet

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    36. bic

      How are you gonna raise the rent went the value of the property has diminished due to age?

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    40. Primož Mernik

      Kevin :Can you pay down 3 million bucks? Graham: Yes Now that was smooth! Good Job

    41. kingmello04 crimson

      I'm glad I watched this befor I start investing in things , learned a lot from it

    42. Bettina 002

      Love watching videos like this. Meanwhile, I would really love to learn more about investing in stocks. Always good to have the knowledge before investing to avoid mistakes.

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      I like Mr. Wonderful.

    46. Supreme Productions

      13:20 sorry Meet Kevin... may you recover quickly

    47. mannyfestoINS

      Please inform me.... what does Kevin mean when he’s asks if Graham is using any margin? Thanks.

    48. Patrick Delatorre

      Mr. Wonderful proves his namesake

    49. Kevin Corso

      i gotta figure out where tf this dude is renting apartments out so i can lock in that rate lol

      1. Graham Stephan


    50. joseph alonsabe

      im at 2:45 ish in the video so idk if its clarified later... am i crazy or is claire de lune playing in the background

      1. joseph alonsabe

        @Graham Stephan it came out a bit more as I’m still watching. Great taste. Loving the video. Cheers

      2. Graham Stephan

        it is !

    51. Jack Windensky

      This was great!

    52. Christina V

      Eat the rich

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      But where did he get that first 71500 in cash??

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      Claire de Lune playing in the background

    61. Brian Smith

      Buying property with 100% cash seems crazy in these low interest rate environments. Use leverage wisely and dont overstretch yourself.

    62. Limit Less

      Great video 👍🏼

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    67. J.J. K

      The music is too loud in the background

    68. MyContestPix

      Kevin is soooo full of himself and smug. He's worth $400 mil!! And he has people throwing money at his feet. Why is he lecturing Graham he's too heavy in real estate (more than 20%). Oh, that's rich!!! Real estate and the stock market are the only 2 asset classes that appreciate and outperform every other asset class over decades. What a pr*ck and a bleeping idiot!! I bet he won't call out Warren Buffet, any hedge fund manager, any oil tycoon or CEO of a fortune 100 company!! His arrogance is only matched by his sheer ignorance of how the world works!!

    69. SirHacksALot

      All I can hear in this video is the tie screaming for mercy someone please tighten me

    70. Alex T

      "Daddy, daddy....look at my portfolio!". :D

    71. bibi dilux

      My biggest problem is how to spend the cash, that's why I buy watches... Uhm sir, you ever heard of charity, homeless, people that live with 700€ a month and don't have ONE home that is bought? Maybe instead of watches you should help..

    72. join the fist 10

      Why am I seeing Kevin O'Leary on KGup so much recently.

    73. Hornet Gaming

      "This guy has too much real estate" said noone to me ever :D

    74. HIT029

      real estate is the real asset.

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      well if Kevin O'Leary say Subscribe I subscribe

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      "I don't raise rents" because man runs 40 ads per youtube video with 2.53 mil subs lmao

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      Kevin is like the financially wise uncle we all need in our lives

    79. Ali Chehab

      The bald guy seems like he knows his stuff, he should go on an investing tv show

    80. Ali Chehab

      I love how the investments are made to look like monopoly cards

    81. chico Crypto

      I love the fact you specified that this is not a get rich fast scheme

    82. rlachermeier

      I like the strategy of not having more than 20% in any one given asset class

      1. Graham Stephan

        me too!

    83. Travis Fuller

      Great stuff. I watch several youtube videos on how to trade in the stock market but haven't made any headstart because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands.

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      Just got into stocks about 5 months ago and im down about 20%. Not a good start but im hooked and I know its going to pay off big time. Reason I am down so much is because i kind of went all in on 1 to start, but its been slowly getting better since I diversified my portfolio. My stocks are the high risk ones, but thats because im not super rich. If I get to that point I will deffiently be investing in the safer dividend paying stocks. Right now my 2 biggest investments is GNUS and IVR with 2 weed stocks that im basically just gambling on because they are so cheap (NRTH/HVT) If GNUS and IVR hit where I am hoping they will in the next 2 years I will be selling and going with the safer long term dividend stocks (Coca Cola, Pepsi, safer REITS, banks, etc) My main goal is to start getting atleast $3k/M in dividends. After that I will start looking into buying/building houses and apartment buildings

    85. OWL

      They look like they swapped outfits

    86. Yahir Harrizon

      Kevin not wearing a suit? Shocker 😳

    87. Canto Egg

      so cute how kevin dressed down, but graham dressed up

    88. Isaac Kafoa

      Kevin Oleary, my humble advice, invest all that cash in gold 'cause the dollar and the economy/s are going to crash bigtime! Worse than the 1920s, 1930s crash!!! Bless y'all!!!

    89. Tijan

      Kevin O came off pretty gracious like a real mentor

    90. Francis Griffith

      Kevin sounds like Donald Trump without the Brooklyn accent

    91. anonim091 174

      As an 19 year-old engineer, I gotta study this, I won't be engineer for my whole life.

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      1. Branthro Perro

        @Maxime ? Oh no I was not implying any thing like that just stating he was mentioned in this video

      2. Maxime ?

        @Branthro Perro I respect your political views but I doubt Trump is coming back from this.

      3. Branthro Perro

        @Maxime ? He is still alive friend.. and I was just saying it's clear who he was referring to without name dropping his fellow shark

      4. Maxime ?

        Sorry, dude, Trump is done.

    93. Dan

      "They were buying boats, cars, watches, and getting DIVORCED!" hahaha

    94. VeteranRedBeard

      Real estate is too shaky for my taste. Especially with economic uncertainty

    95. Nawaf Nawaz

      I only gave the like for that part of destroying the like button

    96. Sebiforce

      I destroy the like Button!

    97. Saiyinix

      Kevin: can you pay off 3 million dollars? Graham: yes Kevin: *surprised pikachu face*

    98. Will

      Agreeing with someone does not mean they are not a dick

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    100. Main Stream

      When you asked Kevin to say - "Destroy like button for youtube algorithm", he was like "what the hell, are you kidding me?". It was like the conversation suddenly had switched from something serious to something childish. But I do understand it's important though.