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    Everything is getting stuck! Well, not everything but our semi and Randy's cart sure did. The conditions are anything less than ideal with more rain on the way.. The J&M cart is handling the conditions like a boss and we love the Crary Wind System. The Thunder Creek Fuel trailer sure saves us time and we can especially appreciate it when running this far behind.
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    Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture.
    With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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    1. calypsosoca

      not a farmer, but i like to actually see for myself how food is produced and don't solely rely on portrayals by media and/or ngo's (global issue these days). this channel in particular is somewhat funny and entertaining. so instead of just looking out the window waiting for time to go by i figure i might as well watch some Millenial Farmer ...

      1. Harry Thaarup

        I´m just an old retired sailor liking big machineri

      2. KevinMichaelMichael

        @Melanie M Also check out 10th Generation Dairyman

      3. Casey Waller

        I'm a diesel mechanic that loves mud that how I started washing..someoneeee got stuck

      4. Green thumb

        Alex Haman Canada too. Farms aren’t usually big enough to come very far south, Australia has huge equipment. A huge bushel grain cart sits in SD from Australia. Quite large.

      5. Thor The Northern

        @Melanie M Who? Put a link to click or done pimpledone will forever be forgotten ? WTF!

    2. dale stpirerre

      Not a farmer, but a truck driver. And it helps to understand how things are done. Instead of just what the loud morons with an agenda claim.

    3. Thomas Raud

      Not a farmer, started for curiosity and ended up 3 best farming channel (im not saying who is the best of them), all of them is kinda funny, never illustrate anything, always honest and thats what ammuse me and i love big machines! (sorry my bad English skills, im not native English speaker)

    4. joyce worman

      I grew up on a 180 acre farm in Indiana. We worked it for about 20 yrs before dad rented it out to an area farmer with more, better, bigger equipment. I'm 70 now, retired diemaker. Found the Big Bud tractors and followed them to yalls place. Just reliving my youth through yall. Enjoy your youth young man, it goes faster than you think. steve

    5. Ernest Cano

      Not a farmer used to be in my teenage days. I like to know and am fascinated by all the new technology. I'm a retired IT analyst. I miss the farm life.

    6. Gary Koester

      Watching from Wisconsin, the eastern part of the state. Watching you because I think you’re very enjoyable to watch and fascinating. We have a lot of farms in Wisconsin as you well know. Oh by the way… We also have the Green Bay Packers

    7. joe higgins

      Farmer. Sheep.

    8. Max Power

      I'm not a farmer. I have worked for farm operations when I was younger. I'm a trucker. Run coast to coast, and haul all specialized freight with a stretch flatbed, or stretch rgn. I started watching because I've always enjoyed the farming industry as much as the trucking industry.

    9. Zander Downs

      I'm a cattle farmer

    10. Thomas Niederbaumer

      I’m a farmer and yes when the sun goes down the cab gets cold even in South Dakota

    11. Demetrius Rubalcaba

      i come from a family .of farmers from colorado. but i am a truck driver...love watching farm porn hhaa. still in my blood ...pretty much of all my family out of farming...were your racecar

    12. Tammy Fletcher

      Not a farmer any longer but I like the memories you bring back to me...thanks from Indiana

    13. Peter40942

      a farmer litle bit my father hawe a goat farm not to much onli 20 goat and 2 dogs . hellou from slovakia 😁

    14. Brit Bennett

      Not a farmer. I live in a farm community and I really think it's interesting everything you and others go through to make a living. I have great respect for you all. Also it seems like a very rewarding life and the bond between farmers is awesome. I noticed when someone is in need you all are willing to step up to help one another out. It's great to see.

    15. Michele kuhne

      Not a farmer but i enjoy watching you guys work. I grew up in dairy country but never knew half as much of what goes on out in the fields as i do now.

    16. bobby ford

      not a farmer im interested in farming

    17. Bman

      That’s what she said 14:05

    18. Zoecky W

      Not a farmer. I like the machinery.

    19. Brenda Wilhite

      Not a farmer but used to work on farms when I was young. Miss the good times

    20. The Burnhams

      Not a farmer (but would be, if I could afford to be...) I'll "settle" for "gardener." Enjoy your channel very much! Keepin' it light (and demo'ing equipment, the likes of which we never see here!) Appreciate your work (as does most of America) Even with modern machinery farming is still a very "physical" endeavor (if you don't believe this try runnin' up an' down one o' those grain bins a couple times a day...) Quite apart from the pure physical aspect of the profession (yes it IS..) ---- the mental part....knowing all that stuff (not to mention those Notes...) and long-span local knowledge only available to generational farms to "to boot!" Thanks for making hq videos too!

    21. Nancy Albrecht

      Just fascinated how farming actually works. Technology and skilled trades. Neither had any knowledge. Amazing talent of how things work. We have lost that in our nation.

    22. sjoerd hazenberg

      Ook geen farmer, wel een liefhebber van het soort machines wat jullie gebruiken. Mooi en leuk hebracht. Mag het graag zien. Als je geen Nederlands kunt lezen/begrijpen, probeer ik het nog wel een eer in het Engels. Keep on the good work and videos.

    23. Brian Short

      I am a 76 year old retired herdsman from Gloucestershire in the U.K. I love to be part of what you are doing, I started off in my late teens driving tractors but nothing like the size you have. You bring back good memories when my wife used to bring my tea out to the fields and the children ran wild in the sunshine. My eldest son contracts out to drive big agricultural machinery similar to yours! When it in the blood it surely is something wonderful! 👍 Brian

    24. Lucas Weins

      Not a farmer, I've always been fascinated with planting and harvesting. I currently own my family farm (not running anymore) and enjoy watching the combines come out every fall. When I was in high school many moons ago I worked on a dairy farm as one of my very first jobs.

    25. Billy Dison

      Not a farmer, but have livestock in east Texas. Thinking farming would be just as cool.

    26. kenneth barbee

      Kenneth from Somerville Tn, not a farmer. My grandparents were farmers, I live in the Cotten belt, and one day a few months ago I was watching videos on Facebook and I saw yours and liked it. So I looked at your homepage then I went to KGup and started watching. I run a wrecker service and love tractors and I like the way you service your equipment. I like your show I check everyday for a new video. Thanks for what all you farmers do and keep it between the rows.

    27. Milos. Milo

      I am a truck driver. I find a very interesting what you are doing. And it’s a good way to pass the time when waiting for a load💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    28. AL SPEERS

      This guy never fails to get lots of giggles put of me,especially when everything goes to hell in hand art and he gives us some goofy look,too funny, but farm and country living is good rewarding hard work, but u must have good sense of humor for sure

    29. Terry Taylor

      Not a farmer at this time. I grew up on a farm in Kansas. Parents from Adrian, Minnesota. Lot of Family are hog farmers in southwestern Minnesota. I love to go back and visit beautiful Minnesota. Your videos bring me back there. Thanks so much.

    30. Sweigs10

      I'm not a farmer, but watching your videos not only cause I live in Minnesota, but I also farm on Farming Simulator 2019 where also someone created Modded Map of your farm and fields.

    31. Alan James Hendry

      Was a farmer in 1957 but no more unfortunately. But stay in Swakopmund Namibia. Really cool place.

    32. chris greenhalgh

      Agricultural worker and student in my younger days in UK. Like to see how arable farming is done on a big scale in USA. Also like your presentation skills, keep between the rows

    33. james pitts

      NOT, to see what your life is like...

    34. Adam Ryan Your Creepy Neighborhood Spider-Man

      I’m a farmer

    35. Thomas Lohrman

      Yeah, I totally understand. Those cabs with so much glass are like a greenhouse. As soon as the sun goes away, they cool off nicely. I'm not a farmer, but... My grandpa was and my brother is. I have spent a lot of time on equipment. I also worked for a farmer in the area while I went through college.

    36. falconaviator1

      Worked on a 1,100 cow dairy farm and my friends 400 head angus beef farm for few hrs. I’m a pilot now and still enjoy tractors and farm stuff.

    37. Ron Grace

      I used to be a farmer but years ago and I missed it but I started making car parts for custom cars and worked until I retired

    38. Anthony Gackle

      Grew up on a farm/ranch up here in South Central Montana. And I started watch cuz I heard good things about you and wanted to see for myself

    39. John Hopkins

      Hey, how come you never talk about how moist the soil is? I can see water in the video, but you never mention it. ;)

    40. Niki Morgan

      Farmer in NW Iowa

    41. Mark Perlinger

      Not a farmer. Healthcare professional, retired. Always wanted to be a farmer, but never had the land and the 1.2 million dollars it takes up front, to make it profitable. Enjoy watching a multigenerational family do it right!

    42. Dave Neadle

      Not a farmer. But love to watch

    43. Dakota Roark

      no i my not

    44. Kevin Hunter

      Not a farmer but I find your videos entertaining especially the how to videos on how to fix things I do however have a cattle farm that I live on

    45. kevin wittstruck

      i used to be a farmer son

    46. Jaco Du Plessis

      Use to farm back in South Africa, working for Olsen Custom farms know in Hendricks, Minnesota.

    47. Ted Grimes

      Im not a farmer but have always wanted to be. Love big tractors.

    48. Andrew Thomas


    49. Jason Doerksen

      Diesel mechanic wishing I was a farmer. I watch this channel to see what a farmers life is on a day to day bases, learn some things about the equipment you use, and also it's entertainment. You're quite funny too which helps

    50. Justin T

      Not a Farmer, Been watching all of your videos for a couple of years now. I do work for a large agriculture food processing company (ADM). Love to see the process that take place before we see it. Also, since I am watching this video a year after it was posted love how you keep looking forward to 2020 know what 2020 has for us.

    51. Billy Smith

      I am not a farmer. Why Im I watching you.1- I love your sense of humor.2- I was told to come see you be the Larsons. 3-I love to see you face and deal with problems. 4-Did I tell you I love your sense of humor. 5- I have dealt with a large farm community for 27 years, I am a retired Lt. Paramedic, dealt with many, many farm accidents, grain bin rescues, arms & legs in small augers, and some pretty large ones, PTO entanglements, roll-overs, combines vs train, combine fires, tractor fires, stubble and crop fires. I can tell you this from what I have witnessed. The Farming community is a family that I have had the chance to admire from a distance and many, many times close up. You may not see it, but you are all knitted tight together. Wether from across the field, across the county, or from across this great country. You all are highly knitted. Seams to me you are in a brotherhood. Like me in my field of service that I once was apart of, retired now 9 years. I love (like my field) to see a child relish in a fathers teachings and passing on what he knows (farming, crops, weather, land conditions) to you, who are so willing and wanting to learn, what he has given his life doing, this also applies to his and your wives and children. Because of the effort, work, learning and a life time of seeing and passing on, down falls, hard times. I so admire what you do, what your dad does, what you, are teaching your children, admirable. 6-Have I mentioned, Love your sense of humor? 7- In every thing you do, no matter the situation, you solve the problem and move forward. In what I used to do, we do the same thing, under slightly different situations. I am proud to have served my community. I have the same pride in what you do for yours.

    52. Randol Guidry

      We farmed for many years when I was younger. Im 64. I grew up where there were no air conditioning machines and we were lucky to have power steering. I enjoy seeing how far things have come today with all this new massive equipment.

    53. Tim Steager

      No but love the the videos

    54. Jason Marchadour

      Not a farmer Grandpa was, couple Uncles

    55. Joe France

      I grew up on a farm but don't farm now. I get my farming fix from watching you. Keep up the great work and stay safe!

    56. Brian Gerring

      I’m a ex dairy farmer , I’m interested I the machines you use , I’m from New Zealand , we say from down under , you possibly have not heard of , down beside Australia , I’m impressed with the types of machines you use and how well you look after them . Cool lil family you have , the amount of hours you work to harvest , well done .

    57. Sam Golboch

      Not a farmer but want to be one soon

    58. Don’s DIY’s

      Not a farmer. But love your videos.

    59. MadStudio Too

      Not a farmer, just a Cidiot from Canada that just can’t get enough ...hence why I’m watching 2019 harvest in 2020. Keep up the great work.

    60. Kevin Helgerson

      Not a farmer but worked for a few. Never got to do field work much, always had to do the milking. So watching your videos kinda makes up for it.

    61. obxboyoo

      Not a farmer but grandfather was and I like the equipment

    62. Paul

      I am not a farmer. I am an electronics technician and software developer. Some of my customers are farmers, and they are the best and most interesting people I have ever met. Your whole lifestyle is so different to that of us city people. There is such a huge different science in farming that I never knew about before and it is people like you who have educated me on that,. And what 10 year old city boy gets to drive tractors tractors and all kinds of cool things? Maybe in another life, if there is such a thing, I hope that I could be a farmer's son.

    63. Ryan Pavlosky

      Not a farmer but I am a gardener i like farms and the equipment ive wanted a farm since i was 12

    64. Lackey DeHackey

      Not a farmer. Used to live in Warrenville, IL next to Fermi Lab when I worked at Bell Labs in Naperville. Surrounded by corn. Used to watch Orian Samuelson on WGN-TV. Learned quite a bit from farmer's son colleagues about farm life. I guess the reason is reconnection. You put fuel in my tank and food for my food. Most people have no idea of what you do and go through or your values. I feel for you when Onyx drove that tractor filling in for his grand dad. My grand dad was a chemical engineer (one of the first in the USA) . I got his genes but I was electrical and software not chemical. BTW , what made Becky want to be a farmer's wife? They are special. You ever eat soybean burgers?

    65. Chris Hancock

      Not a farmer. However, grew up working on a few local farms as well as helping out on the farm that is run by the school bus contractor that I work for.

    66. james pitts

      Made it to the end,,,not a farmer,,,, like to watch the people that FEED AMERICA ! ! !

    67. Rose White

      machines are always breaking down! We are going backwards.

    68. Rose White

      1:48 that DEW is what GOD designed Earth to be watered with. Research shows the dew can be 4 inches per year - plenty enough to sustain a good growth of grass for a the lions and TRex to eat.

    69. JacktheTurkey

      I'm not a farmer and I'm watching because farming simulator 19 got me interested in it.

    70. C Stilwell

      i am a farmer we have cattle wright now he are cuting hay

    71. Brad Powell

      I come from a family have severe allergies so couldn’t do it as a professional standpoint . Miss being on the tractors an combines. Am a professional truck driver now

    72. L K

      Made it to the end... Not a farmer currently (unless you feel FS19 counts), but I have worked on farms various times throughout my life, and have been around them for most of it. I watch your channel because I enjoy the farming world, but am not working on one at the moment. Also, you do a great job with explaining things, and making it enjoyable to watch. It brings more realism to FS19 as well, which is never a bad thing...

    73. Travis Freireich

      Not a farmer but believe it or not I play Farming simulator 19 and by watching some of these videos it help to figure out what’s needed and what’s not needed to run my farm on the game

    74. Kevin Stearn

      I am not a farmer my dad was but its interesting to see how u farm out there I am from England and your videos are interesting

    75. Frances Roppel

      We are farmers from Ontario canada

    76. Neil Aggen

      Not a farmer but made it to the end. I find it very interesting watching different farming videos and how things are done. For some reason, I find it very soothing to watch harvesting videos the most plus dairy farming. Really enjoy seeing Onyx driving the grain cart tractor and the joy on his face as he's doing it. Would love to see more of Mrs. MFer behind the wheel as well.

    77. Mr. I don' Like Showing My Name

      Not. I like the engineering aspects of your work.

    78. Carl Fabricius

      i am a farmer from denmark

    79. Tyler Geary

      I watched this to the end and i am a farmer and watch all the videos

    80. Noah Schellinger

      I am a farmer I watch you and four other farming channels

    81. russcelt1

      I'm not a farmer. But I grew up on 120 acre (100 acres tillable) Michigan farm during the late fifties through the sixties. It only took my dad a few years to figure out that that amount of ground was not enough to make a viable income. So he went to work for the Michigan State University (MSU) Extension Service. I lived on the farm until '69 when I went off to the Air Force. The first video of yours I saw was about fall tillage. I like your style and sense of humour. The machinery has come a long way since the '50s.

    82. Holloway Farm

      Rice Farmer! We practice harvesting in the mud just for fun. 😁

    83. Allen Wagener

      I was born and raised on a small diary farm 40 miles w of Mpls/St Paul. Left in 1960 at 18 yo and never came back to live. Now in retirement I wish I would have returned, so I am happy that your videos are available to folks like me. Be safe and keep up the good work.

    84. yankeecaptain 66

      Not a farmer old logger just like big equipment..

    85. Carson Hundt

      I’m a farmer

    86. Todd Croan

      Not a farmer but love to watch the videos, I have been around farming most of my life.

    87. Stealthcon69

      Not a farmer I've always been interested in it

    88. Ron Omdalen

      I was born and raised on a farm I miss the field work part, we were dairy I do not miss the milking part I would have loved to run equipment like you have now, I was brought up with with a 2236 McCormick deeding and a farmalll H loose hay and corn binder, we had considered a big farm for the times 160 acres ,so that's why I enjoy your videos keep up the good work

    89. Mark Green

      Not a real farmer but a virtual farmer

    90. Glenn Morehead

      Another job where people are unappreciated on a breaker bases and needed to have thank you for Were being a farmer without you would all starve

    91. Glenn Morehead

      Back here again yes truck driver for the United States Postal Service are yet the drive all night long to get the mail through like you guys drive all night long to get the harvest through thank you for your participation

    92. Glenn Morehead

      I'm a truck driver from New Hampshire it showed up on my phone one day I was interesting and the latest technology and farming in your broadcast of your KGup channel is very interesting thank you very much

    93. Teagan Saxton

      Not a farmer. Got into farming because I live in the middle of Iowa and I love seeing them workin the fields. I am a Case guy but l love John Deere.

    94. Kevin Hyde

      Those plug ins are junk

    95. Lance Muuss

      Modern technology nothing but problems

    96. Clayton McCollum

      I know I’m late to seeing this video, I just subscribed to your page about two months ago and been in the process of watching all your videos, but I’m a full time horse trailer builder and part time farmer and it’s pretty cool to see how other farms work compared to ours here in NorthEast Indiana

    97. ThatGuyAbe724

      I am a farmer. Not in the scale like y’all, but our 146 acre farm still has plenty of work to do all year round. I would love to try my hand at working a farm in the scale like y’all have. Great videos keep them coming.

    98. Glenn Koproske

      I have farmed corn & soybeans in east central Illinois Iroquois County. But since retirement we rent the ground out. I watch because your weather window is much tighter.

    99. Noah Holian

      i made it to the end and i am a farmer we bale hay watch it when we are waiting for it to dry

    100. Ian Chandler

      I'm not a farmer but would like to get on a farm to work