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    Collection of recent jackpot handpays on high limit Huff n Puff slot machine.
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    1. Ryan Balls

      Awesome, thanks for sharing guys

    2. T Black

      Awesome run!!

    3. Kim Burke

      Good pays 💰

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS


    4. Nixon Marks

      Why don’t he talk are nothing getting hand pays with no Reaction

    5. Joshua Reynolds

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    6. Holly Haugen

      Btw.. first time i seen all spots with houses.. WTG..

    7. Holly Haugen

      Kudos on a great Run . Huff and puff is a hard game to win at..

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        Ridiculously hard, it was easier when they first installed it, now it rarely bonuses.

    8. Linda Hunter

      Thanks that was great to watch x

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        Glad you enjoyed it

    9. NN slot have fun!!

      Awesome 👏 win. Congratulations 🎉

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        Thanks so much!!

    10. Mr Antlers

      Awesome video.. roughly how many different visits didnit take to get this many Jpots? Thanks

      1. Mr Antlers

        @NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS thanks appreciate the reply.. Keep up thr great vids

      2. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        I think 3 or 4

    11. Mid Atlantic Slots

      Dang that's how it's done. Awesome

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS


    12. Casino Gambler 777

      I subscribe to your channel please subscribe to my channel also lets us support our videos love your winnings go winn more $$$

    13. Rodney Roberts

      Awesome wow👏👏👏

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        Thank you! Cheers!

    14. Mike 50 cal.

      What was your total for the day?

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        That's over a bunch of different days

    15. Lisa Jackson

      Took me most of the video to figure out you weren’t the one chuckling at the end of the bonus🤦🏽‍♀️ congratulations on the jp’s

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS


    16. Jerry Schulze

      These hand pays didn’t happen all in one day!!!

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        Nope. I wish. This is a compilation.

    17. J. K.

      Great run on Huff N ' Puff!!

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS


    18. Kim Burke

      What great hand pays 💵💰💵 Well done 😊

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS


    19. Angel Landa

      That was the best video on slots that I’ve ever seen

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        haha thanks!

    20. Rich R.

      Nice! Congratulations! Thanks for the upload!

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        Thanks for watching!

    21. Panna Chawangkul

      Looks like you are having a great time wining. I enjoy watching your channel, get to the bonuses, no wasting time. Congratulations!

    22. P.B.A Greg Gunter

      No offense,I'm sorta tired of the huff and puff videos😤😤. Nice wins though

    23. Rose Willet

      Thank you for sharing your video and all the wonderful wins!

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        Thanks for watching!

    24. offiehead JLC

      That was an awesome video. You are the only person I have ever seen get a full board. Keep up the good work

      1. offiehead JLC

        NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS good job and I enjoy all your videos

      2. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        Thanks! Actually think I got it a couple of times.

    25. steph mclellan

      Your officially my new huff n puff hero lol. Great Job!!!

      1. steph mclellan

        Yes very much so lol

      2. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        haha, I think that's an accomplishment, right?

    26. willie

      Thanks for the videos but damn, these small jackpots do give us some doparmine in our brains for a few moments, and then with an average of $20-25 per spin, the games just bankrupted us and left behind a tons of W2Gs to take care during tax season.

      1. NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS

        lol very true

    27. Michelle White