We Tried EVERY Pringles Flavor

Good Mythical Morning

3,2 млн көрүүлөр366

    Today, we're eating every flavor of Pringles! GMM #1854
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    Try Rhett & Link’s top 4 Pringles and let us know YOUR favorite!
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    күнү жарыяланды 3 ай мурун


    1. Hudson Hill

      Y’all haven’t had the Korean Pringle’s trusttt they have shrimp gumbo and Stuff

    2. Daphna Czako

      I'm sad there was none of the tortilla flavors...

    3. MadSorcerer

      Hands down the real winner is bbq. If you disagree that just means more for me and I'm down

    4. Jhordn

      Wait, my favourite paprika isn’t here?

    5. PearCoin124

      the mushroom pringles is bad but almost everything else is cool

    6. Maitane Arsa

      Wait... What about Paprika? Thai rice? Curry rice?? Don't you have them in the US??

    7. Careless Dreamer

      i really enjoy the chedder and sour cream Ruffles, but i've never tried the Pringles variant, i'll have to keep that in mind

    8. Sagitarrius A*

      Imagine if linkneal just kept saying: "it is nothing to me" while eating consecutively pringle chips, more specifically every type of pringle chip.

    9. AnimeCentral101

      Salt and vinegar is my favourite

    10. D S

      Where are my Pizza Flavored Pringles Fans? Anyone? 🙋🏻‍♀️

    11. Motter Welon

      Another Episode of Link looking like a Lesbian .

    12. Freekje den Turk

      where is the bell peppr flavour? Its the most famous in the Netherlands I'm pretty sure

    13. Brickyard Bois

      Rhett: 68?

    14. Alexander Harris

      Link was like the Simon Cowell of Pringles

    15. Ursula Georgeson

      I love GMM but I miss the days of inventive content... the neverwet, silly walking, chemistry set playin kind of days. Now all they do is food and drink to excess. It doesn´t feel like they´re having as much fun, it used to be like watching Waynes World IRL! Still enjoy their presence, just miss the pre-analytics content.

    16. Anthony Williams

      That is not all of them

    17. Özge Akalın

      Is it just me or the beard guy really look likes Aamir Khan ?

    18. Matt Hunter

      A car dealership by my house sells ketchup lays, not sure if they custom order them or something but i dont think its canada only

    19. Michael Lomju

      Wow iove pringles

    20. Seth Norvell

      Pringles more like dinner Holy cow thats alot of pringles

    21. Elijah Jakobsen

      They're subtle because most of the dust is on the underside of a pringle. Complete noobery going on here

    22. Basile49130

      What ?! What about - Rice Fusion Chicken Tikka Masala, - Emmental, - Mushromm, - Wasabi, - Sweet Paprika (a classic in France), - Rosbeef and Mustard, - Nacho cheese I think you tasted half of the flavor guys.


      Honey mustard Pringles are lowkey under rated

    24. Anna Aleksandrovska

      Did I miss something or they didn't try Bacon and Paprika flavours, the ones I have on a regular basis haha. If you've already touched 'only available in Canada', could include more international flavours. Still not EVERY single flavour sorry.

    25. Sune Andersen

      Funny they did not include my favoroite the one with pepper, we have them in denmark :D so idk y they were not there

    26. Parker Thiede

      Do Oreos

    27. SuperSpongebobSam

      We tried every diareah on earth for views

    28. Fabio Ramos

      funny fact: Canada is not the only country with Ketchup Pringles.. France was it too

    29. Jeremiah Coleman

      I'm so mad.. BBQ Pringles are the best Pringles.

    30. Yomaxer 57

      Si papa!!!!!!

    31. Michael Burke

      Buffalo Ranch was a game changer of a chip for me

    32. Ares

      Whoever's speaking behind the camera...I have a huge crush on her...

    33. NooBy X

      We love rhett and link

    34. Piper wren

      I like sour and onion cream

    35. Jesus is MySavior

      If they turned the chips upside down and ate it, it woulda make a whole lotta difference, cause you’re able to taste the flavor more that way.

    36. VexSean

      They couldn’t put the Pringles in their mouths by themselves

    37. Peter Harris

      Link finally got his cheddar chips lol

    38. TheFraternization

      Hahahaha as soon as they said rotisserie chicken I had the same reaction I was like WHAT?? Excuse me?? How you put that in a chip 🤣

    39. Sloppy joe 3607

      I LOVE the xtra flavor jalapeño

    40. iDiamondArtz™ // Mihai V.

      My fav is salt and pepper, best flavour ever

    41. Tim

      Where are the Rice fusions?

    42. Kaleo Barnes

      The wavy barbecue one is my favorite chip, don’t let em fool you. That chip is something special.

    43. amgad osama

      Best Lays flavor?

    44. Trent Weeks

      BBQ is the best Pringle hands down

    45. Ilona SCarrot

      in Ukraine we have: classic, cheese, sour cream & onion, bbq, paprika, bacon, cheese & onion. these are the ones you can buy in supermarket. you can find few others in specific shops, but other than that you can have only those basic flavors i wrote earlier. i’m confused that in this episode when trying ALL flavors, i haven’t seen neither paprika nor crab. how this is possible? you have 4 variations of salted ones, but don’t have paprika or crab or bacon

    46. geo pap

      I beleve you should do an International Chip Taste test !

    47. Danielle King

      As usual, Link's ridiculous scoring system always cracks me up. 😂

    48. christian goscha

      The flavor side is on the top! Experience the flavor on the other side!!!!

    49. santie

      where are the foreign flavours?? i know many more flavours then this!

    50. Andrew Cravens

      how could they miss the Korean flavors like seeweed

    51. Slunk Lord

      Yeah I'm not surprised with the score they gave the Baconator pringles. They also did a taco truck series a few years back, and one of them was a cheeseburger flavor. Most disgusting flavored chip I've ever had,

    52. John Robinson


    53. Acidic zIvy

      What about those dessert ones like vanilla or whatever it was

    54. Felony Melody

      This is not every pringles. We have Tikka masala, Teriyaki chicken and Doner kebab flavour where I live. I love the Doner Kebab one haha

    55. ks freaks

      Pringles Fusion Chutney are really good should have tried those

    56. THECHRISG510

      What about the tortilla version

    57. StickEFingaZ


    58. fall guy 123

      Its crisp not chip! And its chips not fries!

    59. I'm a Rat

      AYO where you buy that baconater Wendys

    60. Benjy Briggs

      Do Americans get Pringle gorilla style

    61. Landon Johnson

      Do a "We Tried Every Flavor of Little Bites" video!!!

    62. exotic


    63. Dizzle •

      GMM mustttttt be one of the most successful yt channels. They’re still on top and have been for years

    64. Zac C

      Thats not all of them

    65. My Self

      You guys need to do every flavour of coca cola

    66. Zarmelad

      It frustrates me that they are eating them upside down... the flavoring is suppose to go toward your taste buds, google: “the correct way to eat a pringle” if you don’t believe me then start experiencing these chips correctly.

    67. Krackle

      They didn’t eat all of em cause they forget sweet onion,Thai sweet chili, and cheese and onion

    68. Hazmatx220

      i see red still looks like a caveman

    69. Womping Wizard

      You forgot some...

    70. Cal Ripplebear

      I only ever eat their original. Because every other flavor is loaded with all these artificial ingredients.

    71. Anton maaninka

      Fun fact, you missed Salt & Pepper pringles.

    72. Alex Griffin

      I like how link actually gives bad chips a bad score.

    73. Hudson Thomas

      “Canadeens” Yes I’m using that now😂

    74. Danny Spiezio

      Rhett looks like he’s from the Key & Peele sketchy landlord sketch

    75. Barrothmaster452

      sour cream onion is the best

    76. Dylan

      why does Rhett look like a viking

    77. Z0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EM

      Sour cream and onion all day!

    78. TangerineMusic

      Doesn't Pringles like have much much more stranget flavours than this?...

      1. Manfester

        Yes like sweet corn

    79. Chops.Riddim

      Missed so many flavours😕

    80. M - Jump

      I found a Pork chop and Mustard flavor

    81. Dustin Davis

      Honey mustard is my favorite

    82. Veljko Radonjic

      Once you pop, you just cant stop . -Pringles

    83. Landon Norris

      Y’all gonna give credit to @proZD for the idea? He’s done this and a ton of other snack?

    84. Abdullrahman Hassan

      There was only one pringles flavor I didn’t find in these categories and it’s called mystery flavor

    85. Ohh! MG

      I love how Stevie giggles at a 69 rating.

    86. Secretfalcon l

      Salt and pepper Pringle’s

    87. Matteo Banman

      Where is pizza flavour

      1. bella


    88. that one other guy

      there´s a bbq and cheddar flavor I´m pretty sure

    89. XxHenry ThE EpicxX QWERTY

      I love you

    90. Angel Martinez

      8:20 .....

    91. Gvido Valdmanis

      3:33 what was that about? I dont understand

    92. Angel Martinez

      theres actually now a scorching category you guys might need to do it again.

    93. Dave Matthew

      They got rid of kickin chicken taco that was the best flavor

    94. Conner Locke

      I have not known anyone to like the baconator pringles 😂

    95. Chiken EU

      the dual 69 do be cracked tho...

    96. JabTrill

      Pizza pringles are so good

      1. Puglife1738 BLR

        Ehhh they are but after awhile the aftertaste is weird

    97. Great Dane

      I love original

    98. David Camp

      ayo wheres my Kickin' chikin' taco at

    99. Grant Kauffman

      I loves waves!

    100. Secret Femboy

      pringles in the 90s: “once you pop you can’t stop” opium in the 2000s: *once you pop you can’t stop*