Killer Dolphins Keep Attacking!

Scott Martin

73 миӊ. көрүүлөр25

    These Big Dolphins could be Problem. I join Capt. Brock and Capt. Austin on the west coast of Florida for some fishing.
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    1. the_italianbombshell

      "Killer" 🐬..... Umm where? You're just feeding them lol. Now, the shark...... Bull Sharks are nothing to mess with... I should know, my Bull Shark just turned 17 and graduates in May!! SWFL... Go Bull Sharks!!!!

    2. Tim Damico

      I been binge-watching your channel for a week... This by far was the funniest/craziest video I have seen!!!! Love your channel....

    3. patrick rasmusson

      Who won the shark or killer flipper

    4. John Feola

      Awesome fishing video but the Bloomberg adds have to go one was enough didn’t need to see six

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s terrible!!!!

    5. David Brown

      That guy looks like Scott Martin.And sounds like Scott Martin.

    6. Sosa Cloud

      Pls go to Sebastian Inlet use 1.5 , 2 oz jig outgoing tide on the north jetty get u a 45 donkey

    7. never stop fighting

      Throwing the fish stuns it im sure you know.

    8. Angel Marandola

      Why is he shakeing the fish that seems cruel

    9. Thomas de los Santos

      Ain't no damn suitcase that big needed for a 1 nighter. There is a body in there for sure. Waiting till dark to add the concrete boots. 🤐🤐😂

    10. Victor Garza

      Looks like fun! Just like here in South Texas...Arroyo City!

    11. R Boyd

      Killer Dolphin be like... One false move n yer mine..😂😂😂😂

    12. Bob Ham

      No to click bait.... Don't do stupid thumbnails

    13. Austin Randolph

      Next video title..”SPINNERWORM RIDES A DOLPHIN” I think that would be one for the history books

    14. Timothy Collins Guitar

      Where is this?

    15. mohunter68

      If Largemouth Bass got as big as a dolphin or a shark..............Nobody would be safe in the water, especially water skiers. Bass would be picking them off like a buzzbait!!

    16. Lulu Brown


    17. Brian Fitzpatrick

      Thanks for the video. Looks like fun

    18. Thomas Jeffery

      Click Bait!

    19. Mark Hussey

      Dolphins will not harm you unless it's killer whale (which is a large Dolphin)

    20. steven herzog

      Had to subscribe, why is it I had not seen any of your videos before. Keep it exciting

    21. Aeredhael Redfalen

      Dolphins: "Catch and release? More like catch and release INTO MY BELLY!"

    22. Dale Wise

      Guys guys guys! Dolphins are learning to hang near boats, kayakers and I recently spoke with a wade fisherman who also had been stalked. Law requires us to release out of slot/season fish. Dolphins have learned they can get an easy meal as a result. My buddy and I took to putting “illegal” fish in the live well. (We hope we’ll never get busted for having those fish on board for a few minutes)Then running a short distance to release them. I love dolphin but I’m not out there to feed them! Now that I fish from a kayak they can ruin my morning. I’m trying to find some way of running them off without hurting them or scaring away the fish I’m targeting.

    23. Richard Green

      You needed some cherry bombs with a rock taped to it.

    24. DD Yodaman

      Now boys playing with your food lol

    25. Hainero2001

      Haha! Who else caught the Hook reference? "Looky looky. I got Snooky!" ("Hooky" in the movie).

    26. Dan Richard Fishing

      OK that was insane! The fishing looked like a blast but the dolphin and shark messing with you guys was crazy, I would have been freaking out lol

    27. Ravi Jayson Dwarku

      Wow..was an amazing video..i love this..n yes true this moon is just awesome for fishing..i started to catch my 1st big bass only on the 12th and ive been fishing everyday since 30Dec..but not fishing is getting crazy..true..Thanks for this wonderfull video..God bless you n your familly bro


      13:11 😄😄

    29. M14 Rifleman

      You should have kept some of your catch instead of feeding that dolphin.

    30. OFF Fishing

      Little Gasparilla island is my favorite place to vacation great fishing

    31. Larry Barrett

      Dolphins have to eat too... carnivore mammals

    32. Austin Davidson

      That was a crazy video that Dolphin was on fire.

    33. Johnny White

      " Ride the dolphin bro! " 😂 same kind of guys I hang with. Looks like a fun day. Thanks guys.

    34. Kaiden Smith

      How can you stay the night therw

    35. Casey Jarzyna

      Holy cow! Crazy video.

    36. Casey Jarzyna

      Holy cow! Crazy video.

    37. Cade Flowers

      The camp with the green roof is mine

    38. RipLipsTV

      That’s Joel beverleys camp and then my camp is right around the corner with the green roof

    39. KLFER

      Scott were you trying to get the shark to eat? You had many opportunities to land the fish but you didn't. I don't know if that was video editing or what..

    40. Hunter Mcelreath

      Thats when you need waterproof M-60 or a 45...

    41. Another Somebody

      Makes me think of your favorite song Scott. Baby Shark, do do do do do dooo do dooo... baby shark

    42. Zach Whiten

      Love the saltwater fishing videos

    43. jaxton desguin

      Do the shots and Pine Island sound this weekend you should stop by and check it out it’s pretty awesome

    44. jaxton desguin

      I own one of those

      1. RipLipsTV

        jaxton desguin I found your comment

    45. Kyle Maynard

      I know a good spot for some monster bass in port Charlotte the jon boat would be recommended. A bunch of 5 and 6 lb bass not many people fish it cause not many people know you can fish it

    46. TaylorMade Fab

      Where’s your new 42 freeman? Can’t wait to see some fishing off of that thing.

    47. khamkeo khounpachamsy

      Where can I get the info I’m staying in one of the shacks?

    48. Richard Bumpus, CJF

      Reminds me of the sea lions that eat your salmon, outside the golden gate. Sometimes all you reel in are the heads.

    49. Aaron Granger

      Ever try throwing redfish on the half shell to the traeger? Some garlic, butter, and parmesan cheese on top. Pew baw.

    50. Bubba T

      And you threw that second jack right at the dolphin.

    51. Bubba T

      That was bs Scott you coulda got that jack travoli in the boat if you flipped him your using heavy saltwater gear. You literally just wanted to see the shark eat it

    52. Dirty fisherman

      Awsome video

    53. GradertFamilyMakes

      Still with Favorite here eh? Surprising with how they did everyone else in the community.

      1. Wesley Mitchell


    54. Michael Carter

      Great fishing spot, but between the Goliath's and the Dolphins it’s very expensive fishing spot that I only visit when I have company to show them a good time.

    55. RagingRudy

      13:03 - Scott Martin words of wisdom 2020

    56. Frederick Westberry

      Awesome video Scott 👍

    57. frank leaney

      Tarpon? I want to see som Tarpon fishing. My bucket list fish😃. killer dolphin 😜

    58. Linda Jones

      I actually seen the show early this morning that your talking about filming. It was on at 4:00 a.m....called "The Scott Martin Challenge". It was good stuff man. I noticed your using a spinning reel that the same one you used in the show?...cause on the show you commented how your not really into spinning reels.

    59. Linda Jones

      At 12:48 when you threw that fish back in he took off like a bullet out of a gun like his instinct told him there was danger nearby...unfortunately he went the wrong way lol. LMAO at the look on your face...:DON'T FALL IN BRO!" lol

    60. HandiCap Yaj

      Love watching Scott video cause there is always something crazy going on... lol

    61. wildlife explorers

      That top water dolphin attacks were awesome

    62. David Bourdelais

      you should grow your beard out long

    63. FumioFunakoshi

      What are those fish you are catching with the long black stripe? Are they good eating? In the northeast I've never seen one.

    64. Michael Bozarth

      Awesome video Scott. Would love to fish with you on lake Okeechobee one day

    65. Brock Johnson

      Brock has the coolest name ever man! Great video man! Always a pleasure!

    66. Mitchal Green

      Guess he did'nt want you fellas in his fishing hole. 😁.

    67. Neal Scoggins

      I love catching snook but those jacks don’t play!

    68. Laura Scott

      Nice to see SpinnerWorm back in action! Those dolphins were crazy! Cool stuff!

    69. Brian Liverman

      Where did you get that garmin hat?

    70. aidan hayes

      That’s house your at I got ate by a 45 inch snook on a lady

    71. Matt Fields

      Great video as usual Scott. Looks like you are staying with Favorite?

    72. The Angry Bass

      Best looking grill I’ve seen in quite awhile 🍽

    73. Dakota Allen

      Dang that looks so fun! Would've been cooler if Brandon wouldve rode the dolphin tho. Keep up the great work guys!

    74. Gavin Archer

      Hello Scott... great video as usual. I look forward to seeing you at Lake Hartwell in the coming months.

    75. Jacob McIntosh

      I’m still crying laughing after he said it ate that kid like a spook

      1. Raymond Steele

        That hit me hard, literally lol

    76. Freddie Howard

      Love the video 🎣🎣

    77. sc1212able

      Those were female killer Dolphins, they were releasing premenstrual stress.......

      1. Eric Bunch

        Thought it was Pelosi's girls , and their T.D.S.

    78. Просто так рыбалка


    79. Kennedy's Locksport

      Totally unexpected memories are the best lol great fishing

    80. D-Smooth Fishing TV

      Thumbs up 👍 just for Brandon 😁💪🥃👌🥳✅😁😁😁🎣🎣🎣🎣👍👍👍👍👍 Happy New Year 🎈🎊🎆 Bro 😁🥳👍🎣

    81. DG Mills

      Wow, I can't believe how fierce the dolphin was coming after your catches! 🎣🎣🎣

    82. Tim Jolly

      Don't go in the water buddy.

    83. dozer882

      You were in my neck of the woods and you didn't stop and pick me up what gives Scott haha JK 😁

    84. Stanley Shelby

      Was that a dolphin or porpoise? I grew up on SE Texas coast and know how they go for hooked or netted fish-this is way different.

    85. Howard Stout

      Love your show but seen your shirt and seen alot of people hating on favorite rods. Are you still with them?

      1. Steven Rochon

        @Matt Seifert Thanks for the reply. I really think what you said is 100 percent true.

      2. Matt Seifert

        Steven Rochon so I have no dog in the fight but this is just what I’ve observed. Many KGup commenters started to like favorite rods b/c they sponsored the Googans. Now due to a combination of people buying them and realizing they might not be as good as the googans advertised (not sure if they are or not, I don’t own any) but more importantly b/c the googans dropped them they think that they aren’t good anymore. All I can say is never let someone who is getting paid by a company influence your decision. When it comes to rods, your opinion is the only one that matters.

      3. Scott Martin

        Still with them..great rods!!

      4. Steven Rochon

        Just wondering. Why are people starting to hate Favorite?

    86. Deborah Edwards

      My husband has been watching Scott all day.

      1. Jason


    87. Gregory j Graff jr

      What up Scooter and big B awesome stuff as usual

    88. Darrell Gregory

      Freaking awesome! I am in the process of binge watching Scott's channel.


      Scott, what is a pellow?

    90. Daniel Was Taken

      You're an inspiration to many! Keep up the amazing videos! Love you!!

    91. Troy Wydick

      Like that favorite shirt in white Scott not on the website just red and black

    92. Maximum Drifter

      Come on over to the Space coast and catch some huge Black Drum with my Dad Capt. Tom Carver on his Ranger 183 ghost.

    93. Roberto Tourais

      Top Ediction on Top off a Top Creativity. Awesome Video!!..

    94. Rhinotec

      West Matagorda Bay has the same thing happen during the fall redfish run, especially down near Port O'Connor.

    95. Dave Hill

      Lmbo...I'm in Scott. Looks like fun

    96. The Woodshop

      BRANDON where you been?

    97. Rad Reeling Fishing

      Awesome video. They never used to do that. We have the same issue in my area, MAD Dolphins. I think it's because red tide reduced the food supply soooo freakin bad.

    98. Chris gone Fishing

      Scott Martin has inspired me to start my own Fishing channel! I just dropped my First GOOD video i would love some support!! Thank u

      1. Chris gone Fishing

        @Travis Hutchinson yes sir!

      2. Travis Hutchinson

        Just subscribed. Fish for Jesus!

      3. Chris gone Fishing

        @Gavin Archer thank you! I appreciate it!!! A lot!!!

      4. Gavin Archer

        I just subbed... you have my support

    99. James Curry Designs and Boatworks

      Too cool!

    100. Dalton Holloman

      Good vid