Luke Combs - Forever After All (Acoustic)


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    Listen to “Forever After All” out now from Luke Combs’ deluxe album, ‘What You See Ain’t Always What You Get’:

    They say nothing lasts forever
    But they ain’t seen us together
    Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes
    Just a t-shirt in the kitchen
    With no make-up and a million
    Other things that I could look at my whole life
    A love like that makes a man have second thoughts
    Maybe some things last forever after all

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    1. M.V Vlogs

      i never liked country a day in my life till I started talking to this girl and she showed me luke and I been hooked ever since only country singer I listen too

    2. Mikael Brown

      I love this song one of my new favorite country songs

    3. Ryan Woodcock

      I love this dude!!!!...Cant wait to play music with him!

    4. J Rand


    5. Paul Silvestro

      For a second I thought this sounded like forever girl by Jon Langston

      1. Brian Ball

        I can definitely hear it in the beginning

    6. Show Me Bassin

      key words, onley some things last for ever...

    7. Slim Starcraft

      2 freaking guitars and cant even play the main melody? XD what a joke

    8. Benjamin Orkin


    9. Alyssa Hooks

      The acoustic version of this song is everything 😭

    10. Aubrey Dana


    11. Kaden Middleton

      my parents are going through a divorce and this gives me hope of them coming back together

    12. Kaden Middleton

      wow this is AMAZING I almost started crying like if you agree

    13. vince m

      Luke combs is the artist the world needed to remember good country.

    14. Melzy Of Wonderland


    15. D Hoop

      Is that my buddy jake singing backup? Hell yeah!

    16. Melvin Bowman

      No matter what anyone says, Upchurch helped this man's career. And after saying that, this man is proving himself with his music

    17. Nicole Blanchette

      Thank you for your amazing voice!! I love your music so much!!!

    18. Oliver Boyle

      The king himself

    19. Alondra

      Love 🖤

    20. ryan leggett

      ali wong

    21. Lindzy Ruelas

      Another slapper...YEEEYEEE RAISE HELL AND EAT CORNBREAD...just wow. I happen to pull this up on my playlist...nice, we gotta come out for your concert. THIS SONG IS FOR MY KING... I LOVE YOU MORE THEN YOU CAN HAUL IN A SEMI LOVEBUG!!!

    22. Ray Mak

      Wow!! Just wow!!! Your voice.... your accent.... The guitars.... everything is perfection

    23. Brandon Holmes

      Luke I doubt you will see this but, I just lost a friend who loved your music. This song played at his funeral and I can’t stop listening to it. Thank you for producing such great music.

    24. Lee Shive

      For after all our love will last forever long and forever long and more with you with just your t shirt on makes my love even stronger for when we married our liove will last forever more and forever long Tammie Marie you make me so pleased

    25. Misty Arnold

      This is kinda love I share with my love.. We have that unique kinda love that's is FOREVER❤

    26. Mia Smith

      Forever favorite song!

    27. lily mulkey

      god he has saved and helped me through so much.

    28. kennady_ foster

      I love this song

    29. Samantha F. Mattson

      anyone else notice that the very beginning of this song is almost exactly the same as the beginning to forever girl by jon langston?

    30. London Ryan

      What an AMAZING VOICE- And after losing my fiance (he was 43)- this song CRUSHED my heart- but SO TRUE...💔

    31. Pratik Tayade

      Pure country music genre ☀️

    32. Annette Barella


    33. Jaeden Luke

      Guy to the right of Luke looks like Carson Wentz xD Great performance, love this song!

    34. Allison Blevins

      I love this song so freaking much! So beautiful, Luke. Keep it up! Keep giving us sweet, gorgeous and cute songs. We love them!❤️

    35. Cavin Pickering

      It’s Cavin it was my birthday 2 weeks ago

    36. Cavin Pickering

      Good job Luke combs

    37. Cavin Pickering


    38. Cavin Pickering


    39. Justin D

      Lol he looked so annoyed singing the song

    40. Carl Babbitt

      just lost my wife of 20 years to cancer song hits home really hard

    41. V&C Nation

      I swear, you’ve helped my life more than you’ll ever realize. ❤️ you’ve got a soft heart, your voice makes a person smile. Thanks Luke.

    42. Zach the best

      Hi Luke my mom got married on the same day as u and she love your song so much btw she is the one u cometed on her ticktoc

    43. Ana Carolina Praxedes


    44. Tj Anderson

      So much emotion. Main reason why I like artist who write their own songs bc there’s really attachment to the lyrics. The way he hits the chorus after each verse just feels different

    45. The Groovy Guitar Dude

      For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here's how for beginners :) - Standard Tuning - Capo 5th Fret - - Structure of the Song - Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus -Verse Chords and Strum Patterns - C G* D Em* C G* D D* For each non-starred chord, strum: ↓↓↑ For each starred chord, strum: ↓ ↑↓↑↓ - Pre-Chorus Chords & Strum Pattern - Am C/B C C Am C/B C D For each chord, strum: ↓↓↑↓↓↑ - Chorus Chords & Strum Patterns - C G Em D (x2) C D C* D* For each non-starred chord, strum: ↓ ↑↓↑↓ ↑↓↑↓ ↓↑ For each starred chord, strum: ↓↓↑↓↓↑ - Bridge Chords & Strum Pattern - Em C G D For each chord, strum: ↓ ↑↓↑↓ ↑↓↑↓ ↓↑ Hope this helps you out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I just posted a video lesson for this on my channel :)

      1. Ryan Woodcock

        You da man!!

      2. Alexander Kerley

        I use a C add 9 chord, sounds very nice

      3. Patrick Arseneault Patrick Arseneault

        Thanks you man 🤟

      4. Spencer Herren

        Thanks bro. On it. Powerful song.🤘🤘

    46. Stacy Hennessey

      I absolutely love this song!!! I’ve listened to it over and over!! Your amazing and your wife is one of the luckiest women. Thank you for your beautiful music 🦋💙

    47. D. Wingo


    48. steffen fischer

      I Love his Song.!!!! Such a great Guy with a awesome Voice !!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Dustin Rivera

      kevin hart

    50. Samantha Blackmon

      You are pretty amazing. JS.

    51. DecentCheddar

      Literally this is my first time cry when listening to a song. That last part hits me hard...

    52. Mittie O'Brien

      You should drop an album with all of your acoustics😊

    53. josie morris

      i love his music, his voice, and just how deep his songs are. keep it up!!😄


      Luke. We gotta collaborate

    55. Lendell Braña

      I always listen to Luke Combs' songs before going to sleep

    56. Lionel Boyle

      I like the bridge, this music makes. No matter who you are, there's a relation. Music is saved, Love is saved... Thanks Luke!!!

    57. Asayunda Makeup

      Udah lama ga dengerin musik country, pas nemu lagu2 nya luke berasa nostalgia, suka semua lagu2nya 🥺

    58. Keesha Maxwell

      Acoustic hits different 😔

    59. Irina Strih MUSIC

      Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

    60. Alejandro Delgado

      Luke you don't know what your music and lyrics mean to me, I swear you make my life better. Ive been hopeless for a while and you helped me trough. Much love from Cádiz, Spain.

    61. Cathy Ruotolo

      Omg this song!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    62. Nick Cruz

      You are the man, Luke! Keep singing brother! 😎

    63. katrina singer

      This is amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

    64. Karen Fetner

      My husband and I have been together for 41 years and married for 36. ❤️

    65. Pam Speer

      Luke never disappoints ♥️.

    66. Email User

      I thank God im alive to hear this gifted man. He is a powerhouse talent with an absolute MASTERFUL VOICE & LYRICS! OUTSTANDING!!

    67. Nikia Elee


    68. Cobyyyy

      dont forget that he supports trump and IS racist

    69. Dillon A.

      Love how it’s live. The minute imperfections are what makes it for me, you can tell that it’s not ran through a ton of software.

    70. Paige Renee

      i dont get how anyone could ever get tired of his voice. MY LORD. 100% my new favorite song

    71. Jesse

      Great song brother but I had to give it a thumbs down..If it gets too popular, my wife will hear it and she'll know my anniversary poem wasn't as "original" as I implied. lol

    72. wishh CLAN

      what dummies disliked this i tryna throw hands now . . . oh p.s my 100th time listening to this song thanks for making it so good like ur others.. 151th from: jayden.b

    73. Matt Chesney

      This jumped to number 1 for me. Easily my favorite artist

    74. Amanda Athey

      Making me shed tears on my drive to work this morning. Listening to Luke combs live / acoustic gives me chills and I have to say u don't think there's too many things in this world that can do what this music does!

    75. Luke Roberts

      The most humble singer I know god bless u Luke and all of u stay like Luke and stay positive/happy and believe

    76. Aleee

      So you telling me dis bs is the number one song in the world rn?

    77. Christina Stanley

      Man how is this man not gonna take EVERY music award there is for this song 🖤🖤 His talent is simply amazing!!

    78. aleisha biertzer

      I love your new song I have it by heart soon. I know all your songs by heart

    79. Marcus V. A. Flores

      Sir, what amazing song! Well done!! I'm a big fan from Brazil! God bless you, Luke!

    80. Cody Anderson

      Keep it up bud you can do this

    81. Cody Anderson

      Hey buddy hows it goin

    82. Sabrina Clark

      I love you, man.

    83. Abraham wooten

      Love this song, thanks also love, "even though leaving". Lost my dad in april 😞😢🙏🏾. I was born and raised in the country 🤠

    84. Jimmy Ackley

      I like this version better then the studio recording, but Luke's voice is like butter its good whichever way you take it in. Luke's my favorite country singer ever, and I've been around 44 Years

    85. Bridgett Jean

      Man so good. Love the lyrics. Wow amazing! One reason why I love your songs so much is because of you lyrics they are so awesome! I don’t hate any of your songs❤️🇺🇸😁👏👏👏

    86. Tiffany Crowder

      Love 💓 so true

    87. Jordan MacCarthy

      Please release this to Spotify I love acoustic

    88. Carlos Breton

      Here before 500k views

    89. Dan Lepien

      Whoever mixed this, turn the vocals down on the chorus next time Jesus Christ

    90. Izzy Mahn

      Liten to your songs everyday bro. Wrote a song but want to do a collab. #country_life

    91. Wesley McDonald

      He’s literally the best in country music! He sings with so much passion and everyone can relate to most of his songs.

    92. Dallah Bills


    93. Zakashi 420

      How have I only just found this 😱 thank you snapchat 😂🔥

    94. Travis Rogers

      Who thinks the acoustic version sounds better? Cause I do

    95. Jacob Dick

      am I the only one who listens to this song 10x a day?

    96. Austin James

      Never a bad song he can sing!

    97. JoJo Siwa

      Music video next?

    98. Maladd

      You have such an amazing voice, I get goose bumps when I listen too you. Congrats on the wedding, I hope you live a very happy life together!!!

    99. Laura Ghiggia

      It's the perfect lyrics for the meaning of a love song. My soul felt this! My fish is out there.. Lol

    100. Felipe Augusto