Film Theory: DON'T Attack The Titans! (Attack on Titan)

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15 млн көрүүлөр5 088

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    So you'd have us believe it's better to stay living in fear behind some stupid wall for your whole pointless life? And to that I say, yes. Yes it is. And today, I'm going to prove it to Eren and all of you theorists as well. Because the biggest threat humanity face in Attack on Titan is not the Titans themselves, rather humanity's own selfish desire to spread.
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    1. MixerMineSwe

      I Sverige så är det ganska mycket mark som bara är bärg och skog. Oh enyone read this of you want to understand it use Google translate

    2. Sambat2 Rawal

      Matphat should be king

    3. spar bh

      Walls Have More Than Half Countries Area And In AoT's World Its Just An Island LOL

    4. Stick-mation

      I still disagree with the intro

    5. 5harkz

      Eren kirito meliodas cat no r and ren all have the same voice acter and also can you do seven deadly sins film Theory

    6. Games& Anime

      Aot irl The humans are food Humans are the Titans The walls or the pantry, fridge, and grocery

    7. Topladgamer

      Where did the Titans come from *cough* *cough*

    8. Jed & Jen

      “Thirty day free trial for Crunchyroll!” Me: uh... *sees this was 4 years ago* I’m a “LITTLE” bit late.

    9. Monica Kabigting

      Everyone Say #WALLANDCHILL

    10. Viruscage101YT



      I like how I already know all this in 2021

    12. Dhruv C


    13. ALI S

      ya know how it said sweden had a population of 9 mill well chine has one of to 2 billion

    14. Sasuke Uchiha

      Then you realize that the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan has had access inside the walls the whole time 💀

    15. Rider5_0fficial L

      You can make from km³ (ft³) from hectare

    16. Cloud does Stuff

      Add inosuke (from demon slayer) to Bryces resume

    17. steelsamuel 9

      why is everyone suddenly finding this four year old theory

    18. Caleb Rednour

      But the colossal titan and the armored titan are people sooo if you never went outside they would still attack you.

    19. Alec Rubay-Brown

      11:7 no paridis

    20. Dagim Asefa

      If you’ve seen Season 2 then you know that the beast titan can climb over. Major spoilers after this: Marley has Arieal attacks so it wouldn’t matter and in addition the armored and colossal titan are both inside the wall. The

    21. CloudSHMof

      Now that im caught up with the show this is all just to funny

    22. You’re local Straight person

      Madagascar actually where they are at and MANGA SPOILER MANGA DPOILERS falco fly my little bird

      1. You’re local Straight person

        Spoiler spoiler spoiler berthold or how ever way you spell his name could just well how do I say this turn everybody into mashed potatoes

    23. Frost

      9.69 million 69. Heh. Y’all already know.

    24. DefinetlyNotDylan

      u literally can get out of the walls with that segment closed, just have everyone learn how to use odm gear and BOOM

    25. sid bedi

      this aged well

    26. Michelle Chapman

      NO MORE PUN'S!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls no more

    27. Claire Gadsdon

      my theory: did eren give grisha a a blessing when he died

    28. Kapten

      Back when the colossal titan was the final boss how cute

    29. Shadow

      wait wasn’t wall ROSA called wall rose?

    30. kiritos anims

      Ey iz me kirito

    31. DrawMaster115

      The failure in the agrumentt is assuming that there was no other way to take down the wall or attack without taking down the wall.

    32. Rex The Titan

      His description of aot is hilarious

    33. Rex The Titan

      After watching season 4 part 1 I have something to say *NO ITS NOT A GOOD IDEA*

    34. Maya North

      this theory did not age well....

    35. Dwyer 33

      Well this didn't age well

    36. Jaxon Ferguson

      Well.... no considering the Titans broke through wall Maria in the first episode

    37. Crab Cake

      matpat is a marleyan

    38. Joshua Benson

      That’s cute. Back when *ALL WE HAD TO WORRY ABOUT* were Titans. I dare you to think up another theory when the anime reaches its conclusion. I DARE YOU!!

      1. Aeth Alpenglow

        80% of humanity dead, because Eren went with the flow.

    39. Levi Ackerman

      Isn’t there the underground? That’s even more space!

    40. shovah Minecraft

      Never heard it dubbed I vote for subbed :P

    41. master_monstar


    42. Galaxy Gamer

      Why don't you just dig underground

    43. Alexia Fudge

      Wait they aren't allowed to kille the titans also my favourite characters are the shinganshina trio (Eren, Mikasa, And Armin)

    44. Colombian Gamer

      Although im watching this during marley are they get on walls trough odm so no need for gate duh

    45. dragon master323

      wait wait wait wait when you said A-rin i was confused cause i thought it was pronounced E-r-E-n

    46. Ahzaya Mackie


    47. Da MrBean

      aaaaaaaand this theory has been disproved the titans attack in hopes of eating a titan shifter to become human again at the cost of shortening their lifespan to 13 years good theory though matt almost got it

    48. ash the sergal

      By the time the population hits 9mil there will be 1 or 2 new walls, cause the walls in the anime took about 60-100 years

    49. Candart XT

      This theory did not age well with the current info we have😂😂😂

    50. Taylan Woods-O’Neil

      Matpat: starts talking about anime Me: Next your going to say thanks our sponsor crunchyroll

    51. mechanic mad


    52. xinpphelagirl

      Me watching watching this for 10 min Few moments later... doesn’t remember a thing it was talking about

    53. Emron A

      1:47 Hmmmm, that sounds familiar... * *Ba Sing Se intensifies* *

    54. Eldar Kambarov

      im literally using an atak on titan mouse cursor

    55. Jeanette van Rhyn

      meh: oh on oh no you broke my Brian with math soon I trun retarded . vagen teacher:become vegan Meh : ah f#ck I can't believe you have done this haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    56. Benix Green One

      Its all wall and chill til s4 shows up

    57. Benix Green One

      Its all fun and games til eren touches zeke

    58. Fabian Mol

      Humans are like chips for titans you eat one and you cant stop eating Heheheh

    59. This is My name

      Its nice to watch these theories now that attack on titan ended

    60. Querneu

      a hectare is 10000 m²

    61. gaming chair

      America dubs Japan's anime India dubs America's dubbed anime into Hindi

    62. Gun Gon

      Film t:Wall Maria Me:is pronounce Mer-ria

    63. Varun Mahajan

      this is so dumb after the later seasons....

    64. Kawaii_Shy EmoChick

      crazy fact: the Titans don't want to eat people they are just humans who want to go back to being themselves, so they have to eat the Titan shifters, unfortunately they don't know how that is so they just eat the people they see it hopes of them being a Titan shifters. I know🤯

      1. SonicVenom829

        Talk about a spoiler warning.

    65. Brex _667

      it's not shown in season 1, but the island where they're on looks very similar to madagascar, madagascar having 587,000 km^2 of land

    66. jacobfour roblox

      how is he this smart (also im like 5 years late)



    68. Maria_Gacha K

      Wait, I'm a wall in AOT?

    69. JP Boiyy

      What about seeing the world

    70. Tan Men

      Lol he had to make the kirito joke

    71. Rico Arces Sr

      Sub anime is good because your gonna learn the language of japanese.

    72. Safara Cunningham

      Cry's in chapter 139

    73. Andres ksatria Faturrahman


    74. Deric Lam

      Title:Don't attack the titans Eren:And I took that personally

    75. milking cow suprise

      This theory did not hold up...

    76. charlie liao

      lol watching this in 2021, would be a better story if they just listened to matpat

      1. SonicVenom829

        Yeah, it would be an interesting concept.

      2. charlie liao

        @SonicVenom829 hmm never checked on that but I meant if the theme of the show changed to "stay in the wall", and the ending made the survey corps looked that idiots, would love a story like that.

      3. SonicVenom829

        Well, matpat actually got some stuff wrong in the theory, relating to the farmland and possibly the population size.

    77. phantomexists

      matpat is always wrong

    78. the running man

      You should cover attack on titan again since the new season got released

    79. nejko kitarist

      i'm dub watcher

    80. DarCar FV

      U should come back to this now that aot is over

    81. Jerry Aezriel

      I watch I watch the Attack on Titan final season

    82. Mystoria

      Btw its not wall Rosa it Rose

    83. NUGGET

      bruh u have it in dub u actually breaking weeb rules

    84. shmexy titan

      Omg the English kina scared me at first,, ngl

    85. Kaleb Marcus

      You were in a Mr beast video

    86. Omar MNAIMNE

      Wall Cina more like John Cina

    87. RJ0315 G

      Is it sad this is one of the first times I’ve heard dub for attack on titan imo the dub sucks compared to sub

    88. wolvymc

      can we just appreciate that Sweden and Paradis island actually look pretty similar

    89. thunderdrae

      Until the funny monkey attacks'.

    90. Zico Zicowo

      Technically the beast titan can just climb up the wall and... you know

    91. 龍RyuKim김

      MatPat: "Stay inside the walls." Bert & Reiner: "Haha, colossal and armoured titan go brrrr~"

    92. Phantomous_Author

      If they stayed then can't the colossal titan just throw titans over the walls

    93. pickle plays


      This age well

    95. mason

      Wth I got a 1hour long as b4 this video

    96. Kermit Productions

      Thought this was a film theory not a big brain math show

    97. am banana

      Ahhhhhhhhh you got me all dirty

    98. That girl who loves Anime KATELYN

      Some dub anime is not bad

      1. hats

        i agree

    99. Brian Landi


    100. nam e puthpong

      Yo its time for another AoT theory?