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    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I'm so disappointed that you guys thought you could hide Lady Dimitrescu from me. Big vampire lady is too big to stay hidden for long...

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    1. wizarddemon 5000

      Wait she's pretty ............ For me is creepy

    2. Darius Iordache

      Dud that laidy is a romanian

    3. random-acount_ idk69 •-•

      sorry mark i didn't know

    4. Seerkamban Elangovadikal

      Whenever I'm feeling depressed, I'll click on this video and just laugh at Markiplier's horniness towards Lady Dimitrescu.

    5. Yvain Callipso

      There is an actual Russian model, who I'm pretty sure is an Olympic medalist in basketball, who is almost 7 feet/2 metres tall and makes the most AMAZING cosplay of her. Her name is Ekaterina Lisana and oh lord... She's magnificent.

    6. Korey Suzuchi

      Mark: “any part of that body of that woman can crush me” Amy in the other room: ಠ_ಠ

    7. Noah Mahoney

      This should be titled "I want to be dominated by an 8 foot tall vampire woman"

    8. SmartCookie 101

      So is he gonna play the demo? There is a demo...right? I'm not wrong....mmm right? Also, she's 9'6" tall!!?? How does she get anything done? Maybe I'm thinking about it wrong, but does she need all of her furniture made especially for her height!?

    9. Golden Kingyo

      You seem even more excited that she has Freddy Kruger hands along with being 9 foot something... Also we think you are short ig?-

    10. William Carrier

      0:44 a man of culture right here

    11. Aaron Hendrix

      Oh fantastic. Mark went from the king of the squirrels to a masochistic simp.

    12. I never existed

      Sad thing is if I really tried I could look just like her 😔 except not 8 ft tall

    13. ujimass

      3:18 I expected a funny reaction from him when he sees her, and he delivered

    14. Lucas Cardoso

      Death by snoo snoo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    15. LegoSam 20

      The first time I saw Mark’s poggers face, I can tell it’s gonna be a good game.

    16. The Lydmyster

      I wonder how Mark will feel when he kills Lady Dimitrescu.

    17. Speedy Arrow

      Capcom released her height. She is 9 ft 6 inches

    18. GingerChic87

      I love that he apologized to Amy in the video, like she didn’t know what she was getting into.

    19. GoodOnKill

      Just randomly come back to this video and see if Mark wanna make another drama of this as more trailer and gameplay released. And also the castle demo.

    20. Athena Hennah


    21. Music Box tunes

      Mark? You okay there buddy?

    22. LadyCartoonCritic

      I cant wait to watch him play this

    23. Lorresa Knights

      I swear, if the ending of the game was that you have to kill Lady Dimitrescue, nobody is going to win

      1. GangrenousGandalf

        Probably killing her after she becomes some nightmare thanks to the G-Virus.

    24. Ti Klim

      Everyone is going gaga over this nasty character.

    25. Maito Galio

      I'm looking forward to you Mark to play this RE8 because you're a brave boy😏😏😏😏

    26. DigitalPorygon2

      so mark you have a thing for Vamps

    27. Master_Waffle

      no one's gonna talk about 3:36

    28. Nico Black

      Is anyone going to tell him about the demo?

    29. T. Halay

      can't wait to play

    30. Mad Sand

      Fun fact mark: those three girls are her daughters. Including the bug swarm lady

    31. Ps4ify

      What’s her @

    32. Kimmy Gerding

      hey mark there is a demo for it apparently:)

    33. Farah Sumlin


    34. Ka Mc8

      play it

    35. MandyDandy-02

      Me to myself no way is Mark geeking over a fictional character for seven minutes straight.... 6+ minutes of simping later ...

    36. Amarreyea Wilson-Brown


      1. King of Illionis

        She's perfect that's why! 😍😍😍

    37. Luckas Silver

      And then Amy bought stilts

    38. iddiot12

      This was literally me at 4 am this morning i have no idea how this has escaped me until 2 weeks before launch lmaoooo at least i dont have to wait that long now to be chased by vampire ladies

    39. 05-1 The Visionary

      rule 34 artist typing...

    40. Shane Keyes


    41. Judgemental Budgie

      She reminds me of snow white from Rammstein's "Sonne" lol

    42. Kota Kidd

      Resident evil 8 demo is out to try. really wanna see you do videos on it. THE POWER!!! LOL :)

    43. Justin

      Dah mee triss.

    44. Emerald Dork'o'fluff

      She’s like Lust (from Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhood) 2.0

    45. The Man Of Culture

      0:43 indeed

    46. The Media

      It confuses me as to why Lady Dimitrescu doesn't have doors that are modified to fit her size. Come on she can get a dress to fit her but not a house?

    47. cody kuester

      When are you going to play the othere demo?

    48. Charlie Berry

      "Oh my god she's got Freddy Krueger hands" XD

    49. Saivinayak Daya

      “I think Mark is a simp lord.” “A SIMP LORD?”

    50. Munkh Orgil

      Jill valentine is better?

    51. Simp of Simps

      The fan art is coming... The fanfiction is coming... Mos t importantly, "don't tell amy" is coming

    52. Sunset Shimmer Shimmercode

      Huh???? How can she be a vampire??? She has a reflection 3:17

    53. Serah Xavier

      Wait isn't she 9 feet tall?

    54. AbyssalInferno

      its fine hes just thirsty for the tallest glass of water

    55. Amanda Tan

      Please Mark please play this game

    56. Dani Saur

      Not gonna lie, I'm gay but if Lady biggens stepped on me, OOH

    57. renegadealpha95


    58. Sr Jax

      If vampires become real you know why.

    59. thegirlwiththedragontattoo❶

      CJ Reading The Comments With One Hand

    60. Blake Landry

      Why do I feel like marks gonna run towards her when he plays the full game

    61. Sahil Mamgain

      Ironically, I think he is not gonna be able to play the game when it releases. Or at least upload a playthrough of it.

    62. Turbo Chris


    63. Wafflez Wafflez

      Amy watching this video like 😐

    64. AnotherGameNerd 다섯

      Mhmmm.. Surrrree.. Mark is straight. 😉

    65. //Cxuth\\

      I dont simp for her

    66. Call Me Kc

      *gay* *panic*

    67. THADZ

      I wouldn't mind the *claws ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

    68. Stephanie Wijaya

      Well mark not only you who is amazed.. i am amazed about her too it looks cool even though she is villain

    69. Coolkid9988 0

      I’ve never related so much to mark than in this video

    70. Senku-kun

      "and I know the part that you're thinking of, and that's just one of several options" I wonder if it's the thighs...or?

    71. Lord Drakkon 7367

      Everyone: *B I G T A L L L A D Y* Me: "Why does she have a reflection if she's a vampire?"

    72. Spartan7

      Mark sounded like Jeff Goldblum on Jurassic Park when he got excited! 🤣👌

    73. Glamrock Freddy's

      You know what we furries say thick thighs save lives

    74. Allison Webb

      Are you going to play the demo?

    75. April Ulmer

      I love how us lesbian/bi women thirsted over her first and all the str8 men joined in 🙃loll

      1. Amitz Israel

        Oh please everybody knows straight guys outsimp tomboys any day of the week.

    76. Talia Burrow

      mark she is actually 9"6 feet tall, but close enough

    77. Landynn Sims

      I'm with u mark btw she's 9.6 tall

    78. Hannah R.

      Mark: 8 feet tall. Are you kidding me? Me: Nah, fam, you're wrong. She's 9 foot 6.

    79. Kitsune Fyora

      Don't worry Mark, we all have this moment when the right characters come along. (Ahem.,.... Midna and the Asari.......)

    80. Zachary music

      XD is that marks loving dream girl

    81. • D e a r l i i •


    82. EmptyHeadedGuy

      9ft6 I think

    83. gallade gamer

      He's not just 8' tall, she's 9'6"!

      1. gallade gamer

        That is actual Jenine Height!

    84. xXughyouXx

      So Mark is into being dominated, bdsm if you would. Good to know.

    85. Anthony Clay

      Mark just being so flustered he can’t even keep a coherent thought is the funniest shit.

    86. Armando Carreon

      Lebendiges Gespenst “It’s not a sexual thing, it’s about power!” Is the new “I’m not a masochist, I just want to rest my limits”

    87. Adam Walker

      Mark should see Kyle Hill's video on being stepped on

    88. Devin Nyman

      this is basically saying: "yeah so basically I found my first waifu".

    89. Ariana Hale

      Might wanna check she isn’t dating Freddy Krueger first, pal! 😂

    90. donut_is_cool

      Where is he looking ahhhhh

    91. Victoria PH

      I looked up how tall she is and I found out that SHE IS *9’6”!!!*

    92. donut_is_cool

      I’m scared mark smiping

    93. Darkryujin

      I can’t blame him for acting this way lmfaooooo Mark was looking at two things: when you she looked at the camera and turned away Guess.

    94. donut_is_cool

      This is not a sexual thing

    95. GasxMaskxJack

      Mark is a thirsty boi.

    96. Leon Kurosaki

      I'm waiting for the day till I see your reaction about her turning into one of the ugliest blobs of flesh xD

    97. Monkee

      whos gonna tell him she isn't the main villain

    98. suruj zaman shopnil

      Resident Evil hoty mom

    99. Caio Colin

      mark! i lost the 1st demo! u re losting the second, wanna lost the third, the fourth AND THE LAUNCH GAME!

    100. Caio Colin

      really mark?! this is a april fool's. its the only way