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    1. Aidian Miller

      OMGHow did you do that

    2. Ana Esparza

      Ummmm cool?

    3. Hoppy Butchnigson

      The fact that the blonde looked up in the middle of the backflip says its staged🤣🙏

    4. Gideon shorts Livingston

      I do not know if they were like wants your probably or how did you do that

    5. B҉e҉e҉ n҉a҉t҉i҉o҉n҉


    6. BFH Offical

      I saw the first 2 "strangers in a another vid you made

    7. Said

      best song ever who with me ?

    8. Oliver Guyotte

      I thought the title said flipping off random strangers in public

    9. Shinigami13

      When you don't skip leg day. Bro legs are brolic lol

    10. louvike barnard

      Whats the song called??

    11. IdkBoi

      I thought he said flip off

    12. Enzo Sanchez

      You’re so cool how do you find me on the beach 🏖

    13. Emma Pope


    14. Shogi

      Everybody gangsta til he fails and lands on his head

    15. Shayleigh J

      Me just watching his hat to see if it's going to fall off 0_0

    16. dragon gamer

      What is the name of that song please tell me

    17. Quotasia Calloway

      My cousin said hi

    18. Kaleah Peete

      I will do that if you what to see go to kaleah@ hannibal60. Com

    19. Thekra Al Khaja

      Me be like::O WOAH WOAH goes and trys on my brother falls and bumps head be like (cries) my mom Be like:What were YOU THINKING?!

    20. Itzmehere

      What song is this

    21. Gabe’s epic Adventure’s

      I read it as “Flipping off people in public”

    22. Cristopher Ramirez

      Coltyy: *does flip* Stranger/friends u haven’t met: (0_0) how did he... how are we not dead

    23. Beezow Doo Doo Zoppity Bop Bop Bop

      Pretty damn fine flip for someone who skips legday

    24. Xwe Wrestling

      whats the song

    25. Tracey Barkers

      He was like: “it never happened”

    26. David Templeton

      Chole Labant’s twin 🤔🤔🤔🤭🤭🤭🤭

    27. Gamer Dude

      Weird flex but ok

    28. Bruhn't

      I thought you were gonna flip the bird or something 😂

    29. Fritzi Hobbyhorsing

      🔥🔥🔥o my gush

    30. Bdb beale

      He only made this to show off most can agree with me

    31. Aidan L

      woowwwwe very good prank

    32. Seppe Van de Voorde-Van Bocxlaer

      What kind off fake reaction is that😂😂

    33. David Weber

      This guy is hella cringe...and obsessed with himself..

    34. fitness freak Aklaakkhan

      Please guys need your support 🙏 please subscribe to my channel

    35. Shealyn Martin

      Have you ever failed a backflip while trying to do it over someone?

    36. Ninja_ vibezz0

      Title: flipping over stranger my mind: flipping people off in public😂😂😂

    37. James McGlynn

      I would low-key have these things running through my head: The heck Who are you Get away from me Woooooow we are so impressed What if I had just moved It isn’t necessary for you to have your shirt off I don’t care Excuse me Rude Wha- Why Well then And finally: Heyyyyy, I know you, your that full of yourself guy that makes all those videos about you being better than all your friends

    38. Cottage Core

      The music just hit different tho

    39. • Squishy •

      I thought he was gonna do the middle finger

    40. ItzUreshen

      Coltyy :I can do tricks, I have exotic animals as pets Me :I can sleep on my stomach

      1. Cara Somebody

        You’re fine then you’re doing just fine. Probably not great for your back in the long run but I envy you now


        This man is a god

      3. Leviticus30

        Howwwwww teach me

    41. Deepika Murmu

      What was that song's name....? ಥ‿ಥ pls tell meh... ╥﹏╥

    42. John Appice

      Yeah obviously this is a fake video but if you would flip over me I would swing on

    43. YoshYeah

      Song? Hehe

    44. Reyen Zergiozade

      what is the name of the song?😭

    45. Xeryus Romo


    46. Nle choppa fan 27

      Whats the song called?

    47. Shadow

      That guy had no idea

    48. Weeb Rosey

      -does backflip- *Causually walks away*

    49. Rayyan Bousaleh

      Y did I think he was gonna take a dump on the guy

    50. Prison Break

      I would be like: WTF ARE YOU DOING!!?? WHAT IF I MOVED AT THIS MOMENT HUH??? But this guy was relaxed

      1. Prison Break

        @Shdhdbbd Dhhdbdbd ik 😂

      2. Shdhdbbd Dhhdbdbd

        Cuz it was staged 😂

    51. A B


    52. Fuuz

      So real omg

    53. monaliza vicente

      What is the background song

    54. suki.雪

      Fun Fact: hes at the Galveston Beach. *maybe*

    55. Matthew Harbour

      Well done!


      What title song

    57. Hammah _

      I saw you on tv last night

    58. fee_zv

      im unsubscribing.

    59. Jeremy Ly

      When I read the total I though he was gonna like tip people over

    60. Schleich Artist

      Just walk away! 😂

    61. RemDog Litty Army


    62. Alexander Smorczewski

      I thought of another flipping off

    63. Luke

      what’s the music


      leg day skipper

    65. Potter_Asthetic _0

      What's da song name

    66. Porquepo Gaming!

      Plot twist: he falls on the guys head and gets sued for 3.2 million dollars lmao

      1. [Toe]

        plot twist: he did a front flip

    67. kyle miko tamon

      ohhhh pusit pancit pincit pancit ayyyy punsit pansit punsit pansit ayyyyyy♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

    68. Rebekah McG.

      So is that his subtle way of flipping people off? 😂🤷‍♀️😅

      1. Koa PG3D


    69. Soappao

      Come on comment section, dont act like he isnt all over himself

    70. Madison Wetenkamp

      OMGG!!! WOW! You can do a backflip?! That’s crazy! This is so.... DANGEROUS. If you slipped on that rocked, you could have fallen on that person.

    71. Nathan

      Honestly I wouldn't be too happy. I'd be thinking stuff like: -What if you messed up. -What if one of us moved suddenly.

    72. RedHook94

      Wow such backflip, much comedy, wow, pure talent. I wish I can do that.

    73. Roxana Shegal

      Bro 😎

    74. Ved Sule

      But why?

    75. Ava McCredo

      That hat is glued to your head

    76. Rain Micro

      Try back flipping off a 3 story building and landing on a trampoline and then flexing to your friends- i mean ... total strangers

    77. Guram Topchishvili

      what this music called?

    78. Eric Cartman


    79. Young Wrestler

      I hate your channel

    80. Hilman Andestha

      Coltyy make intruder prank on you're parents part 2 pls

    81. Just Jay

      Yay 90th comment

    82. Sophie Marshall

      annndddd cut! great job guys you really made it look like you were amazed!

      1. Sean Belli


    83. Mike McFly

      This is sooo staged! Are only toddlers watching these videos?

    84. Gamer Luke37

      He’s jacked

    85. Hannah 1748

      Woah! I like how he was so chill about it😀

    86. Brittany Elledge-Holst

      They be so amazed

    87. Jeremiah Jones

      At first I thought it said flipping off strangers in public

    88. Copy Right

      He casually just walked back

    89. Jayricko Ricky

      THAT WAS FIRE 🔥🔥🔥💯

    90. Melba 602

      I was hoping you'd do something for "national pet day" homie..!

    91. Rafael Figueroa

      The song made it better

    92. Tae Callahan

      I was the 1000 like 👍🏾

    93. Amy Mendoza

      That was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

      1. Aaron Serrano


      2. Titanium.W_Rl

        U must have a sad life

    94. Jade Martin

      Ur insane

    95. loner on the couch

      I was more focused on the song lol what's it called?

      1. irajMosawi

        @Lily_Hatake try here lucian remix

      2. irajMosawi

        @Lily_Hatake yeah

      3. Lily_Hatake

        @irajMosawi here? That is what the song is called??

      4. irajMosawi


    96. N1gHTL1ghT

      Walks away like nothing happened...

    97. Maggie Magargee

      Imagine being able to do a backflip literally whenever

      1. noi boop

        @Koa PG3D that’s cool teach me

      2. Koa PG3D

        I can...

    98. Katy Spohn

      The way he just walks away casually


      Bro in which place do you live

    100. FN Damien

      I thought he was going to do this to people 🖕🏼 who else did to?