Overcoming a SUPER Bad Day in a FISHING Tournament - Road to the Classic Ep.10 (20/20)

Scott Martin

38 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    How I made a huge jump from 162nd to salvage my career on the Bassmaster Opens Tour!
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    1. Drake Aamold

      God is good

    2. Donald Murphy

      Great show

    3. John Reffett

      We have all been there but, you overcame! Good work! You da man!

    4. Josh Kolb Tx

      I like it just shows you never give up things can change so quick

    5. Andrew Zellar

      Oneida lake baby!!! My home lake! Fishing is great. Can’t wait to watch the videos! Good luck

    6. Rodney Hanbaum

      Always Positive!! Bam! Here's one for Billy, " Today is as YOUNG AS YOU WILL EVER BE!"

    7. Mark Ploharski

      Scott Martin 2021 Elites !! You got this.

    8. Mark Thompson

      Your 20/20s always come a few days before my fishing outings. Great advice and a wealth of fresh knowledge to carry out onto the water.

    9. Jamie Kearney

      Bring back the beard Scott

    10. JumpMan

      Can you make a video on how you fish each googan soft plastic please. Along with all the gear and colors you use. Thank you

    11. Dave O'Neal

      That co angler knew you have a giant. You asked for help and he didn’t. If he’s fishing BASS, he knows when a guy has a fish on. I would have jumped in the water for that fish for you man. You’re too nice Scott.

    12. Amy Watson

      I met you and my name is Brogdon my dads name is kell and my name is Amy and the last thing is check out my uncle mikes biggest bass

    13. BassGeek

      You made some great adjustments the second day.

    14. daniel parris

      Live in muskogee ok would love to fish with you.. Maybe when you come back to Oklahoma.. tight line's

    15. Chuck strange

      Scott; I felt like your analysis post tournament taught me how to diagnose the elements of the body of water . Prefishing is all about looking, which is what I do so much more now. I use Garmin 7600 series Di SI xsv, cannot brag enough about Garmin systems. Keep up the good work and Good Luck with getting to Classic!!!

    16. Mike Price

      Hi. Thanks for letting us know that there are openings for co angler in NY. I just applied to be one hope I get in and get to meet some of you guys.

      1. Scott Martin

        Hopefully, Good luck!

    17. Jeremiah Baldwin

      I swear I wish this man would teach me the ways of catching them like he does! Always have wanted to ride on the tro kar tank!

    18. Daren Lewis

      Arkansas river is probably the toughest fishery in Oklahoma. I have only fished there once born and raised in Northeast Oklahoma. Would much rather fish Grand, Ft Gibson, Eufaula, Hudson, well just about any where besides 3 rivers Lol.

      1. Scott Martin

        Has to be

    19. Rusty Scopano

      Scott can you make a new video that details your rod and reel setup? Are you using Favorite reels now too?

    20. WayneRc

      Nice come back fishing can be a grind

      1. Scott Martin


    21. PeterParkerFishing

      Good to see you fishing tournaments again , Aussie fans were missing them

    22. Outdoors with Matthew Castello

      Great video. God bless!

      1. Scott Martin

        👍🏼 thanks

    23. Owen Rooney

      I would love to just fish with Scott one time that is one of my dreams

    24. Bradley Knowles

      That was a awesome come back day after a rough day not getting the bites like you were in practice & ending with 1 fish. Watch out N.Y. S.M. coming for the title!! Good luck...

    25. Mike Harris

      Thanks, as always, for the honest assessment.

    26. Mike Potter

      You should try Lake Tenkiller Oklahoma if you haven't yet...smallmouth large mouth and spotted bass

    27. Macabre toast207

      This man has the best frog on the Martin

    28. Jud Y

      need that shirti

    29. jerry Cole

      did you go see jimmy Houston

    30. Bradd Lemke

      This is awesome

    31. Bobby Swain

      A few things go bad ....the next thing you know we are in Kreitville. Solid finish.....way to bounce back

    32. Mark Valgos

      Hey Scott, I have a youth tournament coming up, and I need to know whether I should flip with or without a flip skirt. I am fishing the california delta.

    33. edgar57639

      Scott me and my 9 year old daughter are heading to lake Erie on July 15th to the 19th , we will be staying in PA very small peace of the lake im thinking drop shots and Crank what would you recommend? I just baught her her first pole and reel St. Croix Bass X and a lews custom Pro Speed spinning reel 2000 . She's right there with me evertime I ask her to go so she deserves it and I can't wait for it to get her, its gonna blow her mind. Thanks for all that you do and share with us your da man, man

    34. Adam Halstead

      Arkansas river is a deadly obstacle course with difficult bass..bayous full of fat and onery cottonmouths..this fishery builds character!

    35. Adam Halstead

      Scott does so much for the sport..the art of fishing.

    36. Daustin Thomas

      All of Oklahoma water ways are hard to fish one day it’s good next day bad. Love the videos man keep it up I enjoy them

    37. Emily Bennett

      Thank you for being such an inspiration to my 6 year old. He loves watching your tv shows and KGup.

    38. Brandon Regan

      Love the video's man keep up the good work!

    39. Smithvegas BassAssassin

      Amazing video Scott! Thanks for all the information and tips you pass on to the everyday angler! Love watching your 20/20’s and listening to how you feel about events! Keep up the great work my man! 💯

    40. APOFishing

      hay i have got to ask a quick question did you stop by the favorite warehouse on your way back from Oklahoma the little town of Thayer Mo

    41. X plicit

      thanks for coming to muskogee hope you come back

    42. Logan Gilbert_97

      On the fish these spots video .I went fishing today on a lake and I used the tips and caught a 2 lber

    43. Jeff Canham

      Don't worry Scott nov.4 everything bad will go away especially the virus.

    44. WarriorX Fishing

      It's been a tough season for everyone. I hope we all get a big turnaround soon. Good luck bud.

    45. David Meadows

      Nice come back 🎣🎣

    46. Julian Pressley

      I followed you from st George to east point in a big white duramax

    47. Jamie Hartzell

      Refuse to lose !

    48. Trent Roberts

      Hey can you take Jimmy Houston for coangler?lol does bass have a legend provision? Just a thought hang in there

    49. Jason Godfrey

      Dude I really enjoy these 20/20 videos. Love seeing the insight and retrospective.

    50. KACB Outdoors

      Best channel on KGup!

    51. Jake Higdon

      I lost a 3 pounder the other day on a Senko because he jumped off

    52. HandsOffMyGun

      Scott just a heads up. You said the next tournament us in New York. However they are making people self quarantine for 14 days if they are coming from Florida and other states. You might want to plan to arrive 14 days before practice starts unless something changes. Good luck in next tournament

    53. Grip and Rip Fishing TV

      Y’all are doing awesome. I ended up catching COVID and can’t go fishing every day like I’m used to but I have sat home and watched every video on your channel and I can honestly say you have helped me take this crappy time to sharpen my skills on the water. Thanks SMC

    54. Mudbass Fishing

      How and when do you make the decision on where to start your day? Is it during your prep night before or is it once you’re waiting to launch and checking out conditions?

    55. Nate Houle

      Good luck in ny

    56. crimsonset83734 beast

      Are u guys at Cayuga lake for the next tournament?

    57. Quen Godfrey

      Might need to check into the co!! Have to live by Billy wisdom!!

    58. Warren louisiana

      I really like Billy!!!

    59. Andrew Outdoors

      Love all the videos you are by far my favorite bass fisherman Good luck

    60. Thomas Gansen

      Some tuff choices...second thoughts...should I go or stay...hollow stump...that fish was a good keeper..reminded me of cypress roots...great job once again..good luck in New York.. good fishing..

    61. Michael

      Man you did a great job last week! Thanks for the vids

    62. Razer Ray

      We all can learn from our mistakes but you kept moving forward. Great Job...Fish On!

    63. 865BASSTN

      I’m gonna need one of those camo hats to go with my gray and white one .

    64. Sam _

      Love your Chanel so much

    65. Sam _


    66. Johnny Lewis

      Your awesome!!!

    67. Brad Courtney

      Hey Scott... great to see your Son getting involved even though he trashed your rim!! I’m sure he will be more cautious next time he is driving the ole Battle Wagon!! Always great to see the notification for your videos.. God Bless

    68. Brice Bolhous

      Billy’s words of wisdom contributed to your day !

    69. kc.04

      He he

    70. Darin Blackburn

      Sorry about the lost try to catch them next time!

    71. Alexandre Schnupp

      It would be nice to fish with you but I'm Canadian! Love your channel.

    72. Kenny Sampson

      Heck yeah! Thanks! Sent DM on Instagram because I'm not sure how to DM on youtube.

    73. Mighty Mo


    74. Collin Lloyd

      Hey Scott can u leave a link on ur next video of the top water u use looking for some new top water baits

    75. Brad Lintz

      When will your dotter make another vid??????

    76. Maricle gaming and fishing

      Tight lines and god bless cant wait till August. May hit up the other tour stops here in ny

    77. Collin Robison

      Hey Scott I wanna share something that happened in my life one day we were on this private bass lake and my uncle he’s like second father to me and we were fishing the water was high so they had a big tube that was pulling 1,500 pounds of water into that tube and my uncle threw his cast net out there and the tube sucked it up and he went in to get it and he got sucked into and he couldn’t make it out and my dad went in trying to get him and it almost pulled my dad in and I’d just like to tell you Scott beacuse your videos made me keep fishing after that your videos made me not hate fishing after that and I bought my first baitcaster and it sucks the reel is messed up I’d just like to tell you this LOVE YOU SCOTT

    78. BASS WARZ

      Scott you ate the man love the channel and how we get to see you fish I'm rooting for you to win that classic for your dad!! Get the bite!

    79. Greg Underwood


    80. lightlinefishing

      So how did your co anglers do?

    81. Glenn Funderburk

      Fishing my first tournament this weekend never thought I was good enough but ima give it a try been watching your tips and tricks that has helped motivate me

    82. JP fishing

      BS your co angler sucked man

    83. Irvin Taylor

      👍on all your videos

    84. John Howard

      Where can I find me a bass master hat like you have? I have the original that they sent me with my membership. But it dont fit due to a big head lol

    85. Keegan Kracke

      My dad and I fishing a tournament last week and we lost 2 fish over 4 lbs and we would have won with them

    86. jonathan mckinney

      Just had to knock off the dust . Next time I can see a top 10 finish . We will send up some prayers to get those fish in the live well . Ps: Way to go billy !

    87. Trent Giraffa


    88. Cole Carter

      Love videos and I really love the tournament videos

    89. Ian Bellomo

      Billy is just amazing!

    90. Mike Jones

      Hey Scott, thanks for the video. Wanted to look in more on the coanglers for some of the events but having a difficult time finding info. Preferably if theres any around TN as I'm local to Chickamauga. Any info you can share wouod be greatly appreciated sir. Thanks

    91. Christopher Evans

      Scott you need to get the crew, Billy and the other guys and Dona USO fishing tour across the u.s. travel to military instillations and take soldiers out to fish with you and the guys. Start here at Fort Hood, stillhouse hollow lake, I'll show you all the spots.

    92. Eddie Shirley

      Y'all are the best bass fisherman I've ever watched on the tube keep it up !

    93. Christian2 comedy rhoados 29

      I enjoy keep in touch with you can we do it more often!!! Scott Martin have a great day!!!

    94. Andrew Phoa

      Wishing you all the best on the road to the Elites Scott! Keep your awesome vids coming! I gotta get me one of those SMC camo hats! :)

    95. Braxton Bridges

      Great really life experience

    96. William Albrecht

      Always a challenge this time of year Go getem in NY

    97. Mark Shofner

      Is b lat still running with you guys miss seeing him around great guy like his videos as well . we will all miss spinner worm hope Brandon stops in often . Glad you guys still have a great relationship know that’s he’s on to bigger projects. The new crew did great with the previous video editing . I feel for billy I’m the guy that gets pick on by my buddies all the time there is one in ever group . Would like to fish big one day but with my kiddos and life and everything going on with our special needs son these vids fill that void for me and fishing for the shore when I can . If I’m ever on the east coast I’ll try to come check out the fishing there . Covid has messed with everything my friend my sons Make A Wish is pushed way back but hoping Disney world will open up sooner or later for him and the kids to go see . Hoping to try to pick up a bass boat next month wife said I could start looking for a starter boat . Keep up the good work hang in there this year is throwing everyone off hope we all have better years ahead . Here with the droughts fish still don’t know what’s up with the water fluctuating so much . Thanks for all the great videos . Hope to see the next event video you pros should have your own tv shows. Best of luck with the rest of the year .

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Mark! We will have to take it easy on Billy for the next one.

    98. Piya Chetty

      Good 1 man you will get them in New York respect that you giving back to the supporters keep it up 🎣

      1. Scott Martin


    99. Kasey kc Carpenter. #24

      Man here in Georgia the state has. now closed 8 of out state army core of engineers. I live on Lake Lanier The largest lake in the state. Only because I keep my Ranger in my dock, I can fish with only me and 1 partner. It doesn't make since,. My Center console boat 28' and like my 21 " ranger me and I partner. Makes no sense

      1. Scott Martin

        This is sooo stupid!

    100. Howard Stout

      Hey bro was wondering if your marina is gonna be open sat and do you have your merch there wanted to take a trip from Okeechobee with my wife for the day

      1. Howard Stout

        @Scott Martin thank you so much we will be there tomorrow it would be really awsome if you could sighn some cuz im for sure picking one up team Scott Martin

      2. Scott Martin

        Marina is open., I have some more hats for the marina. I’ll have to drop them off today.