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    1. Sam Bou Hadir

      Who came here for poki like

    2. Rice_Celery

      15:41 just saving this for my personal enjoyment

    3. ballistics 4x

      Only here for Michael

    4. Owen Ehlers

      Scarra at 10:14

    5. Josif Stalin

      3:01 I died laughing several times to this scene

    6. Tgfs


    7. Minerprowler

      They made their POX open so one of their crazy fans and they can make a video of them finally using the swords...

    8. James Clark

      I wish these unboxing were in a playlist on the channel

    9. dead flower

      this was literally posted the day before lilys birthday

    10. Jog Fastson

      Old kris crinkle.

    11. Captain_Hellas_films

      Ok who gave Michael weapons that’s the worst idea

    12. snak1ty

      the pokemon oras music brought back memories i didnt even know i had

    13. chariat and_what??

      Anyone else think the nut button sounds like auto from Wall E 😂

    14. nacrid231

      Ya know looking at all of them its pretty obvious how old all of them are especially next to mykull

    15. Belovedlife

      3:00 is greatness

    16. Jhunkhang

      Michael sees Mario Michael: *A A A A A A A A*

    17. Jacob Jamil

      0:00 hi guys i just birthed a child

    18. Summer127

      Josephine, I hope your dreams come true 😂👌🏻

    19. VI M


    20. Its Cougar

      Was thag a daedric sword????

    21. TheUnknown

      *everyone getting normal gifts* Michael: gets a fucking spear

    22. ZThY

      Lily: ARE THESE DRUGS?! Michael: *DRUGS?*

    23. Ethan Lindberg

      Middle of unboxing, Cat: I WANT TO FUCKING DIE!

    24. Christos Kladeftiras

      3:00 Lily: Are these drugs?!?! Michael: DRUGS!!

    25. John Kinderman

      The pokemon song playing in the background really adds up to the mood

    26. Ally 02

      Why does offlinetv get so many weapons though 🤨

    27. Astha Pragya

      15:01 lmao I never realised Michael looks like Brodin's kid next to him

    28. Jonah Den Haan

      micheal looks like harry potter

    29. rheiden nunez

      lol that flute is not for the nose .. it is design sideways but it still use for the mouth hahaha

    30. Andrew Tate

      i like how in every video you can tell if it's before or after toast modelled nude by the paintings and talking about nipples

    31. Emmanuel Moscoso

      Welp the editor didn’t do a good job hiding toast reading the script!!! He’s fired😭

    32. Dxcan D

      there is no fucking way toast read a script by heart

    33. Tasnia Zarin Sarah

      I dont know most of you guys and girls but i think your contert is very nice i love your content

    34. Drawing Geek

      I just like micheal unboxing a package for the last 1 hour😂 edit: Micheal is the next Stepehn from danplan

    35. Northern Shades

      I still can’t believe that the background music of these vids is Pokémon music. Lol, I guess as a poke fan I feel better with it. I recognize the music from Pokémon X and Y

    36. Kaden Annis

      If i was on the ovtv crew i would be taking all the weapons lol

    37. IDK IDK

      Poki: oh my gosh look at how cuuuute Everyone: wooooooow Scarra: wait wait poki your about to get stabbed just a normal day in OfflineTV

    38. KATZI KO

      2:27 Poki is me in every friend group lol

    39. Seth Rods

      Once he gets a girlfriend he will mature. Me and my girlfriend: 11:44

    40. shiro

      8:00 all i got from that was all of you other than lily and micheal are dumber than robodog that jumped in the pool

    41. Dragontamer9021

      They're too afraid that if we send them enough weapons Michael will be an active threat to humanity

    42. The Art Of Arts

      Toast be looking like a KPOP star!!!😂😂

    43. Dominic McClure

      i love how toast keeps glancing at the script during the sponsorship

    44. Thomas Claridge

      Who else just wants to be sitting in the room with them all

    45. The Maker

      10:50 Poki, Scarra,Toast and Lily were opening packages and micheal in the backround be like : I don't give a fuck

    46. Ugandan Metal Sonic

      "i am michael doing michael thinhs" *insert Michael Reeves building a surgery robot*

    47. Misty Balido

      Michael on the side blowing into the tube lol

    48. TheRealCookie


    49. Jhon Carlo Masinas


    50. ramonsedillo

      Can anyone see the psychopath and microwaves when he opens up to Spear

    51. PGC nasty

      Some preists told their victims that it was okay to touch them because the Bible said so. According to John: 10, Matthew: 8, and Luke: 12

    52. Siege Isolet

      I love the pokemon music in the background.


      Anyone here knows where get katana's like the ones they got?

    54. Arathor Haliath

      well i think we know who'd survive in a zombie apocalypse

    55. Josuke Higashikita

      Lily: Are these drugs? Michael: _drugs?_

    56. Galaxy Riot

      *N U T*

    57. Joseph Circenis

      I like the pokemon background music

    58. Goerge The Awesome Ocelot

      im pretty much michael/mykull but younger and caucaseon.

    59. Miranda Castro

      Is no one going to talk about Toast's smile after putting in the earbuds?

    60. Springboii_ IDK

      I feel like pink and Michel and like twins and think anything they do is funny

    61. Izuku Midoriya

      Brodin doesn't deserve shit, michael, cut any gifts for brodin with your axe, i'll pay pal 20 bucks per gift

    62. Redman Outdoors

      Brodin next Michael is pure comedy to me.

    63. \

      With his upload schedule this is the only way to get Michael reeves content

    64. Brandon Vue

      5:47 Toast be lookin’ like Elon Musk.

    65. Bj Brumfield

      Lilly: Are thies Drugs Michael: DRUGS

    66. Thomas Alden

      It’s funny how toast reads the ad

    67. Resul Resulani

      feel so bad for scarra. he looked like a little kid who didn't get much for Christmas while everyone else got a lot of stuff... yes my childhood was lonley

    68. yo_boi_kevgaming and vlogs

      dRuGs perfect

    69. LT. Simon Riley

      7:39, toast looks like Elton John LMFAO

    70. Ava Reese

      this is the best sponsorship ive ever seen...

    71. Melody S

      I love Scarra with every cell of my body, man

    72. Romie Villar

      I love how toast puts on the earbuds in a nicest way

    73. NeoZ 28

      A nose flute from my country!?!?

    74. ActualZyra

      I like how Scarra got sent furry porn

    75. 91Yugo

      6:28 oh god this book -I want it lol-

    76. Ant Pony

      Happy for the Filipino representation

    77. firstpatriot tv

      Idk why everyone like poki have you seen lily or eyvon

    78. joe man

      im 13 for you're information 15:28

    79. Daniel Leahy

      15:39 it explains itself

    80. Rex Roar

      Michael is just better zora (one piece)

    81. AllenPlayz Roblox And Others

      "so you're a fan of offline TV Name every weapon they have"

    82. OnyXo

      im only here for toast

    83. Aha army

      Ahahaha what a hawaii boy

    84. Vincoraptor


    85. Soma Egedi

      Someone should send them a Mobihuge just for fun!

    86. Mike wazowski_69

      Michael has been happier and happier

    87. Skeptical Whale

      I'm happy you don't put degenerates on such as alinity

    88. Sanjay Sajan

      When Michael was ripping the package, I actually thought Harry Potter was finally gonna get his broomstick

    89. Haunted Victini

      3:01 Michael in a nutshell

    90. Begow C

      With the nose flute I feel that Micheal is the next filthy Frank

    91. Franco Torres

      I’m from phillipines but I never seen that flute

    92. Franco Torres

      Dude my sister loves this food called crinkles wth

    93. —D—E—A—T—H —A—W—A—Y—S

      Someone draw them all at the door with weapons and then the robbers takes a peep then slowly looks to the left then there’s robo dog with a spear

    94. Jacob Rojo

      9:05 ok Edward Scissorhands

    95. Sarah villar

      Ok so. A thief pulls up to their house.... alright he’s a pro. He’s silent, except he’s kind of not bc he trips over all the mess when he gets inside. And then literally anyone in the offline hears and wakes up. They think they’re being pranked so they grab one of the extremely sharp and never used weapons (with the sheath still on) to meme. They jump out of their room so confident, see and actual thief, screams. The thief *sees the wicked as hell sword* “yeah..... never mind..... I’m just gonna GTFO” then still memeing but also wanting to scare the shit out of the intruder, unsheathes the sword and just starts running with a battle cry. Why did this scenario pop into my head...? Idk. But here you go. I see this most with Michael and Toast. However I still think it’s funny idfk

    96. ok

      thats so nut

    97. King Skully

      Micheal is just an animal. No spirit in there but demons lol

    98. Itzrovie

      Pause at 8:14 just look at Michael

    99. Amiya !

      Why does no one send ME swords and daggers. For real though.

    100. Miso

      i just feel so bad for scarra, almost every gift he gets he wants to throw away.