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    "A thousand years have passed since the God of Anemo left this land - But to me, it has only been half that time."
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    1. Ms.Giveme Yourmora

      I better save up when ventis banner is back🏃‍♀️

    2. Kai

      when the ad is sus

    3. Adhi Anand

      I'm confused so Venti is a he?

    4. G Plaxy

      Dainsleif said that Venti left Mondstadt 1000 years ago, but that for him he had done it only half that time, and guess how long? 500 years, which is exactly the time when the gods destroyed Khaenri'ah, I really didn't want to believe that Venti did that, let alone Zhongli, but I think that maybe Zhongli has some kind of contract with the gods of Celestia, and Venti... He may have been threatened to do so, something like, threatening to destroy Mondstandt if he didn't join them to destroy Khaenri'ah, the price would be the destruction of Mondstadt, this is just my guess.

    5. El Ninja

      Soy el mas OP del juego pero tambien el mas IMPOSIBLE y el mas gasta protogemas del juego: El personaje

    6. sharliz

      venti's hair and zhongli's hair always glows when they use elemental skill and burst. can't wait for baal ^^

    7. Cansu

      "A thousand years have passed since the God of Anemo left this land - But to me, it has only been half that time." Feels like all these videos are narrated by Dainsleif who was in Khaenri'ah 500 years ago.

      1. Kitty Catto

        All the miscellany ARE narrated by him. That's why we stay for Dain's end comments on every vid. 👁👁

    8. Kaaze

      I'm just so in love with this boy idk what to do-

    9. secret unknown

      4:38 whoa that’s a lots of damage

    10. Drago Stefanov

      So is the narrator a monster or human

    11. Hazal Sahin

      Please dont tell me venti is a boy 🙂

      1. Aether

        He’s a boy

    12. Малышка Лапочка

      Он у меня есть!))

    13. RyuSTGaming

      cmonnn genshin impact can you pls pls give me a venti even the event is oveerrrr plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    14. Okay

      I smell simps coming

    15. Hime Arikawa

      Me: *looks at computer* Computer: “HEY! HEY! DONT YOU DARE! REMEMBER I HAVE NO GPU?” Door bell: “helo” Me: “Damn it. it’s just the grub hub order and not my gpu.” My phone: “I can play this. Cuz the app is optimized to oblivion.” Me: “No.”

    16. Tyrande Whisperwind

      So basically at 0:38 when dain said its only been half that time, he saw venti participate into destroying khaenri’ah?

      1. Kitty Catto

        The general idea mihoyo giving us rn is that all archon are participant in Khaenri'ah's destruction (whether they were willing or not)

      2. shoyo_onigiri

        That extremly likely

    17. Xalcon

      3:20 Ha ha ha, your damaging slimes, meaning they have a elemental immunity so that "absorbed element damage" does nothing.

    18. Ginsei Tomoka

      Dain: 500 years

    19. Runkai Jiang

      "A thousand years have passed since the God of Anemo left this land - But to me, it has only been half that time." Venti was there confirmed....

      1. Tom Guo

        Yup, it's all in the detail

    20. hi

      i regret underestimating Venti 😭😭😭

    21. Jack McQuack

      i hear the narrator is a more depressed one than minecraft's narrator

    22. Mei_ Misaki_1405

      I need a second rerun for this best boi :

      1. Mei_ Misaki_1405

        @chief fish bruh "second re-run" not second run. Obviously everybody knows he had already a rerun. I just want another time again because I didn't get him

      2. chief fish

        He already had a rerun bruh

    23. R3digit

      broken in a good way

    24. Gundham Tanakork

      I gotta say, im so impressed by erika to voice a lot lol like my favs kaede and venti himself

    25. ajit pawar

      Bro I'm poor pls make venti Chances more

    26. Snivygreen22

      I got venti!

    27. Barbzie

      Venti didn’t come home 💔

    28. Simeon Liu

      Got him yesterday, i believe that is called a poggers moment

    29. Junriz Erasquin

      haha cool tnx for the strategies, didn't get him.

    30. Hanya manusia biasa

      "Perangkat Anda tidak kompatibel dengan versi ini"

    31. Taro Austria

      Glad you came home

    32. Natsu Kenji_

      I got him, he is beautiful

    33. fraser808

      Watching this after i got my Venti on April 1st 2021...... in the venti banner bwahahaha

    34. Kerinna Klarissa

      He came home at first day thank you

    35. Lord _ Astras

      Got him.

    36. KennSun 123

      best character

    37. Calvin The Otter

      im back here again because he came home exactly @ april fools day.. not exactly a joke but it did lift my moods tho :)

    38. dopamiine

      to all of u pulling on his rerun, good luck!!! we have the windblume event, ascension quests, specific rituals- he *will* come home :)

      1. Comebackz

        He came home to me, 77 on pity guaranteed and 18 mins left. Thank goodness I managed to get him in time :awesome:

      2. dopamiine

        @VeryEpic that's amazing!!! im happy for u :)

      3. VeryEpic

        He finally came home for me :D

    39. Dadian

      So this is the dude I'm seeing in streams lol. Just one day being downloaded and grinding I got him along with this dude Razor for just one roll. Seeing the comments, he must be really good. Glad I got him! Be jealous (just kidding).

    40. Clumzy The Penguin

      im addicted seeing venti float in the sky XD

    41. May

      T T

    42. • T o k y o •

      *He's the best! Come home Please...*

    43. CupCake!

      Best waifu

    44. Raymund john Flores

      I just got Venti and im watching this because of his cute wink UwU. Good support and good damage dealer at the same time

    45. Lifting Turtle

      Strongest unit in the game, no weakness and no complaints, First skill that have a very large damage output and can be used to exploration. Having a power of *Black Hole* that is beyond overpowering any units in the game in such a very wide area of effect that can be combined with Elements and providing an unimaginable *Energy Regeneration* not only to the user but to all party members. Every party he is compatible. He is the jack-of-all-trades- the 8th Duke of Hell Barbatos.

      1. Comebackz

        Well, not the strongest, I mean he can't succ big boi enemies and bosses also

    46. Minecrafter Kid

      venti has traps doe

    47. What User

      Someone probs said this but VENTIS ULT GIVES THE _SUCC_

    48. The Siff

      te nandoyo

    49. Cat Gacha

      Why is it spelled tevat lol its teyvat

      1. Zeeq

        Y is silent.

    50. Lion Patrol Gamer

      89 pity...

    51. Kamauu

      I remember watching this 5 months ago and seeing the part at 3:57 thinking, "wow this game is complicated I dont think I'll get the hang of it soon" but 5 months later I have EM-based team comps with res shred and stuff lol

    52. Kamauu

      It's so surreal watching this now that I have him lol, the first time I watched this 5 months ago is what made me download the game :D

    53. Dntldhkzk

      he came home!! :D hope all venti wanters will become venti havers!

      1. coma

        congrats !!

    54. Savin Babu

      Anyone know the narrator i mean which character is narrating?

      1. Savin Babu

        @DIO Thanks!

      2. DIO

        He's dainsleif

    55. Clvddi

      I like how everyone is talking abt how they love em, while im just tryna find people who have venti like me so we can group up on world bosses and kill em all lol (WL 5 and above)

      1. Toph Beifong

        I have venti and I am world level 5 above xD

    56. jay sensei

      I just want him🥲

    57. Dimmz

      I got venti, very poggers

    58. So Ryuhan

      I got him I got him I got him!!!🥰🤭

    59. Beary Leafish

      "Call upon the wind on which hymns and songs fly, to lift your pity up into the sky." -a prayer made by me

    60. ratsmilk 4

      i just pulled venti and i’ve never been happier 😭

    61. becca marie

      Why do I feel like I just watched a nature documentary?

    62. Ivy Williams

      3:58 or instead of doing that, here's an updated battle guide for venti! 1. Walk in 2. Press Q 3. Enjoy the show

    63. Magical Potato • 84 years ago

      Welcome home best boy :") (Kinda lost hope not getting him after first 20 pulls but 5 hours later pulled one more time and he went *BonJouR* )

    64. AetherX_

      *He came home*

    65. Pluto

      Finally got him the day his banner came back ❤️❤️

    66. Platy02 Platy02

      I like how hes talking about his burst like anyone could ever survive that

    67. Elyssa Mae

      I finally got him after 80 pulls huhu I'm so happyyyyy Mihoyo really hates me though. They probably think I'm a whale for making me pull hard pity :((

    68. Petr Rozsíval

      one tip if you infuse Ventis elemental burst with pyro and switch to electro catalist you can deal hell of dmg by overload

    69. Lui Cremdo

      I am here after I got Venti in his rerun banner, so that I would know more of his abilities. I simp

    70. 白ワニ

      I finally got it

      1. 白ワニ

        @CenX _ thanks!

      2. CenX _

        congrats and yea got him to

    71. Ro


    72. unova1995

      Venti came home for me, thank you Rerun

    73. Sarv

      Thank You I got keqing(which is still great) and was really upset but you guys gave me a venti on the next pull I am very grateful

    74. Enxner Ion


    75. Muhammad Zulhilmi

      i just got him today, 50/50 blessed me this time.

    76. • Porpol fell_out •

      Just got Venti and his new bow, Feeling amazing

    77. cringer

      Is it just me or does this narrator sounds familiar... Maybe, Dainsleif?

      1. Qtaro Kujo

        yes, yes he is

    78. a u d

      my biggest flex is that I have him 😌💅

    79. Kuromiya Akemi

      Please come home

    80. benchy Chan

      I'm watching the original trailer for some luck on his rerun

    81. The Hand

      fun fact: you got this on your recommended after watching it already but you want to watch it again

    82. bitchass

      shouldnt have watched this right after the childe one because now i feel the need to get both 😃👍

    83. Steven Irawan

      Getting venti during his rerun:D

    84. sunnie miu

      im so happy im gonna get venti soon

    85. JustCallMeRain


    86. Kyle Ngo

      What are u wearing venti! White dress!

    87. kqtsuragii


    88. SavaWheatThin

      lol he could be famous but he decided to get drunk instead

    89. Thuy Ngoc

      Zhongli your old friend is here, along with a certain Adepti who wants to meet you. Also, I have 300 apples and nearly 500 Cecilias. So please come home Venti.

    90. charlie

      please come home I'm begging you.

      1. charlie

        @heori I KNOW DNFNFJDJSJSJ

      2. heori

        40 hours anymore XD

    91. Tsim Yau

      other than his banner re-run, mihoyo should provide us with venti in his scandalous barbatos outfit

    92. Serena

      Yes venti pls come home I will treat u well!

    93. Crome


    94. Keqing McFishSticks

      I hope I get him, I failed to get Ganyu and Hu Tao, so I hope this time I will get a limited 5 star

    95. Dryloch

      I started playing right at the end of the Venti Banner so I missed out. Three days from now it comes full circle and he is coming home for sure.

    96. fiorgd

      Venti vení a casa

    97. LeeGaming

      venti please come home part 2

    98. omari

      venti im begging you to please come home

    99. Fairuzia Natakusuma

      Venti: is a guy Also Venti: wears a pair of white tights and corset

      1. femaleforester

        guys can wear whatever they want

    100. McVenti

      Man just 1 cup of wine? I'll give him unlimited and make him a custom lyre and ill fix it for him whenever he wants. Also its free