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    What should I do next with jolly ranchers!? #shorts

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    1. Chandu Vamsi

      Play stupid games, win stupid prices!

    2. wiggly wiggle

      No one is going to talk about the snake on his Neck

    3. Tore Stattin Thorell

      He has a f*cking snake around his

    4. J0214H Fl0r3s

      I'm infuriated by this KGup video no not because he dropped it and thought the phone would work no I am inferiorated that he did not eat the thing dude like a popsicle

    5. Nothing Literally Nothing

      The amount of sugar wasted... they would’ve killed u if it were the middle ages

    6. Jesse Ramirez

      Damn nice snake

    7. bowen voowy

      I feel bad for his dad, like at the end this guy looked like he had no guilt. He just plopped the phone in the bin and acted like everything was fine-

    8. Owen Power

      U have a Canadian accent and I just noticed are u from Canada?

    9. Miss Sarvente

      Expectations Vs reality be like:

    10. ba6 la9

      Tiktokers are shit so dont do drugs if you doin it stop it get some help

    11. saucycactus

      I hope the phone isn't damaged let's just throw it to be sure though

      1. bowen voowy

        Love how da snooky just be chillin

    12. Clint Woodralii

      Bro you didn't use rice

    13. Cooldude714Pro

      his dads phone is an iphone 4s

    14. mynight8633

      O I saw u with a snake I have one too😃...well I have 2 sbakes

    15. Basket ball Player

      I I actually thought I was work

    16. Drifty

      Do you bough him a new phone?


      What no thats was some good candy watch. Why

    18. Lilliana Roman

      When you expect it to work but it didn't work. You- 👁👄👁

    19. Ahmed Ali

      500.000.000$ SDKAL TYOY $$$500.000.000!!!!

    20. Noah Ashford the Italian astronaut

      Bro used a voice modifier to make his voice deeper

    21. alexandrabailey

      “who thinks it’s gonna work..? *laughs nervously*

    22. Melinda Trowbridge

      That's crazy with snakes around your neck it can bite snake bite called in your freaking crazy you're just going okay and if he does we don't want to hear you cuz I'm probably a new phone you are

    23. Sincerely,

      Why are people so damn stupid?

    24. •Potato Angel•

      no shit the phone didn’t work the candy prolly got into the charging port

    25. Gacha_ Cat

      Love how da snooky just be chillin

    26. Code ip0g

      That phone is 10 years old lmao $10 phone

      1. Sangwoo

        Good for you

    27. Yowchie Tintoushi

      This is why Yowchie Tintoushi doesn’t have sugar.

    28. Ask to seduce Miss

      who would have thunk that throwing a phone in the air might have a tinsy winsy chance of maybe breaking it

      1. Sangwoo

        Bruh ur comment is an exact copy of one of the top comments from 4 days ago

    29. Pixel Kills

      That’s a voice changer LOL

    30. Brennen Morgan

      Why would you throw it that high whhhhyyyyyy!!?!?!?!?!!?!?

    31. TheRealShinyHero

      I kind of just wanna eat it all tbh well except the phone cuz why would I eat the phone wait what if it is jolly ranchers omg

    32. •KaiAngelVids •

      Its selfish to do that to your parents phone and make a vid out if it

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Why does your “dad” sound like you but pitchshifted

    33. Ballistic Bee

      Did anyone else see the python just sorta chillin around his neck like a necklace?

    34. Kolby Arsenault

      Maybe cause it's an iPhone 4 lol

    35. Deceitful Coyote

      Gosh darnit rich people first an elcomino and now a phone? Really?

    36. Justin Mabb

      Why did you not throw on two it would trick people 🤣

    37. William c

      Ever heard of charging it

    38. Mason Fedele

      Did he go through puberty there

    39. Jessica King

      Yeah I hate having children it sucks

    40. Møônlight MakesGacha

      **Sigh** The things people will do for views these days!!

    41. Chasadilla

      The snake around his neck was cute tho

    42. ihasarax

      He got an iPhone 4 bruh

    43. Daisy Palacios

      What did you expect

    44. Ashwolf UwU

      okay but snek- zkdhsofnek

    45. Ivory Lopez

      Why you waste so much jolly ranchers

    46. SoapCanMan

      Why does your “dad” sound like you but pitchshifted

    47. Historicclone1 501st

      Because it was an I-phone LOL try a Nokia

    48. Garrett Roper

      U make me laugh so hard u do thw dummest things ever 😂

    49. itz_starri _skyz

      "Drinking alcohol and doing drugs wont affect my kid" The kid:

    50. Caroline Miller


    51. oofed 1000x

      The snake do

    52. *-Mocha Afton-*

      Why did his voice pitch change when he turned the camera round

    53. Óscar

      I think it’s not gonna work

    54. Maria Cortez

      Idc idk

    55. Bailey Laster

      Why did you do that

    56. Jocelyn Salinger

      It’s not going to work I know it

    57. Joanna

      Are we gonna ignore the fact that a snake is LITERALLY chillin around his neck 😂😂

    58. Madeline Cortes

      Yes it will

    59. Adrean Brown

      I think it's going to work

    60. Aariyanna McCutchen

      You realize you're dropping an *iPhone* right?

    61. Easy Nation

      You could’ve just sent the jolly rancher to me. I would’ve eaten it.

      1. Joanna

        This guy is stupid

    62. tammy little

      It won't work

    63. I waited 90 days to change my name

      Mistakes make you stronger This guys parents:

    64. Sour XD

      Why use your dads phone ...? :/

    65. Ryan Jaques


    66. the white champbunny

      I thought the colorful parts where gummy worms 😂

    67. Pineapple Peep

      The battery ummm

    68. Jack Brown

      That’s an iPhone 4 they don’t make them anymore they could be rare in like ten yrs why would you brake it???

    69. Isabella Diaz

      Warning: *Some iPhones have been harmed during this video*

    70. Julie Soldo

      That is super dumb

    71. Shoyo Hinata



      Gott sei Dank das das Handy kaputt ist

    73. NutellaÒwÓ

      Me: just eat it

    74. Siphelele Msweli

      🤣 🤣

    75. Dr Hamster

      This guy is stupid

    76. Linda Camm



      Charge it

    78. Lol Ded

      Spoild brat's 🙄🙄🙄

    79. [pink is my Life :-:]

      Why would u smash it when u can eat it

    80. Drew Parish

      Would have been better if he throw it up and it knocked him out by landing on his head.


      Is no one talking about the snake on his neck

    82. Vanessa’s travel Team

      You have to charge it

    83. Via EM

      ‘I really hope the phone still works’ proceeds to throw it onto the ground and hit in on the floor verociously multiple times when he could just cut it out JELLO ISNT THAT STRONG. Then the phone doesn’t work. WTF DID YOU EXPECT IDIOT

    84. mal ビー

      I would disown my kid

    85. queen rose

      The next video we will probably see from him will probably be a funeral , R.I.P. Colty died by smashing my dads phone .🤣🤣

    86. zayden moreno

      The phone might be dead

    87. jon masotti

      Not me I don't think would not work is broken definitely broken book in broken Boyle Cantwell came broken broken broken will and

    88. ch1le

      not another privileged white person 😟🤲🏽 you could’ve used the phone for a good cause and not done this stupid shit lmaooo

    89. Robyn Young

      Ummm voice check

    90. joseph gwapz

      Spoiled stupid

    91. Møøñiê

      And Dad said nothing..?🙂

    92. Adrian Gaming

      Did you really have a snake around your neck

    93. MrTv Animations X

      this is the kind of Person that dropped out of first grade.

    94. Evy Foxtrott

      Dude i hope you pay for his next phone!

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    95. jt071759 Gb00

      Lol 🤣🤣🤣

    96. Angel x Anime

      Lemme get this straight, you put your dads phone in a jolly rancher and you’re not dead? You’re still alive? Bruh, my parents would’ve slapped me so hard I wouldn’t be able to feel my face then proceed it put me out of their house

    97. princess larsen

      my dad is going to kill me if i did this

    98. Pico Is annoyed

      What voice changer app do you use?

    99. Gavin Rios

      I did not the snake on your neck

    100. ᴘɪɢʜᴀᴛᴇɢʀᴀss

      Ahhh damb kid b throwing an IPHONE into the rubbish