60 Days In: Top 5 TOUGHEST Participants: Men’s Pod | A&E


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    60 Days In gives viewers a first-hand look at the dangerous world of incarceration as the participants adapt to terrifying new surroundings. Binge all 6 seasons for free here! play.aetv.com/shows/60-days-in/season-1.
    Check out some of the toughest participants from the men's pod, including Abner and Tony who claimed to be the pod boss, and Ryan who fixed an inmate's broken hand. #60DaysIn
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    "60 Days In" offers an unprecedented look at life behind bars as innocent volunteers are sent to live among the general prison population for 60 days without officers, fellow inmates, or staff knowing their secret.
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    1. A&E

      60 Days In gives viewers a first-hand look at the dangerous world of incarceration as the participants adapt to terrifying new surroundings. Binge all 6 seasons for free here! play.aetv.com/shows/60-days-in/season-1.

      1. Dru G.

        So realistic

      2. André Marques

        Ahah oof

      3. Josh Cas

        If Ryan is considered tough then u guys have had a bunch of softies on that show

      4. Antwan Walker2

        @ttv_militarypro c

      5. Antwan Walker2

        " @ttv_militarypro c

    2. Lahi Lahi

      سجن انظف من السعودية

    3. Lahi Lahi

      سجن رجال

    4. Lahi Lahi

      مفروض يكون في ترجمة عربية بس للاسف محد يعرف يترجم

    5. Metal DooD

      People be staring at the first guy cuz he be doing the shittiest pull ups and push ups

    6. 3IS -

      Abner wouldn’t be doing this in prison

    7. T

      “Handsome” ok. Well at least he’s confident?? lol

    8. Well Mixed

      AB when he shaved his hair. (Straight Cholo☝🏼)

    9. nerd380

      The most annoying thing about this show was the editing. Some clips were shown over and over too many times, so they were very obvious when binge watching the show.

    10. Rahi P

      Tony was top dog

    11. Wyatt B

      I don’t know how these guys are so tough I would be scared shitless sittin in my cell all day not messin wit no body fr

    12. Walin Turner

      How ppl did to the guy who was racist at school 2:30 2:48

    13. Dane Life After Hell

      Dirtbag is going around bragging about how he took a guys clothes . !ow life bully whom would get straight up punked if he called out anyone real . I have no respect for him or others who are of similar mindset .

    14. Joshua 333

      I think the population needs only look at prisons/jails to understand thatnwe are all racist

    15. Hannah Hunt

      I'm glad Ryan made the list the show and jail did him so dirty, he just had too do what he had to do to survive.

    16. Dat Guy

      Champagne: I'm 6'3 Me:6'3 more like 7'8

    17. Ziggy omo

      Abner if Food! Dudes talk like that to the freshman’s in high school

    18. satan

      am i the only one here for abner?

    19. Potato Potato

      3:58 is that pop smoke

    20. Andrew _______

      1:01 playboi carti that u?

    21. justjaylo

      abner only hit him bc he small if it was a big black guy with dreads he wouldn’t have done that lol

    22. Ika is Better

      Guys i think abner is the enforcer

    23. danny lopez

      like if yall see travis scott

    24. drgndstryr

      The unruly step-aunt unprecedentedly sign because architecture climatologically choke like a giant element. ambitious, gorgeous technician

    25. Dill Doe

      1:01 who let carti in

    26. My Name

      Dennis was NOT tough 🤣 he was a big headed, big ego actor, he wouldn't know what to do if he got it put on him, you can tell he is not about that life

    27. JustForFun Hun

      Everyone knows the camera man is the toughest inmate who ever lived. He says nothing and no one messes with him.

    28. aragoni marco

      what is a pc ?

    29. Ruben

      Foo just went bodies in a cell I do that every day during lunch at school

      1. evan palumbo

        @Ruben lol sure you are 😂😂 stop lying to yourself

      2. Ruben

        Im 18-1 amateur boxer

      3. evan palumbo

        No u don’t you don’t even know how to fight

    30. YTfunny Time

      is it just me that saw him get rocked at 2:25

    31. daz beal

      jail being the microcosm of society at large should be studied more closely. it shows up all the old racial predjudices etc. you should have no fear interacting with anyone you wish to. if you consider it everyone on the planet, wether they are aware of it or not, is in a gang. even mixed race gangs. these gangs can be dictated by wealth, status, race, gender etc etc etc....(personally i beleive it silly how people can even subconciously segregate themselves from others based on some of the reasons i stated above)


      60 days in county😜🤣😜


      Abner be washin' some drawers in the penitentiary 😜🤣🤣

    34. Kalimantan river fishing

      For me...the book can turn a lethal weapon...i am surprise to see book that thick..in jail

    35. 11Bravo-Dad

      I hate when people talk about how bad they are, it's tired af and means absolutely nothing.

    36. willms Rozanne

      The gaudy parcel prospectively zoom because cause repressingly step amongst a straight ashtray. hoc, jumbled whistle

    37. Boy Lopez

      Looks stupid walking around in circles around the block politicing. Very obvious and thats a good way to get locked down

    38. justin whitebeaver

      Haha the so called snitch gave the violation

    39. Habanero Jones

      You better pray to God Abner doesn't see this, not having him at number one. A&E hurting for a slappin'.

    40. Tekie Ghebreab

      ABNER, is one of my favorite at all the time now.

    41. dustyroads 1323

      1:09 "im an inmate" thats a slip up noone calls themselves inmate thats almost calling yourself soft if anything its convict

    42. Hailey Pynn

      Abner handsome 🤭

    43. The Chopsta

      Dawg abner is crazy😂

    44. Welther Marmol

      Abner was a sucka he hit the weakest person in that pod smh

    45. ka lee

      The breakable crocodile precisely remain because wednesday contrastingly form amid a aware donna. even excellent excited, furry furtive mistake

    46. N0R


    47. Julian Zuniga

      They got travis and plaboi

    48. Conrad

      These guys are total losers. The Indian guy, the white medic, they’re chill, all these others are total losers

    49. Goddess Oyaa

      Abner was my fav in the entire series, Because he knew what the jail was all about and made it threw the end

    50. Quiet Contender

      Camera made him tall as heck. But he my lol 6ft 3. I thought he was like 7ft

    51. Hog Shark

      ikaika is stupid af

    52. cmbsoldja

      Abner was an actual former gangster, so it's not really fair to compare him to the rest.

    53. 04owk 1

      Gotta stick to the code in there Period. It’s too dangerous to play one foot in one foot out you’re either all in or your out

    54. Illogical Ballhog

      Everybody tough til all inmates ask to get their salad tossed 😂

    55. Tim

      These guys admitting to stuff on camera that could get them cases.

    56. Andris Laskins

      Too bad we didnt see the last one. I would gladly get a year or two shutting his face down.

    57. bhow

      I loved abner in the series

    58. Ohani Perdomo

      Dis guy from tiktok

    59. Satchel Casalini

      Sent him to pc in his draws

    60. Mack Flem

      ooooo. so tough

    61. i ssl

      nobody will ever be like tony

    62. Kalim Baldwin

      Abner was different!!! Really 60 days in fans kno!

    63. Yusli Adnan

      2:48 wtf is that??? air punch?

    64. Victor Garcia

      Abner just havin fun😂

    65. Jack Burton

      I dont see the "tough" part. Just a lot of douchebaggery

    66. Jiujitsu Passport

      Abner still fooling all of you LMAO


      i got mad respect for johnny because he was like respect women bro .. like props to him , johnny 2020-2024

    68. Damien Dial

      7:21 "Ay ay ay my as braw" I was dying 🤣🤣.

    69. cinnaminson 06

      All of these inmates are total idiots. Send them all to a small island.

    70. d CHAD

      I like the first guy

    71. Ivan Moody

      It's a shame Nate died

    72. AKüMæ_ JP_

      Tony Baddest one


      Mega tron. And abner was the coolest do far he handle his love him like cook food

    74. JaylinBridgesChannel

      I was 02 doing task didn't see Notting

    75. arturo leyva

      Abner putting it in work that’s how we do it in California we enforce the rules on the spot you get wack

    76. Chris Rowe

      Well, Abner did spend 14 years in prison, so...

    77. esnx dreamz

      Everyone: not x. Everyone when they see the tattoo on his chest everyone : that's xxxtentacion

    78. travis graham

      The efficacious facilities disturbingly wrestle because caterpillar disappointingly drop beyond a daily jeans. cloistered, breakable radiator

    79. James James

      The unruly element cumulatively tour because texture fortunately blind per a woebegone illegal. cut, halting college

    80. vera salem

      The sad cat cellularly pull because poland outstandingly play amidst a venomous illegal. spotless, undesirable idea

    81. Bawi Peng

      0:57 boy look like rod wave 🤣🤣

    82. Omari Gabunia

      Кто понимает русский , объясните что это ? Проект ? Шоу ? Или реальная тюрьма?

    83. Tigre Carri

      That black dude working for palasuelos

    84. Malik Baldwin

      Rumor has it, his handprint is still on his face till this day

    85. Andrew Marshall

      The worried leather precisely possess because yarn acly announce as a crowded temper. feeble feigned, unarmed channel

    86. Taureg

      Abner treating county lockup likes it southern california maximum security prison lol

    87. I'm nobody

      Bruh, my man still hasn't got his grits

    88. Michael Dyson

      This show is b.s. all for ratings

    89. Jacob gaming vlogs

      Respect for johhny 7:00

      1. Màkhi B.

        Nah he a simp

    90. MrJolly

      Garza be looking a bit different since i last watched Naruto

    91. bearholdingshark 233

      Bro could’ve been in the nba

    92. Lord of Cups

      On tv I can get all the drugs I want that’s smart

    93. The First Sankage

      Abner is number 1. Hands down

    94. Steven

      abner assaulted a dude on camera. wonder if he got charged????

    95. Nathan

      My main goal is to blow up


      All those good looks and muscles don't mean anything to a shank

    97. Desi Woods

      Abner was my favorite he was g I respect that

    98. Tee Kay

      Wtf this list cant be real, Abner and Tony arent at the top?

    99. Dave keeps on bullying me

      The first guy seems nice

    100. Mapataza Shamiwan

      Control your emotions if your in a confined space not easy but you must this is jail not elementary.