When A restaurant only has Off Brand Drinks


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    Man everybody know about these type of restaurants they always got the wrong drinks!
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    1. RDCworld1

      150k likes? And I promise we working on anime house and hood avatar we ain’t forgot they just higher production more time

      1. Byron Rush

        Thanks just discovered you guys big fan almost over slept cause I stayed up all night watching

      2. Zuko On Cactus Juice

        Can’t wait for hood avatar

      3. gracie kerr

        @Mark Hughes same

      4. Commandmentツ

        yo these guys crack me up so bad i cant stop laughing or clicking vids yall top tier man

      5. MXSKED ACE

        Run me dat hood avatar right tf now

    2. Sempy

      Yall probably had no idea RC is a real thing. Royal Crown soda

    3. Sempy

      Yall probably had no idea RC is a real thing. Royal Crown soda

    4. Moonzipp Blasser

      I feel like dis based of a true story

    5. Zinq Genshin

      “Yall got Dr Pepper?” No we got Patient Jalapeño, everyone loves that.

    6. Xan

      Mello yellow slaps tho

    7. Your Subconscious

      "12 pack at home"

    8. Yeet Baljeet

      Aka the restaurant on a budget.

    9. MrArbeter

      Mom cant we go to a 5 star restaurant Honey we got a restuarant at home Restaurant at home

    10. DeVille

      Plot twist: they have a friend whose name is Everyone

    11. Kobe T-K

      Mellow yellow good asf wtf

    12. Childish Bambino

      You got lemonade? No we have calamansi

    13. Azure Child

      We got Shasta

    14. Andre Hughes

      "Y'all going to Wal-Mart?" "Nah we going to Door-Market!"

    15. sneakybeaver

      Better yet who drinks sprite anyways?

    16. Opulence_prime

      Dr. Thunder and RC slaps!!

    17. BanksForReal

      Don’t hate on RC cola bruh

    18. Mars

      Y’all got coke? *Actual Coke* Yes?

    19. Dankest Media

      Y’all got Oreos? Nah, but we got Creme Betweens

    20. Jedi S.H

      If someone asked for a sprite in my restaurant i would kick him out does sprite even still exist?

    21. Gregory Zimmerman

      “Y’all got Iced Tea?” “No, only som frigid gutter juice” 💦 “Shii aight then”

    22. Risse

      “ I have an 12 pack actually” 😂😂

    23. Covenant Armada

      Mello Yello is a off brand drink? It's literally made by Coca Cola to compete against Mtn Dew.

    24. StingLingTing

      Not how math work I said that to my teacher and ended up in the principals room

    25. Grey Panther

      Mellow Yellow > Sprite

    26. Sean Jones

      This is soooo funny lmao

    27. yoonafan18

      When I go into a Peruvian restaurant and they only have Inca Cola😩 Didn’t know it was Bring your own Coke.

    28. Robert Hudson

      RC Cola is literally the strongest cola it's like battery acid you can get a buzz off that shit 😂😂😂

    29. lilchungus

      “Y’all got lemonade?” “We got lemowhip?”

    30. Ty Frog

      “Y’all got Dorito’s Na we got triangle chip

    31. Twitch LucidFN

      “Who the fuck is DR thunder” I’m weak 😭🤣 0:27

    32. ßœī đæç

      "Yall have root beer?" "No but we have tree vodka"

    33. Gabe Black

      By the Dr Pepper I had to stop the video so I could breath

    34. shadow2k12

      Dr. Thunder does have a nice kick tho

    35. Malikah Dawodu

      he reminds me of Bernie Mac


      Tap water 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    37. JAY


    38. Sheldon Smalls

      Mellow Yellow 😂 That Was It For Me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    39. Suicide Zoe

      These are Winn-Dixie and Food Lion drinks lol these brought me back to my childhood

    40. anikin skywalker

      I got Mountain Lightning and Dr Thunder in my kitchen right now

    41. Eric Paul

      “ y’all got Minute Maid “ “ nah we got nut made “

    42. Bradley Harding

      It was the I gotta 12 pack at home for me.. that shit took me out!!

    43. Jackson Mosley

      These comments have me dying😂😂

    44. Donovan Russell

      “Yall have oreos” “Nah but we have creme betweens”

    45. jose rodriguez

      dr thunder fake ass super heroe hahah

    46. Honduran Yokel

      “Y’all got root beer floats?” “No, but we got sinks”

    47. Kingbiggums

      Pause.... Melli Yello is fire. And it don’t even taste similar to sprite, sprites lemon lime and Mello Yello is citrus

    48. LeakCentral™

      Don’t sleep on RC Cola though that shits a classic

    49. Samuel Santoro

      “Y’all Got Kentucky Fried Chicken”? “Nah we got Tennessee Grilled Turkey, Everybody eats there”.

    50. Chickengod Bear

      Ok the only off brand was dr thunder mellow yellow is name brand

    51. alBEA do

      Don’t fuckin dis yellow mellow

    52. Samuel Santoro

      “Y’all got Popeyes”? “Nah we got DadEars, everybody eats there”.

    53. Malik Grant

      My stomach hurts 😭

    54. Samuel Santoro

      “Y’all got Jersey Mikes”? “Nah we got York Marks, everybody eats there”

    55. GreenUp_14

      Dr t

    56. Tahjira and Tahjir Garrett


    57. Tahjira and Tahjir Garrett


    58. Carl Azuz

      I knowwww y’all ain’t hatin on that RC tho

    59. Finley Petit

      This is comedy genius

    60. Stiff Average

      When bro came in talking about quench I flew

    61. LoopFruit

      “we got draft root beer is that okay?” “no bitch, it’s not.”

    62. Walker Matteson

      “y’all got sunny d?” “ no we only have moony b, everyone drinks that”

      1. Haze

        Moony b 😂😂😂😂

    63. Thomas Moorr

      I do drink dr thunder :(

    64. TheRulersBack18

      'we got an assistant manager' lmfaooooooooooooooooooo

    65. Francisco Perez

      Dr thunder wtf 😂😂😂

    66. krisnrg

      Bro RC is way better

    67. Jody Breeze

      They definitely some barbershop ass drinks 😂😂

    68. duczase

      Am I the only one who likes dr k and rc?

    69. Zedstorm Kontacz

      Nglll had to search if the drinks actually were a thing😂😂😂

    70. Alexander Bilicki

      Y’all really need your own Comedy Show. Idk why no one has offered you one yet 😂🤣

    71. Thee_Rarest

      “Y’all got Xbox” “We got y sphere everybody uses that”

    72. Dec0y 0ctopus

      You know what I'm tired of this just bring me the check You mean money order......😭

    73. Toogie Haqq

      You funny is af thank you for the laugh

    74. Paul y


    75. Furtalance_x

      Me: Y'all got Coke Server: Brings white powder with a razor blade Me: 😳 Yo! dont be playin with me now.......

    76. Purple Ark

      Filipinos: I know all of this drinks

    77. Berce Gampu

      lol.. barbershop drink..

    78. Ivan Macadangdang

      “We got an assistant manager.” 🤣🤣

    79. Roman

      “Can I have some blue moon beer?” “No, but we got green sun, everyone drinks that.”

    80. Aiak Aiai


      1. Crimson Hurricane


    81. No T4co For You

      Offbrand drinks r usually the best

    82. Pmack Swather

      You should have said Sierra mist. mello yello is comparable to mountain dew

    83. RS III

      30 seconds in and two top tier drinks got slandered I’m hurting

    84. valerie c.

      The only thing better than Dr. Thunder is Mountain Lightning.

    85. William W

      “Y’all got Mario Kart?” “Nah man we got Bowser Wheelchair”.

    86. Marcus Van hook

      Y’all got some Doritos? Nah. We got detos tho.

    87. Ryanair

      You got 2k? No, but we got broke as hell.

    88. mantastic101

      "Yall got Fruit Loops?" "No, we got Homosexual Circles, everyone eats those."

    89. xau on top

      “You guys got Captain America here?” “No, but we got Captain Marvel, everybody watches that”

    90. americanwasteland

      it’s always the sprite

    91. Tiberius Fellblade

      When someone compares mellow yellow to sprite when mellow yellow is more similar to mtn dew

    92. Christian4pf

      Dr thunder 😂

    93. Kaeden Johnson

      Get a life

    94. Wallace Barnes

      "Who tha effe is Dr. Thunder man" lol LOL

    95. Christopher Hernandez

      “Ay y’all got Powerade?” “No sir, we but we do have Weak Aids”

    96. Boxy Pox

      bro he said that’s not how math works

    97. CrystalHairston2

      Barbershop drinks 🤣

    98. Little Pillow

      What? RC is not off brand coke tf you on about

    99. Ghosted_Gamer0

      -Dr. salt- Dr. pepper

    100. Stephanie Henao

      Not RC 😭😭 RC is good 😔😩