All 44 Nations Battle for Earth Until 1 Left! (Civilization Battle Royale)

Drew Durnil

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    All 44 nations battle on a Civilization 6 Earth map! We will continue this AI only until there is only one civ left. How will your favorite nation do? All Old World Nations Battle for Earth
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    1. Odin's inferno

      Hell yeah let's go Canada

    2. Pro_man

      Civ 6 shit, Civ 2 good

    3. JasonXYT

      Again, Canda never loses a war

    4. Ukatinho TV

      Vai brasilian...

    5. Ian C

      The Roman conquest of Istanbul against the Ottoman Turks and later renamed to Constantinople... Something seems off

    6. Odankey

      If you get the father the son will take revenge... France is proud you Canada

    7. Dillan Hanstedt

      Wait its all Canada?

    8. Draken Kartikay Kaul

      All civilisation games I have seen so far put Gandhi as leader of the south asian reguon.

    9. TypicallyNotAwake

      Russia is my bet

    10. ProToTyp

      3:16 even in video game we polands dont get along with rusians XDDD

    11. jame lopez

      thanks drew if you read this what platform do you get this game on?

    12. 901o I


    13. Inked

      Canada was peaceful but someone banned maple syrup and so they got on there moose loaded the gun and DIDENT SAY SORRY I am Canadian btw

    14. sergio hernandez

      How did he do the battle royal?

    15. Sut /Finn Hertog

      Even tough we lost in the finale “GEKOLONISEERD!!🇳🇱”

    16. No Ot

      Does anyone have a link for this map download?

    17. sad bih

      9:07 Wombo KONGO

    18. Rolf Da Francois

      There is a city that is baka My weenpns where y'all at

    19. RadioRandom

      Is this map in the base game or did he download it

    20. HumbleEndymion Boizzz

      Drew keeps on referring to the Brazilians in Australia as Australia. I was originally confused and then he showed the final 10 and no Curtin.

    21. HumbleEndymion Boizzz

      25:58 Is that Australia not contributing to climate change... that is super unrealistic . Per capita us upsidowners are number 1 babee

    22. Stalin Mao

      Ok this is super cool but what map is that and how do you get all 44 civs at once as well as being true start??

    23. Gerihun 102

      Hungary lost it in the 7th minute

    24. Arkansas Turin

      Is there a way to get this map? Is it in dlc or You done by yourself?

    25. Fluymer

      They should at least tweak the Dutch AI so it instantly has the best coast line protection as this is most realistic

    26. Star Wars Unlimited

      The german map is so wrong 😬😬😬😬😬😬 Interesting video

    27. Wyatt Cole

      The commentary ruined it but oh well

    28. Ozzy Vlogs


    29. Coola 3

      F for Sweden

    30. quanbe

      canada always win at the end

    31. Tim-Jan Klaseboer

      Well we got close🇳🇱

    32. Owen Muzyka

      This is the best timeline possible, a world ruled by Canada 🍁

    33. Mr. Doot

      Who's been taking over the New World? IT'S BEEN CANADA ALL ALONG!

    34. Solid Snake

      So Canada wins every hockey game on Earth right?

    35. Lord Teapot

      lol global warming isnt real

    36. Stephen Grove-Collins

      me who really wanted Sparta to win because I played Assassins creed odyssey.

    37. orson schuijers

      My city of Nijmegen being in Southern spain, a man can dream

    38. Mikołaj Pietrzykowski

      „Wombo Combo” - I see what you did there

    39. Lorn Summ

      Haven't watched, predicting someone from Canada will win or atleast do really good

    40. Chickabumpbump

      Wow is that an actual civ6 map. That’s pathetic, you can have maybe 5 cities before you’re meeting sea or civs. That’s laughable. Why on earth would you play this over civ 3 maps

      1. Dior Savage

        you culd edit the map in world builder to your liking so its not all bad

    41. Anthony is The coolest 4444 plush


    42. Armin Wessler

      For all the people saying Canadas best asset is beavers. Your wrong. Its the moose. 9 feet tall. 1500 pounds. Angry as a bees nest. Can swim faster than a honda motor boat and outrun a horse. It can crush a human skull with one kick and they stomp things to death

    43. Julius Werf


    44. Seth No

      It takes giant Death Robots for Canada to get a backbone

    45. fm999

      Liverpool in antartica lol definitely legit

    46. Donavan. Anderson.

      If Canadians are known to be nice, then if Canada is the ruler of the world than wouldnt everyone be Canadian And if everyone Canadian than everyone's nice, Boom world peace

    47. Lqtence


    48. ShadowTitan 22

      The Canadian builders were really bevears and with that many you where doomed to fail

    49. Georgies51

      As a Mexican I was proud. Until the Canucks took over. GG Canada you nice basterds

    50. mandioca tostada


    51. D.R. Skip


    52. yeh dssdgsdg

      Nubia- LAND Egypt- EXPANSION The Aztec- W I N D M I L L

    53. GrittyGroat

      not long ago, now drew seems to be a react channel

    54. Trace Lundy

      Canada saved the Dutch in ww2, it had to happen😂

    55. yunq saito

      Cleopatra dropping it like it hot😏😂

    56. Mizreg

      This would be even more sick on an even larger version of earth

    57. Alexandru Dascaleanu

      Romania will win ,we are the best we will conquer the world and the space

    58. Αντωνης Παπαδοπουλος

      Athens and sparta are both greek😌🇬🇷

    59. SavageBananaStopMotion’s mma

      Turns out, the chinese who built the wall were smart. They knew about the flooding in the future

    60. SmokezHerb

      go canada

    61. harlequin

      England capturing Boston is kind of poetic

    62. Pedro Kich

      Não fique triste Pedro II, hoje você possa ter fracassado, mas eu acredito que amanhã você conseguirá finalmente trazer paz e prosperidade ao Brasil

    63. Wilhelm Krauss

      Map seed pleaseeeeeeee

    64. lasthopelost

      Sometimes I sit down just to watch how this game mimics real life it’s kinda weird

    65. Bo J.

      Canada attacked Washington and Boston is where the American revolution against Britain began so the fact they seized those respective cities is quite pleasing

    66. Liam Dysoco

      The funny thing is that the Netherlands and Canada have some of the best diplomatic relationships irl

    67. PeanutStephens

      That Australia looked nothing like Australia lol also Melbourne as capital our capital in Canberra lol

    68. MrWoLFy

      Your annoying

    69. Brickmaster E

      Who are the "komai" that he keeps talking about? Is it Khmer? Because as far as I know the Khmer are called the Khmer, not komai or kmai or kamae or whatever he's saying (since captions wont pick it up)

    70. Chapman Fleming

      Drew- can you do this again now that the frontier pass Civs are out? With all the options game modes on. It would be NUTS

    71. Nico Baldenegro

      Most Viewed Drew Durnil video?

    72. Joseph NA

      I also want to know how an Army of workers does that and, how do you spam that many??

    73. Joseph NA

      The Syrup drinkers won?! Like to see an ANALysis of how?

    74. Nico Baldenegro

      When I saw the USA fortnite dance, I thought... "I live in america, but WHY. I CHOOSE CANADA" Welp I won cause i hate fornite :)t

    75. mr0bviouslyinsane

      Recently picked up gathering storm and played my first few games as Canada. And the fact you can't declare a surprise war is amazingly OP. Not shocked that they were the last nation standing. "Oh Canada"!

    76. Emanuel Rodriguez

      Bruh, I tip my hat to you! At 6:00 you pronounced Khmer PROPERLY. Ayyy, not "Kuh-merr" as it's typically pronounced.

    77. Ryan Leung

      Do you know? In da history The first nation the Mongolian invaded, is China.

    78. Christian Ranger

      Aztecs win. That's my prediction. No one can beat them until the renaissance era. But by then, they'll already be a monster civ.

    79. Jemuel Romey

      This is great and much more *importantly* *BETTER* than fortnite

    80. Chris M

      How are they building seasteads next to one another?

    81. Neath Izar

      America now: Haha Canada, funny leaf boi not even stronk Canada: This isn't even my final form

    82. Tech ants


    83. Austin Peters

      Drew: "America has kinda been integrated into Canada. They have most of those former US cities... Except for Charleston" Cincinnati: "Am I a joke to you?"

    84. Ben Dover

      As a Canadian I can confirm that this WILL be true

    85. maggotmusic757

      Oh yea, I forgot Virginia Beach was originally named Boston lol

    86. American Nationalist

      As an American I’m disappointed. Tf was that Theodore Roosevelt

    87. Nathan Skeen

      Canada probably did do well because they can’t get surprise wars on them, so they make war only when they’re ready, or if someone denounces them, in which they can prepare for the way.

    88. Bayden Newman

      love when he confuses brazil and australia 32:51

    89. 237

      I may be American but I think my French Canadian last name and construction skills will help me blend in with our, and If all goes well just your, new overlords.

    90. HERObyPROXY

      As a New Zealander, it's the strangest thing seeing a colony named after a small town in South America at 2:39.

    91. Solomon Ayalew

      Ethiopia would have won

    92. Tommy Robert

      O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all of us command. Car ton bras sait porter l’épée, Il sait porter la croix! Ton histoire est une épopée Des plus brillants exploits. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee If you want to be to control the world, it is not by nuke but by builders

    93. Dark-Vision-Art-Design

      Is this cool earth-map in the game, or is it a mod?

    94. Mr Sparky monki

      Rooting for Sweden!

    95. Александр Лазаренко

      - Wait, it's all Canada?! -Always has been...

    96. Tudor Bucoveanu

      32:47 "Australia is doing a bit better" *Shows Brazil in Australia*


      Who remembers nuclear Gandhi?

    98. Kieran Waldron

      0:52 r/mapswithoutnz

    99. Dioxys ce bg

      11:12 a city is name BAKA

    100. Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Thoses canadians know how to use the high ground for sure.