Inside the NBA Reacts To Reports Of Kevin Porter Jr.'s Locker Room Outburst

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    The Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to trade Kevin Porter Jr. after reports came out of him having an "outburst" after finding out they gave his old locker to the incoming Taurean Prince.
    According to The Athletic, Porter Jr., "at one point threw food" and was combative with GM Coby Altman.
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    1. Adam Jerde

      Chuck goofy lmao

    2. Adam Jerde

      Shaq's like "I'll take any damn number I want"XD

    3. Ernest Stewart

      Barkley dumb as a box of rocks

    4. sandra mayes

      Wrong this time Charles

    5. MCG

      came here to say Kevin Porter is doing amazing in the g league

    6. Boum Wiyual

      It was disrespectful point blank period

    7. Denis Pepic

      The cavs just lost a young prospect because of a locker, typical cavs stuff

    8. sam kilgore

      I feel like them moving his locker will come back to bite them in the ass 😂

    9. Mk L

      These bozos are arguing about a locker. Who the hell cares?? The guy has had problem after problem, and the Cavs had enough. They should be applauded for cutting him loose. Porter has done nothing in this league, and less than nothing this year, besides a huge distraction of course. How about some common sense here, they gave up a ton to get him in the first place, you know there was way more behind the scenes than what they're letting out, so why bother? There are plenty of talented players that flame out, for various reasons, and I would put my money on him being in that category eventually.

    10. Kari Tyb

      I tell ya what if I come in here and my things moved it’s gone be some furniture moved 💀💀 chuck said it all

    11. Red Five

      *Philadelphia, Mississippi* What?? 🤣🤣🤣

    12. Melynda Jeanne

      You look nice on glasses not because you are my favorite beside geese

    13. Antoine Jefferson

      Chuck really is stupid.

    14. E M

      I agree with Kenny. That move was so unprofessional from Cavs.

    15. Courtney J. Wright

      Kenny might’ve saved Porter’s career in this situation.

    16. cwoody5TV

      He’s gonna be good on the Rockets tho

    17. bluestooloose

      Is that the guy flexing being down a thousand points?

    18. Polo On The God

      Yea you basically touched my personal belongings and moved them to appease someone else...

    19. Aaron Daneils

      He called him Chaq 😭😭

    20. Kelly Moore

      All this over a locker

    21. Jay King

      Plz make this a cartoon🚨 😂

    22. THE YounGin

      Chuck at 4:16 got me dead 💀😂

    23. Marquez Johnson

      I used to work at USC with Kevin Porter Jr. And he was NEVER a problem. Always a genuine guy. I can understand his frustrations about the locker situation

    24. Keith Williams

      I agree with Kenney what is the locker got to do with the whereyou dress at unless he wanted him closer to the-starting other than that it make no sense where your locker is that

    25. Euphoric Sounds

      If they pay me millions to play basketball, they can move my locker all they want.

    26. David Derifield

      "Secondofly"- kenny "the jet"

    27. Russell Moore

      Who would want to play for a organization like this? Cavs aren't going to win another Championship for a long, long, looooooooooong time.

    28. Russell Moore

      It depends on the outburst lvl. If he went "Sprewell" then you have to waive/trade him. But, he's a young player in the league with potential. And them trying to waive him for a understandable outburst. Is going to lower his already pretty low value.(no hate he's unproven)... I think this should've stayed inhouse. And the fact it got out, is not looking good for the Cavs as an organization.

    29. MMMA Contact


    30. Cool Breeze

      Chuck is stupid

    31. De’Andre Brown

      I agree with Kenny, that’s wild disrespectful. However, he shouldn’t have reacted like that

    32. Jus Desireable

      And we talking still about guys who get paid millions and you crying over your locker being moved. GTFOH!

    33. Jus Desireable

      Kenny just show you how Diva these players can be. Can you imagine you arguing with your boss that they had to move your desk to make way for a new hirer? You be fired on the spot.

      1. Bucket Giver

        This aint a 9 to 5 job buddy players have the leverage to demand respect .

    34. Domonique Fludd

      Ernie got that Caucasian mentality. Dude gets his personal things removed without his permission or knowing n that’s ok. But being upset about it is wrong. And we don’t know what was said by dude so it’s ok to break ppls privacy and do what thy wilt with their belongings. Smh

    35. Ishan Juneja

      First time Kenny has had an opinion and actually led a discussion. Another first time when I actually agree with him. Theres hope for you yet Kenny.

    36. ThatEraSound

      Agree with kenny

    37. ThatEraSound

      Agree with kenny

    38. Thomas Hyle

      wait; they didn't ask him to move; they literally moved his stuff behind his back? No; that's fucked up.

    39. Astro Rockets

      Well in class, I don’t ever remember anyone wanting to cheat off the black Ever,

    40. MrFaDookie


    41. BOE from N.F.L.

      2:12 WHAT WAS DA REASONNNN 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Cosby Siringi

      Chuck is sloooowwwwww

    43. Rodrigo Cruz

      They need to fire that Shaq O’Neil dude he’s is one of those hidden haters

    44. D Me

      Shaq wants to bitch about how his boy Drumpf was robbed.

    45. Eric Jackson

      Barkley just be quiet 🤫 Smdh

    46. Eric Jackson

      Don’t touch my stuff at all just get rid of him if you don’t want him!! It is total disrespect

    47. Francis John ruiz

      KAZAAM cant make free throws 😅

    48. De'Andrea D.

      Kenny isn’t lying 💯💯

    49. Manny

      You pay me millions to hoop, you can move my locker every damn day haha.

    50. Dalton Farris

      Bring Kevin to denver so there is a K. Porter Jr. And an M. Porter Jr.

      1. Pablo Martinez

        He already got traded, do u live under a rock?????????????????

    51. Yosef Ben-jochannan

      Shaq asked Kenny, "Are you listening to the question?" Then turned right around and agreed with him.

      1. Yosef Ben-jochannan

        @GYS i just rewatched it your right

      2. Yosef Ben-jochannan

        @GYS Shaq didn't specify that he was talking to Chuck when Kenny answered yes im listening to the question. It was only when Ernie said something about seniority that he agreed with Kenny. But hey u could be right

      3. GYS

        Yosef Ben-jochannan he was asking chuck if he was listening. He always agreed with Kenny

    52. Etat 1995

      Then he gets traded for a top 55 protected pick lol like damn they could’ve just waived him for all that, KPJ is has wayyyy more worth than a bottom 5 second round pick

    53. Jru Wilkerson

      @2:43 Are you listening to the Question? Shaq will always take a shot at chuck🤣😅😂

    54. Ebony Nowlin

      Charles really didn't get it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    55. Corey Miller

      He got a right to be pissed , they also have a right to trade him . I will say the Cavs are some hoes for how they did it , they were lame for that.

    56. Joe Traxx

      The coach/ front office is dumb, this is all on the the coach/front office

    57. Coby Kerr

      Kenny is so wrong lol

    58. Tim othy

      Sometimes I swear chuck talks like he’s had several concussions

    59. TropicIslandpopartist

      Ok so lockers - important

    60. Otis Lawson

      The squealing actor optionally cure because band additionally increase to a massive vacation. belligerent, resolute beard

    61. 23codez

      My boy Chuck didn't understand the question lol

    62. Atrain973 main4life386

      That's some Rocky Balboa s*** in part one . When Mickey gave the locker to the other boxer and put Rockies gear on the hook.

    63. Dolores Stone

      The towering panties conclusively melt because flock equally rescue next a obscene hippopotamus. scarce, rough edge

    64. BendConscious

      Please move Kenny's locker.

    65. Gino in Encino

      It's like Bill Lumburgh telling Milton to move his desk to the storage room in the classic flick Office Space

    66. Jacob Ramsey

      Kenny really crying over someone moving a locker?😂😂 this world I swear cracks me up. It’s literally no big deal at all. Make your big money and shut up and stop crying over a locker move❄️

    67. Jayden Moon

      I hope Kevin Porter gets through all this stuff that could hurt his career - he is extremely talented - I would hate for this type of behaviour to be his legacy

    68. Bryan Selander

      I have no interest in basketball but this show is golden

    69. 3's Way

      I'm with Kenny 💯% and I think KPJ dad died that's y he was gne, smh horrible by the Cavs mane👎👎👎

    70. Mid City

      I swear Chuck is constantly in his own little world he doesn’t even know what’s happening

    71. The Slayer

      If someone touch/move my stuff without my permission WE FIGHTING 😤

    72. Jose Segura

      Chuck with his bullshit !

    73. Princess Appiah

      “Just because you’re yelling don’t make you right” 😂😂😂 I just made the loudest laugh in the library

    74. Mike Steinberg

      Kenny “First of all... Secondively” Smith

    75. vincent knox

      What's wrong with Charles Barkley man

    76. No Name

      Chuck is a fool! Lol

    77. TouchMCookie

      Men get sensitive when family or their lady touch their Jordan box...and the box is empty!! 😅😅 So I could only imagine someone's items like cell phone, clothes, body products and etc. are moved without their knowledge.

    78. Russell Giangrosso

      Marco polo lol

    79. StormkoopaCV03

      Kenny just being overdramatic as usual. lol

    80. BlackStarr007

      Didn't notice that BLM Crap in the background before, last show I'll be watching …Peace!

    81. abdulla alkarbi

      they will give thier take with minmum information 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thats why i love this show

    82. Just My Opinion

      We finna gloss over the fact this nigga Kenny said secondably

    83. Luchessi Montalado

      Is Chuck drunk lol

    84. Courtside with Jerome

      “We talking about lockers, ... listen we talking about lockers not closets we talking about lockers not the closet where I would hang my clothes up liked it the last piece of clothing we talking about lockers”

    85. Connor Logan

      I don’t understand how Chuck couldn’t understand the damn question from Kenny 🤣🤣🤣

    86. Doesn’t Matter

      Chuck has a hard time understanding complete thoughts. His IQ can’t be over 80

    87. Eric Tolbert

      That's screwed ip

    88. Jonathan Norris

      Truth is, I woulda fired the coach for causing - or allowing that 2 happen, then not being able 2 handle his own locker room --- u just traded away what the basketball world considers the "steal of the draft" because he's a young man with personal issues & the head coach is a b.a.n. ... I thought that the CAVS dumb days were over, but wait! ... there's a sequel!

    89. Dave Litman

      When are they going to take that jerk Shaq off the air? He’s an embarrassment.

    90. MrMessyb

      Charles so slow 🤣🤣 he took like 5 minutes to even understand the issue. Could have moved the new guy to the available locker, was no need to move Kevin’s locker simple.

    91. pida siouy

      Man, not gonna lie, I would be mad if someone touched my stuff

    92. SSS Chicago

      Lmao wtf is Charles talking about

    93. NYC

      I’m pretty sure he was notified of the move beforehand. Really Kenny you think an organization operates like that.

    94. Ricky Bachman

      Mark these words. He can play.

    95. jeremykass87

      Good to hear the perspective of those who've been there and lived basketball culture. Kid reacted like an immature 20yr old, but fact is they did say they had his back as a person and he must have felt betrayed and marginalized. Cavs have a great track record at being terrible with younger players and their development, best for him to be moved. Getting a stranger to move all my things in a conversation you had behind my back is a serious breach of trust regardless of your age. Rly only in the military or as an inmate would that behavior be expected.

      1. jeremykass87

        @pida siouy it must've been going well enough untie he discovered the switch, to your point. They had begun to reintegrate him into the team and then this occurred. Was an overreaction, for sure, but one the other side- team knew he was in a rough place n then did this anyway

      2. pida siouy

        He'd been with the team and training for a minute still. KPJ didn't just rock up on Friday.

    96. Barron Hall

      Someday Kevin Porter Jr will score 35 points all up in Cleveland's face.

      1. sean reid

        Make it 70

    97. Okorie Ogba

      Love this!!!

    98. JRstylez


    99. AWOL Friday

      Cavs are a trash organization. He has potential to be really good. His volatile personality was on his scouting report coming into the NBA. If it wasn’t so much work psychologically I would want Miami to pick him up and develop him.

      1. sean reid

        I agree. Miami is good place for him or the spurs

    100. wnerk o

      I used to like Kenny but lost alot of respect for him.hes a trouble maker .hes becoming Stephen A Smith.