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    1. Chinaa Lynn

      Your mother a blessing ✨

    2. Chinaa Lynn

      Thank you sis I love that 💕

    3. Love Sharpe

      I really respect you for being transparent and I really look up too you now.

    4. Love Sharpe

      How I wish my step mother should have acted.

    5. McKenzie D

      “Baby your the prize “ ! Thank u for saying that. I will forever keep that in my head . Having my first baby & your whole family go against me. ..I got figure out everything on my own . U are a blessing though u really are

    6. Torri Torri

      i love this 🥰🥰 most of these youtubers staying for the money because they built so much together and that’s sad they won’t leave because of that

    7. Vashon Latrice

      You are amazing!!!!

    8. Austin

      Hi Boy In Here!!

    9. Blk Sunshine

      Young but wise.

    10. niii. x

      Don't lose yourself over someone who doesn't value your life or your worth.

    11. OlaaBisi

      i needed to watch this , i love you queen

    12. Rayanna M

      Yes you are so strong Nique ❤️ I’m glad you have a great support system and you are still pushing yourself to were you wanna be 💕and your so consistent ❤️

    13. Brenda Stuckey

      Your such a blessing and a huge inspiration on alot of females keep being ya own motivation and stay strong cuz kaiser needs u and also see everything

    14. alaceia janae

      I really needed this 👏🏽👏🏽

    15. Tae Yvonne

      Well how do you cope if you know the breakup was your fault. Like your the one who ruined it. I don't feel like I'm the prize.

    16. Kimaa T


    17. BrownSkinn Girl

      What will be shall be! Keeping working on self love ♥️

    18. Ke’Niya Williams

      I really look up to you❤️ i love how you is & now i know i need to focus on myself & get in my bag😁 I LOVE YOUU NIQUE🥺❤️❤️

    19. TheLifeOfLique

      Love you big sis❤️💯

    20. LaTosha Stanfield

      I respect you so much!!!! You are a great person!! I am gad you left him because he wasn't shit.

    21. Shay Monay

      “You could never tell me I would be going through this shit last year” HIT DIFFERENTTTTTTTT

    22. CheliVilla1

      Nique, I love u but what is up w/ur eyes on ur thumbnail?

    23. Life With Samoy

      Thanks for reminding me of my powers, Am just still in disbelief but you both stay blessed🙏❤️

    24. Envy Cappo


    25. Latesha Renee

      And I love your best friend!

    26. Latesha Renee

      "She said I'm the prize! I make shit shake round here!" Honeeeyyyyy!

    27. Latesha Renee

      I cant stop commenting lol the more she talks , the more I'm like 👏👏💪 I NEVER seen a young mamas with this type of wisdom, common sense, integrity, and self respect! Especially in this generation. Geez! She not here screaming "Fuck love! Fuck niggas" She's focused on HERSELF!

    28. Latesha Renee

      VERY smart girl. She just restored my hope in young women

    29. Latesha Renee

      I dont think she's gonna come on camera snot nosed doing the ugly cry lol I think yall forget that there's such thing as ON camera and OFF camera

    30. Latesha Renee

      I watched both sides and they are actually very wise for their ages. I dont normally see younger people (early 20's) with this type of mindset

    31. Its Kiersten

      She was speaking real facts

    32. ShaeDnae Tv

      Yasssss Say it with your chest and also if it’s meant to be it will come back just not now plus your way to beautiful, friendly, motivated, caring and opening hearted I used to be so angry with myself because I’m 26, in Houston and was putting everybody before me now I’m down on my luck and everybody moved around so you keep me motivated I want to boss up and be a beautiful self reliant person

    33. MiamiGirl Nini

      I just did the same thing MOVED ON fuck that if you leave you’ll hurt but for a lil, if you stay you gone be hurting longer

    34. jaylen simmons !

      i would really like thank you💙 you really helped me realize my worth thank you so much i love you❤️!

    35. Christina J

      you should do a new bomb intro

    36. Jackson Dollars

      Hang the pics up in your son room you and king will back together God showed me it’s nit over

    37. Shalita Davis

      Your strength is inspiring ! Everyday I pray I get to the moment where I put ME over everyone. It’s so much I hold inside, plenty of times where I bit my tongue to spare someone else’s feelings, plenty of times where someone had me F’d up and I’d allow it. But I’m learning and trying to CHOSE me above all cause IM THE PRIZE. Thanks Nique 😘❤️

    38. Makysha Daniel

      Ion feel like all this “so called” love just needs to be towards her yea of course show her love but it’s 2sides to a story n I’m not fina label her the victim jus because she is the female u never will know what really happened personally me idc that’s her life but yeaa always 2sides so

    39. Rhonda Sudduth

      Love you so much and your strength, keep your head up babygirl, sunny days are ahead

    40. Beauty Ismee

      I’m glad you Shared this video with us I know i needed to ear this ❤️

    41. Que Reese

      Thank You Ma We Needed This Message❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    42. Kristina posey

      this was most definitely needed 😩. it’s so many women out here holding a man down putting them first before themselves. your a perfect role model for the youth thank you. ❤️

    43. classieisclassy1000

      What’s the name of KOBE CHANNEL??????? Things will get better God is good

    44. P Piee

      One thing about us Capricorn we try not to show things!! We try to show ppl that we're down only our friends or loved ones would know‼️ Yes I love you nique I might know much on whats going on but girl you on your shit and know your shit!!!

    45. mykala lewis


    46. pisces2796

      Nique you’re beautiful.

    47. Dhatislandgurljess Joseph

      We all heal differently I’m happy that u have great friends!!! The once that I thought would’ve been there for me jus wanted to hear the story n talk to others about it. I stayed at home for months handling mines alone n still dealing with it. I went out n shit but the pain feels like it’s never ending (Thank God for my moms phone calls) n honestly I’m way more happier alone n without that person. I’m jus living my life!! Keep ur head up love you’re going to be sad n happy some days stay bless!!!

    48. Geona Sturridge

      OMG HER MOM RAISED HER GOOOOOD!!I swear i'm impressed because I didn't expect her to boss up

    49. Dejhanae Shea

      This video was made for me😭😩

    50. Shay Butta Biscuit

      Ya eyebrows are beautiful... Maybe after you and King grow y'all can come back together but do you nique and it's not gonna be easy I'm 35 I know but you gonna get thru this momma

    51. Jenn Denice

      Danm Is this about him an Carmen the shit wasn’t true smh I hate they broke up I loved them they were my fav outside of ken an dearra an Chris an queen

    52. Dian Cons

      These lashes lashes y’all getting be having y’all looking really weird in the eyes tho!

    53. Cupcake Sims

      Let me ask u this do u really in the back of your mind do u think king and carmen fuck for real cause I feel its really more to the story that really know

    54. Aspen Hill

      I swear it’s nothing better to see than a woman that knows her worth

    55. Denisha Bell

      Say that shii NIQUE❗️❤️

    56. Keya Mula

      The way you kept pushing your hand when you were talking about stepping away 😭❤️

    57. 1 love

      Good For you, know your Worth!😊

    58. m1ss0utsp0k3n

      People always speak on God in the bad times

    59. Lauren Conerly

      Mann...all i can say is THANK YOUU THANK YOUU THANK YOUU! ❤ I love you and we're gonna make it together!! 💪🏽

    60. Timberly

      I just wanna say I admire your strength and words!❤️ I wish more girls would be like Nique

    61. Niya J

      Period I'm the prize even being pregnant

    62. ganiftnane kafoa

      She talking about how to deal with a break up and here yall are talking about carmen like WHAT! what does carmen have to do with this. At the end of the day not all human are the same we are all different yall dont accept carmen to just leave when everyone have a different heart 🤦‍♀️ carmen will deal with her problem the way she wanted. But anyway i really hope that they will come to an end and try talk everything iut and be true with each other just leave me be hoping that you and carmen can work things out ❤🙏

    63. Latrice Springer

      I needed this😫😫❤️Thank you!!

    64. Nailah Williams

      I literally busted into tears after hearing "you're the prize" . I love nique so much for this!

    65. vesha & kei

      God I pray that peace overtakes antique in the name of Jesus!

    66. Sarah Davis

      Nique, Thank you so much for this because I needed to gain the strength to finally walk away. I tried to stick around and stay for love and the feeling of fear. Fear that maybe this is it maybe it’s no one else out there, but love isnt enough and I am worth it. I am deserving. I allowed the enemy to feed me so much negative thoughts and I took the bait for awhile that made me stay and take a lot, but listening to this made me just get the courage to walk.

    67. brac.eface._kyla kyla

      all i gotta say is that u wrong nique even though this is not the subject but u wrong cuz she was gone let u sit up there and hit her cuz she know she didnt cheat cuz if she did hit u back like she said she would be the victim like yall need to be friends again she didnt do anything and king told the truth when yall got through arguing and stuff and he finally told the truth on his youtube y its supposed to be 2020 not 2019

    68. Star Warren

      God have your back Ur very strong keep your head up like Tupac said and may god continue to shine his light on you .💜

    69. Evana Grace

      You a strong woman periodtt

    70. Davis bethel

      This is a Great Video Nique you keep it All the way Real Sis🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    71. Davis bethel

      I needed to here this🙏🏾👣🖤🥰😍 Thanks Nique

    72. Davis bethel

      Yesssss. Your the Prize.

    73. goodvibesonly dayfamily

      i respect everything you saying..i personally don't think you wrong about nothing you saying..hold your crown high & if its meant to be yall will be back together if not just don't rush into anything,take your time

    74. Cairo J

      This is what Carmen want 😕 She had did the same thing with Bianca and Damien😞 but Bianca never leave her man🙌

    75. King Of games

      Did you and king break up plz be no

    76. Shantae Morgan

      Am soooooooo proud of you niqueeee😊😊I love you soo much damn I can't wait to meet you it's been years😢😢

    77. Shantae Morgan

      Am soooooooo proud of you niqueeee😊😊I love you soo much damn I can't wait to meet you it's been years😢😢

    78. Sydney Sherard

      At least one thing I can say about Nique is she know when to leave the relationship on the other hand ! Carmen needs prayer 😭 cussss her relationship is just a hot ass messs

    79. Jes'Alyn Williams


    80. Chasity Hillard

      Damn needed this

    81. Unique Shanii

      14:41- 15:09 A powerful message

    82. Tasheka Campbell

      I love you Babes.

    83. Raenaldo Thompson

      Take it slow nique 💖💖

    84. Raenaldo Thompson

      We love you nique and come and visit barbados

    85. AmbitiousGirl Lee

      Damn this video made me cryyyyy!! Ugh! I broke up with my fiancé back in June and it’s a horrible feeling! We have a 1 1/2 year old and whew! It’s hard! 😭😭😭

    86. Shadow Hendrixx Look at this cute bunny that loves to be pet!!

    87. Angelaaa

      Thank u for sharing ! It took awhile but I finally left my toxic ex last month! Since I’ve told family and friends I’ve had nothing but support and encouragement. I pray a lot more and have been refocusing All my attention to me 🎁🦋🥰

    88. Melissa Jones

      Should’ve asked him how it was for him to see you down like that and what was he thinking (Kobe)*

    89. Kelani Williams

      I had to take a note

    90. Kelani Williams

      Girl you was getting to me

    91. Mariah Mashay

      I love your faith in God. Only he knows you and king and what’s best for y’all and your relationship. Trust in his plans ❤️🙏

    92. Queen Sofia

      Love you nique ! Your very strong and this is so motivational and I can definitely relate to this with being a mom and wanting to do right, it’s hard but you got this 💕💕💕

    93. Seiry Vasquez

      when are we going to see you and king in a video together i miss y'all being together love you and your baby

    94. Chungli Davis

      I needed that bc my boyfriend cheated on me 7 times and I’m still with him and some times I break down and cry I needed to hear this 💯💯🥺🥺

    95. lifewith tookie

      You doing good nique, you Is my role model i can’t look up to my momma so i have to look up to someone and it’s you

    96. Taj Jay

      It took me two years to get over my ex but once I got the closure that I needed I knew that he wasn’t the one that I was meant to be with. However, I met my husband shortly after that and now it’s been 4 years later and we have two kids. My point is god is showing you that somethings aren’t meant to be and that’s ok the hard part is accepting that. I love that you’re focusing on yourself, and I believe that your happy ending will also come one day 💖

    97. Des

      Her and king broke up??

    98. Mavis Barnett

      Hey Nique I love this advice you giving . Nique you are a strong , and beautiful woman and I ❤️ u for that . Keep grinding and shining .love you Nique

    99. fidia milonde

      Please embarrass your enemies and go back together. People be hating on you coz they are jealous of u two. They don’t wana see you together😭 I was inspired by u two. Why

    100. Tamar Browne

      I miss u and king so out things nuhh💔💔💔💔