White House Claims Trump Ended COVID-19 Pandemic | The Tonight Show

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    Jimmy addresses the White House science policy office listing ending the coronavirus pandemic as one of Trump's biggest accomplishments.
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    White House Claims Trump Ended COVID-19 Pandemic | The Tonight Show

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    1. Danny Woo


    2. Tran The Clever

      5:40 🌹🍀

    3. Mr. Chill

      Trump:We will end this pandemic and bring back your happy life my People Covid:ooooo Happy death day 🥳

    4. Rick

      Trump got just what he deserved for screwing over VETERANS!....Now he must live with his ABYSMAL LEGACY.....”WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!”.....👎👎👎👱‍♂️👎👎👎 kgup.info/get/hrCLlYSyooKseYs/video

    5. Leatherkid01

      Julio is cute 😋

    6. Garry King

      Hey jimmy luv your show here in qld Australia we luv u mate

    7. Miss Oodles A. Noodles

      jimmy fallon is not funny at all. terrible.

    8. david arms

      You guys Get ready to be shocked ... Trump victory .2020 And its possible to be funny without spewing hatred . .

    9. Chelsea Matthews

      I just loved everyone's reaction to Fred Flintstone lmaoooo


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    11. BronzeAlive


    12. hendrix moon

      hey that's reminding me something played on Seth talk show with Stefon no ?

    13. Massey Ferguson

      Trump will also be ending the short lived president elect biden claim.

    14. SnakeEyesBP1980

      What you didn't hear that Trump did not wanted to control the COVID. SO he like to see people get killed by it.

    15. David Nilsen

      Become a man and stop making lies for money.

    16. David Nilsen

      TRUMP 2020

    17. Jim Thomas

      Trump You're Fired ! Isn't this Celebrity Apprentice ? Now Trump knows like all the people he has fired what it feels like to be DISMISSED

    18. Kevin1993

      Question : what is the drummers actual nickname ?

      1. BA DeCo

        It is Questlove.

    19. Rayse Yeoman

      Julio’s costume ideas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    20. JS

      Laughter is wonderful medicine! Please run for President.... ❤️❤️❤️

    21. kingshiq -

      If the pandemic is over then why is my father in the hospital, in critical condition, with covid, severe phenomena, on oxygen. My hard working dad is now celebrating the short trip from his hospital bed to the chair next to it, because he can barely do that.

      1. kingshiq -

        BA DeCo thank you, I appreciate it 💕 he is doing a little better now, he’s home and resting

      2. BA DeCo

        I am sorry to hear about your father. My prayers are with you and your family. I hope he recovers from this quickly. Again, I wish you the best.

    22. puglvr89

      So thankful for this show. 😊

    23. Randy Spizer

      Fallon’s physical appearance looks like he’s back to drinking heavily..... kinda looks drunk now. No judgement at all. Love him and wish him the best!

    24. SkullCrusher Scootering

      welcome to nebraska where it's cold as fuck

    25. Scott Macleod

      So bad at standup he has to sit

      1. BA DeCo

        He is sitting down during his dialogue.

    26. kellytir

      The funnier part is Trump started that statement with "is there anywhere you'd rather be..." And everyone cheered.

    27. Velveth Simite

      Jimmy Fallon show is just a puppet for the left!

    28. David Guerrero

      Go vote homie today's the last day to vote. Go vote

    29. Kevin Plummer

      The President can't control a virus. And if check with anyone in the medical field, there is a virus, but not a pandemic. I don't know why I am even commenting. Jimmy Kimmel, I mean Fallon.. is cancel culture. Irrelevant.

      1. BA DeCo

        Then why have other countries been able to control it. You really think people would believe your statement about it not being a pandemic. Not only do I know doctors but biologist from Stanford and the say otherwise.

    30. john marzano

      This show is the worst. Nothing but a leftist political agenda channel. Red wave tomorrow.

    31. Buzzard Jake

      Let's see what Trump will really do? kgup.info/get/m4eJd6zOjIVumqU/video

    32. Dekco Kalok

      Jimmy fallen

    33. bxxx9

      How does Hulio look like a new born elderly person

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    35. Mcfishy First

      Trump Did in the pandemic in his own mind

    36. Barnali D

      I like that kid Julio. He's good 👍.

    37. Ten Meg

      Hey people tomorrow when we get the results of Trump losing the WH ..if you are in Washington go and throw toilet paper to him. He will need it in BIG quantity. 🤪😁😁

    38. Magan lee

      Drump’s gloves givin me OJ vibes lol.

    39. The Comrad Camp

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    40. Alex J

      Went for a walk today. Garbage day. Saw 9 garbage cans out in front of houses.......with Trump/Pence signs crammed into them....one of the signs had bullet holes in it...another looked like someone blow tortched it...lol. Things that warm the heart😊❤

    41. 15jbenson

      Curb your impartiality

    42. Raphael Lobo


    43. Matcha do About nothing

      Jimmy: Can we see that again Dave? Dave: NO!!! Jimmy: Please? 😂😂😂Classic!

    44. Tania Prosser

      Pneumonia should be a pandemic than.

    45. Manuel Solylo

      Hhh kgup.info/get/h4KEkHvGdKtqfo8/video

    46. Logical Musicman

      Don't forget curing cancer and establishing world peace.

    47. k j y

      If an zray tech says pandemic is over it must be. Much like Tramps brain surgeon declared that Mr Ts hemorrhoids were gone. Sorry Ben they moved from his mouth back to his lower Ahole. Move over Pense

    48. Dana Davis

      The truth will set you free...

    49. barrych mak

      Yes , COVID-19 is over in Wuhan . Is this a Trump's accomplishment ? @

    50. Gloworm Sparkle far

      lol this is my cuban nightmare!!!!!ayeeeeee

    51. J Taylor

      Remember when Jimmy was funny? Its becoming a fuzzy memory at this point.

    52. Marlon John


    53. Neuvari

      another PROPAGANDA aye trump boy??

    54. Lamia Lola

      Is Julio Stefan’s cousin?

    55. maybememory1

      This feels like an attempt at Stefon...

    56. Eren Yeager

      Quest Love = Fred Flintstone

    57. Supermoonwalker

      Do you guys think Jimmy will ever learn that he’s not actually funny? Let me know if you think he’ll ever find out

    58. James Moore

      Hey, she could have answered that he was from the State of Chicago!!! Lol... World Peace!!!

    59. osamudiamen ejiagbonlamhen

      WH I think

    60. LushCat

      It makes me sad that American has to choose between an old white man and a piece of shit for a president.

    61. Dwight Hunter

      Hottest coronavirus reggae song of 2020: kgup.info/get/l6OWdaHafI-Nd4M/video

    62. Alejandro Del Rivero

      usa has more cases than a country with 1.5 billion people and the white house wants to say they ended the pandemic??

    63. Dawn Nightinger

      One of my friends literally just got Covid.

    64. carlitos05

      Julio was awesome lol

    65. robby garza

      When its 10° and trump says.. "Why was i told its a hotspot!" Is really clever joke man!

    66. John Smith

      Drump’s gloves givin me OJ vibes lol.

    67. jean reynolds

      Trump ended virus, what bullcrap!

    68. jo fro

      Biden is so bad.He wants to raise taxes, defund the police, is corrupt, he tells black people to vote for him or they are not black etc.. etc..etc..etc..etc..

    69. arta ariachehr

      With ALL this 4 year long jokes, Trump do a great job... and we find that the people of America didn't care about all of this tv show jokes. IRANIANS LOVE TRUMP

    70. roxanne crawford


    71. Peace Train


    72. Joey Grazio

      Trump didn't end covid million of people still have it tell what did he end n he did end it n it come out nov2 then he a bigger scum bag then I know why people r dying he holding to win election

    73. Sherri Swift

      I thought Julio was great.

    74. Maddie Mae

      Best parts 3:13 5:03 😂😂😂😂

    75. Brad Davidson

      Ha ha , idiot. Not even funny. Can't watch TV during the rolling blackouts that the Hollywood lib supporters will get with their heroes bright ideas. I'm sure it's a business contract with the network to constantly put down the President.Witout him you'd be under a blue tarp. 😯T R U M P 2 O 2 O ☺

    76. TruePerception

      Wait, the Bachelorette prefers a guy who is a size 46?! Unless he's hella tall, that's very unshallow of her.

      1. TruePerception

        Nevermind. 6'3" and athletic.

    77. F John

      Political lampoon so hilarious.. how about Fallon for Trump 2020 😂

    78. r smith

      Bernie didn't fail nomination

    79. elzar delzur

      So everything in your life that goes wrong is Trump’s fault. Well he then really most be the most powerful and mighty man in the whole planet. Come on people really!

    80. Rob Cramer

      I used to be a big fan of Julio, but I have no time for his Berniebro bullshit in 2020.

    81. James Moreing

      So if Trump loses, does this mean these shows will be funny again? 😉

    82. Mike Murrin

      How about another black face skit

    83. MeesterGijs

      That QR at the end, and the way he communicated it, was almost disrespectful.

    84. andrew g

      Trump vs the Hollywood elitists, media, and establishment round 2. Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres, and Lebron James cant win Biden this election. Just like they couldnt win Hillary the election. The people will speak louder than ever.

    85. Dolyttle

      lmfao I love Julio that was just great

    86. Joan Shea-Bordage

      They spread it, they didn't stop it. 😡

    87. gisela o

      Even his supporters turning BLUE!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    88. Jean Luck Piccard

      This show bought and paid for by your friendly dnc. I wish I were joking.

    89. Manny Cunha

      Let me know wen I'm supposed to laugh

    90. WildwoodClaire1

      When the usual nodding numbskulls gathered in Omaha to worship they pyrite idol, they little suspected they were about to compete for a Darwin Award.

    91. ZEBEDEE DO

      Who built the cages Joe

    92. Fernando Gonzalez

      Boring, stupid no argument at all, fake laughs, Jimmy you are just a piece of shit like all your fucking garbage Hollywood friends... Trump will win in a landslide!

    93. Ramon Gonzalo

      10 degrees eh Trump? You mean 27. Yet another lie.

    94. jim smith

      I miss Jonny Carson.

    95. Sari Koske

      I can't take a photo of the thingamajig with my phone because I'm watching this on MY PHONE!!!

    96. Andy Mullins

      Is this actually funny? It's really strained laughter, forced. Really wish this guy was funny but he ain't.

    97. Yibambe4ever

      democrats are dumb as shit...states that have serious COVID problems are mostly BLUE states. WTF are the governors and mayors doing? NOTHING! instead they just push their responsibilities to Trump saying he's not doing things. Thought Americans hated the federal government sticking its hands into the state's powers. its not a buffet guys, when it comes to guns 50% of u tell the federal government to fuck off, when it comes to pandemics most of u started asking the government for help. #dumbasslefties

    98. Brandon 02

      That audience was kinda quiet....💀

    99. T Z

      The greatest comics tend to dislike authority figures, so that leaves only the hacks, who are on prime time, shilling for their respective ‘leader’, which is essentially their job. Trumps comedy gold, just from his appearance alone, never mind his imbecilic wit and terrible personality. However, the untapped mine of laughs that could be had from a geriatric crook with a string of completely unaswered questions relating to past sexual assaults, and a worthless crack addicted son who he pushed into power, who not only had an affair with his dead brothers wife, but then mislaid a laptop full of data relating to criminal, overseas family business, could be legendary. Unfortunately, Fallon would be fired on the spot for having the nerve to go against the script, and keep pumping the party rhetoric. Shame really. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the show.👍

    100. Mary McNally

      Remember Everyone please respect ALL Americans as our wonderful country is founded on those principles 🙏🇺🇸💙❤💙🇺🇸🙏❤ PEACE and LOVE