2018 FLW TV | YETI College Fishing National Championship


38 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    College anglers from across the country met at the Red River in Louisiana for the 2018 YETI College Fishing National Championship.

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    1. louie Green

      wait when they win the boat do they each get one? or do they have to share it

      1. MLF BIG5

        They just win the one, so they could share it or sell it or do whatever else they decide.

    2. old mcdonald

      if you want to host a big time fishing tournament on your lake , just take out 70 percent of the fish and they will come calling

    3. old mcdonald

      why cant both of them go to fwc. they both earned it. surely they are not that cheap. besides, even if they place in the money they cant take it. they are amateurs

    4. Nasty Toes

      I live in Louisiana I was rooting for ULM

      1. That Permed Mullet


    5. StFidjnr

      the fish off to decide a spot to the FLW Cup will be no more in 2019

    6. Life Outdoors

      Hey I made it at 00:06! haha go bucks! didn't do well but FLW you guys put together one heck of an experience for us college anglers seriously one of the coolest experiences!

      1. Brad Morrison

        Life Outdoors is there an “age limit” like in football? Is it 5 years after high school? I’m 27 and joined the army out of high school and never attended college (an NCAA one anyway) until this year and am going to Tennessee and want to join the team.

    7. Taka Yama

      Don Brakes over Red River? Who dat? Don Brakes? Glad to see y'all northern boys too. Come on down south where you can fish all year, even January! College fishing team!! Man, I'd love that kind of practice day!! Hey Joe, you going to practice today? Nah, don't think I will. - you will NEVER hear a college fish team member say.

    8. Jeramy Peoples

      Awesome job guys keep up the good work and take it all home !!!

    9. Nolan Minor

      Love the guys out at Chico, definitely a few hammers over there. However, that qualification record is because FLW takes the top 10 out of the 15-20 teams participating in qualifiers out west.

    10. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Freakin great job guys... couldn't have scripted it any better.. down to just a couple ounces!! Great job, NATIONAL CHAMPS!!

    11. Dj Parker

      Great job, guys y’all did an amazing job. Keep grinding. Make every cast count!!

    12. Luke Wallace

      Good teams this year wow

    13. MIKEY JO

      Hello I’m your biggest fan