How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles


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    A lot of science, expertise, and genius go into every single console name.
    Well... okay maybe not into every one.
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    1. CircleToonsHD

      Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well!

      1. grandmavillalobo plays

        I don't get why your not in theodd1sout's videos

      2. PlayerOfAllGames


      3. Henrik Rabanes

        I could hear you

      4. Stopnut

        Please do KGup in the last hour again

      5. Rice Cake

        UTC dude

    2. Gecko

      I love destiny 2 Change my mind

    3. Tworpish

      Isn’t there like the ps4 pro or plus or smthw

    4. NaoMC2711


    5. WhyRPM

      I feal like the next playstation won't be called ps6

    6. Juan Russell


    7. Lara

      Nah ps5 pro 8k 120fps 😂

    8. Awesome Anikin327

      Tod? Tod? Tyler? Something like that. Whatever

    9. Water Wolf

      at least sony can count better than valve

    10. Arrezn

      I have one Xbox E

    11. Mk.

      Pretty accurate

    12. ace gaming

      XBOX S...yes yes... XBOX E YES YES YES (HOPES FOR XBOX x) xbox 1. fuck im dirty minded

    13. Wersolo Gaming

      is that txns?

    14. King Cobalt

      NES/Famicom: it’s an entertainment system/family computer SNES/Super Famicom: It’s an even BETTER entertainment system/family computer N64: it’s 64 bit GameCube: it’s a sliced cube Wii: it makes people go wiiiiiiiiiiii Wii U: it also makes people go wiiiiiii Switch: it can switch between being a big handheld and a small home console

    15. Dhrutube

      Xbox has a reason it's names are messed up. When the PS3 was coming out, microsoft was going to release xbox 2, but as '2' sounded less powerful than '3' they named it Xbox 360


      The dislikes were from Nintendo fans


      ngl its fun

    18. Billybob

      Sony name makes sense makes fun of it Xbox name more creative makes fun of it for not making sense

    19. jerry Μπεζερης

      I don`t think xboxE

    20. Kelsey Madison

      Playstation: Basic numbers Xbox: The password that gets recommended whenever you are making a new account Edit: No please this was just a funny comment you're supposed to go haha not have an argument in the replies noo Edit 2 because yeah: Why must I feel pain knowing I caused a war that was not intentional

      1. -Euankidd- Climacosa


    21. General Grievous, The Meme Lord

      This is one of these videos that continues to get more hilarious after you've watched it

    22. No Name

      Disney's cars name creator Playstation name creator Oh so it's same stand as star platinum

    23. JakkuBoi

      You had me at 0:00 I’m subscribed now

    24. mr. socks

      lol the playstation part is true the people that think the playstation is better is honestly a dumbass lol xbox and pc is infinite times better

    25. Skitso

      0:28 whelp i guess i don't have an Xbox

    26. Seagulls 60

      The explanation for the Xbox 1 s is that it didn’t have overheating problems

    27. Walshy

      Xbox : Complex and Unorthodox PlayStation : Plain and Simple Equally opposite yet equally criticised

    28. BrokenUmbrellas

      2:08 why did I expect him to say "the Playstation 7"

    29. Classified

      cant wait till the xbox 69 x

    30. David Gonzalez

      I was so happy watching you videos I decided to get the quest to the Oculus quest 2 so thank you for inspiring me I love your videos so much keep up the good work man you the best

    31. Anders Game

      Nintendo: *sweats nervously*

    32. Xx YeetGod xX


    33. Logan Varro

      The original xbox was named after DirectX and they didn't like how DirectXbox sounded and after that I have no Idea. The playstation was the name of the snes addon.

    34. Charming nowhere to hide


    35. Hyper Realistic Snoc

      Next Xbox: Xbox DX

      1. Hyper Realistic Snoc

        I think you replied to the wrong comment

      2. Charming nowhere to hide

        a Super Entertainment System by Nintendo, Nintendo 64, the games are 64 bit, Gamecube, it's a cube that you can play games on, Wii, because We can all play it, Wii U,

    36. Night Knight

      i'm sad i'm brazilian and i don't study english anymore i love the channel i've seen dubbing fan and i loved it And the good thing is that you’re famous I’m happy with this sadder because I don’t understand anything and I’m using Google translator to say this and can add subtitles in Portuguese

    37. Faking Gaming

      Xbox is da beeeeeeeest

    38. Debora Xavier

      *Both are extremely awkward*

    39. umer rashid H

      I love the end at 2:11

      1. umer rashid H

        The best

    40. MarkedDeer93

      I just realized I have the xbox 360 E

      1. MarkedDeer93

        but it look small though

    41. Henrik Rabanes

      He doesn't screen record and that makes it better

    42. Ratheesh kunnath

      You such a ripoff of the odd1sout

    43. bruv nomemto

      playstation x

    44. Boingotlo Sikwane

      I only watched 2 vids and there nice I have to say

    45. Cobalt Prime

      I’m calling it there’s gonna be an XBox Infinite.... the XBox Infinite S the Xbox Infinite X and finally XBox Infinite EX..... then the next generation will be XBox Ultra

    46. Obama Care

      Xbox: random bullshit go

    47. Naitti _

      0:47 had me💀

    48. RedZipper


    49. Attikitty13

      Apparently the xbox one elite, is so forg- *ahem* popular that even the video didn't mention it.

    50. ILiveIn philippines

      Maybe there’s playstation 69

    51. Jack McDermott

      This is my favorite video of yours.

    52. Treo

      And then there is Nintendo with the Nintendo Entertainment System, because it's an entertainment system by Nintendo, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, because it's a Super Entertainment System by Nintendo, Nintendo 64, the games are 64 bit, Gamecube, it's a cube that you can play games on, Wii, because We can all play it, Wii U, because We and You can play it (that makes no sense, I couldn't think of a good explanation), and finally the Switch, because you Switch between handheld and docked mode. And then there's the portable systems... those don't make much sense.

    53. Sunny Gawthorne

      Pls do a among us animation that would be great

    54. Seth Adling

      I have an Xbox 360 e

    55. Su3tam le0n

      Man i have an xbox 360 model E

    56. Lane Robertson

      I would side with Xbox names on the sole fact that PlayStation seems to be ruled by a Todd.

    57. EvO_Burd

      Sony: Numbers Nintendo: Functions Xbox: *snorts cocaine* MaKe iT a X

    58. fouoii gyhh

      "I think this ones a joke." Me turns head to look at XBOX 360 E sitting on my desk.

    59. Yammdaff

      xbox one was called xbox one cause it was an all in one entertainment system

      1. fouoii gyhh

        "This is Game & Watch!" Gunpei Yokoi... this is the 27th time in a month you've shown Game & Watch in class.

    60. Sidney P. Ball

      I'm now going to be one of the few XBOX supporters in this comment bar. Here is the stronghold for Xbox.

    61. Minecraft Steve

      Why doesn't X-Box just name their consoles normally like Playstation?

    62. Jackson Mason

      Ps5 are blowing up

    63. Damian Ruiz

      I still dont know if the xbox one and the series x are the same thing

    64. domzilla100

      I have the xbox one s aka the white one

    65. Aaron TCK

      The next Xbox: Xbox 360 1 series x s

    66. Turtles mnmn

      Hi I'm Mr PlayStation 😂😂

    67. mburzler 1

      I still have my Xbox 360E

    68. Molnár Robi

      I can hear my xbox 360 e crying on my attic

    69. Howie Beats

      This is such an awesome, not talked about topic to use for a cartoon 🤣 Pure genius 👌

    70. JoshuaCG

      Meanwhile Nintendo: Lets make the name relevant to the console unlike those useless employees at Microsoft

    71. Fizzy

      I have a 360 E.

    72. T G

      tHeY fOrGoT xBoX sErIeS E

    73. Jaster mereel

      Can't wait for the ps 28

    74. 69Pootis


    75. Halen Smith

      "This is Game & Watch!" Gunpei Yokoi... this is the 27th time in a month you've shown Game & Watch in class.

    76. son

      what if XBOX: S XBOX: E XBOX: X it spelled sjx?

    77. Saturn Sneaker

      Does anyone else think he sounds like a rubber duck accidentally went down a shredder

    78. SaimonSSL

      I wish I could give you two thumbs up just for mentioning the disgusting scalpers.

    79. Yoshinobu Takahashi

      This is going to be a classic

    80. X TheUnknownGamer X


    81. Martin Hodges

      Here at Nintendo, we have the Wii, because it's literal piss compared to any other console.

    82. LiquidBucket CZ

      Microsoft: Let's just name it random so it sounds cooler. Sony: 1 2 3 4 and 5 ez

    83. Greg


    84. AlphaCore

      meanwhile at nintendo: it's the new Nintendo wibbyjoob

    85. AlphaCore

      1st movie: "now you see me" 2nd movie: "now you don't" .... wait, they didn't do that? fk this planet and everyone in it.

    86. Joe Mama

      Own an Xbox 360E

    87. Josho Posho

      Xbox and ps names are like ting and yang, ps has simple names and Xbox has the opposite

    88. Jdog boy

      I have an xbox 360 E...

    89. Mr. Domzie

      Where the PSP and ps vita

    90. Narendra sahu

      That pleasant background music ❤️✨✨

    91. Cade Candee

      What happened to the shiny charizard live thing? I got the notification 8 hours ago, but it said it's private

    92. JohnCartoonist 04

      Microsoft: Confusing names Sony: Number after number Nintendo: Variety Me: Nonsensical word generator

    93. Dice Mace

      If they call the next Playstation console Playstation 69 I'm giving up on Playstation forever

    94. ThatFrog

      While I'm watching this video another channel called game theory puts an ad on this video about some prize money on some competition or something

    95. Phoenix Wright

      Dont forget ps4 slim, ps4 pro, and ps5 digital edition

    96. Rosy J

      Nintendo: . where r we???

    97. david bass

      Xbox has the iPhone naming scheme, and playstation has the android naming scheme. Opposite forces balance out the universe. cheap console same as expensive phone. Cheap phone same as expensive console. Balanced, as all things should be.

    98. polarice

      Extremely cool meeting you in Rainbow six siege I have subscribed and liked.

    99. Herman Petrov

      I sense strong bias in this video

    100. Lekapro500