KVD - Nitro Z21 Boat Tour - 2021 MLF BPT

Kevin VanDam

48 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    It's that time of year, check out my 2021 rig!
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    1. Logan Cline

      Note the giant Bucks in the background 😂

    2. Jake Horton

      Great vid i wish i could of fished and drove the used 19 z20 b4 i pulled the trigger on my legend can say the ride on my rig is out of this world tho. Dont fish as good as my old nitro.

    3. Carl Clark

      Where is kvd old stuff on the tube sad

    4. The chiken nugget him self Nugget

      I saw your truck when you were at rayburn

    5. Greg Snow

      Nice setup although Yamaha has the merc beat in reliability

    6. Tim Foster

      I’d love it to for FREE. What would you buy if it’s your money

    7. Thang Knowa

      How many of them do you have?

    8. Ryan

      I bought a brand new 2019 Z21 Nitro and have loved it. Best bass boat for the money. 💯

      1. Corey Hutcheson

        I bought***

      2. Corey Hutcheson

        Yep same for me u bought new z19 last February best boat I ever had

    9. Tanner Hamilton

      Those Raptors look a lot like Power Poles 👀

    10. b.s.fishing

      is the livewell and cooler also INSULATED like a Yeti or is the plastic just created by rotomolding it? My kayak is rotomolded but it won't keep anything cool because its not insulated like the Yeti is.

    11. Greg Stabryla

      Nice rig Kevin. We all know what Kevin wants, Kevin gets.God bless. KVD= King VanDam!

    12. Cade Crocker

      Ike has a dang Sick rig

    13. Trans am guy

      Like that garage

    14. Len Clark

      Kevin, Does your boat have the console sealed underneath with a removable hood for electrical access? I saw Edwin Evers boat tour and his is so equipped, and man this is a great new feature!!! Thanks for the tour and the best of luck for the new season!!!

    15. Guy B

      Called White River a couple of times regarding my Nitro z21, no response no response

    16. Guy B

      Z21 hatches hard to open. Kevin, I picked up my 2021 Nitro z21 Pro. Awesome boat. I'm having a lot of difficulty opening the hatches. I've watched Edwin and you open them with one hand. All the hatches especially the rear hatches I need open by lassoing a rope around the hatch handle. Some of them it takes about 15 pounds or more of pressure to pull it open and I have to jerk on it I'm waiting to break one of the handles off and have it go flying. Any advice?

    17. Mike Patterson

      Any chance you wanna do a boat give away ? Cuzz that's the only way I'll be able to have Z21. 😂😂😂😂 I'll settle with my Z7 , Thanks for the tour.

      1. Mustard Tiger_0

        Pretty big balls on this guy asking for something for nothing

    18. Brayton Thelen

      What size garage do you need to have a boat like that in it.

      1. deck monkey

        About 22-24 feet with the folding tongue.

    19. BassGeek

      Great looking boat for sure.

    20. Zach Leonard

      Live view is for sissy's if you can't fish or find fish don't go waste turn true fishing into a dam video game what a joke

    21. Melissa Love

      tinyurl.com/snaphotb25jb Il significato di questi problemi è così ovvio che la pianificazione anticipata richiede un'analisi delle prospettive favorevoli. Nella nostra ricerca per migliorare l'esperienza dell'utente, ci manca il fatto che molti personaggi famosi, superando l'attuale difficile situazione economica, siano oggettivamente esaminati dalle autorità competenti.Ma il corso verso un progetto nazionale socialmente orientato prevede un'ampia gamma di partecipazione (specialistica) alla formazione di un sistema di partecipazione di massa. Ognuno di noi comprende la cosa ovvia: la pianificazione a lungo termine implica modalità indipendenti di implementazione della distribuzione delle riserve e delle risorse interne. A clareza da nossa posicao e obvia: a metodologia de desenvolvimento moderna cria a necessidade de incluir no plano de producao uma serie de medidas extraordinarias, tendo em conta o complexo de priorizar a mente sobre as emocoes. Assim, a alta qualidade da pesquisa posicional proporciona uma ampla gama de participacao (de especialistas) na formacao de areas de desenvolvimento progressivo.

    22. Dennis Turner

      the only thing that would male that boat look better going down the road would be if it was pulled by a chevy. lol

      1. deck monkey

        Toyotas are awesome. Every time you fill them up, they are worth twice as much.

    23. F Stillwagen

      And yet, he hasn't exactly been lighting it up on the MLF BPT, or the Cup Events..Go figure..it's still about catching fish, no matter how fancy the boat is. The fish don't care.

    24. F Stillwagen

      Must be nice to be rich enough to spend more than $60K(??) on a boat & packaging for fishing...Most of us weekend anglers have ZERO CHANCE for this... Love the boat, but that's a Pipe dream

      1. Dustin Walden

        The bad thing is he probably doesn’t pay for any of that. Plus that boat fully rigged is around $100K

    25. Mike Ford

      Wow beautiful man! You are lucky I ordered my motor from D & R and have to wait til june. Hope you have a great season. See you around town!

    26. Fish Fish

      You still don't own "The community hole" Kevin

    27. Rob Berlin

      Kristian Fennell fishing has a similar setup but in Australia

    28. Tuckerburg


    29. Tuckerburg

      Come back to B.A.S.S.

      1. johnnydoom

        Never happen, he's part owner in MLF/BPT.

    30. Tristan White

      Rig looks great! Good luck this season, you're the man! 🔨🔨🔨🐐🐐🐐

    31. Florida BoyFishing

      KVD mention the he will have #MegaLive for the MLF Bass Pro Shops REDCREST Tournament, Feb 21 - 25, 2021. So does this mean we should be seeing #MegaLive?

      1. Mike Hair

        I think it will be available to the public in March.

    32. D.J.

      That boat is super bad!!!🤘🏼

    33. 250zxSkeeter

      I'm curious why he went to raptors and uses helix units. I would think in deeper water the talons have more capabilities and the Solix units are way ahead of the helixs?

    34. sense383 smith

      Let's go kvd , get that redcrest trophy. Your do, don't sleep on Kevin this year

    35. Chris Shoemaker

      What do you guys do with the old boats? Give them back? Or can you sell for profit?

    36. Zray Ray

      go fish BASS MLF sucks

    37. John Lohse

      Prop size?

    38. Shack's Outdoor Adventures

      only 125k on sale now boys :)

    39. Lexx S

      It's amazing what tech has done for the sport. Amazing rig.

      1. Up The Creek

        Almost like it's made the fishing aspect an afterthought on the water.

    40. earlbroussardjr

      Nice rig Kevin!!! I hope you have a great year!

    41. George Adcock

      That's a great rig. My problem is traditionally poor resale value for Nitros. In 2 years, they are worth 50% of purchase price. If I'm wrong please correct me.

      1. Mike Patterson

        Bass moats of all models hold high resale value, go price used boats . 20 year old bass boats still sell for 10k to 15k

      2. Fishing With Robert

        @George Adcock you asked to be corrected

      3. George Adcock

        @Kenny Dowden wow what insight

      4. Kenny Dowden

        Idiotic comment.

    42. Evan Whitaker

      Those raptors looks awesome

    43. Hank Williams

      I didn't even think he still fished

    44. NightFrightTalkShow

      Great rig Kevin now let's catch some bass lol.

    45. b Tinsley

      that looks to be 120K+!

    46. bobfishnut

      Thanks Kevin! It looks like you're all ready for another winning year! Good luck! When you are finished with a rig, you should think about donating it to the Paralyzed Veterans of America who can let their Angler of the Year win it. Nothing like helping veterans!

      1. Wesley Threadgill

        @bobfishnut I’m a disabled vet looking to start something similar

      2. bobfishnut

        @Mike Patterson thanks but I'd like to give a pro angler the chance to give something directly to Veterans who also participate in tournaments against each other to inspire them and win a prize that's built and used by a professional. I wonder how many know about the opportunity of and impact that would have on everyone.

      3. Mike Patterson

        You should think about hitting up Nitro instead of a tournament Pro. You might have better luck.

    47. 07slowbalt


    48. Mustard Tiger_0

      Real question is.... can I have your old boat?

      1. Mustard Tiger_0

        @Mike Patterson I asked Ike to 😂

      2. Mike Patterson

        Pretty Ballzy to ask for something for nothing.

    49. Brian D

      Michigan 💪! Good luck this year absolutely love the new z21

    50. Robert Nimmo

      Did you watch Edwin Evers video where he picked up his boat? Better check out those new holes he added to your boat.

      1. Porter Brendan

        Dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it if you wanna try it

    51. Billy Noles

      Those lower units are not bullet proof lol.😉

    52. David

      If a person can’t catch a bass in that thing then something is seriously wrong.

    53. Ontario Bassin

      Awesome rig. Now go get em KVD. I believe this is your year. The young guns better watch out.

    54. Jason Mausteller

      Which lithium do you run for starting?

    55. Robin Meade

      Love MLF catch weigh release low impact on our fisheries. Getting to see new lakes instead of the same ones year after year. Go get that redcrest and angler of the year.

    56. Rich Jones

      How many rods can you fit in your rod carrier on top of your truck? Thanks

    57. Mark Godlewski

      No one will see it!

    58. Mike Stoyanoski

      I'll take three of those,to go, please.

    59. Robert Barnes

      Awesome looking boat all you need to do now is to win tournaments to pay for it

      1. Kenny Dowden

        Hes paid for it with 1000s of hours practicing and learning his craft. Missed out on numerous family outings. He has twin boys. Actually young men by now, all the time that was missed with them. I believe hes "paid" for it, many times over.

      2. Robert Barnes

        I am still an amateur just learning on everything

      3. Robert Barnes

        It's fine

      4. Clay Parrish

        Pay for it....😂😂 sorry not trying to be butt..... he probably hasn't paid for anything in a long time

      5. Doug Heffernan

        He didn’t pay for any of that.

    60. Scott Strong

      i have followed your fishing since day one hell i have vhs tapes of you..you have inspired me for years and i thank you but the way it is today there are a lot of things you can do..like catchin 2 pounders no crowd no noise its just sad i fell sorry for you you are not the kvd i loved to watch

      1. Scott Strong

        Didn't mean to sound bad I'm just dissapointed in you good luck and god bless you