If Everything Was Like Among Us 3

Shiloh & Bros

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    Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 3 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?
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    1. Shiloh & Bros

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      1. Ooi Mee Chong


      2. Fernando junior nieto bello

        Do impostor part 4

      3. EnderBoy



        It is so cool that Elijah acts in the thunder mans so cool

      5. Sapna Mangal

        OMG me

    2. Liam Pro

      They pland for that he could of killd

    3. T Shaggy

      It’s gray

    4. Gavin & Aria Williams

      with the bannana hat

    5. Gavin & Aria Williams

      and who is the black cyan on

    6. Gavin & Aria Williams

      next time can white and yellow be the imp

    7. Sophia Escobedo

      Put a like if you think there should be an among us in real life part 4

    8. Samuel Jugo

      Red is sus

    9. Elisabeth M

      White is hilarious “yea that’s sus” 🤣🤣🤣 the way she said that I love her

    10. Miriam Black

      Elijah: Remember there’s 3 inposters Shiloh: 3?????!!! Daniel: Who will have 3!!!!??

    11. Deden 77

      Well done ! I didn't know you before, but you win a new subscriber 🥳 !!!

    12. Roger Justice

      PLEASE DO A PART 4 PLSSSSSSSSSSS like if you agree

    13. Cassandra Campbell

      I think green farted

    14. Ha Hoang

      Orange Sus

    15. Abbey Harding

      Do u sell those pjs

    16. Kelly Tyler

      Everyone else getting tossed out the door: says nothing. Elijah: woohoo!

    17. الشعبي مريم


    18. Noah Vega-Ramirez

      * Britney comes up with heater * Juda: IS THAT POWER TO THE HEATER?!? Britney: yup * then breaks the heater * Juda: oh now that's evil Daniel: * shocked *

    19. Nicole Li

      Elijah: gets happy getting ejected

    20. R&Y gaming

      i find shiloh very annoying idk why

    21. Alexander Datoc

      I am going to say that blue DID DO GOOD because he was the only person who killed someone.

    22. London Eastman

      oh and like if u want to see part 4! Well.... I DO!

    23. London Eastman

      This is a great vid I can't even stop watching it!

    24. Aliana Miguel-Grance

      why is always shiloh the last one (She my fav)

    25. suren s

      The malicious attic arguably scratch because kangaroo locally admire on a fixed female. jittery, cheerful story

    26. Priscila Maldonado

      do part 4 plz

    27. joana sexy Gocon


    28. Karol Balog

      Among us part4 !!!!!!!

    29. Ella adventure Channel


    30. masons fun chanel

      Poor guy

    31. Elektro Büyücü


    32. Michael Mitchell

      That's not in Among Us


      Who else wants part-4,5 of among us? 👇

    34. Ivy Locke


    35. DINO SQUAD

      It's me ifergyt in among us



    37. DINO SQUAD

      It's me ifergyt in among us

    38. Jaylen Snow-Veley

      I love how orange predicted it was red.

    39. Ahmed And Sumaiya

      I want to join with you

    40. Raghunathan Vasudevan

      it a grat voi

    41. Christmas Countdown Clock timer and Gamers as CCT

      Anyone good about part 5?

    42. Christmas Countdown Clock timer and Gamers as CCT

      Elijah: Remember there’s 3 inposters Shiloh: 3?????!!! Daniel: Who will have 3!!!!??

    43. swayam Patil

      The last moment was pretty nice

    44. Eliana Escarria

      Can you pls do anther video of amigos but not 4 imp just three

    45. Ahmed Radi

      Your almost to 1 million subscribers😀

    46. Video Youtuber

      Do the 4th video of Amoug us

    47. OllyPlayz

      its less than 50 seconds

    48. Naomi Abi Lamb

      i hate the girl

    49. OllyPlayz

      the wires all tangled and stuff

    50. Slytherin Lady

      Fo bloopers again

    51. Jeffrey Yang

      Orange always says red sus lol

    52. blute law lah


    53. Rowan Ashly Tiu

      Do part 4 pls

    54. wolfygaming itswolfy

      Part 4

    55. poohgirlmd04

      The impostors are purple not green orange or blue?

    56. Bedaja Sharma

      The brown is a nice player ha

    57. poohgirlmd04

      I like being impostors as miki aphmau aphmau ein and prince ein!

    58. poohgirlmd04

      I will be impostors and be crew report and vented and kill players without them knowing

    59. Eric GB

      PLS PART 4

    60. anime mirror


    61. Jesup Hensley

      So I love these vids when orange says RED IS SUS! Lol love y’all’s vids

    62. Nikolai Hensley

      i love among us

    63. Lucas Jackson

      Where did Black end up

    64. Jackson's World

      This is how many people want a part 4 |

    65. Your random Person


    66. Yanti Faizal


    67. Jeremiah Thompson

      I like how purple was shaking. At 5:13

    68. dragon gaming

      Why do i fell like this is fake cuz u cant make crewmates always win

    69. jason WTF

      part 4 pls

    70. gl - n3on

      Orange Salutes the Memes Orange: Red is Always Sus

    71. Tania García Becerra

      Can you do part 5 plssss I like your videos pls

    72. John Max

      Part 4

    73. happy mia

      i love yo💖

    74. Egbert Luth


    75. The clown Among us

      👇This is How many Times orange Said red is sus

    76. Thylde Queroyla

      I tought you guys are 10 but ur 8.....

    77. Muhammad Asif

      Who is this this is Lewis suspicious

    78. scp 049 plague doctor

      Thanks for inviting me bros

    79. DaCl1psL0L

      Why u vote out black first he is cool

    80. Kelly Shepard

      Elajah: there are 3 imposters Shiloh: 3? Daniel: who allowed 3?

    81. Juliet Evans

      This is how many people want a part four 👇🏼

    82. Colin Johnson

      I am

    83. valentyna kishchenko

      Can you please guys make another among us video 😁

    84. Kazi Hossain

      Make among us 4 plz

    85. Behruoz Barav

      It was her all the time why did she mean every time you played among us you didn’t inject her so don’t say I want you OK

    86. Arturix

      Mąkę shiloch finnaly lose

    87. Charmione Jazz Ibasco

      Who Was The Black Person? I Never Saw Him Before............

      1. Charmione Jazz Ibasco

        Black Was Kinda Sus!😆

    88. Hali Ka


    89. Leart Goliqi

      Lägg till en. Offentlig. Kommentar

    90. Caleb Sebastian Dacoycoy


    91. Leart Goliqi


    92. HANA TARRO

      please part 4, keep up the enthusiasm

    93. Angelica Riojas

      Guys you report bodys stuiped

    94. Alvino Gaming

      Make among us part 4

    95. Luisa Reyes

      I love it awsome a lot of effort

    96. raji murali


    97. Mi Angel Clay

      I really don't get that they are mad at blue for no reason tbh he was the best cuz black could've just killed her and won and red was the first person voted out AND SHE VENTED INFRONT OF EVERYONE SO BLUE DID THE BEST

    98. Gaming With Kareem

      Can you do part 4

    99. Ραφαέλα Παπ


    100. A G

      Hey bring part 4 with just 1 imposter plz 🥺🥺