RC Frogger Fails

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    1. Mildred Rodriguez Mejia


    2. DOGS RULE

      I’m a big fan Of dude perfect y’all amazing

    3. themoos420

      3:05 what is in the sky !?!? top right its not moving

    4. Cohen Slater


    5. DnDBasement

      Actually, if the car with drone hadn't flipped, the drone would of helped a lot. but apparently, the dude perfect guys don'T know that they can make the car spin and stabilised using the wheels. meaning, if you keep pressing the gas pedal, the car will back flip, if you push on the reverse, the car will start to front flip. so in such a drop, stabilising is important. the rocket car could of gone further, but same problem, the drone car... same problem... basically, this is bullshit cause you didn't really get your stuff to stayt int he air as it should.

    6. ping pong trick shots

      Guys please lock at my Chanel I hope you enjoy it

    7. ItIsIzzy

      I feel like Ryan is the type of guy that is friends with everyone and everyone wants to be him! lmao

    8. PhorzaSky

      They’re bashing those X-Maxx’s hard than Kevin Talbot

    9. Stardust Sonic

      4:09 RC car with no bodywork : *BEYBLADE*

    10. Braxton McIntosh

      0:24 traxxs rustler 4x4 vxl

    11. Madteos Torosian

      What ever happened to panda

    12. SavageHunter423

      Where did u guys get the Ev card from dp?

      1. SavageHunter423


    13. XXI v1s1on

      TEAM CORY!

    14. Sarvesh Srinivasan

      I need to know what Hummer car they were using to run over the RC cars I NEED TO KNOW, CUZ I WANT ONE.

    15. Cole Heidinger

      Hi Ryan! Thanks for building the DP props!

    16. Godly gamer


    17. OliBobs

      Them: let's have a demo derby with one of the strongest card ever

    18. Linac

      Should’ve attached an airbag to the car and detonated it at the edge

    19. Drip Gunner

      Hi Ryan! Thanks for building the DP props!

    20. MaName_Steve

      next video: Transformer Battle | Sponsored by DreamWorks

    21. yoe ra


    22. Josh Anderson

      Hi Ryan! Thanks for building the DP props!

    23. Adrienne Portnoy


    24. GhostZ3R0 976

      Cobys fear was that he could’ve killed a cow

    25. Idiot 101

      Dude perfect rules

    26. Malynn Branham

      I love drones and remote control cars! That looks like an absolute blast 😂 Dude Perfect is the BOMB 💣💥

    27. Hamilton Pounds


    28. Trick Shots Bros

      R.I.P to all the people who haven’t found this channel

    29. Leo Fl.

      Dude that the drone just broke instantly hurts me read bad as an FPV pilot haha

    30. Waylon Shelor

      It’s insane how fast this channel has grown they only had like 30,000 when I joined.

    31. Yellow Flower

      These dudes are crazy... I LOVE IT!!! 😂

    32. I Amatterall


    33. Dragon.652

      I’m asking KGuprs a question, how did you come up with your logo and nickname?

    34. James Wirtz

      These Dudes are Perfect!

    35. Crumley Boys

      Dude perfect vs googan squad air soft

    36. Brandon Michael Music

      You should do highest drone battle rules:who Evers drone goes the highest wins round 2 tie your drone to something heavy whoever’s goes the farthesdtd dmoves to round 3 now round 3 try and get past any obsticale you want and while that is going on they try and shoot you with a nerf gun whoevers drone last more minutes wins

    37. Supersoldier

      I feel like we should be called, The dudes behind the dudes.

    38. sokin jon

      لاتحتك بس 😂😂😂😂♥️

    39. Rumples & Things

      Garret: I only see what I see with my eyes, and that's a grass landing! Cory: Someone ger this man an eye exam.

    40. miko foin

      I love your BATTLES that's why I started my channel where I make Battles and Trick shots 👍👍

    41. John Gureckis


      1. sokin jon

        Just like before seeing the vid

    42. Claybob O.G

      What brand r the rc cars

    43. Bob Duck

      i love the twins laugh

    44. Yohanna Miller

      Moment of silence for Chads drone... RIP

      1. miko foin


    45. gioyu comi

      Lives in Texas: Garrett - "Chilly"

    46. totally epic vlog

      248.1 million people dont know about this channel

    47. James Soppe


    48. drttyu liqm

      This one of the realest group of friends out there never switched up 💯

    49. MicahDude

      You should call the DPPers, Insiders

      1. gioyu comi

        I’m glad Cody won because I can’t remember the last time he won.

    50. John Rainer

      What does bts ers mean

    51. LokiPlayz


      1. drttyu liqm

        Why have I never seen Ryan and Panda in the same scene?

    52. vliduu zeeb

      You should call the people who subscribe to this channel “Perfecters”

    53. Brian Stewart

      Dude Perfect... you are my favorite people in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!! This how many people think the same!!

    54. butti fdft

      Can we just take a moment and mourn with the editors over the loss of the drone & GoPro 😔✌️

    55. Patrick Moore

      Subscribe to Aussie ladz

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Hear me out, rc battle, they make cars that have weapons on them, they see who is alive longest

    56. R. S. Mitter

      Just like before seeing the vid

    57. misuyy fong

      I’m glad Cody won because I can’t remember the last time he won.

      1. butti fdft

        btsers lolololololol

    58. n g


    59. adam yt channel


    60. Samuel Eikens

      If you guys liked the demolition didn't you should watch battlebots. Comment if youve seen battlebots and tell me what your favorite bot is.😁😋

      1. misuyy fong

        I love the behind the scenes series Like if you do too!

    61. laskin riubn

      Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon Like so more people can see this.

    62. Noel Peña

      Where did y’all get the cars though

    63. Hyper Potato Gaming

      I’m glad Cody won because I can’t remember the last time he won.

      1. Emma Oliver

        Yea me either I came even remember the last time Cody even won

    64. ActOfLove *

      ,“Look within and be depressed. Look without and be distressed . Look at Jesus and be at rest.”

      1. laskin riubn

        1,000 comment. Feels good.

    65. Mike Guptill

      Can I keep the hummer?😂😂😂😂

    66. glowins10

      Why have I never seen Ryan and Panda in the same scene?

    67. FxdeLikeMJ

      Chad needs a new drone!!!

    68. Bluesail11

      What type of Rc cars are you using?

    69. DudeBro Lima

      Simply AMAAAAAAZING!!! WOW!😯😲

    70. Jett HB

      Hear me out, rc battle, they make cars that have weapons on them, they see who is alive longest

    71. Travis Lamphere

      i wish i could do this

    72. Aarush I THINK

      btsers lolololololol

    73. Iowa railfanner 101

      I love DP vids

    74. Flameing Fox 2232

      Ty when his TVs car flips over turns into 3 year old

    75. Zoe Cherfan

      I love the behind the scenes series Like if you do too!

    76. Game Account

      Ray Fisher

    77. Liam McIntyre

      It would be sad if coby had the drone car and crashed it

    78. DJ Lumi

      1,000 comment. Feels good.

    79. Charles Pruitt

      Omg the way they are doing those poor traxxas xmaxx’s 😬

    80. CJ

      DP should let there fans do a battle with them

    81. Awesome_HH

      You should name this channel "Dude decent"

    82. Doge Official.

      That rocket car needs to be the new rocket league car

    83. Cooper Casto

      lets go Cody lets go

    84. Sorracha P.

      Who’s here before 1 Million Subs?🙋🏻‍♀️

    85. Casey D.C

      I love how there calling us bts'eser's

    86. Mikey Szabo

      I'd love to have enough money to do a demolition derby with a 1500$ rc car.

    87. Trick Shots Champs

      I don't know why? But, it seems like you guys bought a new camera for shooting this all stuff!!

    88. Sonic Hero

      How about calling us the "extras?"

    89. Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays

      Definitely deserved that win. Amazon, has car hop trays. Stay safe people.

    90. Anna Smith

      Can we just take a moment and mourn with the editors over the loss of the drone & GoPro 😔✌️

    91. Jill Hoopes

      Can u guys make “game time” Minecraft segment of OT

    92. Rudy Turner

      What’s the gun on top of the Hummu

    93. Marshmello !

      Ofc the parachute wins it has almost 0 resistance and it can max the speed ... not even fair lol

    94. Germaine Roberson


    95. Kaitlyn Pak

      I love how they always put a secret comment

    96. Heather Sabaitis

      My name is Ledger and I have a KGup channel so if you want to see it type in Heather Sabaitis and when you do comment comment comment

    97. gamer 2020

      i wish the demo derby was in the real video

    98. SpiritSlayer


    99. Butter Bros. Gaming

      Video Idea: RC Car Trickshots

    100. Josh

      1:19 Trump hat?

      1. TRIPLE C

        I don’t think so, I think it’s for TrueLabs