Fettuccine Alfredo - You Suck at Cooking (episode 121)

You Suck At Cooking

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    Fettuccine Alfredo, as invented by Alfred Di Lelio in 1908, consists of pasta, butter, and parmesan. While it's said he made it for his wife who wasn't eating after giving birth, the truth is more likely that Mr. Alfredo had a cheese and butter addiction. While we may never know the ugly truth, we can continue to enjoy this delicious pasta dish one deadly bite at a time.
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    .5 parts pasta to
    .25 parts butter to
    .25 parts parmesan
    Cook the pasta, strengthen your wrists, and then do all the things.
    The original recipe called for parmesan aged 24 months, which is a young parmesan. I used one aged 36 months so it would taste slightly wiser. Don't even both trying to make the original noodles. It's WAY above your pay grade.

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    1. Sara

      What is that tune at 2:37 and why is it so familiar??? Is it from a video game? EDIT: Bastion!

    2. Questionable Object

      What if room temperature is the same as fridge temperature.

    3. Speed

      Wow, no fetish jokes.

    4. KokoDoritos

      overpriced mac and cheese

    5. Axelfirekirby

      Also if you wanna loose whole weeks of your life with each bite add bacon

    6. Daniele Domanico

      In Italy: pasta al burro, hospital food Outside of Italy: PASTA ALFREDO, I'LL PAY 20 BUCKS TO EAT IT!!!!

      1. Daniele Domanico

        Also we put sage sometimes and it's even better

    7. Sushi Rabit

      Is no one gonna mention that he has only lived for 465 days and will only live for 1216 DAYS

    8. M M

      Keto snack platter lmfaoooo.. as someone on keto, I can confirm

    9. Ayush Dwivedi

      I just love how a lot of stuff can be done by smashing things against the wall. Changed my life

    10. James Whitley

      I just realized that 1:34 is parodying Babish

    11. SchizophrenicDolphinz

      3:00 i miss her so much

    12. Your_friendly_neighborhood_bother

      As an italian the intro made me feel some kind of way....

    13. Lizzie Does Things

      As a person who saw a comment from someone who has a friend who visited Italy once, your Italian is on-point

    14. Lavanya Vajpayee

      "Pretend you are 22 and single" 😂😂

    15. Rae Carlton


    16. Rocco Cioffi

      As an Italian, I can confirm that fettuccine means fetish

    17. Toin Coss

      now my stomach aches and longs for this goodness only i can experience in dreams

    18. Beatrice Mattel

      dont recommend be so mean. yourself may be high like a professional, but dont you think what another people with low self-esteem-or-motivation trying to this?

    19. Music, raw.

      So if you graduate in engineering you went totally wrong. People nowadays focus on the most simple dish in the world and everyone feels themselves cooks while no one will ever do this

    20. Kristian V

      You're not funny

    21. onion lady

      no one gonna talk about how he knows when hes gonna die

    22. Itz_Diana17

      I am in Italy

    23. Nielan Louw

      I do suck at cooking

    24. Fire

      I do indeed suck at cooking

    25. Rosa Palamini

      Fun fact! Here in Italy fettuccini Alfredo doesn't actually exist! 😌

    26. Rachelle Arthur

      Page 465 of 1216

    27. LODIELIE B

      You pissed me off, and I’m not even Italian.

    28. Henry Miller

      Just made this, it’s pretty good

    29. Dave

      omg the fake-not fake Italian jingle IN HARMONY. I love this guy's sense of ooMOray.

    30. Kiwi

      "Pretend you're 22 and single" I only have to pretend to be 22 ;-;

    31. Nathan Naps

      2:37 Wasn't expecting Bastion music to be included, but I like it

    32. Simone Romano

      you're the only non-italian who made a tasty-looking pasta dish. bravo

    33. Kek~ ❤

      Is this somewhat legitimate or is this entirely a joke because I love fettuccine alfredo but I suck at cooking so idk

    34. Put ur mask On

      Fettuccine Alfredo , a Italian food that no Italian cares

    35. Grundschuld1192

      You got approx 57 years left

    36. Abdullah Alaa

      "I ate more fettuccine Alfredo and drank less water than I have in my entire life." - Michael Scott The Office

    37. Not Spikyy

      Mr U Suck At Cooking - “From the to- Me - Oh no- 😐

    38. Mr. Mulky

      Your italian pronunciation was... Surprisingly good... I'm scared

    39. S C

      I love the humor and recipes, I’m subscribing!

    40. Stoopid

      All dislikes are Italian cookers.

    41. Rossella Teresa Empatia Yorke

      As an italian, I loved your intro :V

      1. You Suck At Cooking

    42. Hell Girl

      You really are someone that knows how to cook and you really have our italian humor , and you really understand when we watch someone’s huge mess with ingredients that doesn’t really fit with the recipe so great work ma friend , you are one of us. Jk i dont really care about their mess, my english is bad as well so i will disappoint u in any other ways but i really think that u are good at cooking , and a very funny human being so i’ll like the video and subscribe to your channel.

    43. Matthias Vliegen

      Chill with the jokes man I can't show this to my mom for her to make it to me now 😂

    44. Olga Tontodonati

      Fun fact: fettuccine Alfredo is a kind of pasta that us italians eat when we have an upset stomach or the flu and don't feel like eating a tastier sauce 🙂

      1. Add E

        ​@Olga Tontodonati Not sour, spicy, though mildly spicy, a strong heat would probably make you feel worse. I expected that real "alfredo" was better than what I've had; glad to hear it's true.

      2. Olga Tontodonati

        @Add E I never tasted Buffalo sauce but apparently sour foods help with an upset stomach so maybe that's the case! By the way our version of the "Alfredo sauce" is made with less cheese and butter so it's not that thick.

      3. Add E

        Really? Alfredo tends to make me nauseous, even though it always seems like a good idea. A Chinese friend turned me onto buffalo sauce for an upset stomach; I'm sure that's not traditional, but we were living in Maine.

    45. Crystal's Random Bullshit

      Imagine pouring cream into a measuring cup and then being told you don't even need it.

    46. flytape8490

      The plastic mixing bowl is making me uncomfortable

    47. Derek Jeter

      If you eat this. I guarantee your food will be stuck in your chest

    48. yurei____

      CaN yOu MaKe It VeGaN

    49. Axelle Courtois

      I’m new to this channel, and I honestly don’t know if these were real cooking advice or if it’s just a joke...

    50. Robert Griffiths

      Best food porn

    51. DDLC Lacson

      as a filipino from Mexico who was raised by Asians, your italian is very good

    52. SeppDeluxe 63

      why does noone talk about the WAY TOO BIG amount of cheese he put in that pasta??????????

    53. Diego Scentoni

      Hai fatto la calce

    54. MaPorcaTrotaATutti

      "from the top make it drop that's some fettuccine" ROFL

    55. Josh H

      Wet Ass Pasta

    56. Total Triss

      I kept thinking he's not going to put that much cheese in there. Well, I was wrong.

    57. Tyler Mcflyer

      I thought this was gonna be cringey until 0:55

    58. Alessandro Dei Rossi

      Qualche altro italiano qui?

    59. Jabbebe


    60. Gabrywater 32

      That Italian intro is beuthiful

    61. Mega Gem

      From the Top Make it Drop That’s Some FETTUCCINI

    62. Theo Nordström

      I feel like I just to much butter

    63. Daku Boi

      Mamma mia che schifo

    64. VisualPlugin the Multilingual Programmer

      @00:51 - 5e9 nanograms of parmesan is only 5 grams. That's barely anything compared to the butter and pasta.

    65. soup bloop

      fun fact: fettuccine alfredo isnt italian, it is american

    66. Yui

      The Promised Parmesanland was so good, so sad they didn’t follow the manga for S2 :(

    67. That one idaho Potato

      Bruh “parmazon” 0:45 2:43 this mans is really saying par muh zon 👀

      1. That one idaho Potato


    68. Brandon Prelutsky

      Mr. Alfredo is watching 👀 Lol.

    69. End3r

      as an italian, i am disgusted, entertained and dying of laughter in equal parts XD

    70. The Gravemind

      Is nobody going to mention how he nearly perfectly spoke Italian??? Also this dude speaks like a walking shitpost but makes good recipes

    71. Muhamad Rizky R.

      2:12 Turn the caption on auto

    72. alize0623

      Is...is Salmonella Academy and You Suck at Cooking the same guy?

    73. Moe and Tekila

      my mom said this recipe is lazy

    74. IAmCasualty

      "We're gonna salt this water until nothing can survive in it" Me: *Good....Good kill the pasta*

    75. anass aboulghit

      This video is funny

    76. Mark Strouthes

      Ha! fourth ingredient: SALT.

    77. Sane

      Finally that intro is back

    78. DeluxeTux5249

      Ngl. Keeping that 1:2:1 proportion of Butter:Pasta:Parm.

    79. sinead g

      Im not sure what facts to believe any more :(

    80. nymphidelity

      Ey Im down to make this rn

    81. Lacoulas 555

      Torso and legs reveal!

    82. TehPwnerer

      "pretend you're 22 and single" brilliant

    83. Bruh Burrito

      If he wasn't eating this, he'd live up to 93 years old

    84. AspoGame 4

      Wow, I like the Italian presentation, and as a person that speaks Italian I would say Perfetto

    85. Finnisinthehouse

      I was not expecting that ending

    86. Kazuma Watanabe

      “One heart attack of butter and 3 colonoscopies of parm.” I need to start using the medical measurements. 😂

    87. Salwa Morcos

      The angry alley seasonally live because faucet pharmacokinetically colour between a wacky fruit. yielding, dependent approval

    88. 100 years of Zehahaha

      I can't even afford that much cheese


      Well it s actually one type of cheese, which is called "pecorino". Nice try though..... *screaming in italian*

    90. ish

      ‘come one wrist, pretend like you’re 22 and single’ *what*

    91. Aika

      2:57 a lifelong bond with the toilet

    92. mitchell america

      lol keep it real

    93. Highlights

      “Pretend you’re 22 and single” 😂😅😂

    94. Hammonnd Jeoff

      The harmonious grape worryingly decide because cause interspecifically thank save a voracious wave. outgoing, decorous believe

    95. Mika Shemesh

      omg I wanna make this but guess what I don't have parmesan

    96. Mika Shemesh

      omg I wanna make this but guess what I don't have parmesan

    97. Robin Andrew Tuzon

      _oooh b u t t e r f e t i s h_

    98. Caroline Arnold

      The utter vinyl paradoxically zip because mom monthly wink against a nonchalant hallway. tacky, nonstop biology

    99. Rantaro Amami

      i sprayed the hard noodles why does it taste weird-

    100. Jon Christian

      I'm making this next week.