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    Thank you John Elway, you really pulled through
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    1. Zion McNeal

      Bro you are the funniest you tuber

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    3. the ice cream in the bed tastes weird

      The old ass grandma's house doesn't have gravitational pull, she has telekinesis powers


      3:42 scared the shit out of me.

    5. Roblox Game Developer


    6. SpectralRoom

      All of his subscribers came

    7. Silent Ghost

      Cheese is good

    8. Solid Soupp

      This kinda makes me want to see live action versions of these

    9. uclappedbyttv B0G

      GET HIM TO 3mil he deserves it

    10. the crusader of holy gaming

      Brewstew has videos that make me nostalgic of things I never experienced and I relate to it lol


      My favorite KGup channel as well my guy

    12. Alejandra Guendulain

      Your the best I have saw your channel for 7years

    13. animation station

      I love his storys

    14. Frank axe

      Um there's an old lady staring at me like tthe blare withc

    15. hello canabel

      love the videos

    16. Noob Gaming

      I laughed so hard the old lady yelled a roos the goddamn world to the uk

    17. llleewis

      The chainsaw part scared the shit outta me 😅

    18. Mirko Blaco

      I told the mean grandma in the neighborhood to stop being a piece of s|hi|t... It felt glorious. (Had to semi-censor the curse word cause KGup's guidelines)

    19. Zun-Hin Woo

      Is Michael death when you told him not to throw your sweet ass vertex football

    20. Zun-Hin Woo

      Did Michael psi in his pants when he was going to get one of the ball when that asshole boomer yell at him

    21. Mg Gombo

      Rated PG +18

    22. Braden Boster


    23. MAXTUBE


    24. Hobby Katt

      I’m laughing my ass off right now this is hella funny

    25. Electric Pause

      I think Michael was as important to Tyler as the paint roller

    26. charles ho

      The lethal community italy bump because grape bilaterally force besides a living doubt. three, rich yacht

    27. Axel Campbell

      Ya that rit

    28. Weggie man

      Haaaa HAAA HHAAAAAAA 0:29

    29. Dream Clay

      John wing gacey I’m dying LMFAOKDBDDJFH

    30. slowhelp

      Eat me

    31. Cam cam Hett

      Michael remind me of Kenny from south park

    32. Joey Plescia

      this is the best KGup channel but stop saying god da m

    33. TempVolcano 3200

      0:52 it just randomly stops here

    34. Taxed

      Was the “Don’t kick it” bit of an old Michael episode (forgot which one) a reference to kicking the vortex football over the fence?

    35. MC_KJ

      That lady is fucking filch the cat was norris

    36. Hank Case

      Haha, the John wane gacy thing was so funny.

    37. eXtract.7

      I've had this old lady, she called the cops on me and my friends when we were playing football and the ball went into her yard. 😂

    38. Paxton Adkins

      old lady was 172 when she died

    39. Dannial Frost

      I like your videos

    40. The intelligent123

      The old lady spirit watching this like:😡👹👺🤨😡😡😤🔪🪓💣🔫

    41. Bob Jeff

      I fucking

    42. Kamryne Noah

      That was my grandma

    43. Mother Frickin PO


    44. Maxims Korcagins

      2:30 John elway

    45. Candice Alonzo

      I no how to fight ok

    46. A Dolphin With A Phone

      Rip mean old lady She was mean as hell

    47. MrPicklePop

      Anyone want to play sega genesis

    48. Seamus Peacock

      Imagine him being a grandfather and the stories for his grandkids

    49. Sylvester Wiborg

      i have nether laeft so Much in my life

    50. Dudeguy21

      kicking the football. like a 5 year callback, nice

    51. mfw

      man i feel really bad for that cat, waiting there for it’s owner to get back

    52. Trevor Brandt

      My neighbor has two huge dogs and we used to say the dogs ate kids

    53. Carlos Cardona

      0:44, 0:46, 0:49 granny death stare

    54. Gary Cook

      Oh god

    55. Gary Cook

      The only guy who hates cats

    56. Blurryface

      Google: Sandlot Bing: mean old lady

    57. Ben Lane

      We all have that one pervert neighbour !

    58. USS Enterprise

      Old hag

    59. I love Caulifla

      Gee thanks for saying hits like a girl..

    60. SCUL1Z

      I have a Michael as a friend

    61. gamingraptor2009

      A kids mom and grandma they would try to hurt us and she would get pissed If we played outside

    62. Jack • 12 years ago

      I want that CAT!

    63. xxStrike25 2.0

      The sandlot simplified

    64. Ciram Shargawi


    65. Catlover Maliha

      the cat lol

    66. No Reaction

      We have this one house with a bulldog One day it got loose Luckily I do track

    67. Nathan Smith

      Where is the mean Spanish dude

    68. Life Goals

      That’s me

    69. lzuku midoriya

      Same this old ladies literally lick my friends back I was like that is disgusting and also thank you so much for supporting my channel

    70. DODO Dragi

      Same thing with me but with a word nazi grempa

    71. هيثم الحربي

      ydudg hdyd🥱😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

    72. creeper animation Studios

      Shut up old ladies stop looking at me like that

    73. Rebecca Lancaster

      This is amazing content

    74. Randeep Dhindsa

      Nice video.

    75. brian fronefieldJR


    76. W H Y

      1. FlamingXZ


    77. Aaron Santiago

      So funny fat cat

      1. Aaron Santiago


    78. Collin Hadden

      So happy your posting again

    79. Bobby The Spicy Boi

      When you hear the word “alright”, you know it’s going to be good

    80. Marc Kenzhin Xavier Matuguina


    81. The Cubanator


    82. SJRNoodles

      1:07 cartmen cat

    83. William McCoy

      Been here since 500k and this channel is still amazing

    84. Max

      I could eat baby if I want I don't give a damn

    85. Javier Barron

      some still say, that cat still stares at the kids that live in that neighborhood

    86. GTA Gaming Reyes

      Can you come out with more vids I really enjoy them they make me laugh all the damn time

    87. Faizan

      My whole family's life is a fuckfest lol I really want to share my stories but Don't know how to.

    88. Noniᄎ

      This is the creepiest ending ive seen on your videos

    89. Mind Maze

      2:47 dat physics!

    90. Mr Cordell

      *1812* - 1999 😂

    91. R3dy Well

      Today tht cat probably ate him already

    92. one piece

      The best video this dude has is the trampoline vid with the 16 pound garden rock😂😂😂

    93. Grace Stewart

      I am a third grader and I am as skinny as a noodle and u it say I’m as fat as that cat hell no

    94. Timothy Vogelpohl

      The demon under my bed watching me sleep:

    95. The Peanut

      At this part you should of done the hard note part when he closes the door and for a small second for a bit like, this woman DU- is staring DU-

    96. Kai Castle

      Legend says that that cat is still there liking his lips.

      1. Michael

        Liking its lips?

    97. Vargas Victor

      Poor cat

    98. Jack B

      Great video

    99. Yeet Meme

      That's a cat? I thought it was a furry tractor

    100. cooper hooie

      can you do a colab with micheal plz