How Will the Brooklyn Nets Look With Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden? | NBA on TNT


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    Shaq, Kenny, Chuck and Ernie discuss how Brooklyn's trio of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden will mesh once Kyrie returns to the team.
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    1. Over Charging For The Cold Crush!

      Kenny not smart

    2. silver

      how much is chuck's suite?

    3. doliio volay

      3:12 Harden got lucky af on that last play

    4. wnnalis cioov

      Dear Shaq, you know I love you. But James Harden, is indeed, better than Kyrie Irving

    5. Blaz Kozjek

      The older they get the grumpier they are poor EJ

    6. Hooked on Chronics

      Shaq is annoying

    7. seiom jvony

      Shaq is hella sensitive.

      1. doliio volay

        Kenny it's okay to have your own opinion.

    8. alida flus

      Everybody mad at Harden for leavin but dude literally ran through every thottie in the state. It was time to move on for him 🤣

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Daaawg!! 😂😂 “bunch of dummies”

    9. Tamer Kiykioglu

      I think it is time to have some diversity and add or replace Shaq or Barkley with a female analyst or ball player. The show is getting stale and old and Shaq and Barkley comments seem from the offensive times of past. TNT how about this?

      1. abbsnn cose

        welp kyrie proved chuck right and shaq wrong he barely passed

    10. Vladan Mirkovic

      Brooklyn gone won nba this year 100%

      1. seiom jvony

        That beat tho

    11. anbu999

      TNT should replace all these old minded anchors. Game has evolved and yet they keep singing the same song, how much better they were... boring

      1. abbsnn cose

        Daaawg!! 😂😂 “bunch of dummies”

    12. Clark Kent

      Kyrie proved Barkley wrong real quick

    13. Ryan Posadas

      Charles brought up Steve Nash just to make Shaq mad lol

      1. alida flus

        Everybody mad at Harden for leavin but dude literally ran through every thottie in the state. It was time to move on for him 🤣

    14. A Love

      Nets without Kyrie beat the Bucks Nets with Kyrie lose back to back to Cleveland

    15. Breeze Cardenas

      They need to change their defense... What's defense?! Who plays defense in the NBA anymore?! Nobody likes defense. Everybody knows that offense is what people want to see. We all want to see 4 guys stand outside the 3 point arch and one guy in the middle, while both teams accumulate over 400 three point attempts! C'mon now?!?! 🙄

    16. Tsunami Rob

      Who’s here after the nets lost TWICE😂😂🥴

    17. abbsnn cose

      One thing - why is there NO ONE guarding KD at the perimeter ? He’s been closing out games like that since GSW days..

    18. dar walker

      The letter V 🤣

    19. Harri v'Jah

      Impossible for these three to be on the court at the same time...not enough possession to go around Ky got to go or Nash has to shave at least 4 seconds off the dribble up and enforce 5-6 seconds [max hold rule] Failing that Ky has to agree to come off the bench lol which ain't happening

    20. ripfehim

      I love when they all talk over Ernie 🤣

      1. abbsnn cose

        looking forward for finals. this what it looks like in thunder if they traded westbrook. oh well thats history.

    21. JL

      Kenny it's okay to have your own opinion.

    22. devonte fletcher

      Daaawg!! 😂😂 “bunch of dummies”

    23. TeamRGHQ2Sports

      welp kyrie proved chuck right and shaq wrong he barely passed

    24. Michał Wawrzko


    25. Ram Pooni

      That beat tho

    26. Sirineu Antonio

      Chuck is wright Kyrie will not pass the ball. With Kyrie Nets is not that strong. With Harden they can compete for a championship!....

    27. Coolhigh6000

      Harden needs to turn into a klay Thompson with a really good drive just for the extra offensive option. He already got that down pack though. Kyrie needs to be on elite playmaking... not prolonged ball handling, and Durant gotta keep being that guy that executes the other team in the beginning and the final stretch. There is a lot of room for work load combinations to close out games successfully. If harden ain’t in it switch out your offensive coordinator and keep either one on the floor or if they are down bad have all your stars out and set up plays.

    28. Agu Rivero

      This didn´t age well today

    29. Flydude 68

      To me the bucks window has closed after losing to mia last year and now with the nets there's no way I see them going to the finals in next 3 years

    30. Clarence Allen

      Well before I was even born Charles Barkley came into the 76ers before the Phoenix Suns with a similar to what the Nets have now because it was dr. J Moses Malone and Charles Barkley and Shaq knows about this a lot of supporting players urban legends with the Lakers like but not only because I think like Gary Payton was there for a very short while Kobe Bryant and Horace Grant besides that Shaq penny is a great combination that was before I was even born, but the Nets are due to be a very powerful thing once it's all done.

    31. Tony Dracon

      durant going bald like lebron

    32. Breakdown

      Can we please get the whole halftime show from warriors vs Lakers please

    33. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. "If you can't change your fate, change your attitude."-Charles Revson TERRANCE OUT

    34. Last KingBAYBAY

    35. Mark Rider

      looking forward for finals. this what it looks like in thunder if they traded westbrook. oh well thats history.

    36. Nick995

      Kenny saying James harden is the best1v1 today no he isn’t , kd is

    37. TOMS WILL

      Great discussion guys. Its all about making ppl better.

    38. TheCandyoung

      Type in on your phone...

      1. DADEFUYE

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    40. DeanGl

      I'm not a James Harden fan. In fact, I don't like him at all. But even I can admit that he is flat out better than Kyrie in almost every single way. Except handles. I will maintain that Kyrie has by far the best handles in the league.

    41. Robert Stubbs

      Why are you wasting your time on monthly salary when you can work from home and earn up to $8000 (as perceive source of income) without any stress just with your smart phone or PC Ask me how if interested

    42. sevach

      I think it's quite simple, Harden initates, gets a pick (which may be Durant) if he can't get anything going he can kick it to Kyrie on the weakside for an iso (that's how the Cavs with LBJ used him) or he can give it to KD on the wing/high post and let him go to work, that's the best option honestly. No team with Kyrie as the focal point has done much, and Durant is naturally an offball player who is great when he gets the ball at the post/wing.

    43. Lucas Grant

      Lakers in 4

    44. I sk

      Bucks vs Nets was a Eastern Finals Games

    45. Jim Krause

      Nets in 6

    46. Glenn Stacks

      Kyrie when he rejoins the team goes from batman's robin to batgirl.

    47. Parkour

      Shaq isn’t a good analysis

    48. BlackchoPPer 23

      De-Andre jordan is gonna be key to them winning a chip

    49. Kari TheMa9ician

      Shaq: “way to finish big dog” (Deandre Jordan) Deandre wins a ring with nets SHAQ: “You didn’t contribute BUM” 🙄😂😂😂

    50. Parkour

      James Harden lazy and out of shape yet still puts up 34 and 12. My dWg Ballin out no matter what 😂

    51. Carlos Miranda Jr

      Kyrie going to get the leftover shoots & be a spot up shooter..

    52. mfigspriv

      y'all clearly don't watch Kyrie in these comments. shaq is speaking facts

    53. mfigspriv

      shaq speaking facts

    54. Pedro Romero

      Is it me or kenny never really fully agrees with anything and takes both sides more than not?

    55. BigWaveyyy

      You sure he was miced up ??? 😂😂😂

    56. MarShaun

      James harden ain’t better than kyrie 1 on 1

    57. mcronn 100

      The nets have 3 closers so they can win a lot of close games .even if it's the last possession to win that game.!!

    58. MarloSoBalJr

      James with KD is gonna propel the Nets... to a better record BUT they not getting past the 2nd round on 2.5 superstars on the court. If Harden is cold, it's all on KD and he's no LeBron. Defense is key as well

    59. Arthur Lo

      Kyrie is arguably the better shooter. His FG% and 3pt% all higher than James'.

    60. Logical Reason

      So he's sitting out because he sat out. The NBA is all snowflakes now

    61. Austin Quezada

      Shaq always get defensive when he’s wrong

    62. Seagawks on my Cawk

      This nets team would 4-0 the 2017 warriors

    63. Gage T

      Kyrie Irving has a real chance to be traded.Nets might want that depth back.

    64. tupac Wright

      James Harden going to be more efficient tonight watch that.😄😁💪

    65. Tru Religion

      Shaq the only one wit sum sense😂istg

    66. Ryan Robinson

      How long has Kenny had that hairline tattooed on

    67. Team Muzik

    68. John Y.

      James harden is a way better player than kyrie

    69. Matt Crook

      It's gonna be the 75 Lakers

    70. Steve Frank

      shaq isnt NEARLY as insightful as he thinks he is.

    71. Kinz World

    72. The Easy Like Sunday Morning Show!

      It's going to be an interesting year. Gonna be fun.

    73. OneType YT

      Love when you see political statements in da back 🙄

    74. Hori

      I was here

    75. The Haitian Way

      Is Shaq a Harden hater?

    76. Toni H

      No guts no glory....

    77. Unknown Unknown

      the prophecy and what is to come .

    78. Michael Cordova

      i see kyriie going to the lakers

    79. PMV


    80. break -

      Ernie looking old :(

    81. Alex Gongar

      Kyrie going for 50 tn, all these “3rd option” talks

      1. dpangia123

        Yeah cause he's the 3rd best player on that team

    82. Tommy Cruz

      Was Kenny always this annoying?

    83. Jesus Christ Is Returning


    84. OP_10112

      If I’m the Nets, I’m paying for Kyrie to sit out for longer

    85. Bruno Jerome

      Chuck just be saying anything, Tucker makes nowhere near 100mil 😂

    86. ursa Brown

      Shaq is tripping.. Harden is way better than Irving... lol Shaq...stop it..check your ego

      1. LEX .P

        Way better tho lol...

    87. Roger Castillo

      Trade that nutcase Irving for some role players

    88. Jason Streun

      Answer: nobody cares.

    89. Reuben Jones

      Offense they look good on paper defensively how well do they match up against LeBron an them KD an DeAndre Jordan can't guard every one

      1. LEX .P

        Ya fa sho... They better start playing defense every night lol

    90. Tomar Brooks

      No disrespect. But Kenny looked like he was caught doing lines when they cut back from DeAndre. I almost laugh out of my chair. #Kenny The Jet

    91. Bella the dog

      The jittery siberian philly repair because mailbox semiannually increase at a extra-large extra-small exuberant streetcar. jumpy, tart sweater

    92. Deloneys

      Its okay Shaq. Harden is better than Kyrie.

      1. LEX .P

        Is he tho lol

    93. Derek Keiser

      KD will never play without stars. He needs em to win.

    94. Sexxyval Denis

      So now dravidian woman is black and fba so it means Melania trump is black and fba too black melanated goddesses stop worshipping the yaldabaoth of the cave dwellers

    95. Shaheer Bajoo

      KD is not a volume shooter.... stop it; and kyrie Irving isn't as bad as u guys say.

      1. LEX .P

        It's what I'm saying all of a sudden kyrie wack tho lmbo...

    96. Shawn T Uber

      I miss Durant on the Warriors, but that's business. NY got that paper🤑

    97. J

      “Two dummies, dumb and dumber.” 😂

    98. Ryan Emberton

      Take this knowledge and I'll invest in Loom on coinbase.

    99. Sean Nemetz

      no cap put Kyrie on the second unit and this team will never stop scoring

      1. LEX .P

        Say what lol