HOW did the 747 break the TRANSATLANTIC SPEED RECORD??!! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    With a huge 220 knot wind speed in the core of the Polar Jet Stream, the weather on Saturday 8th February 2020 made it a record-breaking day for transatlantic flights. Golf Charlie India Victor Papa, a British Airways Boeing 747-400 flying from New York to London flew the normally 6-and-a-half-hour flight in just 4 hours and 56 minutes, arriving a massive 80 MINUTES ahead of schedule!
    It’s important to remember that despite the 747 reaching a peak groundspeed of 716 knots respectively 825 miles per hour, almost 130 knots faster than the speed of sound at FL350, it did not at any point fly supersonic and your immediate question is how?
    That's what we will be looking at in today's video :)
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. That Guy

      Tail wind...

    2. Alex Spencer

      Whoo hooo my birthday.

    3. Harrison Randall-King

      Anyone just stared at the smiling 747 in the background?

    4. Jibs Tale

      We have the same letter of beginning name. This is very interesting. I love your videos because they are so educational. My dream is to become a Pilot and am 12 and I am learning so much from you. Thank you. Congrats to people who found this comment :) 👨‍✈️ 🧑‍✈️ 👩‍✈️. ✈️✈️🛫🛬.

    5. Tom Yao

      once upon a time a flight of mine from Xiamen (China) to Sydney (Australia) i saw a head wind of 415 km/h

    6. Tom Yao

      because this b747 is flown by chuck norris

    7. Jeff McJeff

      My record is 702 mph on a Virgin Atlantic 747-400.

    8. Johanna Cooper


    9. honkers poggers

      The British are just record-breakers in general. Largest country in area (including colonies) Fastest flight across the Atlantic, twice Largest populations (including colonies) A ton more I forgot.

    10. Dome31337

      I like how the plane in the back is in focus, while Joe is a little blurry. Right priorities lol

    11. lostasadorespr

      Let's explain ground speed making it more difficult to understand than it actually is.

    12. Gooner 72

      I love BA, I've flown with them a lot and they've always been excellent and always arrive early coming back from the States....... this however, is mind boggling. 🇬🇧🇬🇧✌✌

    13. Henri van Bemmel

      If they sent me west that day, I would ask for a routing well over Greenland to get away from that. Once returning from Amsterdam to Toronto, we were routed far to the north. The pilot repeatedly apologized, but I think it is only affected flight time by 20 minutes, BUT for me, I got to see the moonscape over Iceland and later the remarkable glacial features of northern Labrador. Two places I doubt I will ever see. Real fun. I wonder what the altitude dependency on these winds was as well.

    14. jonathon blacker

      I'm guessing Aircraft going from East to West on that day, had a tough time across the Atlantic

    15. Lalit Metkar

      I like the statement : that's whole another story

    16. TWI99

      You are captain now😎

    17. Paul Turner

      Would have been really interesting to see how long Concorde would have taken to do the JFK-LHR route on that same day, although at FL600 it may have been outside the jetstream anyway.....or am I wrong about that?

    18. イ557 ツフpenad

      747 - 1100kmh ⚫🔵⚪

    19. Pujan Doshi

      I was on that flight ! Women behind my seat were scared of the flight turbulence!We all were surprised on the flight when we landed early! Had a lot of time on my layover at LHR

    20. Faisal Habib

      From London to New York sure the flight time would have increased but doesn't the fuel in this flight too would have saved maintaining same IAS with engine almost on idle.

    21. Chris Szumiloski

      The speed of sound is 660 MPH at 35,000 so if an A380 is going at 680 MPH, than it is flying supersonic... or at least transonic.

    22. 이주연

      Anyone have a spare 747? I want to know her max speed.

    23. 이주연

      Aviation cheat code WIND747 Use wind to go faster

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      God IS Awsome, God use wind to callculate how Boeing 747 can go Faster. WOOW!!

    25. Stratoleft

      They're called transocean routes, captain nitwad.

    26. Stratoleft

      The 747 didn't break the transatlantic "speed record", captain nitwad.

    27. Nitin Jaswal

      What happens if there was Concorde. Instead of Boeing 747

    28. Aviation HJM

      50 year old plane: Broke the world record for a transatlantic flight with subsonic speed. Modern planes: *Blown Away!*

    29. K Berry

      That was my birthday!

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    34. Maggie Wairimu


    35. AryanPlayzGames

      Now the 747s are grounded😭😭

      1. AryanPlayzGames

        @Mike P ohh thanx bro

      2. Mike P

        Not all of them will be grounded. Cargo airlines which use the B747s will still use them quite a long time. And for example UPS even ordered 14 brand new B747-8F aircraft to their fleet.

    36. Johannes Botha

      A South African polit was fin a lot of money because he was flying to fast in the 50's with a DC4 to Sydney.He was also had a tail wind in the jetstream so its not only in Europa where you break records her in Africa we sometimes .

    37. AZHAN Ali

      Every pilots dream is to fly the concord

    38. John Orven Tano

      And no Trans-Pacific record yet?

    39. Paul Pharro

      I travelled JFK to Manchester on the same night, that was a bumpy ride and cut off over an hour.

    40. D MTB

      but like just imagine this big boy going actual super sonic! OMG

    41. InbredVonHabsburg

      Damn it, I was on the old fastest one....

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      How did that happen? Well, God is Great.

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      Why is it called sound barrier when it is not a barrier.

    46. james mig

      Thank you so much for video , understood well

    47. ayyappa78

      Awesome video!! As usual very well explained Captain!! I cannot imagine the reaction of the flight crew when they saw the ground speed shoot up :)

    48. Melvin elder

      RIP to the BA747 and most other 747

    49. 齐天语

      having learned that concorde is a thing, 747 didn't break the record

      1. Mike P

        Yes, the B747 did it, because it was the subsonic speed record. (Concorde was a supersonic aircraft.)

    50. Alex Dudash

      I heard the plane really had to go to the bathroom, so it sped up.😀

    51. Enut Peanut

      I know your obviously not a sailor, but have you ever heard somebody shout mid flight, “Captain! Captain look!”

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      At 5:23 Why is the model of the 747 hump wavy

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      Boeing 747: Breaks record Concorde: Are you challenging my fuel tank?

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      Congrats on breaking the speed record awesome Captain Joe that is why you are a very good Captain well done thank you again

    58. Annie Hyams

      Captain Joe what about wind or air turberlance at these heights and the very fast speed I am sure it was an awesome flight for you to experience. Thank you so much

    59. Exotic

      Winds: *exists* This 747: *Dibs*

    60. Bye Fuhleesha

      And they just announced that they’re discontinuing. 747-8 will be the last of them

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      Poor first class passengers. They couldn't enjoy the flight too much


      5:04 do british airways return the saved money to passengers?

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      My dad was on this flight

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      Hi joe love from Kerala India

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      3:10 German diagram intensifies

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    72. Patrick Falb

      Why are you telling us the groundspeed only in the useless speed of mph and not kph? Same as feet instead of meters... eventhough it’s used in aviation!?

    73. LouisO

      Correction , fastest non supersonic flight

    74. Shaun Greer

      2:09 I thought my PS4 was having a stroke

    75. Shaun Greer

      Concorde: *No*

    76. CG Joseph

      I flew now on G-CIVP to Vancouver

    77. Frederick Malouf

      They didn't jettison the fuel before landing?

      1. Thomas Mortimore

        They wouldn’t need to if they were not over the MLW

      2. ZK-APA

        Swoon Drones they didn’t have to

    78. Vinay Santiago

      British Airways: Breaks speed record British Airways callsign: I'M THE SPEEDBIRD

    79. Typical Kahsi

      The reason why the 747 broke the record: because it's better than the A380 and it's just awesome

    80. Nate Assa

      the puns get worse and worse every video

    81. Jauvan14

      thank the jetstream

    82. Paweł Ciepliński

      @Captain Joe This may be stupid question but... Is it possible to suddenly loose the tail wind, so that TAS reached GS and the aircraft hits the speed of sound barier? And if so... that would be guaranteed crash, right?

      1. Paweł Ciepliński

        @Thomas Mortimore OK, thanks for your replies buddy! I guess my question if "crushing" into speed of sound is possible remains unanswered thought. Sure using streams is common, that's how you save fuel and time, but such extreme examples are the other thing. Hope we'll never find the answer the hard way! Cheers!

      2. Thomas Mortimore

        Paweł Ciepliński well it must be allowed otherwise they would have got out of the jet stream. The NAT tracks created for aircraft usually take advantage of the jet stream going east bound so there is clearly no harm in it. And no I’m not a real pilot (yet) but have a lot of experience with flight sim and studying aviation material

      3. Paweł Ciepliński

        @Thomas Mortimore P.S. And I hope you don't mind me asking: are you a pilot or we're just two amateurs discussion it?

      4. Paweł Ciepliński

        @Thomas Mortimore Is it only theory thought or is it either very improbable or can modern radars detect such eventuality? A lot potential dangerous things are allowed due to calculated risk. You're allowed to drive on highway even 140 kph as in my country, it doesn't mean it's 100% safe to do so. Yes, I get aviation laws are much more strict. Is it allowed to use sonextreme winds like this unconditionally and/or are such flights common? Isn't it most common that you do your MACH 0.85 in strong wind when your ground speed wouldn't exceed MACH 1?

      5. Thomas Mortimore

        Paweł Ciepliński yes in theory if the wind suddenly stopped the plane would suddenly find itself flying faster than the speed of sound relative to the air it is flying through. However I doubt it happens otherwise planes would not be allowed to fly in a jet stream for safety reasons. And they would be limited to tailwinds. Same with head winds. If they were flying against a 200knots head wind and then suddenly it stopped the aircraft would have no lift and stall. Also an air pocket is just another term for turbulence

    83. макс blue1901

      so? i flew on BA 747 FROM JFK to LHR in 5 hours in 2013, the captain was flying at 1250 km/h ground speed!

    84. Ryan Mitchell

      Yay! captain joe has his wings now!

    85. Leander Strano

      Doesn't the earth curvature affect the difference between TAS and GS as well? With no winds and a constant TAS while climbing, wouldn't the GS progressively drop as the distance covered in relation to the earth's surface becomes less with higher radius?

      1. Thomas Mortimore

        Depends how steep the climb is and wouldn’t make any difference in cruise

    86. Pikachu X Mudkip

      The speed of sound is 343 m/s

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      The Queen of the sky!

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      A little more tailwind and the destination would be at that 747's V1.

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      1. Thomas Mortimore

        Isn’t it obvious?

    90. BA19ARC074 Alla Revanth

      Why can’t u say like this: wind coming from ass of the plane pushes the plane additionally , don’t scare people next time please 😚

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      BA: New record!! Virgin Atlantic:😡😡 Just missed it by a minute.

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      4:50 Was thinking if the pilot would have saved more fuel by reducing airspeed

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      it did cost a few minutes extra because the plane had to land against the wind which made them make a small detour right?

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