Fight in the Lock and my Day 1 on Toho

Bradley Hallman

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    Here are the highlights from the first BASS Open of the year, and a more behind the scenes look at the life of a professional angler. During a tournament there can be a lot of tension between anglers with so much on the line. But it’s important to remember that fishing is supposed to be fun. So no there was not a fight in the lock this time around even though the Lock-master thought there might be lol. Hope you guys like it, please comment and let me know what you think and subscribe to the channel.

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    1. Texas Tommy

      If I joined the tour I would be so confused because I have never been to a place with a lock. Here in Texas it’s just a dam.

    2. Heath Fitzgerald

      @BradleyHallman where can i find one of those Garmin hats? Ive looked everywhere for one like that.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Maybe eBay?

    3. FishingForBassTV

      love the vids man!

    4. BigDaddy G.

      I'm a late finding your channel but I'm glad I did. It's always great to see a fellow Okie and you just can't beat that Okie humor! Keep putting them great videos out, we'll keep supporting you sir. BTW, stay away from the wife's thongs. Accidentally put one on backwards wife said it looked like two hobos fightin over a sausage sammich. ;-)

      1. Bradley Hallman


    5. Jay Fournier

      Great video brother.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    6. johnny weaver

      I understand not liking the chest camera, but when your talking the dash camera don't pick your voice very well, if you could wear a mic to pick up your voice would be great.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks 🙏

    7. J H

      Love the videos, but don't let the youtubing get in the way of your main goal. Thanks agin for sharing your experiences.

    8. Daniel Davis

      Crazy meth lock lady

    9. E Martin

      Didn't know Andrew was wearing a tire He's eating up his

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I think we all are except fat Tadd.

    10. big dad ace

      This lock has doors that can both be opened at once. The lock attendant can then ask that anglers to trolling motor through and go downstream in a single file line. I think the lockmasters hate tournament days cause they have to work. They live on-site and have hundreds of days every year where they hardly work the locks at all. Just saying

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Agree. I’ve heard stories about leaving the gate open. Would be much faster

    11. Ron Alexander

      How are rookies treated on tour? Do some of the guys that have been around help out?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        When I started I would say most of the new guys kind of ran together for the most part. Still that way just because of friendships that have taken years to grow.

    12. Water Chap

      You had me at the Weiss video and your close out music. Great stuff. Thanks for the content.

    13. Colin Mattson

      OMG I'm about to piss myself not the wife's underwear. LOL Glad I found your channel.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Glad you found us too!

    14. Bobby Swain

      Wondering how you guys get paid if youre not cashing tourny checks....Do sponsors have you on a salary? Just curious as to how all that works

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Bobby Swain It’s one of the major problems with the pro side of the sport of bass fishing and has been for many many years.

      2. Bobby Swain

        @Bradley Hallman Wow.......I just assumed all those floating billboards were paid for(bysponsors}...thats insanity lol

      3. Bradley Hallman

        It’s different for everyone. Some are paid by sponsors and some are product sponsorships. Sadly most are putting things on their shirt, boat, and truck as free advertisement for the industry! Tournament checks make a difference in most pro anglers annual income.

    15. Paul Taylor

      Glad to see another okie on here,big fan brother keep on gettin after it man

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Paul appreciate the support

    16. David Campbell

      Love your videos Bradley

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks 🙏

    17. Cody Phillips

      Hell ya brad good shit

    18. Chris Findlay

      i was texting from oz buy the way.

    19. Chris Findlay

      great vid bud keep them coming x tournament angler but may come back in a hobie giving away the boater co angler series was not going forward over here. but thanks for the insight to the USA tour comps.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for watching and the feedback from OZ!

    20. Roger Dudra

      From what I've seen of women's underwear, it looks as complicated as a chest mount camera to rig up to me. Sure sounded like a bored granny was goading you guys. 45th in Florida shines.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Agree on all counts! Thanks for the comments.

    21. Team Hook-up

      The flip flop squeak is like nails on a chalk

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I love those shoes man! Nothing better than fishing in them.

    22. Dirk Schrontz

      New Subscriber here!!! Stuck here in cold Indiana waiting on spring to get here!! Doing just fine videoing. Good luck this season.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks man. Filmed more today and still having issues. Keep learning I guess.

    23. Grayson Cook Fishing

      Awesome man

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Grayson Cook Fishing Glad you liked it!

    24. Dave Wylie

      Good sheeeet Bradley!! The wifes underwear sounded exactly like some whack convos we used to have in the mornings on my charter dock 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Takes a special group of guys to appreciate that one! Thanks for the comments.

    25. Coach

      Just kidding. I love watching you fish. You're a great angler. Keep up the good work. I'll be watching. Best of luck. Sorry, I meant no harm.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        All Good Coach! I knew it had some bait and switch to it. Kinda like the news every night on the tv. Keep watching man got some good stuff coming.

    26. Steve Fisher

      There should be no tournaments on a lake with locks.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I have some ideas on this as well. We could do some cool format stuff with the different lakes that would take the lock out of the equation.

    27. Robert Kearns

      Too much talk. Another rich guy with all the toys. No respect for the fish. Just grabbin and slammin.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the comments Robert. Hope you keep watching I got some good stuff coming soon.

    28. SnazzySnail

      Great job Brad.. you got all the support from the boys up north...ontario

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Snazzysnail Appreciate that man I know how you Canadians roll! Means a lot.

    29. Michael Davis Outdoor Adventures

      I like your approach on videos, I kinda sorta do that to!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Michael Davis Outdoor Adventures Thanks Bud!

    30. Snrynkee

      This is a top quality video my friend. The length is perfect for watching, action shots and commentary, nice job.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Snrynkee Thanks for the feedback. Truly appreciated.

    31. Tim Ackal

      Hey you did well. Nice first fish of the day. Video overall was good. Thanks for sharing

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Tim Ackal Thanks for the comments!

    32. Jolly Giant

      See you at Cherokee

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Jolly Giant Looking forward to it!

    33. Patrick Veltman

      Weather was wonderful. Fifteen inch crappie were hitting gold rattle traps on grass beds in 8 feet up on Toho. It’s tough on the back of the boat.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Patrick Veltman Patrick just hang on bud! I have some great stuff coming on back of the boat fishing.

    34. Darren Adams

      Rooting for ya Bradley, would love to see you on the elites!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Darren Adams Thanks man really appreciate it.

    35. Simply Midwest Fishing

      Daggon stud to start the day son good work man your gonna have a good year brother. New subscriber here

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Simply Midwest Fishing Thanks man!

    36. Bassassin

      So there's no footage of a fight?

    37. Don Dasher

      It’s funny that lockmaster has zero problem with talking you head off and letting you know what she thinks. She is nice but you can see she has a hot button that once pushed you are in trouble! We spoke last year about the Ish incident and she still was getting fired up! Hahahaha

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Totally agree!

    38. Rick Houser

      Nice video BH, keep them coming, great content

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Rick Houser Thanks Rick

    39. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      You guys wanna get Hostile ? 😁🤪😂🤣👍👍👍👍👌🙏 that lady sounds just like my neighbor, old sweetie I’m sure 😁🇺🇸😎👍👍👍👍🎣🎣🎣

      1. Bradley Hallman

        D-Smooth Fishing TV Thanks for the subscribe.

      2. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

        Bradley Hallman I am sure she has seen some fights in her days like you said 😁👍👍👌🎣🎣😎 I just subscribed to your channel. Thank you for all the videos 👍👍👍👍👌🙏😎🇺🇸😁🎣🎣🎣

      3. Bradley Hallman

        She was Worried. Knight and I were talking about him and his family coming to Norman for the Tennessee football game this year. I never realized until latter she really thought we were arguing. I think she has seen some disagreements in that lock through the years!

    40. Steve Bender

      Good video!!!

      1. Bradley Hallman


    41. Get the Net

      Phoenix all the way! Great video

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Get the Net Thanks Man! Love the bird.

    42. A. Pounds Fishing

      Good footage! Fished with you years ago as a youth angler in the Junior World Bassmasters Championship in NY. Back then you was running a Skeeter. I remember you putting us on the smallmouth and we absolutely crushed them!!!! Was one of the greatest experiences of my life as an angler and I thank you for that. Still going strong with the sport today. Running a Phoenix myself! Looking forward to watching more of your videos. Good luck the rest of your season!

      1. A. Pounds Fishing

        I’ll defiantly keep in touch! Tight lines!

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Keep in touch with me!

      3. Bradley Hallman

        Dude I remember that day like it was yesterday. The graph came alive and they were so many fish and y’all had so much fun catching them. People swarmed us but y’all kept catching it was awesome day!

    43. Bob Babrauckas

      Nice video... looking forward to the series... sound me .... never prepared enough

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I just walked in the airport for a trip and left one of my bags in the truck. The one that had my rod of all things to forget! Never ends.

    44. Curtis D

      Brad, just subscribed to the channel. Who cares if your not a KGupr man. I enjoy listening to you on BTL when Mark and Matt have you in studio. Do what you do best man just fish and drop little nuggets for us little guys who want to be better anglers. Thanks for the dedication man.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Curtis D No problem I appreciate the comments.

      2. Curtis D

        Bradley Hallman wow! You’re the first person to ever respond to a comment of mine directly out of all the anglers I follow. Thanks for the reply.

      3. Bradley Hallman

        Curtis D Thanks for the comments man. Always good to hear from the BTL fans. It’s amazing how many there are.

    45. Brian S.

      Awsome job landing the big one right off the batt. Question it looked like you were targeting isolated clumps of whatever(never been to Florida to bass fish). Was there an actual depth change underneath those clumps or a structure change or something different with the bottom? Thanks Brian

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Brian S. No depth change. They were about 3.5 feet deep. Thanks for the comments.

    46. Andy Smith

      Awesome video, one of the best I've seen

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks bud!

    47. Tim E

      Bout damn time you stepped up!!! Subscribed

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Tim E Appreciate the Subscribe man!

    48. Jeff Buttolph

      Beautiful house!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Jeff Buttolph Thanks Jeff! Built it myself 17 years ago. A lot of it with my own hands but I was younger with more energy back then.

    49. Gregory Chuhta

      Bradley you a good dude all around. Love you on BTL, the knowledge, honesty and brute matter of fact-ness you bring is refreshing. Keep goin brotha. Good luck this year. You fishin all the opens yea?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Gregory Chuhta Very nice praise that I probably don’t deserve but thank you very much! Yes I’m going in all the bass opens.

    50. rhallman1000

      From one Hallman to another, great vid man. You pulled a Jimmy Houston kissing that first bass. It was a beast. Funny!!! Keep up the good work.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        rhallman1000 Thanks for the comments Hallman!

    51. Joshsinglefooter

      Love it bro!

    52. Jason Dill

      Love watching you drop the hammer on those bass. Keep working hard buddy. Want to see you in the Elites.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Jason Dill Thanks Jason.

    53. Matthew Johnson

      good thing that Phoenix rides smooth! lol

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Matthew Johnson Thankful I didn’t loose those rods.

    54. Tim Kelly

      Very entertaining. Forgetting your camera is a small error for a you tuber though. Keep at it. Hope you qualify this year.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Agreed on the error! Thanks for the comments

    55. Gary Lukas

      I appreciate your effort to share. Love the angry fisherman with castledine and Upshaw ! Laugh my ass off !!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for watching!

    56. John Barham

      Me either Upshaw...didn’t realize you were a Tennessee’ an. Saw your video the other day about your complaints and you mentioned Watts Bar. Ever want to catch a walleye on topwater give a shout and I can convert you to a walleye angler. Check out walleye channel on KGup. Were spanking them on Tellico fro March through July or until the water hits 80 degrees.

      1. John Barham

        Bradley Hallman I used to be a big bass fisherman....traveled...Guntersville, Chic, Toho, Kissimmee, Richard B Russell (Love that lake). We were in the same creek Millwood as Mark Davis when he came in second in the 98 top 100. Heck he even posed for a Polaroid (I had one with a timer taking selfies before they were cool). I know he must have hated us because he had to contend with me and my now wife. We spanked them that week on a 1/4 oz slider and a 4” salt and pepper ring worm. Anyways that was the 90s. We now have property on Tellico and have been catching Giant walleye on topwater plugs...(Pencil Poppers and my sacred bomber A salt pops. Nothing like the pop of a walleye on top. Or the taste in the fryer or grill. I couldn’t get KGup to ever work for me because I am a nobody but if you were to take 30 min. And watch some uploaded videos I promise you won’t be disappointed. You might not have the time but your dad might. Walleyeing is an old timers sport and we have our own community. It truly is amazing to see this group of our respected elders out at 4:00 am and still fishing hard. Thank you for writing back and good luck on Cherokee. Remember when in doubt that ole number 7 in white and blue back still works. Later and again thank you for responding to a fellow Tennessee native. I tell my son every time we fish if you can catch them here you can go anywhere and do it. I have much respect for our Tennessee pros we have some of the stingiest waters but at times some of the best.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        John Barham Thanks for the invite. We will be out your way for an Open on Cherokee sometime soon. Go Vols!

    57. John Robeson

      Awesome job bud

      1. Bradley Hallman

        John Robeson Thanks man!

    58. Kevin Grace

      Good video man I'm going to ride out with you this year

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate that! Hopefully give you something’s to cheer about!

    59. Crankin Tanks

      Good video I ready to watch more

      1. Bradley Hallman


    60. Greenfshrmn

      Hey Brad, your video is excellent. I'm not worried about the quality, I just soak up every piece of info you are generous enough to share!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for watching and the comments!

    61. Chris Rockett

      Awesome video. Really like the breakdown with short video clips. Also, awesome job on BTL!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thank you very much and thank you for Jalen! He filled the bridge gap for us we needed. He’s a solid solid person on and off the field!

    62. Tom Miks

      GOOD LUCK this year! Hope you make it. Watch out for the guys who don't laugh about trying on their wife's underwear. Watson World Wide would probably say I tried it once! Lol

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Tom Miks That’s a fact! I know Watson has worn some!!

    63. H LE

      I do not want to watch a professional KGupr . I like watching professional bass fisherman

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate that man! We will keep it real.

    64. Hank Williams

      I had to catch one of your rods on Grand lake last October ...wide open throttle 🤣🤣

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Hank Williams Big Hank Williams my boy! Best co of year you are a joy to fish with. It’s starting to become a pattern! I might should fix.

    65. Bobby McDonald

      Good video!! I like the way you break the video up in segments and explain a little bit about the video. Thumbs up!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks man

    66. steve smith

      Great video. Looking forward to watching you this season.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate that Steve!

    67. James Wood

      Enjoyed video,I'm a freshman college angler and can tell you not everyone understands how hard it is to video and edit 8 hours video down to around 15 minutes.Im glad to see you are with hayabusa hooks,I'm on the team also thanks to Kurt. Please stop telling people about the reels,I'm with daiwa but my dad bought a dozen of the 19 ball bearing ones and they are smooth as silk.He said you may drive up the price lol. Good luck and safety this year Will be following you around my home lake of Hartwell.

      1. James Wood

        @Bradley Hallman keep us posted. Wish you the best

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the comments and glad you enjoyed it. Dove is a great friend and has been for many years. Tell your dad he doesn’t have to worry about the reels anymore I have something new coming down the pike!!!!!

    68. Mark Blackstad

      Your videos are getting better technically but what I like the best is the content. Keep up with the technique and equipment breakdowns! The tournament strategy insight is very interesting as well! Hope to keep seeing you on BTL too.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the feedback Mark! Glad you like BTL too!


      Nice video man 👊🎣👊🎣👊🎣👊🎣

    70. Passionate Outdoors

      Wish I could have gotten to experience that Phoenix at 74 mph, but when we fished Cumberland u could get on her for that dang driftwood! Looks like u had a great time good luck this season!

    71. James Lopez

      Doing good bud keep it up!

    72. Derrick Westfall

      You and Todd both do a great job. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we want to follow along with you and we aren’t all that concerned with your editing skills. Keep doing what your doing. Maybe next Tournament try wearing a chesty and your wife’s underwear, who knows it may be good luck. Don’t knock it till ya try it

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Derrick Westfall LOL!!!! Ain’t going to happen! Neither!

    73. SolidRock Outdoors

      You do a great job man keep It up.

    74. Benjamin Nowak

      Sweet video Brad - I’m excited to see you Crush it this season! Benjamin Nowak

      1. Benjamin Nowak

        Bradley Hallman for sure dude. You’re doing awesome. It’ll be fun following along this season

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I’m working to get better. I’ve come a long way in last 12 months with that camera. Thanks for the support bud!

    75. Matt Mesplay

      Nice work, Brad. Videos are definitely getting better. Good luck this year on your quest.

    76. Josh McGregor

      I really enjoy your videos and they are getting better which each posting. There's nothing like friends sitting around before and during a tournament talking fishing.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Josh McGregor Thanks! Castledine had a great idea with that one. We will continue with those when we get the band back together.!

    77. Alan Frizzell

      You need a “Preflight Check List” to help when the anxiety/excitement leaves your normal organized procedures lacking. Seriously love the videos!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Alan Frizzell Thanks again Alan. Seriously appreciated!

    78. Drummer Troy G

      Yer killin it Brad !

    79. gene lemon

      Your doing great keep it simple, keep it honest and keep it up. Focus on what went wrong, what went right will take care of itself.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        gene lemon That’s some really good advice. Never heard it put that way but I like it.

    80. Ryan Mace

      Thanks for sharing! 🎣💪✊

    81. Daniel Buswell

      Great video bud I’m the one that grabbed a weigh bag For you at our Cumberland tournament that day ! Good luck this year bud

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Daniel Buswell Thanks Daniel! For the comments and the bag. That was very cool of you to do that up in Kentucky.

    82. Robert Napier

      Love the videos bud!! Keep up the great work!!

    83. Matt Orschell

      Man I’m pulling for you. Good luck on the season and keep the videos coming.

    84. N G

      Another good video - thank you

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks man.

    85. Birdaerda


    86. Ryan Tripp

      I think you do a great job with your videos, look forward to watching you kill it this year.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    87. Angler DG

      the chest shot footage kind of suck TBH rather see the dash footage and not see the rod smashing the screen haha

    88. Jason Mausteller

      Weird question, how good is a locker bar, if it only covers one of the front kids in the front deck?

      1. Jason Mausteller

        Bradley Hallman I forgot about those, that makes sense

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I have a two way bar that sits in the middle to lock both middle boxes. Had it for years though not sure but I bet TH Marine still make one.......... Sorry I may have missed your question

    89. Rick Morgan

      I hate those chest shot videos. I don't watch videos that are just chest videos.

    90. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

      That co angler was in shock when you asked him that question 😂

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I’m just glad one of us had a clue what was going on that morning and it wasn’t me.