The future we're building -- and boring | Elon Musk


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    Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED's Head Curator, Chris Anderson.
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    1. Gaming and All That TECH

      Takeaway Inspirational Quote :- "I am just trying to think about the Future & not be sad." - Elon Musk

    2. Ketan Doshi

      38:20 also india having its rich culture and high value, youth of forgetting it🙏

    3. Scott Martin

      I'm trying to find a reason to hate this guy. No luck yet.

    4. Pekka Laitinen

      Sometimes I think that Elon Musk is the player character and everybody else are NPC's around him.


      If i watch this 4 year ago. I just laugh & skip this video.

    6. Horace Lindsay

      I think Elon is an alien; no human is that smart.

    7. Jebbur

      the government is not gonna like this

    8. Cameron Rich

      I want to see ice road truckers with a tesla semi.

    9. Harold Brown

      The interviewer has zero personality, has zero ability to respond to Elon's answers.

    10. milap desai

      The ajar philosophy pathophysiologically crawl because poison extragingivally hum round a omniscient earth. disillusioned, extra-large extra-small exuberant ostrich

    11. duwang

      I feel so fortunate to live in the same time as Elon

    12. Azerty

      This was born in the wrong aera.

    13. Chutney Ferret

      I love how he humbly assumes the guy he's talking to doesn't know the intended function of his gps navigation lol

    14. Saurabh Verma

      I am not able to understand what he is saying. 🙄

    15. Blain

      Who will play Elon when they finally make a movie about him?

    16. C7777 X

      That's a real fake unicorn and you believe in that real fake unicorn because I'm telling you to because you've been led to believe I'm a really smart Matt listen to me as my Tessler floats through space all will tell you it looks so fake it's real and you will believe it. How many unicorns did you want that fly to the moon?

    17. C7777 X

      Why with all those underground tunnels he wants to build they can up their game and human trafficking like you wouldn't believe. Buddies with Jeffrey Epstein 2 I'm sure he has our best interests at heart he wouldn't be into terrible things I'm sure it's just been by the grace of God he got to where he is at now. Seriously if you believe that I do have the unicorns for sale. I have pink ones I have green ones I got them all they can fly to the moon 2

    18. Vision 2050

      Elon Musk is doing so much good for the world, without having to pretend it's for charity, like another billionaire we all know and love ;)

    19. Amy Leventon

      Mmmmmm brains.....

    20. Ycuiz Keywo

      The superb fireplace disturbingly bat because vein microscopically bow under a slow close. concerned, hanging vise

    21. You Are Not Ready

      lol lost me at factor of 8.. brains exploded. But the man is onto something.

    22. Chili Puff

      What a visionary Elon is. He's one of those souls that are sent to help advance human race. The world will be a better place after Elon. He'll leave an amazing legacy.

    23. Musical Unicorn

      elon just keep getting more amazing thru this video

    24. Tobia Spinelli

      he needs to reproduce asexually so they have only his genes

    25. navsenjoy

      Bit puzzled on what could have offended those who have disliked this....

    26. Billy Bunter

      why not dig tunnels with lasors much cheaper.

    27. Surbhi Tripathi

      "Whatever the mind can conceive the mind can achieve"-Nepoleon Hill

    28. kevibe

      Smart man with a good sense of humor . Knows how to dampen critique and keep his ideas greasy . Definitely a role model.

      1. Daniel Moore

        kevibe, I would say when he did a recent podcast he lost a lot of fans because he demonstrated he doesn't even know what he's talking about. Is Autism a brain disease? No, it's a neurodevelopmental condition, a human's natural neurodevelopment is not a disease. I could bet anything if any autistic people heard him they would of felt very insulted by him for calling their identity a disease.

    29. Michael Roberts

      Not this being 4 years ago

    30. Cryptic Shubham

      Elon Musk is working hard on the future of humanity...

    31. Umar Azeez

      Making money is the plan and with Bitcoin your plans can accomplished.

      1. Grayson Gabriel

        Indeed working with an expert is the best way to get started In the forex market, I learnt that the hard way though😞

      2. Grayson Gabriel

        @Joe Sophia I was so surprised he could make me up to what I lost in just a single trade, wonder where he got his analysis .

      3. Joe Sophia

        Do you mean this stuff is really working and pays off good earnings?

      4. Jade Maria

        My first investment with Sir Adrian gave me million and ever since then he has never failed to deliver and I can even say he's the most sincere broker I have known

      5. Reggie Olivia

        trading with Mr Adrian as been the best think ever happened to me

    32. Solomon Raj

      If you really want to be SUCCESSFUL make as many MISTAKES as possible.

    33. Asingamaanda Makhuvha

      Always high

    34. Gui

      To the moooooon

    35. Alex Ball

      18:00: An issue may be trusting it too early. 2021: tiktok go BRRRRRRRR

    36. E Rivera

      All of his points are just as valid when he's naked. Just sayin'

    37. kent bro

      "im not trying to be anyone's savior, i just want to think of the future and not be sad." Elon Musk

    38. Andrew Hunt

      If your a young person this sounds cool if your older it still sounds cool but it is nothing like you ever would have thought could be when you were in your teens. We did not even have cell phones are big thing was outdoor parties in the woods in nature or going to the mall or beach .The carnival used to come to town in the summer wow things have changed !

    39. Alireza Haddady

      stupid moderator

    40. Nicky Banks

      Watching him talk in this is so sad, because it shows how archimedes,Da vinci,and meany others must have felt,thinking and talking in 9 dimensions if not more.

    41. Ozan KARA

      12:22 The Boss ! :D

    42. Gary Shular

      Multilevel brain operation. A slight stutter is an information request from one level requesting “CPU” processing time for another idea level. A truly gifted man.

    43. 김린

      Underground tunnels are all over the earth since ancient times long before Atlantis, habited by your race, Elon, we all know that, what you want to do is just coming out, right? many versions of human clone version do you have? Anyone with esoteric intuition just catch that you are a clone, with various version, of course originally from Mars.

    44. Vito Carbonara

      Call El Chapo he can do tunnels at half price!!!

    45. Vito Carbonara

      He is a genius!!!!!!! His concepts are years above!!!!

    46. Cherif Mokdad

      Elon musk deserves immortality

    47. Roxxisalive

      I wonder if he sometimes gets annoyed when people are laughing when he is actually being dead serious xD

      1. Daniel Moore

        Roxxisalive, I would trust him on subjects he's qualified for, he's certainly not qualified for what he plans to do with chips in brains. Apparently he claims you and I are a disease, he stated on a podcast natural neurodevelopment is a brain disease.

    48. genevaldo gonçalves


    49. Neo Panda

      "I'm not trying to be any bodies savior. I'm trying to think of the future, and be a little less sad."

    50. Pookie Smith

      With the money and power you can build the future. Where you got the know how is what is hid.

    51. LPLPLPL

      Chilz coin will reach $ 20 dollar in 2022 at the world cup. In addition, chillz is closing a partnership with UFC and Baiseboll

    52. Rocky Sheffield

      What a marvelous mind

    53. MG FALLACY

      Elon, Can you tell us about Why Tron is good

    54. Tomski H

      Legend says that Chuck Norris approves of Elon Musk

    55. Robert Baldwin

      Has boring found any richs ?

    56. TT 2020

      Elon , he gets my vote for the most boring , smartest , attractive , charming, problem solving , quirky , handsome take my breath away , I would love to meet you guy in the world .

    57. Crazy_clay78YT

      17:56 about that...

    58. kjh311

      13:57 "The person in the driver's seat is only there to be sued if the vehicle crashes, cause I don't want to be...uh...I mean for legal reasons."

    59. Daniel Gada

      A very gifted and special person we are very lucky to have him

    60. kye safe

      maybe he travelled to the future and now reverse engineering in the present what he saw

    61. Richard Striebich

      All about the future of AMERICA people s. Is the most important

      1. Richard Striebich

        I'm talking to Elon

    62. jeffs0613

      Mankind shouldn't be allowed to pursue space travel, until we clean up our own earth. Based on mankind's past experience our travel to mars will only turn Mars into a humankind landfill. Let's clean our home up, before we travel to foreign worlds.

    63. Şahsenem Acar

      Is elon musk an engineer

      1. Maniak


    64. Carolina Ortiz

      Why has no one mentioned how sexy this man is!!! I mean gooood damn 🥵

    65. EndofLuigi

      The Interviewer is quite nice to be frank!

    66. Vighnesh War

      Not about the *nation* , About the *_man_*

    67. Koray M*

      Elon musk seviliyosun kral

    68. yellowd_

      hes not a alien he just tries and suceeds

    69. LeoSardor Sayfulayev

      Right now he is the best 😊😊

    70. Arindam Chowdhury

      Ngl Gary is faster than me

    71. Grue Feathermoon

      I wonder if he knows the harmonic frequencies to create and manipulate space-time to use zero-point energies to fly faster than light using gravity.

    72. Peterson Estacio

      He’s stuttering because he’s actually on the phone talking to someone while having this conversation.

    73. SukSu K.

      I thought he was ricky gervais for a second and got ready to laugh 😅😅

    74. Arindam Chowdhury

      About every 50 years someone very intelligent individual shows himself, presently its Elon, who would be the next?

    75. mohawkinsanity

      So the mothership must look like a vagina 🤣

    76. Darth Maul

      This guys on another level

    77. LordMalik13

      There are plenty that dream farther, they just lack the resources and money to implement them. Ignorant statement imo

    78. LordMalik13

      I think Sean Evans should have did this interview.

    79. italia gorino

      It hS crashed and killed people already.use your head.get modern but not stupid musk.

    80. Dayana Saucedo

      Well this is my opinion nothing personal but.... all the pauses makes me feel insecure about his projects. I know for a fact we need progress and look/plan the future. (not scare of stepping out the comfort zone). But the car tunnel in L.A Mmmm I don't think we are prepare for that because the geologic/tectonic plates which passes through much space of CA.

    81. Cheryl Clifton

      I love you Elon, but I still want a flying motor cycle...

    82. Milad Azadeh


    83. S White

      Wow people are simping for elon musk. Pathetic

    84. AjitaDas399

      I have much better idea - just force drivers to use public transport. one bus or a tram is 3 times bigger than a car but it transports 30 or more people. drivers from suburbs can leave their cars on the border of a city and go further with bus or subway train. to force them to do it city can just charge them for entering city by car, lets say 50$ per time. this money can be used to make public transport free and comfortable. we can use zero emission electro buses like chinese do.

    85. Pat V


    86. Stacey W

      Yes let's put underground transportation in a place where earthquakes happen . Then when the ground collapses in these tunnels. Isn't this why there isn't subways in california?

    87. UangNgalir

      imagine about atleast 2000 year of solar power not being use by any human

    88. Hilary Quinlan

      I´m not impressed at all, how important are these plans really? Dig tunnels and faster cars? How about saving the planet and ending world hunger and creating a more sustainable world?

    89. Doreen Mitchell

      The pile up waiting for the elevator. Hmmm

    90. Michael Smith

      Same as the old boss. Zeebruggee patsy bruise : Joe Biden liked it.

    91. DarkSKY Files

      this is what happens when smart people have money. the guy is brilliant. no question. but money s everything on this planet. without it? at this level? no one listens.

    92. Dalila do Carmo Vieira de Nobrega

      Elon Musk is not boring

    93. Hagos Haftu Abraha

      He is thinking while speaking. Amazing Elon.

    94. Anna Soldani


    95. julie heudebourck

      What an amazing mind.

    96. Bluewren Reilly

      He is either brilliant or nuts time will tell.Personally I go for nuts. Why is everyone in such a hurry to get anywhere anyway?

    97. Willie Sutton

      Imagine being French and not understanding half the country deals with - 40...

    98. SLBUM kim

      Being has a tendency to 'return' to clusters ='the nature of solidarity' -a desire for empathy -(Wave)-(yin) and also, Being has a tendency to 'exist' as individuals ='the nature of self-expension' -a desire for breed-(Particle)-(Yang) Likewise, humans have two elements. We must realize that we all have both left and right elements =Solidarity and Self reliance No one has only one element. so 'Sum' derived from 'two poles' , (thesis, antithesis, synthesis) To develop intellect and ethics by harmonizing the two, It is good to realize it and balance it properly But A few people polarized the crowd(political partisanship) without balancing themselves. And They stole only the sum, only the synthesis from the triangle composition. Now We all have to get out of this deceptive situation. This is not the time for us to hate each other. We have to track down those who have been manipulating us.

    99. Eight

      flying cars would be dangerous! no place would be safe. imagine drunk drivers, or even people having mental issues crashing into everything all the time.... no thanks

    100. preeti k

      what about the flying cars