I Must Hit Men...


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    I must hit men
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    1. jacksepticeye

      The screwdriver is back!

      1. Nicholas Barth

        Where’d your intro go mate?

      2. Danny Finn

        Love the videos Jack! Keep it up!

      3. bryce darice


      4. Power shot

        Get it screw and a driver

      5. Chaos Clips

        Jack you got to snap there necks

    2. Miriam West

      Am I the only one who saw Som any is sues instead of so many issues? Just me, cool


      yes jack I need some walnuts crushed right now

    4. Pico

      *jack plays Hitman 3* KGup: nah it's Hitman 2

    5. Sourav Das

      Plz make a complete series of atleast hitman

    6. the more u kno


    7. Adrian Har-d

      Hitmen Hit men Hiting men Hiting on men Hiting one men


      and here we see jack practicing russian stealth

    9. Malik

      can we talk about how everyone in "dubai" talks like americans. Not even an accent. I will not stop thinking about it.

    10. Destiny Massey

      .... JACK... WHY DID YOU STOP TWD IN VR??? loved that series....

    11. ZOMMBOTT1

      man, im crying beacuse of how reckless this was great job

    12. Lexer


    13. simplyxxkeigo

      x button = solve all life problems

    14. Nathan Bresee

      From the title I thought this was a buzzfeed video

    15. Tatiana Overby

      How the fuck did you get away with that...

    16. alex

      all the men commenting "how about hitWOMAN so u can hit women 🤣🤣😂🤪🤪" lmao i pray to god they never talk to a girl in their lives

    17. Andrew Garcia

      Thank you. You've done your part... *Now leave it to the pros-*

    18. midas thegamer

      i- just love your content!!!!

    19. Stella Neubert

      Not going to lie but that female waiter (4:18) is me or I am the motion capture actress playing her! So yeah I would call myself a magician

    20. Debapriya Acharya

      well there's a pun in the title

    21. Rushi

      Wait so you're telling me that agent 47 could put tuxedos up his ass. wow

    22. oOOooHHhh GOOONN

      It feels good seeing Sean play stealth games the same way I do. Just plow through and hope for the best.

    23. Tyler Rose

      No one: Not even Satan: David and Alexis' catchphrases: 3:44.

    24. Fr0sty Gamez


    25. Hayden the gamer

      Carl looks just like Carl from Detroit become human

    26. gamer dogg

      me: there's a lot of security play it like its in real life my brother: goes wild with mp5

    27. lilkak50 mcdowell

      I'm glad he did not quit

    28. Micheal Coulson

      I literally just had an ad pop up about pooping habits that help you lose weight and how 1 poop a day helps keeps fat away I'm sorry I just had to share it was too funny🤣🤣🤣

    29. Dark Worrior125

      Jack: is about get his hands blooded also jack: "ew, footprints"

    30. Syrus 88

      If they make a movie I want Bruce Willis to play 47

    31. Jay Bry

      0:35 And Jack is a furry now

    32. Mason Sears

      Reflections in games: exists. Jack: 😮

    33. ssodacann

      hitman 2 was best, then hitman 1 was really close, but then hitman 3 was alright

    34. badboy1789

      Jack are we ever going to see the return of the newspaper

    35. Mark Marsi

      where's my high five

    36. Begboio Juuuvv

      Alternate title, Irish man screaming for 17 minutes.

      1. Croissants are great

        thats a bad title


      HAHA POOR 3:52

    38. xXx Taylor

      NO WITNESSES!!! = That’s exactly how I play Hitman. ‘Let the Bodies hit the floor’, I was rocking to that shit

    39. BoxYeeter

      12:32 "now leave it to the pros,what are you,some kinda-"DED.

    40. CelticEmperor239

      Leave it to the pros.. Immediatly gets hammered

    41. Bubbleduck_109

      "The connoisseur's drink. Shampagn."

    42. Zoe Ysha P. Caseres

      I’ve never thought hitting men could have been so interesting, kinda intense, and looking forward to Jack play more of these.

    43. Panda Beats

      They need to make a girl the hitman in the next game

    44. Wickd Ghost

      You can be so high yet so deep by joining the mile high club... Hehe

    45. Snas Dance

      Jack: I don’t wanna poison just anybody! Also jack: I will collapse the roof with a c4 to kill everybody!


      If you don't watch him playing skate 3, don't even talk to me

    47. Major Bacon

      He was just so terrible at this game it was hysterical and excruciating at the same time 🤣

    48. Bayonetta

      "Hitting men" and misandry is disgusting. Game or not, stop normalizing such phrases🤮

      1. Bayonetta

        @Croissants are great Child marriage happens to men too. And in India 30% of boys are forced to child marriges compared to 23% of girls. And women back then literally wanted to stay at home since they preferred that life. They refused to get the right to vote cause they know they would get drafted like men. MILLIONS of men ended up dead because of the sexism like in the titanic and draft. Long story short, men had it worse back then and now.

      2. Croissants are great

        btw my English is not great sorry if I made any mistake...

      3. Croissants are great

        @Bayonetta no that was just an example. young daughters were being married away and sold to some creepy 70 year old. women didn't get to work. instead they stayed at home to cook and take care of the children for their entire life. they were pretty much being seen as objects. you can say what you want about female privilege nowadays but back in the days men had it better. and remember all of these are examples

      4. Bayonetta

        @Croissants are great Um sweetie, you're comparing the right to vote to the right to live normally and peacefully like a human being🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦 You're crying about the right to vote for crappy presidents while men are literally sacrificed. Don't compare "voting" to literally the right to live.

      5. Croissants are great

        @Bayonetta btw, titanic was a bad example. women do have privileges nowadays, but in the time of titanic they didn't even have the right to vote in many countries.

    49. Xyrous.Cagmat

      hahahahahahahah cleanest run I've ever seen

    50. Amber Cordova

      Jack EWWWW Me really your a hitman you don’t care about EWWW

    51. Dylan Wethington

      Jack you are my favorite KGupr

    52. Stitch Lover

      can you smell it? II had beans, and I think they were off, sorry. that KILLED me.

    53. Born Again Christian

      You’ve pacified your conscience by saying you would get right with God, your Creator, someday . . . If you’ve told one lie, stolen anything, or lusted (which is adultery of the heart), you’ll be found guilty on Judgment Day and end up in Hell. But there’s good news: Though we broke God’s Law, Jesus, the prophesied Messiah, perfectly kept the Law, fulfilling all righteousness. He paid the fine for sinners by suffering and dying on the cross-absorbing the wrath of God that they deserve. “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” Then Jesus rose from the dead and was seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses. Today, repent and trust Jesus; God will grant you forgiveness and the gift of eternal life.

    54. Bluon

      Supposed to be stealth game? Lol

    55. Nicholas Barth

      He doesn’t do his into as much anymore

    56. Imiliano Aguilar

      Your the best hit man ever Jack

    57. Orthip Juchen

      Irish KGupr love playing hitman isn't. First Kevin kill everyone on Miami and Rt just put every single npc at Sapienza on a freezer now this

    58. Ace cool Trainer Brown

      You should play original ps2 hit man 1 and 2 and 3 there good games

    59. Egehan_K61

      People who want more hitman videos

    60. Grove street Family member

      What is Hitman about

    61. Daryl Dixon

      Amber heard????

      1. Croissants are great

        @Daryl Dixon yes I know

      2. Daryl Dixon

        @Croissants are great she hit men 😳

      3. Croissants are great


    62. mikel short

      He did this in the most McGrundled way possible.

    63. Setsega

      I really enjoyed this video. By no fault of his own I stopped watching Jack for about a year or two, and this video was the first video I watched all day that genuinely made me laugh. Glad to be back and watching you regularly keep it up man!

    64. xXDARKKINGXx 79

      Sean: ooooh, it’s the sun, ya see it Random dude from India: ya smell it? I had beans, I tink dey were off

    65. SSG freshmemeyboi

      Bruh I can’t afford hitman 3 and I forgot to get 2 so I’ve been playing hitman 1 for years

    66. Idk

      I kinda like the old jacksepticeye then new jacksepticeye

    67. DIL3N


    68. Tagan

      Hit more men

    69. Danny Finn

      All hail the screwdriver!!!

    70. HyPE LT

      This game looks amazing

    71. Starcar3283 !

      Who remembers mr screwdriver 🤣

    72. Sinister Reality

      Good god, this triggered jack’s fear of heights ten times over

    73. A Rezerd the mage

      "I must hit men." *turns around* "Hey cutie." "wtf"

    74. Brooklyn Palmer

      Hey Jack, have you played unravel 2? If you did I can't find it

    75. MegaDan

      Where's scp

    76. Tortoise200

      Balls to the walls in hitman

    77. The Dab King


    78. Batman Studios

      3:52, I felt that so hard.

    79. Alexandra Little

      best hitman ever

    80. Tuba’d

      Who else would love Sean to be their hitman

    81. Draven Harle

      "HYAH!" *bonk* *end*

    82. Cameron Speed

      Why does agent 47 sound like chief from halo

    83. xdssz 2


      1. xdssz 2

        @Jacob Fauteux I did but I mean like actual vr.

      2. Jacob Fauteux

        Watch slmccl video

    84. Javier Lopez

      Did any body notice the bar code the back of his head tho

    85. Alyssa sanne


    86. C10ut_Charlie

      Rip dadsepticeye

    87. Jean Paul

      ‘You didn’t even see me vent, I was in electrical, I was doing wires’ JackSepticEye was an impostor

    88. Jean Paul

      let the bodies hit the floor, he said.

    89. Shady Helmy

      who else was dying when jack entered the room and started killing people

      1. james Murray

        Everyone in the room

    90. Jordan Rachael

      Agent 47 is actually a test tube clone that was perfect and had to kill all other clones

    91. Moussa Hassan

      6:43 hilarious,you must watch

    92. fudge

      that thumbnail tho-

    93. Evan

      0:59 Me: DO A FLIP

    94. Miguel Gonzales

      "I hit men not climb buildings!" well jack, in order to hit men, you must climb which would help you become a man that hits men

    95. Florian Liouville

      You're so good at this game! It's an inspiration.

    96. Purple Haired Insomniac 1

      My favorite thing is falling asleep to jacksepticeye because you pass out from how much you were laughing it’s the perfect cure for insomnia 👌

    97. shadow boy


    98. Frogizz Froggo



      jack should play danganropa 😂

    100. CurlyFries 10

      Jack: *Kills everyone in sight* Also Jack: *sneaks past one singular camera*