Christina's Curations with Cody Ko - YMH Highlight

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    Tom Segura and Christina P are joined by Cody Ko in this highlight. They share some of Christina's TikTok curations with him including an update from The King, a video from some sword enthusiasts, a vegan who is opposed to horse riding. a cool satanist, a dude showing his support for Trump, and more!

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    1. Eraser Traceur


    2. britton coursey

      The more I watch YMH the hotter and funnier christina gets.

    3. Dean Allen

      This makes me laugh so much especially when tom doesnt like the tocks

    4. Kate McCormack

      We gotta get above 18 dude on the show 😂

    5. Tyler Brey

      cody: he’s mentally not...ya know. OH REALLY CODY?!??!! DID U JUST NOTICE THAT??? 😂😂

    6. BC LR

      I think what they all have in common is that each one of her tiktards all upload videos without playing it back to see what it’s like. They just record and think “nailed that one” and upload!

    7. useyourimaginasean

      Lost my shit at that first Tik tok

    8. Jake Corona

      Is that green lantern - Nadav?

    9. Gods child

      Why do you guys have the one eyed symbolism in the intro?

    10. Rob Askins

      I really love your show thank you so much for putting this together and putting it out and Miss Christina you rock my socks with these fucking Tic toc's

    11. Gerardo LS

      Hail yourself and of course hail satan

    12. ZVK

      the last minute of this clip was so fucking funny

    13. Lura

      Christina is hate'n on Hobbit lovers damn!

    14. Satanic Friend

      "a cool Satanist" that works for me. It's the second time Christina has mentioned me. Yes, I sometimes read off of a short script I write. It stops me from stumbling around with my words as much.

    15. Kapitain von Hass

      Okay, so I have something to say about the two nerds with the swords. I believe, because of the European style of swords they were using, when they grabbed the blades they aren't wrong. Mainly since European styled swords weren't truly designed to be sharp like a katana, to cut through stuff. It was more like how an axe works. It's about the blunt kinetic force that does the damage and as a side affect, cuts. Also the other main thing was stabbing to break the chains in chainmail to mortally wound someone. But that last part was a bit more after some time, like medieval times.

    16. Matt Krulikowski


    17. jonnyares1

      Christina is the the coolest chick ever.

    18. Kellie Hoffman

      I wish Christina would boof liquid nitrogen, so her face would match her dumper.

    19. Miles Schmidt

      Tom looks great in 5 years, comedy to construction.

    20. John Deere

      Holding the blade of that kind of sword is a verified and used battle technique!

    21. SurvaySays

      Can someone lead me to the first guys account?

    22. cori

      how does the king see when he's hauling loads

    23. K L

      Toms discomfort during Christina's curations balances out the whole show

    24. Nate The great

      Holding him cabbage? I don't think that video will hold up in a court of slaw......I'll see myself out 🚶🚪

    25. Zach Risser

      Don’t talk shit on the larpers, that’s king shit

    26. J S

      Tom’s depressing sigh 3/4 through is the best!

    27. Cyle Klauson

      Not gonna lie, we need more curations. Favorite part of the show hands down

    28. dootsey

      I desperately want to know what the user is for the chicken over rice "this is what it looks like" . I've got to spread the love for that.

    29. jlu965

      That was better than Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern

    30. Brandon Schmidt

      Anyone else notice Green Lantern's super badass class ring?

    31. Zach

      Christina asked "what happens to boys that they want to fight" Every boy wants to be a big strong manly man. However getting there takes getting your ego smashed to hell for years. For example getting a BJJ blackbelt takes about 10 years of getting your ass kicked almost daily. Most people don't last 10 weeks. It's all an ego thing.

    32. Nathaniel Hopf

      Who is the lady in the thumbnail?

    33. Justin Young

      The above eighteen guy really reminds me of “KingCobraJFS”

    34. Matthew Gawelek

      I love seeing these two worlds meet lol Cody seems so uncomfortable once he realizes Christina is laughing at challenged people and you can watch the realization on his face

    35. Katabeats

      I love the people laughing in the back 😂

    36. Scott Wilson

      10:05 Hail Satan. Super Mario Crib mobile...

      1. Blake Powers

        Satanists can't like Mario 🤔 Weird rule.

      2. Satanic Friend

        My wife made it. Not for a crib, just because she likes Mario and perler beads.

    37. Troy

      1:50 Dude is so ridiculously obese that his eyes are literally closing because of his fat folds... There's literally a crease in the fat that wraps completely across his face and where his eyes should be. You can't even see them. The amount of fat he'd have to have in order for it to be packed onto his face to that extreme must be seriously _insane_ He has to literally be bedridden and over 500lbs... Someone like that has had countless signs... They must've bought bigger clothes 6+ times. Each time like "welp I'm going to need a bigger wardrobe again..." And never taking that as a sign to stop. He probably had to walk through doorways sideways for a long time before becoming literally bedridden...

    38. nitwitz

      Who is that chick in the thumbnail?

    39. weirstiltruckin

      I need Ryan Sickler to tuck me in tonight and tell me that the Green Lantern battle guy wont get me.....

    40. Chris M

      Cody is not trying to get cancelled. Dodging the mentally ill tik toks like a trooper.

      1. Adrian9OH9

        You can tell he wants to join in on the laughs, but most of his fanbase is so different from Tim and Crystal that he’s obviously playing it safe. I respect his tiptoeing around the toks

    41. lalloligyst718

      how does this show keep getting better! Main mommy YOU DO really carry this show. You should leave Tom for one of the cool dads.

    42. Remy James

      "Catch y'all on the flip-flop!" -Bert Kreischer

    43. Tylor Kelly

      I think the first guy said "love everyone, catch you on the flip flop" lol

    44. oBuLLzEyEo1013

      You know it's a good tok when Tom says "Babe..."

    45. glove72

      When the Mommies get Jocko Willink on here and force him to watch tik toks my life will finally have meaning

    46. Jeff Corcelius

      Oh man... i lost it at the end... I'm single but I'm not mentally single.

    47. DirtyDishes

      Its funny... but also deeply depressing. 10/10

    48. Jake Riffle

      Horses are dumb; so so dumb.

    49. Drea AF

      “Catch y’all on the flip-flop” 😁

    50. trustjah

      "Hail Yourselves" Last Podcast on the Left fan cameo.

    51. Mitchell Armstrong

      Yo, the green lantern fit go kinda hard tho

    52. The Funny One

      I guess that when that satanist grows up, he's going to feel really dum. Hail dummy!

    53. Miami Sammy

      Their oldest guest to date

    54. Joanna D

      I almost feel bad for making fun of single people

    55. Jeffery Ampey

      I haven’t seen a lot of her curations. Are they all just making fun of mostly literally retarded people?

    56. Count2Potato

      I like when the lady says pineapple with her voice cracking and tom immediately starts laughing.

    57. TannervYoung

      Subway girl has downs.

    58. wil404

      I spit out my coffee when she said pineapple.

    59. Eddie Lo

      He’s Mentally Single lmfao

    60. zacksporen

      Good morning to all of my Jeans above eighteen.

    61. Samuel leahy

      Holding a sword by the blade was an actual thing that was taught and used in sword combat.

    62. Brage Winther

      Having studied/trained some sword fighting techniques for medieval scene work and reenactments he wasn't doing anything wrong at least.

    63. Gabriel Steele

      I think it's time to have Christina committed and get that dalmatian wife. Her mental health is deteriorating rapidly.

    64. OfficialSlicked9778

      I love those I'm single vids. Nothing about your personality or interests, just a quick Hey I'm single! those vids must drive all the ladies wild.

    65. alex lifeson

      Jeez guys that last guy was sad.

    66. Sydney Sprenkle

      Her curations bring me life

    67. Thomas Rikelme

      Half swording is legit

    68. micjr21

      My god, I damn near pissed myself there at the end lmao 🤣😂

    69. John McDaniel

      Subray baby chick has 2" fingers. Those hands. dafuq.

    70. PeterbiltXspress

      Mentally single

    71. deneil

      I’m lookin for a new boyfriend, maybe I should post a tiktok

      1. Perry Griffin

        Look no further 👑

    72. Team Youphoric - Health & Fitness Education

      13:15 check his basement for bodies...

    73. L W

      12:55 “god dammit” Tom sounds so dissapointed in humanity lmao shit

    74. Donnie Minter Jr

      "Yep, he's single!" -Tom

      1. Joanna D

        Good save lol

    75. Ben Buescher

      Safe to say, retarded people are drawn to the Tok like a moth to a flame

    76. Hexted

      How is Cody like half their age and doesn’t understand that this guy is doing a role play thing and not actually talking on the phone to someone

    77. jordan jones


    78. Hexted

      Never thought I’d see Cody on here, glad he’s moving up and doing shit with real comedians

      1. Miles Schmidt

        Yeah, easy targets make for the best practice. Shit gets old.

      2. Mario

        He's the only one making jokes really

    79. JoE 420

      12:40 Looking for a new girlfriend guy Has been on YMH before

    80. Ben Boswell

      He is mentally singled singled.

    81. Alex W.

      This is nightmare fuel

    82. k45542n

      I have an instinctual habit now of turning down the volume or switching to headphones for anything YMH and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    83. Remy Carreiro

      Cody Ko and YMH. Holy fuck, this is legit my Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. A perfect mix of two things I love.

    84. Barney Ray

      The fat guy said at the end, "I guess I'll catch you on the flip flop."

      1. InspectorGadgetz25

        Doubt he could even flip

      2. deneil

        They know

    85. Doug Prishpreed

      Tick Tock is condusive to insanity

    86. jonnyhollywood514

      As cabbage lolololol

    87. Brodie Knight

      Christina got me on Tik Tok, and its so cool seeing all my favorite pals from my own feed on YMH

    88. Doug Prishpreed

      Tom may not like this but it is Christina's Curations that pulls me deeper into YMH.


      Shoutout to all the Jeans above 18. ⚠️🔞 🍈🍈 🆗👀 🆒🚹 👑 👖

      1. Perry Griffin


    90. Mid-Knight Climax

      So Nadav was the Green Lantern guy right? 🤔

    91. kung Few

      Just hearing Christina utter the words "his meaty fist around the blade" was worth the watch alone, OMG fucking dying!🤣😭

    92. Kevin Smith

      I hope they have Noel on one day!

    93. Connor Schue

      absolutely one of my favorite segements! I love Christina'a Curations!

    94. Rapportus5

      I want to show this to my mother so much. She'd be so mortified.

    95. Eli McClintock

      Hey... Horses are fuckin dope

    96. Paul Tate

      I think all of Christina's tik toks were born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

    97. Jemp Ski

      I like this dude

    98. 코지티비Kozzie TV

      Most people would be stoked to have a celebrity follow them on social media. However, if Christina’s following you, you might be a tik tok.

    99. Eric Mundy

      Hail Yourselves and Hail Satan!

    100. canucksaram

      Swordsmen would only use half-sword techniques if they were wearing armored gloves, which would allow them to grasp a sword blade that way. Gut hang notwithstanding.