GODZILLA VS KONG Trailer Teaser #2 (NEW 2021) Monster Movie HD

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    new movie trailer teaser for Godzilla Vs Kong
    Plot : Fearsome monsters Godzilla and King Kong square off in an epic battle for the ages, while humanity looks to wipe out both of the creatures and take back the planet once and for all.

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    1. FilmSpot Trailer

      First Trailer For #GodzillaVsKong Drops This Sunday. Turn The Notification On To Watch It First!

      1. Wot Zzzz

        Godzilla vs gorilla

      2. James Greats

        @Galvatron did you no this is a remake the first one in black and white

      3. James Greats

        @Galvatron frfr kong in much much smaller than godzilla by thousands of feet just go back and watch the last two movies of both Kong and zilla someone told me to do this so I had to see for myself kong is a lot smaller they mite have to make kong bigger in the movie

      4. Galvatron

        After the epic battle, Kong will be come King!

      5. happy hope 2021

        @Godzilla Larry king pass way at 87

    2. Dustin Sagun

      Release date??

    3. PRECIDENT YUTA yuta

      This movie is gonna kill endgame

    4. Emonei X

      I believe that Godzilla only fights against Kong because he believes that he is responsible for the destruction of the cities / countries and he attacks the people because he believes that they are cooperating with him. But actually mecha godzilla is to blame. At 0:04 to 0:05 and 1:43 there are a few small details.

    5. PrimeWaste

      When is the 2nd trailer?


      It's really sad to see so many people putting so much time and mental energy into a useless expectation of yet another absurd and 1D10TIK movie? I hurt for you humankind. I hurt so much for you... COMING UP THIS YEAR: A NEW CRAP MOVIE FROM THE LONG LOST CREATIVITY OF HOLLYWOOD.


      It's really sad to see so many people putting so much time and mental energy into a useless expectation of yet another absurd and 1D10TIK movie? I hurt for you humankind. I hurt so much for you... COMING UP THIS YEAR: A NEW CRAP MOVIE FROM THE LONG LOST CREATIVITY OF HOLLYWOOD.


      It's really sad to see so many people putting so much time and mental energy into a useless expectation of yet another absurd and 1D10TIK movie? I hurt for you humankind. I hurt so much for you... COMING UP THIS YEAR: A NEW CRAP MOVIE FROM THE LONG LOST CREATIVITY OF HOLLYWOOD.

    9. David and Jonathans Lego inventions

      I can’t wait

    10. Red

      Kong: *goes for the head* Thor: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

    11. Faraón Love Shady

      #TeamKong forever

    12. Stelo Your Memo 101

      I feel like mothras death made him a way

    13. ceerw buty


    14. Emil Atik

      Hollywood/Americans movies when it's BEST. Absolutely "no alike in this world, literally" (also, in term of CGI-effects. Always step ahead compared to other advanced movie-industry countries ) "Saitama" - like AND "Ultra instinct-Goku" -like best of the best, that's for sure and beautifully obvious as well.Have done it for ages. I'm really looking forward to it. Why freaking wouldn't I? .. Lol..Here I come "Gozillla VS Kong".. Lol.. 👌👍🤘✌️💪💪🌈💎🌈💪💪😅😌😉

      1. ceerw buty

        1V1 BOYS

    15. nieooj gotoy

      I don't know what Kong is holding but when paused it looks like a glowing battle ax. This is gonna be BIG!!!!!!!

    16. Ali Saad

      Is it just me or the hammer is made from Godzilla's spine

    17. G G

      Original king kong was was better than this one

      1. G G

        @nieooj gotoy "prrfffffftt" - my arse

      2. nieooj gotoy


    18. Vlaze Kulten

      "Look at this dumb monkey" "Ooga booga booga booga, OOGA booga booga, OOGA BOOGA BOOGA BOGGA-" *monkey smacks down the stupid dino*

    19. Spicy Apple

      When Zilla doesn't kill monkey. Kong: You saved me, Why? Zilla: mhhhm monkey

    20. Henry Washington

      I want to see Godzilla slide on his tail again!

    21. Atomic Smash

      I am totally confused now! Who is supposed to be the bad guy here? Godzilla or Kong!

    22. saim YT

      Kong: * goes for Godzilla's head* Thor: take notes, TAKE NOTES!!

    23. Truth Seeker

      Godzilla is a monster, KONG is a BEAST!!! Run from a monster but, FEAR THE BEAST!!!!

    24. Swapnil's Timeline


    25. CoCo Crusher

      Godzilla is bigger, have superpower and can swim. But it looks like Godzilla getting beaten in the trailer. You better not corrupt Godzillas reputation.

    26. 5 STAR KITCHEN

      Woah my god two myths monster in actions

    27. Miho Ichiki

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    28. NA WONHEE

      I just want to see Alexander Skarsgård. That's all.

    29. Jen

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    30. James Johnson

      1V1 BOYS

    31. Lyrical Artist

      Pls subscribe

    32. Roni99


    33. Ty . Tv

      I got Kong

    34. A Suarez

      HBO max have a Godzilla,vs kong

    35. A Suarez

      Is hbo max is here

    36. Андрей Пекельняк

      какой же бред...

    37. Excalibur01

      Godzilla: What is a king to a god? Kong: What is a god to a non-believer?

    38. The bundles Effect

      Big monki

    39. Yosh Boi

      Big monke vs big laser lizard

    40. Xx_gaming nate_xX

      Godzilla ain’t happy

    41. Jordan Trey

      Super battle, I'm waiting for it! They are very different, Godzilla is stronger but maybe Kong would be more powerful for this movie, let's see. King Ghidorah will be the final enemy 💥

    42. Suriya Sivakumar


    43. Muhd Mukhris

      Team Kong

    44. Zilla Time

      I hope Godzilla wins

    45. Parampreet Singh

      What if they make Hulk vs king kong thats gonna be epic as well🤔🤔

    46. Gaming And Movie Entertainment

      My fist will be ready for a devasting ground pound Cause I heard that Old Godzilla was hopping around I'll leave you scrapped like your film against The Dark Knight Not even your pathetic son can beat my son in a fight! While I got Peter Jackson working on my flick, Your movie smells like Fish and Roland Emmerich! You'll sweat more than the suit worn by Nakajima It wasn't the planes, It was Beauty that killed me! This battle will end like our 60s movie Rather face Gamera or The Beast from 20,000 Fanthoms Cause at least they don't have kicks so comically random! Monster Island is nothing compared to Skull Island I think you should head back and then start flying Head to Charles Barkley that way you can stay in shape Cause prepare for the uprising of The Planet of The Apes! '''Godzilla:''' Excuse me, but were you on The Walk of Fame? Oh yeah, they choose me cause everyone thought you were lame! You say it's like our movie, but you are dead wrong You'll lose this battle like your lawsuit against Donkey Kong While I face all kinds of Avenging Superhumans You were locked up in chains just by regular humans Climb the Empire State Building, but this won't last longer You maybe King Kong, But I'm the king of the monsters! - (Roars)

    47. Patrick Hollis

      I've never seen anything like this I really hope this movie is the best movie of the year because with all of the small clips and with all the fake hype they could've just put out the trailer just like any other movie that's coming out this year and this movie now it's about to drop the whole trailer and today it's a countdown so they better had done a good ass job for this movie so I hope the hype is real and especially for all of us to wait just for an actual trailer to be released so I hope they nailed it I haven't seen any of the past clips the they've released because I know they were gonna keep doing it until I saw the real actual footage so I hope the trailer and the movie is good because this was a long wait and the movie kept getting delayed but at the end of the day they put it out I'm team Godzilla all day every day 💪💫💯🐏

    48. Lazy Men ID

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    49. Drippy Gd

      Kong gon beat his ass

    50. Cevdet Yeter

      Damed yes yes yes yes 😍😍😍

    51. GODZILLA


    52. BlueHatAnimator80

      Godzilla’s gonna CLAP

    53. Pat

      Zilla better whoop Kong's ass

    54. Kuyz Onad

      Give mask to Kong and Zilla. There is another uk variant covid

    55. Minitaur

      My only request is that they don't spoil the entire film in one trailer.

    56. Last90's Dude

      Godzilla is the logical winner, so that means Kong will win.

    57. Korean Jesus

      I love kong, but there's a 70 percent chance he loses.

    58. Bo MaN

      It Give me Chills 🥶

    59. Kevin Kelley

      It pisses me off because I'm gonna have to wait for Bluray because the owner of our 2nd run theater just gave his theater away to a Church instead of giving the workers there buy it which they gladly would have. It's bullshit and alot of people are furious!

    60. Sisilia Hesty

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    61. Hybrid DemonWerewolf578


    62. Billy Carlos

      Dude that axe scares me man


      This film better have more screen time on these beast, than on the humans.

    64. Keybored Soljer

      Godrilla is going to be the new king

    65. Sammy ok911

      Who else is just going to watch this 1000

    66. Abdel

      Eleven grew up

    67. Lucifer Archangel

      It’s obvious Godzilla is going to win King Kong is just a biological monkey Godzilla is a freaking radioactive monster

    68. Pallin


    69. Izunami. ᄋᄉᄋ

      where is my team godzilla at

    70. Arjun Aju

      Is there an axe in Kong's hand @0.18 oh dude it must be thor's

    71. treon thompson

      I’m so hyped to see this

    72. F. B. I

      I thought the whole point of one of them living is to bring peace

    73. JoeSmpte Bagua Joe

      so why did they edit the punch on the boat before Godzilla even got on the boat

    74. John Jones

      0:10 When I bring up fortnite in a conversation

    75. Syed A

      Can we just cut out all the boring family drama

    76. Floid

      They are near to water Godzilla will drag him into the water and finish him! On land Kong wins But in water Zilla wins

    77. Moalong Walling

      Will king Kong survive Godzilla blast??🙄or whatever it is called 🙄

    78. kelvin yudhi

      The best one movie🔥🔥🔥

    79. mikeFrmDaBloxk

      dont get me wrong i love Kong hes a demon, but Godzilla is winning dis 100%🤷‍♂️

    80. harlequin75

      Don’t want to see a ppl story

    81. James Sikora

      Just the way how this small teaser trailer looks I have a feeling King Kong is going to win. I just have that feeling since Godzilla had won all of the other battles pretty much.

    82. reno jk

      Insane this is based on a true story

    83. Aden Sharpe

      They are the same size!!! AHHH!!!!

    84. Nigel Bagguley

      Kong for the win Speed, intelligence and strength vs strength and bad breath .IMO

    85. Rayven Pangan

      I think im spoiling myself but i think that they would teamup to defeat mecha king ghidora since one head of ghidora was taken by alan jonah

    86. KEANU


    87. Jayce Ervin

      Let them fight. (Seriously, people go for the monsters, not some side love romance of humans running around like chickens with their heads cut off.)

      1. Al Bundy

        They gotta have filler

    88. Memer O

      Who hopes godzilla wins but want kong to win

    89. Nicolas Hernandez

      I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a draw and they remain rivals. Theirs too many movies with Godzilla and Kong.

    90. brian g

      technically Godzilla is 10x time the size of Kong, Godzilla will win easily

    91. legend for real

      I wish that none of them loose but if one lost i hope it'll be kong

    92. Matt Lawn

      Are Godzilla's human allies going to be able to bring Kong and Godzilla together as allies?? Oooooo

    93. Mystic Y-Y


    94. Monsters Egg

      I hate the way the keep showing Kong tanking Godzilla’s atomic breath. That’s like saying Kong could survive being shot into the sun, it’s just retarded.

    95. Mehmet nuri Fener

      Kong siker atar

    96. Little Light

      I hope they dont nerf tf out godzilla just for kong to have a good fight.

    97. EpicShadow Gaming

      Kong be wielding stormbreaker

    98. Wot Zzzz

      Godzilla vs gorilla

    99. Christy Leadbitter

      My only concern is, as a Godzilla fan I know I’m going to be disappointed when he loses to Kong. And it’s going to hurt 😢 😭😢😭😢😭🥺

    100. billy lo

      Worthless trailer. Done on purpose so nobody can figure out that this will be a trash movie...