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    1. Queen Naija

      If you didn’t watch the full video through and you are dropping negative comments, just know that your comments are INVALID. And I made this video for ME, not you ! Thanks guys , my album drops 10.30

      1. Jazmin M


      2. PreciousInDMV

        Your album is ALL THAT!! Forget the hater noise and do you girl! ☺️ #onrepeat

      3. Casandra S.

        Queen, do you have a PO Box ?

      4. Ameerah Muhammad

        We love you queen! Everybody has a side to the story... Forget the haters 💯

      5. Viviana Marion

        @Shayla Baker ~ ok shayla.

    2. Its Tee

      I think you should get in tune with your spirituality Queen.

    3. T Lawson


    4. UnknownxArmy .

      17:36 weird sound 👇

    5. Nia Miller

      I love you Queen.. Keep being you 💕

    6. Yollo Art

      I'm just glad you walked out on Chris

    7. Riah Intuition

      queen i love you!! 💜💜💜

    8. Riah Intuition

      after queen made this video, leslies reactions don’t matter anymore tbh.... after she started doing work out videos again her views are very low lol..... queen is telling the truth and this comes from someone who reads tarot and knows.... QUEEN IS TELLING THE TRUTH.....

    9. Riah Intuition

      queen and clarence are twin flames... and that’s just that...

    10. Natural Wordz

      I remember when you and Aerie and Vashae went out there that was one of my fav videos before you and Clare started making videos 😩🤣❤️

    11. Anita G

      Idk y cant everyone just live there best lives and mind there own like ya all are too bored ... to keep it G

    12. lynn krieg

      It’s sad y’all seem so happy when I found out I cryed when I found out u guys split up

    13. Kenny Peterson

      I love how she’s starting to get that New York accent🥰🥰

    14. Caterinaa Olivia

      Clarence n Queen are meant to be

    15. Kay Moore

      I believe her

    16. Maria Oquendo

      Idk ......I would think when talking to anyone I always ask involved with anyone else? I just have this feeling ....🙄🧐🤐🤐🤐🤐 One day you may move on.

      1. Brittnee Loves Beauty

        She did ask. He said yes

    17. Jasmine Robinson

      clean yo house

    18. Jesselyn Montano

      I swear us libras where our hearts on our sleeves. I hate it sometimes! Love you Queen!!!!!

    19. Foreign Gift

      Girl you was doing your thing and minding your business, EVERYONE ELSE NEED TO SFTU! Love ya

    20. Julissa Sanger


    21. Kamii ' K

      Can you make a video on how you build your credit back up :)

    22. Brooklynn Racquel

      All genuine and wholesome women stem from Detroit

    23. Maria Labrado

      Sis seriously you dont have to prove anything to anyone I applaud you for doing this video so your side can be out. But ppl are going to hate regardless no matter what!! Continue to focus on you sis. and as a previous comment states we are mentally done way before being physically gone. Everything happens for a reason, you both found a sense of peace in each other and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I know you dont know me from a can of paint but if you ever need to talk I got you stay blessed

    24. imani johnson

      I hate Chris

    25. imani johnson

      Wait so Chris wasn’t tryna share no money for videos your name was on wow he’s the biggest clown ever !!!!!!

    26. Escarlen Medina

      Girl! Idk what you’re talking about... YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! ❤️

    27. Bella Zayas

      I been following you since you and Chris started KGup, I love your music and the type of person you are. I wouldn’t explain myself for no1.

    28. team Odom

      I understand you queen ♥️♥️

    29. team Odom

      I understand you queen ♥️♥️

    30. Lala Me

      Hallo, i just seen you speak for the first time and i only knew you just yet by your music. I have been listenng to it for 9 days now. I really love it very much. So thank you!!!!

    31. nuni dior

      I just find it crazy how Leslie said Queen should’ve “figured it out with Chris”......HUH??? Why would you wish anyone to stay in a toxic and abusive marriage?! Like is it crack ???? Is it crack that she’s smokin ??? Shawty trippin

      1. takeesa simms

        this the 1

    32. AngelNicole513

      Queen is so real. Kids in the background making noise. Hangers on the floor. Her bed isnt made. Just real💯

    33. Acacia Fields

      we love youuuu

    34. Alesha Thomas

      Chris and queen came out the mud from the projects the trenches and now they broke up bc Chris made a mistake and he beatin her and he said that in his song so.... Can yall just move on wit yall life...

    35. Liz B

      It's happens!! You loved him. He loved you. And y'all together and the past is irrelevant!! Queen your family is gorg. And y'all are amazing

    36. Paris Williams


    37. Amarri Sharpton

      I love you QUEEN and like we always say you deserve to be happy. Congrats on your album its amazing, don't let anyone try to make it seem like your a bad person cause your really not. Keep thriving and doing what you love.

    38. luh_shorty_dd13


    39. Shandera Parrott

      Get queen to 25 Grammys this year (plz keep streaming her album and watching her videos ) cause she deserves to win

    40. Bing BangXo TV

      I don’t fault Queen or Leslie. Love is a scary thing.

    41. Iona Eaglin

      Love you Queen well said,

    42. Unknown Place

      Queen is literally like one of the most unproblematic people ever and people still bring her into stuff 🤦🏽‍♀️!

    43. Laila Johnson

      how many times queen said idk or you know in this video? 😂

    44. Spice Martinez

      You didn’t feel bad fr 😂

    45. RareOne ASMR

      She know exactly why she msg Clarence first lol 😂

    46. eva nickAmir

      Keep growing Queen! Keep your haters hating! ... ps don't tell b*tches All Your Business! nah!

    47. J W

      Queen is pretty but she is an airhead which is unattractive

    48. MaxineIsGolden

      I think people need to go back and watch they video" From Friends to this " and then just let everything go.

    49. Jose G.

      Them: so what’s your relationship status? Me: 17:25

    50. Christina _ Productions

      Queen it’s crazy u have to even explain this cause people who been down with u from the jump and saw how u and Clarence developed and what u went through and know the story

    51. iyunk Lewis

      You just wanted to move on. It was a brave move, it was your first step of letting go. I'm proud of you, you knew you deserved better!

    52. Arielle Pritchett

      Period sis nothing more nothing less! Well said 😘👏🏼

    53. Erin Marie Mason

      You don't owe anyone a explanation. This is your life. It's none of our business. Blessings on Blessings to you.

    54. KandSTube

      I know I’m late to watching this video but you really did bring me to tears Queen

    55. Asuna Drive

      Damn is it that hard to get pills to not get preg??? And why do so many dark skinned women support her, when she doesn't think ur pretty? Just a colorist

      1. Amour Aleyce

        she actually do support darkskin girls

    56. Malibu Bazaar

      Me being psychic I see exactly what’s going on 🤣😂😂🤣 Clarence and queen are twin flames & Chris and the other girls are karmic partners

    57. Veggie Virgo

      I’m proud of you boo

    58. Lilyani bettencourt

      its jus crazy how her and clearence has to clear themselves up over sum that Leslie posted outta nowhere ,, like they was fine ,, now she wanna say sum ?😐

    59. Leo Usman

      Chris and Leslie should be together 💅🏻

    60. Pr3ttyVisha3223

      Is it just me or her lips look botoxed? No shade just observation...BTW her album is FIRE...what Clare bear say...sweet heat lol

      1. Amour Aleyce

        she got temporary lip fillers

    61. Shell Hix

      Enjoy Your Life......So Happy 4 Yall!!


      Can someone tell me what's going on im so confused 😫😭

    63. Tracey

      Ladies, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN MONEY CAUSE THESE GUYS WILL LOVE YOU ONE DAY AND DROP YOU THE NEXT! Thank you, next Chris! Clarence is a real one NY all day babyyyyy

    64. Tiana Marie

      You're true supporters will stand by you🌟

    65. Tiana Marie

      Your true supporters will stand by you!! 🌟

    66. Tee Green

      They wasn't married were you married? Then no your not wrong

    67. jake lennon

      this vid was well understood , truthfully your relationship now was definitely meant to be 🙏🏻

    68. Cierra Malloy-Harris

      You’re definitely not.... you’re very spiritual & all I wanna say is “Everything is predestined to happen” I love you Queen & you deserve everything that’s coming 🥰 It’s your time

    69. ana marin

      Someone fill me in I’m lost😩

    70. eve thomas

      The fact that she still tries to explain why she looks the way she looks on camera & explain what Clarence meant on the smash or pass video makes me feel sad for her because she sounds insecure.

    71. Theoriginaltori

      I believe you Queen !

    72. Statuesque P

      You’re so pretty!!

    73. Demetria Hand

      So basically she was a home wrecker going off feelings ?

    74. Judith Serrano

      I literally love you!!!😭

    75. Cora Gweh

      Queen knows she's beautiful. She may think the camera doesn't do her justice but it does.

    76. Necia DaDon

      You Lose Them How you get them remember that no matter your story!!

      1. Brittnee Loves Beauty

        They weren’t together when they finally got together

    77. Faiyuhhyaya

      Nobody's perfect but we live and learn and continue to Bless others even if they did us wrong

    78. Shurland SDK MUSIC

      From a guys perspective I like the fact the she didn't edit her video and cut out part she is being real she taking time to gather her thoughts and being honest about it great video Queen🙌

    79. Prettybrwnx2

      Her lips different or am I tripping?

    80. Prettybrwnx2

      First time I ever seen Clarence was on f21 site modeling but honestly she did absolutely nothing wrong tbh. Maybe iodine knew about the album release and decided to give you some publicity

    81. Kitty Gata

      So she stayed with chris cus her credit was bad even tho chris was out cheating. N she found clarence who was basically her soulmate

    82. Big sis and little sis channel gang gang Beverly

      Are you and clearance still dating

    83. Erica Hill

      I’ve been listening to this album on replay

    84. GabbyJanise'

      It takes love to make a baby thats why you never got pregnant by Chris again.

    85. Yours Truly

      Honestly I love so much Queen 🥺😭and I know what you finna talk about it gonna really make hella emotional but let it out .💯

    86. Tyneisha Young

      When she said the camera ain’t doing her justice.. yassssss queeeeeeennnn❤️😍

    87. Trina Estes

      To Queen, honey you are a powerful woman & for you to clear your name, your heart ❤, you are doing well. For Clarence ex gf, sweetie u need to stop worrying about your ex moves and work on your own.

    88. jasmine n

      Great video!

    89. DiAjhanae Sigarst

      We don't know what be going on and it doesn't got nothing to do with us so why do u care so much about it if it dont got nothing to do with us we need to just let people live like frfr and it be the rich people that we be making things up we just need to stop it dont make sense

    90. Lisa Loves Her Chihuahuas

      Chris didn’t deserve you, I don’t know why you just delete him completely out of your mind and soul! He’s not on your level. Any Man who puts his hands on a female is not a MAN!!! he’s a B!!

    91. Kasia Las

      Love you ♥️

    92. S . Scott

      She talk mad ny now lowkey tho😭

    93. Crowned Where Queens come to slay

      This whole thing has been crazy!! I love Queen and Clarence!! Man Queen had given me hope after leaving a toxic relationship. When I would have bad days, I would turn on the Royal Family, and it would give me that push I needed, made me believe that I could find my happily ever after, after a toxic relationship. I still love Queen, but it is disappointing that she did the same thing, that she spoke against. But I still wish the best for them, and I pray for healing for the ex girlfriend. She seemed so broken 😔

    94. Karla Lopez

      Yessss Queen 💯💯💯💯👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾🧡🧡

    95. adri ana

      she so beautiful her attitude and all 🥺

    96. Lovee Omo

      This made me so emotional because Im relating to her story as Im going through some of the same things she went through. Queen you are so blessed. Don't listen to none of these negative people do you ! This whole journey to happiness/success was all part of God's plan and he will continue to shower you with blessings! Stay blessed beautiful

    97. Shalaya Ellington

      I love you girl keep going ❤❤❤

    98. JaySoCool

      Nahh you really wanna to get at him it’s said it all over your face 😂😂😂

    99. selah davis

      Yassssss queen call me at 3018482025 drop your music

    100. Super Kings Squad

      Theres always distractions around your greatest blessings, do you queen 💖💖💖💖