Charli D'amelio CRYING after Losing 1 Million Followers! #DramaAlert Logan Paul vs Austin Mcbroom!


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    1. DramaAlert

      Sorry about the editing errors! Was really rushing to get this out and forgot to close the gab in between those two clips at the end!

      1. Robbie Esguerra


      2. Robbie Esguerra


      3. Robbie Esguerra


      4. Robbie Esguerra


      5. E. Train

        I saw the thumbnail lol omg you lost one mil followers so what booo hoo the most I have on insta is 200 lol I ain’t cryin and most of them are bot Hahahaha and congrats on rewind bro

    2. Le Murf

      Someone needs to take Charlie to the poorest parts of the world so she can see how losing 1M followers is nothing.

    3. Ghost

      Imagine cancelling someone because they called you a number

    4. FairCraft

      Mofoe: *blends a smoothie* Twitch: "DO I HEAR SKRILLEX FROM THE SOUND?"

    5. Ace Johnson

      "😭idk if i wanna do this anymore" Me: girl🙄 you said the shit..shouldna said it🤷🏾

    6. spicy


    7. Colin Saltz

      Oh that’s where all the ps5 went

    8. Fade1213

      That mic is so good what type of mic is it

    9. Chelsey Bernardelli

      Heyyy. Don’t mind me, just leaving my daily “No one likes Queefstar except for Queefstar” comment. See ya.

    10. Maria Ali

      My POV:do people like Charli more then their family? (What is a problem of losing 1 Mill followers there are worst things in the world then losing followers)

    11. The Guitar Boy

      Why is everyone so weak in this video?

    12. Min Khant Zaw

      I mean she got what she wanted An even number

    13. PGP_owen

      She says not respecting I'm a human being but she called her fans numbers don't be a hipercrite

    14. MystiqueDev

      "blatantly disrespecting the fact im a human being" while treating 100mil people like numbers lmao

    15. Not*an_ Alien

      TikTok drama gives me brain cancer

    16. 666ernstSKRAA

      deeeeem, D'amelios whack

    17. Yeetus Deleteus

      That is so disrespectful though like wtf

    18. NICK 770

      I didn't know keem was a pS5 scalper

    19. Agheel Ahmed

      i dont know about those 2 sisters cuz i hate tik tok.adn they seem weird(sry fan bois)...

    20. Russian AK

      people who use tiktok are literally so soft. if they lose one follower they will start crying. what a bad time to be alive.

    21. randy nightingale

      @Charli D'amelio lol

    22. Ruby Drew

      she was crying because someone told her to kill herself. NOT bc she lost 1 million followers. Please get it right

    23. TheDemonUnderYourBed

      i swear to god charli is the most spoiled brat i have ever seen shes crying anout losing 1mil followers when she still has a lot more so i think for what she said she deserves to lose more followers

    24. James McComiskey

      95 million is an even number

    25. rachelle chen

      She just said "Can i have dino nuggets? " and these idiot say "oMg sOO dIsrEpsictFul" like stfu.

    26. Ayaan Syed

      Clout is that drug which can kill you and play with your soul

    27. Asia Sumra

      o o f this must've took a lot of time to put together

    28. Aldorino

      "Humans always see what they missing rather than what they have gained"

    29. Swift CODM


    30. Cool Ghost12


    31. A_big_fat_slayde

      Did Logan Paul say the n word

    32. A_big_fat_slayde

      A lot of people are obsessed with even numbers and yes hate me for defending her but I’ve seen people do this before she’s thankful for her followers even though I kind of hate her I’m still gonna respect her kinda

    33. ROCKBERG


    34. its Zleetus


    35. it was me dio

      Yeah thats right i hate tiktok

      1. Alexandra Jedrzejowski

        Me too

    36. Technetic

      Crying so everybody can follow her back and that she can hit her "number" she wanted to get before 2021

    37. Technetic

      If you can't deal with hate comments than don't go on social media. Simple

    38. DA7IC

      I was confused when Dixie did that My Twitter is @DA7IC

    39. BladeAU

      This is the screaming guy?

    40. Jeff the Island

      Yeah, your followers are also human beings. Thank god I was never one of them.

    41. mango

      I think you should calm your voice a little and dont scream that much and add subtitles too PS.just suggestions no hate love your channel

    42. dead channel


    43. bossman 420

      When your life is so boring you report on everyone else

    44. Loufa

      How does Trisha Paytas still even have a platform?? @LoufaTMA

    45. Derek Lehmkuhler

      at least she has an even number...

    46. Al3the Great07

      I hate Charlie she deserves everything she got she sucks

    47. rellikLol

      Best moment

    48. DKsaNn Kat

      I'm tired of all these spoiled rich tik tokers 🤦‍♂️👎


      I’m here from tiffany mayumi roblox lol

    50. Swizer

      *Fake crying will make people forgive me and give me more followers...* Me who has seen youtube before *Sure* It works *Finna go twomad mode my guy*

    51. Jacket League

      Charli is a potato -probably gonna be said by quackity in the future

    52. Hobo Games

      The fact she tried to shed light on Traisha Paytas in order to get hate off of her, is fucking amazing

    53. King Earrape

      Why Xbox series S ??? Just get the x

    54. No Hook No Feelings

      Lol beasted🤣

    55. Marthinneill Apoi Michael

      Charli has 99M followers on tik tok 1M views: *"Well yes but actually no"*

    56. MrAcer

      Damm james charls looks like James Charles @fruxy1

    57. Ajdin Tokić

      The giveaway is fake i won and got nothing dont try

    58. ducc

      YES he is flexing on us with them ps5:s at The intro lol Did not know he was giving away dont hate me :3

    59. Cole V

      U guys notice that she has only gained like 10 million over the course of 2 months but she used to gain 1 mill a day

    60. RexR

      she needs to expect hate if she has over 100 mill

    61. currai

      I lost my sister and i didn't cry and yet a millionaire tik tocer is balling her eyes out cuz a million people made pixels on the internet change and i was 8 at the time

    62. Jerome Grech

      D amelio didnt deseve that

    63. toad


    64. Yusuf Zetro

      Skrillex song and blender was blend together

    65. Lvel 0

      This spoiled bratt thinks losing 1 mil followers and still having 95 mill is a curse xD

    66. doge doge

      Ok Charli but calling them numbers is f*cked

    67. Fredrik Bergan

      I want the PS5 😄

      1. Jeremy MCSSJ • 69 years ago - edited

        I want a dad 😄

    68. Carsten Bock

      I don't think Charli can take a joke

    69. scout

      Can we just ban tiktok

    70. Evangeline

      wait so dixie is cancelled cause she had a reaction and threw up

      1. Amrit Nalam

        Or maybe she ate booger

    71. Sebby 324


    72. Danger

      everyone that unfollowed and got mad is FRAGILE AS FUCK. I was watching this video wondering where the drama was

    73. Christian

      Should we mad for keem for buying hella Xbox’s and ps5s

    74. Sebastien Plaisir

      I wish I was a follower and unfollow her, but I realize I’m not among those half fake 99mil follower.

    75. Wooder


    76. Timothy Santos

      POV: You are a rich, spoiled girl trying out normal people food.

      1. Evan Odds

        Snail isn’t normal

      2. evilmew

        u eat snails on a normal basis?

    77. Timothy Santos

      charli literally got 99 mil now its 98 is that not fucking enough?

      1. Glennsvodka PS4 Lets Play

        and now she has over 100 million

    78. Random Guy

      No... I won’t have 100000000. I’ll have 98000000. 😫😫😫

    79. Hell Kaiser

      Wow, I really don’t care

    80. Hyruzzz

      The D'amelios are the the type of people i wouldn't be happy to see

    81. Tyler Kenul

      me when hearing she lost a million: HAhaEhAhEAHAHhaaAHaaaHaHaaaaashshahHHggaaa yOu bpuT Nooooo wOrK iNtO yUr vIdEoOOs

      1. Tyler Kenul

        ik not rlly funny mean but all they do is shake their things around and they get followers that is no work man

    82. Mudassar Arifeen

      This had to happen.

    83. Lucas Tan

      I don’t fucking understand how people can be so picky over food and not be able to swallow food

      1. Gerardo Ingram

        I won't do that unless it is something extremely gross. Even if it was gross if someone cooked it for me I would swallow it and try to at least be polite.

      2. Frost

        i cant swallow food cus i chocked over 25 times when i was a child so im scared by it

    84. thicc phrog

      albeit listening to skrillex is like listening to a blender

    85. wacc er

      Is everyone just that stupid nowadays to give a shit? Why is everyone so hungry to cancel and ruin another human, I am worried for our next generation.


      “Blatantly disrespecting that I’m not a human being” also what you said about your followers being just numbers.

    87. Verdel

      what d amelio family getting cancelled.... anyway

    88. Verdel

      losing one million followers bruh....

    89. Johnbuster Wever

      Keemstar is a legend

    90. m g

      Dixie having a vomiting reaction to foods ? She should see a doctor lmao

      1. Don Corleone


      2. currai

        She eats expensive food not normal people food

    91. Official FBI


    92. c.sanJ2007

      Trisha has got some knarly fingernails

    93. Zafty

      Charle dmilo losing 1million followers 😂✌🏾

    94. InfernoTara

      This is how I could explain tiktok “cotton hard” instead of rock hard, seriously some of the shit on that app is rude as fuck or it’s like you say “the” and everyone up and dies

      1. InfernoTara

        @currai exactly lol

      2. currai

        But they balling there eyes out when people hate them

    95. AaronTheGoon


    96. Youtube Gmail

      Crying for losing 1 million followers???!! What about the other millions that still follow her ? And it's not something deserve to cry for!!!! Wt* The best thing is when the james said is the 95 is not enough for you?? 🤣

    97. Spo tify

      She’s just overreacting and acting lol

    98. AtomicNapalm

      Charli got a simcity notif during her clip. Just thought I would tell people what it was. :P

    99. Looking for: the jester

      If I were in Charlis situation I would honestly just quit the app. If people were telling me to die causing me to have depression I would get away from the cause of it. Even though she wouldn’t be making any money, she could focus on school and getting a job and just rely on her parents. She honestly has nothing to lose but followers and people are going to forget about her anyways, but that’s just me🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. Soap

        yeah mrbeast has 50m subscribers for accually making good content and donating over 6 million $ to other people, Charlie does shitty dances (if you can even call them that) and keeps all her undeserved MILLIONS of dollars for herself...

    100. Baishunpu

      dixie picked her nose with her pinky and put he index finger in her mouth dont think she ate her own bugger